20 Photos Of Bella Thorne’s Worst Fashion Choices Of 2017

Bella Thorne started her acting career at the age of three, but rose to fame as a Disney Channel star when she proved that she could also sing and dance in Shake It Up. Like many Disney Channel child stars, Bella has gone on to become a well-known celebrity even after she cut ties with the company. There is no doubting the fact that Bella Thorne is a talented actress and a good singer, but one thing that the star likes to do is to steal the show. Many of her fashion statements over the past year have been bold and shocking to say the least, and the 20-year-old is just getting started if any of her fashion choices of 2017 are taken into account. This youngster could be set to redefine what is considered fashionable in society over the next few years.

The Famous in Love star has ensured that her name is always in the news and that she is always on the cover of magazines when it comes to the biggest fashion fails at some of the most prestigious and upscale events of the year. The following list looks at 20 of Bella's worst fashion choices of the past 12 months. The actress really doesn't care what the public thinks of her and is too busy enjoying the spotlight and being able to dress however she wants. She clearly is marching to the beat of her own drum. Sometimes, however, the outfits she chooses don't do her any favors. There's no such thing as bad press, right?

20 Out In New York

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Bella Thorne has been on more "Worst Dressed" lists over the past decade than she has "Best Dressed" ones ever since she first hit the red carpets when she was 10 years old back in 2008. Bella has always had her own sense of style, which is something that hasn't been able to connect with society, so the actress continues to make bold statements, much like the one above.

Bella is seen here pictured out in New York back in July of 2017 where she has once again opted to wear a pair of short shorts on top of a unique pair of tights. She has also paired the shorts with a cropped t-shirt and platform shoes. Even though it was summer weather, Bella decided to also wear a net style jacket over the top to create an outfit that many critics have reacted negatively to.

19 Colourful Choice

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It is hard to defend some of Bella's fashion statements, and the above one is one of those outfits where many of the star's fans have questioned what she was thinking. Bella is seen hanging out with friends in Santa Monica while putting together a pair of white sneakers and one of the most colourful cardigans in her wardrobe.

She is also seen pairing these with a Skinnydip Girls Cross Body Bag as well as some of the strangest trousers that the world has ever seen. It seems that one of the legs of her pants have been cut out and instead replaced by a tight-like material. To finish off the outfit, it the actress decided to wear what looks like a huge pink bow in her hair. Definitely one of her worst fashion decisions of the past year, if not of her entire life.

18 Fashion Statement

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Denim was definitely something that was very popular in the 1990s, but while jeans have continued to be a popular fashion statement in denim, denim shirts and skirts are a thing of the past. At just 20 years old, Bella wouldn't have seen a lot of the 1990s but they obviously inspired her to put together the outfit above.

Double denim has always been seen as a fashion crime, but the star decided it was appropriate to pair a cropped denim shirt with a short denim skirt and even fishnets. This wouldn't be an appropriate outfit in most places, and it just makes her look like an extra from the cast of Pretty Woman. The belt is one of the brightest things about this outfit, but it looks a little misplaced in an entire look that is mostly blue.

17 Ice Skating

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No matter where Bella goes, she always wants to make a statement when it comes to the clothes that she wears and her hairstyle. Bella has dyed her hair a number of times over the past year and the actress seems to enjoy the attention that comes with her change of appearance.

She is pictured above enjoying a day out ice skating with friends where she's chosen to dye her hair much darker, so much so that it now matches the oversized dark green velvet shirt that she had decided to pair with skinny ripped jeans and grey ankle-high boots. For some unknown reason, she also thought that cat ears were the appropriate addition to this outfit as well as the dark green lipstick that makes her look much paler than she actually is without it.

16 Casual Look

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Alright, so we have all had those days where we decided to run out to the takeaway and just grabbed the nearest hoody because we were in no mood to get dressed. Bella obviously has these days as well and this outfit would have been acceptable as casual if it wasn't for the fact that she decided to put on shoes that are so bright they can probably be seen from miles away.

She has also decided to put on what looks like a hat that is too big for her. Most of this outfit seems as though it is oversized and she has just thrown it on to come out in public to get food. The sad part is if she hadn't decided to put on the shoes and the strange hat, then this would probably have gone under the radar and no one would have even bothered to take a picture, but because it's such a fashion crime, it's one that she will always be forced to remember.

15 Pretty In Pink

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This outfit was definitely a controversial choice for the actress as she danced in the street along with a number of friends and shocked a number of onlookers as she flashed a lot of her stomach while dancing around.

Bella was attending Rihanna's Fenty x Puma launch and showed off much more than she intended to as she pranced around the party in a cropped pink hoody, pink tracksuit bottoms and hot pink boots. She also covered her abs in glitter. She later changed into another cropped outfit for the evening party where it seems that she once again attempted to continue being edgy. It was this outfit that made a number of fans react negatively towards the actress on social media where she was forced to defend herself and her actions. It isn't the first time she has been wrapped up in controversy and it more than likely won't be the last.

14 Short Shorts

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Starting life on The Disney Channel is not usually considered to be a hint that a star is going to go on to become a standout person in their adult life. It seems that Miley Cyrus set the trend for actresses leaving the company and no longer doing anything that Disney would deem acceptable, and Bella has followed in her footsteps.

There isn't a day that goes by where Bella isn't making news because of her Instagram updates or because she has been out wearing another shocking outfit. The one above just serves to prove this as the actress once again shows off her toned legs in a pair of fishnet tights and low-top converse as she heads out for a walk in Los Angeles. The actress made the decision to blow out her hair the night before since her hair looks huge. She also decided to put on a hat that doesn't work with the outfit.

13 Checkerboard Chick

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It is thought that some fashion designers are making things that are much more out there nowadays, but that doesn't mean that these clothes need to be worn out in public. Bella has an incredible body, which is why she probably thought it was a good idea to put on a figure-hugging checkerboard getup.

The pattern is one that doesn't work at all. She has an outfit that is mainly black and white paired with a platform pair of black shoes and she decided that it was a good idea to wear a bright orange hat with it. Bella looks as though she's less than 100% in her right state of mind in the photo, which could be why she thought it was OK to come out in public in this outfit. We can easily chalk this one up to being one of her biggest fashion disasters of the year as well.

12 Traffic Stopping

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This is actually a much more acceptable outfit from the former Disney Channel star, since she is covered up wearing a t-shirt and trousers along with a pair of trainers. It seems that even when Bella is dressing down, she finds a way to stand out by wearing a traffic-stopping pair of trousers.

These are such a bright shade of orange that it was probably hard for the actress to find anything that would actually go with them. It's already been made blatantly obvious that Bella doesn't mind going out in public dressed in some of the riskiest outfits in the business, because she knows that this gets her the attention of the public and the press and it means that she is always in the spotlight. This was just meant as another one of the actress' attempts at this, but it is a toned down version of what her fans are used to.

11 Summer Fashion Show

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Usually, the point of wearing a strapless dress is so that you can show off your shoulders, but back in the summer of 2017 as part of the Moschino Spring Summer 2017 Collection Fashion Show in Los Angeles Bella decided to make quite the statement.

The actress showed up wearing a black strapless dress and a white t-shirt underneath. She paired this with ripped fishnet tights and bright pink Doc Martens, which she decided not to bother to tie up. She also decided to match the outfit with a white handbag that had a pink fluffy attachment. For some reason she also decided to wear a tiara. If the point of this outfit was to stand out, then Bella definitely got her wish. It's hard to imagine any of her other outfits were any worse than this choice last year because this is definitely a huge fashion fail.

10 Neon Pink Hair

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Bella is someone who has always been able to make a statement when it comes to her hair and her fashion. Once again the former Disney star decided to switch up her image back in June 2017 when she was seen out in Hollywood.

Bella opted for a strange outfit as she paired a sheer black shirt with some short shorts and some neon green tights. She finished the outfit off with a pair of Converse as she showed off her new neon pink hair, a colour that she didn't keep for very long since she decided to change her colour again not long after this, but she definitely wasn't dressed for a public outing on this occasion. Someone should have stopped Bella and told her to change before she came outside so that she could avoid this huge fashion fail, but now the images will be online forever.

9 Feeling Pink

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You may have noticed a common trend with a number of images of Bella throughout 2017 and that would be the fact that the 20-year-old is rarely pictured with her midsection covered.

Many of her outfit choices from the past year were ones that showed off her now famous torso since they were cropped so short. The above image is a little different and shows Bella much earlier in the year deciding to show off her toned legs instead. She's seen wearing fishnet tights, a light pink coloured skirt, knee-high boots and a black rock chick style shirt. Once again Bella is seen opting to wear a beanie hat over her hair even though it isn't cold outside and her outfit choice contradicts the need for it. She was in New York back in April 2017 promoting her new movie Forever In Love when she donned this outfit that definitely stopped some traffic.

8 Black And White Image

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Bella genuinely looks as though she is about to start work as a traffic warden with this outfit where she was actually looking to pose for the cameras while on an outing in LA back in the summer of 2017. Incredibly, this is one of the more appropriate images of the entire impromptu photoshoot that the former actress decided to have in the middle of the street.

Bella is seen in a mini-dress, thigh high stockings and a peaked cap as she decided to stop and allow her photo to be taken a number of times. This isn't the first time Bella has decided to stop and show off her outfits in the street; the actress definitely does seem the type that enjoys the spotlight even though it could be argued that a lot of what is being written about her isn't exactly positive. She clearly doesn't care.

7 Nerd Look

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Bella has a lengthy dating history and when this particular image was taken back in 2017, the actress was still linked to Teen Wolf star Tyler Posey. Bella and Tyler seemed as though they were quite a cute couple until there were rumours that the actress cheated on Posey with fellow singer Charlie Puth.

Bella has since moved on and even revealed that she was bi, something that she has been quite outspoken about. The above image shows the actress out for a walk with Posey wearing low pumps with socks that are pulled all the way up past her ankles, despite the fact that she is wearing shorts, a white shirt and a backward facing cap. It is also unknown why Bella added a pair of white glasses to this outfit since they seem somewhat out of place.

6 Sporty Look

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If you ever wondered why Bella always looks so toned and is able to wear such revealing outfits on a regular basis, it is because she ensures that she spends time in the gym in order to remain fit and healthy.

The above image shows Bella and her two friends leaving the gym after a lengthy session where Bella thought it was acceptable to wear a revealing sports bra. She is also wearing blue patterned sports leggings that she has decided to pair with green socks that were pulled up her legs once again. At this point of the year, Bella had dyed her hair blue and decided to cover it up with a hat that matches her green socks. The outfit is then finished off with a loose hoody and a pair of white trainers, which do her no favours.

5 Beetlejuice

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The sad part is that if this was a Halloween outfit, then it could easily have been brushed under the rug, but evidently this wasn't a costume. Instead, it was actually an outfit that she wore out in public. Once again, Bella has no issues with showing off her midsection as she wears a bikini style top, what can only be described as a Beetlejuice inspired pair of trousers, and a halo on her head.

The actress has been spotted a number of times wearing striped trousers which appear to be a favourite of hers. As we all know, she never enjoys covering up her abs. It is hard to justify what the actress was trying to do with this outfit since she was also wearing a long black jacket as well, which means that this obviously wasn't the right kind of weather for this either.

4 Bike Riding

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Riding a bike is one of the best ways for anyone to keep fit and Bella is obviously a fan of staying fit and healthy. The only difference between Bella and regular bike riders is the fact that the actress doesn't want to cover herself up.

She is pictured here after going on a bike ride with her boyfriend to pick up food while wearing a short pair of shorts which once again seem to be one of her favourite choices of outfit as well as a crop top and a black hoody jacket. She once again has decided to wear her bright green beanie even though her outfit choice suggests that it isn't the weather for a hat, and it wasn't the outfit for a lime green hat either. She has once again decided to add a pair of glasses even though it is unknown why she is often pictured in glasses, when she doesn't actually need them.

3 Fashion Fail

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This was an outfit that definitely made headlines last year as Bella once again chose to be bold on the red carpet at the 2017 Teen Choice awards. Many fashion experts placed Bella as one of the worst dressed stars at the event because of her bold choice of outfit.

Bella is pictured above wearing another outfit that shows off her abs, an oversized floor-length cardigan and a pair of block heels. This isn't the kind of outfit that would be deemed acceptable at an awards ceremony that was aimed at children, especially when the actress could have just worn a dress. One of the things that really stood out about her ensemble was her attention to detail when it comes to the glitter that she added to the side of her face. Bella knew exactly what she was doing with this outfit and even though it is a statement that backfired, it could be argued that she still looks as stunning as ever.

2 Rock Chick

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Bella has always been someone who has tried to change the way society views fashion. Even as a child she would be pictured wearing clothes that didn't usually fit in with what society would deem acceptable and she has continued to push this.

There is no doubting that Bella has an incredible body; she works hard to ensure that she can wear whatever she wants and still look amazing, but some of her fashion choices are questionable. She is pictured above alongside her sister wearing another pair of denim shorts, a shirt that has been cut open, thigh-high blue suede boots, and a furry pink jacket that doesn't appear appropriate for the weather that time of year. Incredibly, Bella's sister has also inherited her strange sense of style, since she has also managed to put together a strange ensemble.

1 Dressed To Impress

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Bella isn't often pictured in a dress, but when she is, she has to make sure that it is memorable. Back in May of 2017, Bella was pictured in Cannes ensuring that all eyes were on her as she scrubbed up well in a metallic floor-length dress and a matching tiara.

This is the outfit that Bella chose to wear just days after it was reported that Bella loved the attention that she received from the press when she was seen on the arm of Kourtney Kardashian's ex, Scott Disick. Bella was obviously heading to a formal event here which is the reason for her red carpet look, but even when the actress is trying to be professional, her outfits still have to be somewhat revealing. Bella was later pictured alongside her sister enjoying the nightlife in Cannes. Both Thorne sisters continue to find it hard to stay away from social media.

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