20 Photo Leaks These Celebs Tried To Hide This Summer

Between divisive politics and the weather, there are a lot of people who would say that 2017, especially the summertime, has not been the finest, especially in the United States. Multiple countries seemingly being on the brink of war and North America suffering from the worst rainfall to hit North America since they’ve been measuring have dominated headlines for much of the summer months.

The trend for summer to be the best time of year for celebrity photo leaks has thankfully softened all of the other horrible news in the world, at least for us. We doubt any of the actresses, models, musicians, or athletes whose privacy was violated would agree with us, but we’ll repeat what we’ve said before: don’t take pictures of yourself naked if you don’t want the world to eventually see them.

Back in the early summer of 2014, there was a huge dump of celebrity nude photos -- clearly stolen from computers and cell phones -- that made their way onto the Internet. It was dubbed ‘The Fappening’ because, well, people are gross. It was a major deal, getting headlines across the world. Since then and despite the original leakers getting caught and seeing jail time, there's been a half-dozen other major leaks. These days, you’ve got to be a major star to be mentioned in a leak scandal.

There are far more than the women listed here who were the victims of leaks this year, but we had to bump the D-list celebrities and the little-known models and women who we’re still not convinced aren't actually leaking their own photos. Focus on the beauty that the summer of 2017 brought us with 20 Most Shocking Celebrity Photo Leak Scandals of the Past Summer.

20 Katharine McPhee

Considering her biggest claim to fame is still arguably her run deep into the 2005 season of American Idol, Katharine McPhee has carved out a decent career for herself, to the point that her name was mentioned among the much bigger stars of Miley Cyrus and Kristen Stewart when her photos got leaked as part of the biggest batch of the summer. The winner of her season, old-looking Taylor Hicks, could've walked naked through his local Wal-Mart, and he wouldn’t have had the buzz McPhee’s leak caused. The pictures weren’t super X-rated, so people who admire her beauty but don’t want to see anything graphic probably won’t be offended, or maybe they would be. We’re pretty liberal when it comes to that stuff. At least we weren't any more offended than when she tried to do a version of Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” on American Idol.

19 Lindsey Vonn

If we were going to release a book called “How to Handle Your Celebrity Photo Leak Scandal,” we would absolutely not follow the Lindsey Vonn template. First, don’t call people’s attention to it. The moment Vonn’s photos hit the Internet, she had her lawyers sending cease and desist letters to sites showing them, which caused enough attention for the media to find out the leak happened quicker than they otherwise would've. Second, if you’re not the most famous person in a series of leaks, stay quiet. Within the same 24 hours of Vonn’s leak, photos of Miley Cyrus, Katharine McPhee, and Kristen Stewart were on the Internet. Plenty of B- and C-level celebrities were being dumped at the same time. Nobody would've focused on Tiger Woods’s ex-girlfriend had she not pointed out she was part of the leak.

18 Maria Kanellis

Only a couple of photos of Maria Kanellis, who's been a well-known wrestling valet for the last decade, made it onto the Internet this summer, and they were censored in a way that reminded us of the summer of 2014 leaks. Kanellis returned to the WWE only a few weeks before the leak, which makes us wonder if the hackers had been holding onto the photos for a few years, waiting to release them for a time when Kanellis’ visibility was back up. She’d already done a topless scene in an indie film and was one of the last WWE Divas in The Attitude Era to pose for Playboy, so it’s not like we haven’t seen any of this before. Nonetheless, as arguably the hottest redhead to ever work in professional wrestling, it was a treat to see a couple of new photos.

17 Sarah Hyland

While the Internet had plenty of lookalike European models getting leaked in June, it wasn’t until this Modern Family star’s mid-July leak that we realized it was going to be a good summer after all. Many have lusted after her co-star, Ariel Winter, for the last several years, but Hyland has always been on that elusive list of women who hadn’t done a nude scene on film, nor had a legit leak of photos up to this point. Most of the shots feature the actress in front of a giant mirror, giving little looks under her robe, but the leaked photos that intrigue us the most are the ones where she's rolling topless with another female around somebody’s backyard in broad daylight. It’s too bad these leaks don’t always come along with an explanation of what was going on at the time the photos were taken.

16 Dakota Johnson

Is it really that big a deal when the woman who made her name on those horrible 50 Shades movies shows her breasts while on vacation with her friends in a series of selfies, including some really sweet group-showering shots we’ll talk a little more about? With Addison Timlin’s entry, it's a big deal. Why is it that even if pictures aren't the best lit or not framed like a professional photographer would, there's just something super sexy about a selfie? We just wonder if her even-more-famous-than-her parents, Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, ever took any selfies like that on their vacations. With the amount of nudity Griffith sported in her films, she certainly can’t lecture her daughter about her clothing-less decisions on the big screen or the iPhone screen.

15 Addison Timlin

If you’re one of the tens of people watching StartUp on Crackle, you're probably familiar with Addison Timlin, or maybe you remember her from when she had a recurring bit part on Californication. Other than that, you’re really heading into obscure guest star and indie film listings when it comes to this brunette’s resume. The reason she makes this list and the reason she probably is considered to have been part of a leak has more to do with Dakota Johnson guest-starring in a lot of the photos. It probably also has to do with the fact the friends are showering together. We have no idea who took the photos (probably one of the unnamed women in some of Johnson’s photo batch) but that was one lucky person. We encourage the duo to take many more clothing-optional vacations together and to always make sure their phones are charged.

14 Miley Cyrus

It’s not like we haven’t seen Miley Cyrus without her clothes on a few thousand times. She’s always been the kind of person who didn’t really need to be the focus of a photo leak. Why hack somebody’s phone when they’re already sharing what they look like without clothes regularly? Well, Miley answered that one for us. All you have to do to shock people who think you can’t shock them any further is hike up your skirt and start urinating all over a parking lot. Yup, among the photos leaked of Cyrus that came out in mid-August were a few of her tending to her business next to a parked car. We can’t prove it, but we would guess maybe Stella Maxwell, an ex of Cyrus’s, who also appeared in a bunch of pics, might have been the one to take the photo. While Maxwell is hardly a celebrity, she’ll pop up again on this real soon.

13 Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway has never seemed to have any issue with nudity when it comes to her roles in Hollywood, but when it comes to nudity in her private life, unauthorized photo leaks are an entirely different story. A group of Hathaway photos made their way to the Internet early in the summer, but before it could get too much attention, the bulk of the photos disappeared from those sites that specialize in leaks. It’s nearly impossible to find the pictures still floating around out there because her lawyers or others did a great job letting those sites know they’d be in trouble. By the time the other leaks started hitting a month or two later, almost everybody forgot Hathaway was even part of a photo leak during the summer of 2017.

12 Alison Brie

OK, so maybe we didn’t put only three wrestlers on the list. After all, what makes a woman wrestler legit? Brie has resurrected her career since the end of Community and Mad Men by starring in the acclaimed Netflix show GLOW, based on the mid-1980s all-women wrestling company. And much like Kristen Stewart who finally showed herself without a shirt just before the leak of her photos, Brie finally did a nude scene on the Netflix show. And then, of course, a couple dozen photos of the cutie ended up on the Internet. There’s some speculation the photos are a little older since she seems like she has a few extra pounds in them, while she's slimmed down for her role on GLOW. Either way, even with her topless scenes on the show, we’ve been waiting a long time to see pics of Alison Brie like the leaks provided us.

11 Amy Willerton

If we were going to start a television show anywhere in this world and it needed a sexy woman as a host who has the potential to become a superstar, we would look no further than Great Britain’s Amy Willerton. While she’s a professional model, Willerton also has a presence that has attracted audiences to her through her many guest appearances on TV shows in the UK and as a former beauty queen. She finished in the Top 10 in the 2013 Miss Universe pageant and won plenty of other crowns along the way, although we think “Favorite British Photo Leak Victim 2017” is probably a title she doesn’t want to have. She’s well known in her native UK, but we have a feeling that although her biggest claim to fame in the US to this point is ranking No. 15 in FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in 2015, she’s going to become an international celebrity soon enough.

10 Kristen Stewart

There are a lot of guys and gals who would kill to be with both Kristen Stewart and Miley Cyrus. Stella Maxwell can claim that honor, as she also shows up in the batch of photos leaked of Stewart that came out the same time as the Cyrus pics did in mid-August. That can’t just be a coincidence, and we’ve got to believe the source of the leak must be one of Maxwell’s devices. Stewart looks good in the pics, mostly just changing room shots, but the fact she recently did a couple of nude scenes in the indie film Personal Shopper brought down the excitement for these photos. Had they come out a few years ago when people were still coasting on Twilight fumes, it would've been a much bigger deal.

9 Tika Camaj

You probably don’t know her name, but with over 370,000 Instagram followers, model Tika Camaj is somebody whom a lot of people have their eyes on. The Albanian born beauty was probably one of the lesser known names of those who were leaked over the summer, but after taking one look at the nearly 100 photos that made their way to the Internet, you’re never going to forget her. Many of the photos are simply selfies in either bikinis or lingerie (it’s hard to tell the difference these days, a lot of the time), and some are simply harmless topless shots laying in bed with her boyfriend, but it does get much more graphic. Sometimes, we wonder if all of these model leaks are true leaks, but the adult nature of some of her pics leaves no doubt she wasn’t expecting these to make it to the mainstream.

8 Bianca Westwood

While she certainly doesn’t carry the celebrity level of a sideline reporter like Erin Andrews does in the United States, Bianca Westwood is a well-known sports reporter for Sky Sports out of Europe with soccer (or football if you’re from that part of the world) as her specialty. Unlike a lot of female sports reporters in America who are great looking but try to pretend they didn’t get their job because of their looks, Westwood doesn’t play her beauty up but doesn’t try to hide it, regularly posting bikini pics on her Instagram page. If you want to see a truly hilarious video, check out her battle to provide commentary during a horrible storm from back in 2014. She’s fully clothed, but it’s still worth checking out for the laughs.

7 Stevi Perry

Sometimes, leaks aren’t the worst things for people’s careers, and while we don’t think former Miss Arkansas and Miss Teen USA 2008 Stevi Perry was looking for a celebrity nude-photo scandal, at least her name is being used in the same sentence as the word “celebrity,” right? We can’t think of any other reason we’d ever talk about Perry, who doesn’t have a big-deal credit to her name since making a cameo appearance in Hell’s Kitchen back in 2012. There are a couple of videos of her online teaching Zumba, but they're several years old, and based on the way she looks in the leaked photos, it’s clear she’s had some plastic surgery. The 10 or so leaked photos in her batch are mostly the typical "standing in front of the bathroom mirror naked," but there were a couple of close-ups that provide the kind of detail only a gynecologist should really be allowed.

6 Kaylyn Kyle

When you’ve spent the better part of your life, literally since you were a little kid, perfecting your skills in a specific sport and you finally hang up your cleats after a long career, what’s the best way to celebrate? We’re guessing that professional soccer player Kaylyn Kyle wasn’t planning on marking the end of her long career with a photo-leak scandal, but just a couple months after retiring from a 10-year professional career that included capturing the bronze medal with the Canadian National Team at the 2012 Olympics, intimate photos of the soccer star were leaked onto the Internet. In the case of someone like Kyle, we wonder if they think that they're not famous enough, so it’s somehow safer to take naked photos. Considering how many millions of women who aren’t famous have photos posted out there, we’d suggest nobody is ever safe if they take photos of that variety.

5 Mickie James

In the Maria Kanellis entry, we talked about the possibility that whoever hacked into her photos may have held onto them for a while until she became famous again. We have somewhat the same suspicion on the large batch of Mickie James photos that were released over the summer. Once you take off the push-up bra, shiny spandex, and hair & make-up people, she really looks like a woman who's been wrestling for two decades. The shower pics of her that were leaked are just not that flattering. Thankfully, if you want to see the Mickie James who made a name for herself more than a decade ago in the WWE, she did some adult work before becoming a wrestler, posing for a couple of magazines and appearing in an adult film.

4 Nicole Spiller

Nicole Spiller is an up-and-coming actress, model, entertainer, social media maven, pageant queen who's probably best known for appearing on MTV’s Are You The One? Spiller is probably asking that question when it comes to who stole her intimate photos that made their way to the Internet in the Summer of 2017. Along with her MTV gig, she's been featured on SI.com as their Lovely Lady of the Day. She didn’t get a lot of headlines with her leak, but we have a sneaking suspicion it will only help her career, not hurt it. If you want a look into what people are like before they get famous, Spiller still has a GoFundMe page out there from 2014, where she asks people to help her get $1,000 to get back onto the pageant circuit after a few years off. Proving that hard work pays off, she made her goal and is now knocking on the door of stardom.

3 Ashlee Figg

You may not realize it, but most football cheerleaders have other real jobs during the week. They don’t make enough money cheering at home games and get enough side gigs to make a real living, and in the case of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader Ashlee Figg, she's a business development director for a construction company in the Tampa region. Her professional career has been looking up, as she was named to the board of directors of the Tampa Children’s Cancer Center. Just weeks later, nude pictures of her surfaced on the Internet. She’s one of the few women leaked who didn’t have her face in any of the questionable shots, so we think she should just deny the whole thing or just ignore it. She’s clearly not trying to parlay cheering into other entertainment jobs, so we’re guessing this won’t hurt her much in the long run.

2 Kailin Curran

On July 29, 2017, UFC fighter Kailin Curran lost to Aleksandra Albu, bringing her professional record to 4-5. She’ll probably never rise to the level of the greats of the octagon, mainly because none of her wins were by knockout. Two weeks after this loss, we’re guessing she felt like she was knocked out when about a dozen photos of hers made their way onto the Internet. The Hawaiian is only 1-5 in her UFC career, which makes us wonder how much longer the organization is going to keep her under contract, but with the added coverage she got based on her leak, she can probably raise her asking price if she has to go looking for work elsewhere. The photos are about as tame as a leak with nudity gets, with mostly just shots of her butt, but considering she probably never thought they’d get online, it still is quite an invasion of privacy.

1 Ruby Riot

Ruby Riot, a wrestler currently working for the WWE’s developmental NXT brand, is the final of the three grappling ladies who made our list of the best leaks of summer 2017. However, these three were hardly the only ladies to get inside the squared circle and who were victims of leaks during the warmer months. Several TNA stars and former WWE diva Kaitlyn were also exposed on the Internet. Of all the wrestlers leaked, Ruby probably has the most upside to her career. Playing a punk rocker, Riot has a nice long career in front of her if she keeps improving at her current pace. While she doesn’t have the big blonde hair or fake chest that seems to be slowly making their way back into wrestling, we find her alternative look refreshing and sexy... even if a nose job would vastly improve her face.

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