20 Of Chrissy Teigen’s Favorite American Restaurants

Now that Chrissy Teigen’s baby bump is on full-display after she announced her pregnancy last November, it’s safe to say the hilarious actress is eating for two with no shame. Still, she isn’t blaming her food habits on her pregnancy. Fans who have been following Teigen know she was a foodie long before she started touting the bump for her and John Legend's baby number two. While Teigen is an actress, host, and spokesperson for some of our favorite brands, we all know she has a safe place in her heart for food. A simple glance at her Twitter and Instagram accounts prove that while she’s petite, she’s not missing any meals.

Thankfully, she’s not holding out when it comes to letting her fans and lurkers know her favorite spots to visit when she’s feeling cravings or just wants a good meal. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if she took notes from celebrities who have ventured out and opened up restaurants of their own after proclaiming their love of food. Ayesha Curry, wife of Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry, Ryan Gosling, Robert De Niro, Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, and Jon Bon Jovi are just a handful of stars who went this route. For now, Teigen is just a food lover like the rest of us. From interviews to her social media accounts, to simply being captured by paparazzi at some of Los Angeles and New York City’s hot spots, we’ve been able to gather up a few of Teigen’s favorite places to eat.

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20 Milk Bar

Via: A Taste of Koko

Let’s just kick it off with something sweet. It’s pretty well-known fact that Chrissy Teigen frequents Milk Bar in in New York City. Owned by Chef Christina Tosi, Milk Bar is known for its unique sweet treats. Teigen goes to the popular eatery so often, fans even know her favorite purchases, thanks to her foodie awards on Twitter back in 2016. If you’re wondering, it’s the crack pie, corn cookies (corn never sounded so good), and delicious cereal milk. If we needed any proof that she has good taste, other than her adorable marriage to John Legend, this is it. While it’s based on the East Coast, thankfully for Teigen and other fans who have a sudden urge to fulfill their sweet tooth craving, she and anyone can get certain items delivered right to their doorstep wherever they are in the nation. Other favorites that Milk Bar carries are ice cream, compost cookies, and birthday cake.

19 Le Bernardin

Via: Business Insider

Teigen might seem like one of the most down-to-earth celebrities there is, but even she likes to get fancy every once in a while. Word is that another favorite restaurant she touts is Le Bernardin by Eric Ripert, also located in New York City. The 4-star restaurant is known for its impressive seafood cuisine and has been going strong for roughly two decades. Its first home was in Paris, after siblings Maguy and Gilbert Le Coze launched it back in 1972. It then made its way to the United States in 1986. The siblings developed a close relationship with popular chef Eric Ripert, who leads the kitchen. Unless she uses her star power, it’s likely that Teigen heads to the restaurant as a night spot, considering it doesn’t open its doors until after 5p.m. The last time she was spotted there was in July. She showed off her meal on Snapchat and credited it for having “[her] favorite bite on this entire planet…”

18 Serendipity 3

VIa: Delish

Picture this: frozen hot chocolate stars, a shake, batter, and bowl meal, and a burger called The Alamo. These are some of the popular items served at one of Teigen’s favorite restaurants, Serendipity 3. She’s proudly said her favorite dish at the eatery is cold hot chocolate. Interestingly enough, she’s not the only celebrity who has been known to enjoy guilty pleasures there. Blue Ivy Carter, the six-year-old daughter of Beyonce and Jay-Z, reportedly had a play date at the restaurant. It might be safe to say she and Teigen could have a good time together because Blue reportedly had the Frozen Hot Chocolate, which is a dish the restaurant is most famous for reportedly. If that wasn’t enough, she also was said to have enjoyed the Forbidden Broadway Sunday and a good old bowl of traditional ravioli. Something’s gotta balance it out, right? For a moment of nostalgia, the restaurant was featured in the hit film Serendipity as well.

17 Via Veneto

Via: Eater LA

Heading over to the West Coast, Via Veneto in Santa Monica is also one of Teigen’s favorite restaurants. The restaurant is known for its authentic Italian food. The owners are actually from Rome; it doesn’t get more authentic than that. For all of the Italian food lovers, like Teigen, you might not be surprised that it has a pretty hefty menu from its minestrone passato alla Genovese con bruschette (say that ten times fast) to its mezze lune divitello in brodo (veal made with ravioli). Fans who have paid attention to Teigen and Legend’s relationship know that its history contains a clue as to why Italian food, and Italy in general, has a special place in her heart. While the superstars have traveled the world, Teigen once said they fell in love in Italy’s Lake Como, as the beautiful scenery encouraged them to make the next step in their romance.

16 Park’s

Via: Coveteur

Teigen has no shame in her game when it comes to partaking in barbecue, especially Korean barbecue. She has dubbed Park’s in Los Angeles a top spot for when she and her husband want the traditional cuisine. As for what catches their attention above all other barbecue spots, the notion that you have total control over your food appeals to her. “I love cooking your own meat, basically,” said Teigen in an interview with LA Eater. The popular West Coast diner is located in, you guessed it, Koreatown, and is known for its prime and Kobe beef prepared by none other than famous chef Bong Sang Yeo. The restaurant prides itself on selecting only meats that are considered high-quality. It also brings a piece of Korea right to Los Angeles via its notable “Wall of Fame” area. The walls are filled with autographs and snapshots of artists, athletes, and celebrities who hail from Korea.

15 Jack In The Box

Via: Nations Restaurant News

Yes, even Teigen can’t get enough of the fast food American restaurant Jack In The Box. As for her favorite fancy dish there, it’s the tacos. Yep, that simple. Still, while it doesn’t seem like she asks for much, fans might remember the time she had a moment with Jack In The Box on social media back in 2015. She called out food delivery service, Postmates, for not delivering her order from the restaurant. “I feel both ashamed and sad,” she wrote on Twitter. She even accused her deliverer, Caleb, of eating her tacos as she blasted him on her personal page. Things got even more awkward when Postmates responded and said there was a note on the order for the deliverer, the now infamous Caleb, to leave her food at the front desk. “Your order should be there waiting for you! J,” wrote the service. It turns out Teigen gave poor Caleb the wrong address. Oh, the distances she’ll go for Jack In The Box.

14 Fish Cheeks

Via: Fishcheeks.com

Teigen never hesitates to show Fish Cheeks love. In fact, she was just spotted there this past December as they celebrated her mother’s birthday. While there was no baby Luna in tow, Chrissy and Legend met up with the birthday girl at the New York City restaurant to celebrate big time. It was only their second time there, but the group certainly made an impression for their reservation, which was said to have been “last minute.” They enjoyed coconut crab curry, fried fish and Thai herbs along with Tom yum soup and short rib Massamun. The restaurant’s chef Chat Suansilphong also impressed when he offered the party of five pie and duran ice cream to help Pepper ring in another year of life. Workers and other patrons even enjoyed a mini concert as Legend sang happy birthday to his mother-in-law. Fish Cheeks for the win!

13 Hoy Ka

Via: The Infatuation

It’s safe to say Teigen frequently takes to social media to share her food experience at one of her favorite restaurants. It was no different when it came to Los Angeles Thai restaurant, The Original Hoy Ka. Teigen told LA Eater that she likes to indulge in the boat noodles and also bragged about their pad see ew, which she said is “the best” and her “favorite.” The restaurant, located on Hollywood’s Sunset Blvd., might have a low-key and cozy feel when you enter, but it’s known  for many of its popular dishes, such as the fried meat balls, fried tofu, roasted duck with rice, drunken noodle tofu, and papaya salad that can be served with crispy pork or naked shrimp. The last time Teigen was seen at the restaurant was last April with baby Luna in hand and Legend. She also tweeted about the restaurant in March of 2016.

12 Lure Fishbar

Via: The Infatuation

Teigen certainly doesn’t shy away from seafood restaurants. She has even ranked Lure Fishbar as one of her top three places to eat when she’s in New York City. Why, you ask? Interestingly enough, it’s not because of its signature sushi or delectable crab cakes. She told In Style magazine the chef Josh Capon “is a dear of friend of mine. His LA-style Lure burger is everything. The patty is so well-seasoned and delicious. Plus, it’s lettuce-wrapped, so you feel like you’re eating healthy food. It’s the only burger where I feel like, ‘I don’t need a bun.’” She added that she gave the burger an honorable mention in her cookbook after Capon gave her the recipe. For her own twist, she added a Sriracha mayo sauce. Other meals served at the restaurant is a sushi bar, the Surf & Turf, special with filet mignon and a half lobster, Crispy Asian Snapper, and a Whole Lobster.

11 Cool Haus

Via: Bond Street

We’re starting to see a pattern when it comes to Teigen’s sweet tooth. Cool Haus has also been named one of her favorite restaurants. While she’s now pregnant with her and Legend’s second child, she openly shared her cravings for items on the Cool Haus menu back when she was carrying Luna in 2016. She revealed that the ice cream sandwich at the restaurant was a frequent go-to as she mapped out her favorite foods on Twitter. She pointed out she was on maternity leave at the time and had plenty of free time to let fans in on what she had been craving during her first pregnancy. Similar to the Milk Bar, Cool Haus does deliver its popular ice cream products. It’s known for its avocado sea salt, baked apple, balsamic fig and mascarpone, beer and pretzels, black sesame, bullet proof flavors. Yes, there is an avocado sea salt flavor.

10 Pa Ord

Via: Living and Listing in Los Angeles

It looks like Pa Ord and The Original Hoy Ka are going to have some competition when it comes to winning over Teigen’s love of boat noodles. She told The New Potato that boat noodles from Pa Ord in Thai Town are her go-to. Interestingly enough, it’s also located on Sunset Blvd. As for its signature dishes, it includes Prik Khing over rice, Panang curry with rice, chilli cashew nut, mango or orange chicken, Thai BBQ chicken, crying tiger, sake BBQ pork rib, and sizzling seafood basil. Of course, for the days Teigen wants to satisfy that infamous sweet tooth, the restaurant offers treats like fried banana, coconut ice cream, sweet sticky rice with mango, banana, or taro, and ruan-mit, that she or any customer can enjoy. Thankfully she gave Pa Ord and The Original Hoy Ka a shoutout in her interview with Eatery LA. Nothing wrong with a few choices.

9 Giorgio Baldi

Via: Hawt Celebs

When it comes to Santa Monica’s Giorgio Baldi, Teigen has swooned over its sweet corn ravioli more than a couple of times. She and Legend were spotted at the restaurant, which lots of celebrities frequent, to celebrate Valentine’s Day last year. She and Legend also enjoyed a double date with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the restaurant back in 2015. Both ladies were toting baby bumps at the time – Teigen with Luna and Kardashian with Saint West. It’s clearly a hot spot for celebrities. Other A-listers like Rihanna (she pretty much lives there), Katy Perry, George Clooney, Michelle Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift have been known to dine there often. Here’s a fun fact. It’s also the place singer The Weeknd and Selena Gomez were spotted getting extra cozy, confirming speculation that they were a couple. It clearly goes down at Giorgio Baldi and it’s likely that Teigen will be there with a front row seat.

8 Il Buco

Via: NYCgo

Teigen has been spotted arriving at and leaving iL Buco in New York City on multiple occasions. This is probably why she marked it as one of her favorites. While it’s clear she has a sweet tooth and a knack for Asian cuisine, it’s the Kale Salad at iL Buco that has caught her attention. The restaurant first opened its doors in 1994 and since then has grown to a favorite to stars such as Teigen but also the everyday customer. It’s located in the NoHo area on Bond St. iL Buco specializes in Mediterranean cuisine from Italian to Spanish. Now, it’s considered a hub for creators such as Teigen and other actors, writers, directors, and of course foodies. Some of its most notable dishes include risotto, spaghetti, tagliatelle, vitello, quaglia, zuppa, bisteca, burrito, uovo, salsiccia, and the lacon con papas, which is topped with Iberico pork shoulder and pinto potatoes.

7 Guy Fieri’s Guy’s American Kitchen and Bar

Via: Business Insider

Teigen was one of many celebrities to mourn the closing of Guy Fieri’s eatery in New York City. The restaurant officially closed its doors last month. Owned by Guy Fieri, the restaurant was located in Times Square and could seat 500 people! Its specialty was American food and cuisine. It was in business for five years. Teigen took to her Twitter account to grieve the loss. “I’ll swear on anything that I really liked this restaurant,” she wrote. She revealed that she first went to the restaurant “as a joke,” but to her surprise left “covered in ribs and nacho hybrids…” She once showed her super fan status when she dressed up as Fieri for Halloween one year. While Teigen was a fan, the restaurant had mixed reviews from other customers and publications in the city like The New York Times. Fortunately for Mr. Fieri, he has a handful of other restaurants around the country (11 to be exact) to help comfort him.

6 Jon & Vinny’s

Via: Pinterest

Jon & Vinny’s is another Los Angeles restaurant that concentrates on Italian food. Specializing in all things pasta and hand-tossed pizzas, it’s on Teigen’s list of favorites as well. Even though Teigen has been seen enjoying a meal multiple times at John & Vinny’s, one of the most recent notable times was this past August. And it was for quite a special occasion. Teigen and her good friend, stylist and designer Alex Liberman used the venue to launch the latest instalment of their A.L.C. clothing line. If anyone is wondering, Legend served as Teigen’s arm candy for the special event. Teigen made sure to let their guests know she and her husband “eat here all the time.” Stars like Marianna Hewitt, Jessica de Ruiter, Hillary Kerr, and Atkin were also there to celebrate. While it’s a favorite, it’s been given a couple thumbs down reviews thanks to its small size and decision not to take reservations. But if Teigen likes it, we love it!

5 Katsuya

Via: The New Potato

Anyone who has read a celebrity blog or gossip site know that Katsuya is where the party is! And Teigen knows it too. She said she and Legend love to eat sushi at the popular restaurant. Stars such as Krysten Ritter, Jana Kramer, Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Mario Lopez, King Bach, Jay-Z, and more have been known to enjoy the raw fish cuisine and Katsuya. Some of the most talked about events include Hugh Hefner’s four children eating together at the restaurant just after his shocking passing. Bella Thorne celebrated her birthday there last year and Kanye West was seen there during the phase of his mental breakdown that made headlines. The restaurant has 12 locations around the world, including the popular one in the Brentwood neighborhood in California, one in Hollywood, another in Glendale, one in Las Vegas, and another in South Beach, Miami. Some of its overseas locations include Arabella, Baha Mar, and Bahrain.

4 Nobu

Via: Eater Atlanta

This is another restaurant Teigen and Legend have been seen eating at with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Yes, it looks like they’re friends in real life. Teigen has credited Nobu for its – drumroll, please – sushi. Yes, on top of Katsuya. Teigen said, “we love the Nobu in Malibu because they do this kind of brunchy version of a sushi meal. It’s so gorgeous.” Considering Robert De Niro is part owner of the Los Angeles restaurant, it’s safe to say its seen more than its fair share of A-listers. It's known for its black cod and impressive service. Stars like Will Smith, Uma Thurman, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mariah Carey, Bradley Cooper, Kate Hudson, David and Victoria Beckham, and pretty much any member of the Kardashian and Jenner family love the place. This is probably why its ranked one of the most likely restaurants to see a celebrity in Los Angeles. Where do we sign?

3 Frank’s

Via: The New Potato

Teigen is such a fan of Frank’s, she used to go to the New York City restaurant regularly – as regularly as once a week. “On Thursday’s, I’m always at Frank’s for lasagna Verdi,” she said in an interview. “It’s my favorite lasagna on the planet… I’ll go by myself, sit in the corner by the kitchen and just be on my laptop. I get it well-done, and it’s bubbling and crispy around the edges. It’s so wonderful. So, that’s definitely one of my favorite spots in New York… What else? I’m such a Seamless web nut. I love delivery.” Seamless is a service in which customers can order food for delivery or takeout. As a side note, Teigen has no shame in using her real name on Seamless. She said it’s actually helped her get extra food once. We’re guessing it was really more than once in actuality. You have to love her.

2 Madeo

Via: TKM

Madeo is another Italian restaurant to add to the list of Teigen’s favorite eateries. Located on Beverly Blvd. in Los Angeles, the venue touts traditional Italian cuisine. She’s certainly in good company because Jennifer Lopez and her retired professional baseball boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, have been seen there a handful times as well. While Rodriguez, Lopez, and Teigen have yet to reveal their favorite dishes at Madeo, it has been recognized for its impressively authentic Italian menu. The owner of the restaurant Alfio, has been credited for being personable to all of his patrons, not just the ones with famous faces. The quaint and cozy outward appearance, plus the food along with the service seems like quite the combination for the restaurant; no wonder it’s one of Teigen’s favorites. The truffle pasta, spaghetti bolognese, veal milanese, eggplant parmesan, and linguine vongole are some of the more popular dishes at the restaurant.

1 Outback Steakhouse

Via: Genius Kitchen

Who can do it better than Outback? The service during one of Teigen’s most recent visits in November must have been really impeccable because she left the waitress a $1,000 tip! Her meal was $193. The waitress, whose name is Mikayla Scott, said that while she was nervous she was going to mess up with her famous customer, her colleagues weren’t surprised she racked in big time. She decided to give some of the big tip to her co-workers. Before then, Teigen and Legend raved about Outback’s Bloomin’ Onion appetizer. Other American-chain restaurants that Teigen has expressed love for are: hot chicken at KFC, bonsai bowls and fish tacos at Wahoo’s, Marie Callendar’s sour cream blueberry pie, steak fries with ranch dressing at Red Robin, Ranch Dorito’s Locos at Taco Bell, and a simple cheddar broccoli soup bread bowl from Panera Bread. We knew Teigen was a simple woman with simple needs.

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