20 Nickelodeon Starlets Who Grew Up Better Than We Anticipated

Nickelodeon has been around for years now, and its family-friendly/kid-friendly programming has become a standard for many networks to follow. Some shows have created stars that are killing it in the TV and movie or music industry, while others may have faded out into oblivion. Whatever went down with them, it is not as if Nick did not give them a platform to show what they could do.

Being on the network has become a big deal for child stars over the years, and for good reason. A great performance here can catapult someone into a bigger opportunity. This has created stars, but one thing has stood out in this world that some overlook.

Ultimately, what stood out to most is that many of the girls we saw on these shows have grown up and become absolutely gorgeous. While some may have started out beautiful, they eventually become knockouts. Meanwhile, others who may not have impressed on the looks front early on would go on to become stunners. There are very few of us who anticipated that these girls would turn out as gorgeous as they are now.

That is where this list came in. We found twenty such women from Nick who turned out hotter than we anticipated. Some were stars of a show while others had recurring roles or co-starring ones. Despite what role they had, they made the list. No current Nick star is on the list for obvious reasons.

20 Christine Taylor

Before all of this, however, she was a pretty big star for Nickelodeon. She appeared in the series Hey Dude from 1989-1991. Her role was large in the series and it got her noticed in a big way. While she stood out as a pretty girl there, she has considerably stood out years after as a stunning woman. She has had an excellent career that continues to this day. The more we see of her, the better.

19 Erin Sanders

Erin has not really spent time in the movie world, but her TV time continues to do her well. The ultimate question people will have is if she'll get a main role one day. So many Nick stars have gone on to have major success in the acting and music industry that it seems Sanders is just an opportunity away. She's nearly 27 years old, so it is unlikely that Hollywood is passing her by just yet. She's certainly catching our eye lately.

18 Amanda Bynes

At the same time, she would have her own show called The Amanda Show where she was host and lead actor from 1999-2002. She also had a recurring role in Nick animated series Rugrats. She would also appear in Nickelodeon/Universal Studios produced movie Big Fat Liar. She would then go on to play in memorable movies of the time like What a Girl Wants and She's the Man. She would go on to have big roles in the movie Hairspray and Easy A. Bynes had been killing as a top young actress in Hollywood until she decided to move on into fashion and ultimately had a DUI and eventual mental breakdown. She has not had a notable acting credit since 2010. There's hope she can get things together and back out there, as she's clearly one of the most talented Nick starlets they have ever had.

17 Keke Palmer

Palmer would stand out so much in the role that it led to others popping up for her. She appeared in yet another slew of TV shows, including a main voice role in the Winx Club. Eventually, she landed a lead in Scream Queens from 2015-2016. She now has main roles in Berlin Station and Scream, in their current and upcoming seasons respectively. Overall it appears Keke is just getting started, and it's been amazing how we've all grown up with her and seeing her succeed from child to adult star. She also did it without going crazy or being over the top. Pay attention, starlets.

16 Emma Roberts

She would take on roles in Scream 4, Valentine's Day, Empire State, We're the Millers, and Nerve. However, she would come back to television, for the American Horror Story series. She would play three different characters in the different seasons. She also appeared as a main star on Scream Queens. Emma has continued to have a great career in Hollywood throughout the industry in both TV and film. Her next role may be bigger than the last, as Roberts seems to consistently find roles that just work.

15 Daniella Monet

She now hosts another Nickelodeon show called Paradise Run. Due to her singing ability, she has been in some Nick tracks from her time in the Fairly Odd movies to the Victorious show. Daniella has appeared on other things since her main role in Victorious like Baby Daddy on Freeform. However, it is likely this 28-year-old actress is going to be used in more things in the future. Every time she is seen, she appears more gorgeous than the last time we saw her. If that trend continues, only good can happen.

14 Denyse Tontz

This was a huge role for her that recurred quite often through 2009-2013. Her role with Disney as a recurring star even crossed over with her time on Nick. Eventually she would go on to more teen to adult roles, like in the Freeform series, The Fosters. She also became a series regular on the TV show Incorporated from 2016 to this year.

She's also an award winning singer, having won a Daytime Emmy Award for an original song called Parachute that she wrote and performed for the soap opera All My Children. She's certainly one to keep an eye on. She's only 23!

13 Victoria Justice

Her role did not go unnoticed, as she would go on to have a main role in the TV show Eye Candy. She would also guest star on a number of TV shows. Her movie credits are not vast, but she did have a movie called Outcasts that had some relatively good reviews. Many think Justice is just a role away from being one of the top young actresses in Hollywood, and they're probably right. She has only gotten more and more beautiful.

12 Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is able to make the list because of one reason, she was a recurring character on the program. She only performed in three episodes of Alex Mack, but three appearances count. Jessica Alba would go on to have a huge career in Hollywood. She would continue on TV until she took on the lead role in Dark Angel, then movies were her real highlight point afterward. From her roles in Fantastic Four and Sin City franchises to other movies like Valentine's Day, The Love Guru, Good Luck Chuck, and Into the Blue. She remains as one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood to this day.

11 Amber Frank

The reason had to do with her acting abilities more than anything else, but as she grew up in the show....boy fans came flocking. Shocking right? Since the show wrapped, Amber has been pretty much out of the acting scene. This is why her appearances since have not gone unnoticed. She went on to be an absolutely gorgeous woman who has been attempting to shed her Nick star past. We're not complaining.

10 Lindsey Shaw

Eventually she would take on a lead role in an ABC Family movie called Teen Spirit. However, her biggest role to date might be from the Freeform/ABC Family show Pretty Little Liars, where she has been a series regular. She has not landed in a lot of big movies, but her TV time is really just getting going and she seems to continue to land nice roles. This will most likely continue without a problem.

9 Jamie Lynn Spears

Jamie announced she was pregnant at the age of 16 in 2007, a controversial thing for one of the biggest Nick stars of the time. She was also in the middle of filming Zoey, and due to everything the show would wrap up in a final season that would air in 2008. While she has acted since that role on Nick, she's mostly been seen on reality TV or talk shows. She has not been acting significantly since the birth of her daughter, but at only 26 it makes sense to think that she'll get back out there. She seems to be focusing on music lately, and it seems the last name Spears has done well there before. So who knows where this leads?

8 Elizabeth Gillies

She has continued to try and shed her Nickelodeon image away, despite the image being that of a bad*ss chick who did not give a cr*p. Gillies routinely dresses provocatively in roles and no one is complaining. There seems to be no question that she'll do whatever a role requires, which is something a lot of casting directors want to see. She is one of the most successful to come out of Nick since her departure. Ultimately time will tell how far she will go.

7 Emily Ratajkowski

This meant she was technically a recurring character on Nick, allowing her to be eligible for our list. Emily managed to get over well the moment she left Nick, but this was not due to her time with the kid-friendly corporation. She was able to land big roles in music videos like the Blurred Lines video with Robin Thicke that did very well. As well as the Love Somebody video with Maroon 5. Eventually she would end up in movies like Entourage and Gone Girl in a limited role. Overall, her modelling and commercial roles have truly gotten her noticed and she continues to be a go-to for modelling and selling products. If you see her, you'll understand why.

6 Jennette McCurdy

While Jennette later made up with Ariana, the show only had one season before it was cancelled. McCurdy would go on to have other roles as she landed the lead role in Between. However, she has not really appeared on a lot of major shows since. As she has only had small appearances since. Though she has focused a lot on web-show material. Despite this, she is clearly talented and someone that we're likely not done seeing in Hollywood. Expect McCurdy to make a big comeback sooner or later.

5 Meagan Good

[Images by J-14.com and AMPix.com[

Just to name a few, she had guest roles on Moesha, The Steve Harvey Show, House, Cold Case, The Game, and The Division. She would have recurring roles on The Famous Jet Jackson, Raising Dead, My Wife and Kids, Kevin Gill, Californication, Mr. Robinson, and Code Black. Meanwhile also have main roles in Deception and Minority Report. Her movie time has gotten even bigger for her the last few years as well. She is most known from her roles in Stomp the Yard, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, Love Guru, and the Think Like a Man franchise. All this said, Meagan has carved out a pretty good career thus far and she's only 36. Yet it all started truly with her breakout role on Nickelodeon.

4 Michelle Trachtenberg

She played Harriet in the Nickelodeon movie Harriet the Spy. Toward the end of her time on Nick shows she was on a show by the name of The Adventures of Pete and Pete, where she had a main role. She would later appear on Figure it Out for Nick. While her Nick time was major, she has been a huge actress since. She has had starring roles in shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Truth or Scare, Gossip Girl, and Mercy. While her TV time has been pretty large, she has not done a ton of movies. But just at 32 years of age, it is likely we'll see Michelle in much more for years to come. She was always beautiful, but today she's a stunner and it's not a shock that she has landed on so many TV shows since departing from Nick.

3 Ariana Grande

She has been nominated for a ton of awards and even won a few. She has multiple nominations with the Billboard Music Awards and even 5 Grammy nominations. However, she won 3 out of the 4 times she was nominated at the AMAs. Not to mention she has a slew of MTV, Nick Choice, and Teen Choice Awards for her music and performances. Truly, Grande's success is not attributed to her time on Nick, but the platform it gave her did a world of good. She's clearly one of the most successful Nickelodeon stars to date, without question.

2 Miranda Cosgrove

iCarly was a massive hit for Nick and brought in insane ratings for them. This role made Miranda one of the biggest stars on TV before the age of 18. Realizing they needed to make sure they kept her around, they planned to pay her huge sums. In May of 2010, Nick paid her $180,000 per episode of iCarly....and there were a lot of them from then on. She was the second highest paid child star around and eventually, she landed as the highest paid in 2012. Since her show wrapped, she has been a main voice in the Despicable Me franchise of animated films and she has focused on her music.

1 Lily Collins

Of course she also took other movie roles after Blind Side from Mirror Mirror to Priest and Love, Rosie. However, she would be nominated for many awards for her role in Rules Don't Apply. Collins has taken Hollywood by storm, and it all started with a little show on Nick. Oh how far she has come since. She'll certainly be one to watch, even the Young Hollywood Awards thought so back in 2008 when she won for that actual honor.

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