19Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games

One would think that the last thing a director would want to do is to risk the life of your star. That goes double when the star happens to be an Oscar-winning box office starlet. But Jennifer Lawrence has always insisted on getting in deep for

her roles and that includes Katniss Everdeen. The Hunger Games made Lawrence a true star and still regarded as one of her best roles ever. That’s because Lawrence threw herself into the part, from learning real archery (despite CGI arrows) to going all out in the stunts.

For a scene of Katniss swimming, she suffered a ruptured eardrum from the cold water and several cuts and bruises. The biggest was for the final film as Katniss was to escape an explosion in a tunnel. However, the smoke was far thicker than anticipated and Lawrence found herself choking and nearly passing out. Luckily, the crew realized she was taking too long to come out and raced in to get her. But risking a mega-star’s life like this for what could have been done by a stuntman was something more brutal than anything in the Games.

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