20 Most Paused Moments In Disney Films

We are currently well into the summer movie season, which means that we can still expect to see several 'blockbusters' get released, with one of the more highly anticipated films being Marvel's Spider-Man: Homecoming. Obviously, that movie is a live-action adaptation of a hugely popular comic book superhero, and it will most definitely make a ton of money, but Marvel will not actually get to enjoy the profit as much as they would like to because most of the revenue will be going to Disney instead. As of right now, Disney owns several major franchises, which are now worth billions of dollars, and the reason why the company was able to accumulate such properties is because it has built an entertainment empire off the back of many successful animated films.

Those films made a lot of money because they focused mainly on younger audiences made up of mostly female viewers, as those movies told stories of young girls–mainly princesses–who had to overcome some evil force or being. In total, when you include all of the Pixar movies, Disney has given us nearly 80 animated movies, some of which have been far better and memorable than others; but regardless of how good those movies are, each and every one has given viewers memorable moments. Basically, all of those moments occur in plain sight, which means that you will notice what is happening immediately; but in every animated movie, there are also certain things that you can easily miss because of how fast the camera moves, which is when you hit the pause button. Some of these paused moments are funny while some are also naughty, which makes them all entertaining and interesting in a way. This list will try to identify the 20 most paused moments in these Disney movies.

20 Sven The Reindeer In Moana 


In last year's animated film Moana, the titular character went on a quest to save the world from destruction, and to do so, she needed the help of a demigod named Maui, who possessed a magical hook. The hook apparently gives Maui the ability to transform into any animal he wanted. At the midpoint of the movie, he retrieves his hook, and upon using it for the first time in a while, he rapidly transforms into several different animals, including Sven. Now, for those who do not remember, Sven is a reindeer who appeared in Disney's monster hit, Frozen, and he is known for being a loyal and fun-loving companion; and despite being fairly clumsy and easily distracted, he is a very valiant reindeer. He may only appear in Moana for a split second, but it is an amusing second because the expression on his face makes pausing the movie at that point totally worth it. 

19 Hans' Mugshot In Big Hero 6 


In 2013, Disney had a very good year at the Box Office, and a big part of that good year was thanks to the release of Frozen, which ended up earning more than $1 billion throughout its theatrical release. The movie was ultimately a tale about the undying love between two sisters, who happened to be princesses. And in any Disney movie with a princess, you know there is going to be a prince somewhere. In Frozen, Hans was one of those princes, and he served as the movie's main antagonist, seeing as he wanted to murder one of the sisters after marrying the other. Hans and his plan ended up getting thwarted, with him being sent back to his homeland in order to face justice for his crime, but there is a chance that he may have escaped during the journey. The reason for this is because in 2014's Big Hero 6, there is a scene inside a police station, and if you pause at the right moment, you can see a wanted poster featuring Hans pinned to the wall.

18 Grown Up Sid From Toy Story 


The Toy Story franchise is indeed aimed towards kids, seeing as the entire story revolves around the fact that toys are actually living beings with feelings; but it is because of the fact that they have feelings that the movies sometimes tug at our heartstrings. In the first movie, we were introduced to a boy named Sid, who was a real piece of work despite being only 11 years old, and that would be because he was a sociopath who liked to experiment with toys by taking them apart and combining their limbs to make new toys. By the end of the movie, though, the toys get their revenge on Sid, who is then never seen again in the series or at least that is what most viewers were expected to believe, because Sid was actually in the third movie. During a scene in which garbage was being picked up, if you pause at the right time, you can see that the garbage man is wearing a black shirt with a white skull on it, which is the same shirt Sid wore in the first movie.

17 Buzz Lightyear In Finding Nemo 


30 years ago, no one probably thought that a talking fish could be the main character and focal point of an entire feature length film. But in 2003, those people were proven wrong when Finding Nemo was released. Although the entire film mostly consisted of talking fish, it turned out to be a very emotional tale about a father trying to find his missing son who managed to find himself in a dentist's fish tank. The tank was obviously part of the dentist's office, but it was not the only interesting thing that could be found there, as during a panoramic shot of the office, you can see Buzz Lightyear lying on the floor in front of a toy chest. Considering that Buzz is known for actually being a living person when it comes to Disney, it is fair to assume that Buzz just could not get back into the chest before the first human came into the office.

16 The Hans Statue In Big Hero 6 


As mentioned earlier, Big Hero 6 was released in 2014, and it was actually a pleasant departure for Disney because the movie happens to be their only non-live-action superhero film. In the movie, the main character tries to figure out the reason behind his brother's death, and while going through his things, he finds a robot who he equips with armor and a battle chip in order for him to fight crime. Seeing as this is essentially a hero origin story, there needs to be a training montage of some kind to show the hero's development, and in this movie's montage, we once again get a glimpse of Hans from Frozen, except this time, he appears as a statue. In order to see this statue, you will need to pause the movie very fast because the statue gets destroyed in the blink of an eye, but its presence does raise the question, why is Hans so popular in Big Hero 6?

15 The Pizza Planet Truck In Brave 


For a while now, there has been an interesting theory going around regarding Disney's Pixar movies, a theory which suggests that every single movie is in fact part of the same massive universe. There are actually multiple things that point to this theory being true, and one of them involves what is known as the Pizza Planet Truck, which is exactly what you would think it is—a pizza delivery truck. The movie Brave was released in 2012 and was set in Medieval Scotland. During the scene when the protagonist Merida visits a witch in her hut, if you pause the movie at the right time, you will see the pizza truck on a wooden table. Aside from the fact that there is a pizza truck in a Medieval setting, that same truck has also appeared in every Pixar movie since the original Toy Story in 1995.

14 Mrs. Potts & Chip In Tarzan 


As far as the actual character is concerned, Tarzan has been around since 1912, when the original book written by Edgar Rice Burroughs was released. Since then, he has appeared in several films and a television series. In 1999, Disney released Tarzan, an animated movie adaptation that told the story of an English baby being shipwrecked off the coast of Africa, where he was later found and raised by a family of gorillas. Tarzan grows up with the apes and essentially becomes one with the jungle and becomes enthralled with an English woman he meets during an expedition. While visiting the expedition's campsite, you can see several tables and a cart. On that cart, there is a tea set that is anything but ordinary. When the movie is paused, it is obvious to see Mrs. Potts and Chip, the tea pot and glass who were both in Beauty and the Beast. 

13 The Inappropriate Scene From Hercules 


The Ancient Greeks helped to give the world a lot of things–such as the blueprints for democracy, the alphabet, and parts of modern day mathematics–but they also gave us a boat load of mythological creatures and beings. In Greek mythology, there are literally dozens of gods, each of whom have had their own escapades, some of which resulted in the birth of a demigod like Hercules. In 1997, Disney released an animated movie starring the son of Zeus, with minor backstory changes, of course. In it, he trains to become a hero, and while doing so, he crosses paths with a woman named Meg who is being bothered by a centaur named Nessus. The two end up fighting, with Hercules coming out the victor and with Nessus receiving a rather nasty bump on his head. And when you pause the movie at exactly the right time, you get one of the more provocative stills in Disney's animated film history.

12 The Beast Popping Up In Aladdin 


Not all of Disney's animated movies are capable of leaving viewers with smiles on their faces, especially when those viewers grow up. However, some movies do, and Aladdin is indeed one of them. The movie tells the story of a street urchin who finds a magic carpet and genie, and with their help, he is able to save his city from an evil politician while also falling in love with a princess in the process. Now, Aladdin takes place in the Middle East at a time when every major city was ruled over by a Sultan, who were understandably very rich individuals. And when you are that rich, you tend to collect a lot of rather unnecessary things. In this Sultan's case, he had quite a few children's toys, and if you pause the movie when all the toys are being shown, you will see something that truly stands out because one of those toys is clearly the Beast from Beauty and the Beast.

11 Pinocchio In Tangled


In the 1800's, the Brothers Grimm became famous for producing folk tales. Several of which have already been adapted into animated films by Disney, including Tangled, which is based off of the "Rapunzel" fairy tale. In the movie, there is a princess with very long magical hair being held captive in a tower by an old woman who kidnapped her while she was a baby in order to use her hair's power to stay young. Premise aside, the movie was pretty entertaining and sported several song sequences just like most of Disney's animated films, with one of those sequences taking place in a tavern. Unbeknownst to most people, Pinocchio, the famous little wooden boy who starred in one of Disney's earliest films, makes a very brief cameo in the tavern; and if you pause at the right moment midway through the song, you can see him sitting up in the tavern's rafters.

10 The Jack Skellington Appearance In The Princess And The Frog 


In the previous entry, we mentioned that the Brothers Grimm are essentially responsible for providing us with several of Disney's animated movies, which also includes 2009's The Princess and the Frog. As far as Disney movies go, this one was kind of a bomb, which is surprising seeing as it told the story of a waitress who gets turned into a frog after kissing another frog who turns out to be a prince. Prior to the events of the movie, the prince was transformed into a frog by Dr. Facilier, the film's main antagonist, using voodoo magic; and while using this magic, he is able to summon demons and spirits from "The Other Side." At one point in the movie, Facilier summons several of these spirits who look like shadows against the wall, and when you pause the movie during that scene, you can see that one of those shadows is Jack Skellington, the main character from the acclaimed stop-motion film, The Nightmare Before Christmas. 

9 The Very Happy Minister In The Little Mermaid 


1989 saw the release of The Little Mermaid, which to this day is still one of Disney's more popular princess movies, as evidenced by the number of direct sequels and different live-action interpretations that it has inspired. As the title suggests, the movie focuses on a young female mermaid who is infatuated with the surface world and who later falls in love with a human prince. In order to spend time with the prince, Ariel makes a deal with the sea witch named Ursula, who eventually betrays her to fulfill her own evil plan, a plan that includes turning herself human and marrying the prince for herself. It is during this wedding scene that Disney provides us with one of the funniest paused moments in the studio's history, as the minister performing the ceremony appears to be VERY excited about the wedding. This screenshot is becoming rarer with every passing year, though, as newer versions of the film have since edited the bulge out of the scene.

8 A Nude Image In The Rescuers 


As time goes by, some of Disney's older and lesser known animated movies fade from memory, either because the overall plot was fairly mediocre or because there were no princesses and evil witches in the story. One of those movies is called The Rescuers, which Disney released in 1977, and it focuses on two mice who work to track down and find a young orphan girl who has gone missing. Many current young Disney fans may in fact never actually watch this movie, due to the fact that it lacks the traditional Disney-animated formula, but the movie will indeed continue to live on in infamy because of two split second images that appear in the movie, which can only be seen if you pause at the perfect time. At one point, both mice are flying through the city on a bird, and while passing by buildings, there are two posters in two windows that feature real naked women. No one knows why the raunchy images were in the movie to begin with, but they have since been removed.

7 The Fire Dance Scene In The Hunchback Of Notre Dame 


In 1996, during what is known as the Disney Renaissance, the studio released The Hunchback of Notre Dame, which is still considered to be one of Disney's darkest animated films because of the fact that it dealt with things like sin, damnation, and genocide. The movie focuses on Quasimodo, a 20-year-old man with a hunchback who is forced to live in a bell tower because the people of 1482 France view him as a freak of nature instead of an actual person. During the movie, he meets a female Gypsy named Esmeralda, who is voiced by Demi Moore and who befriends our lovable hunchback while making a living by dancing in the streets. At one point in the movie, Esmeralda performs her fire dance, and during that dance, if paused correctly, the outline of her bare body can be seen, despite the fact that she is indeed still wearing all of her clothes.

6 Peter Pan's Shadow


Everyone grows up. It is just the reality of life, and although we are able to do a lot more things when we get older, there are always times when we wish we could go back in time to be a kid again—a time when most of us had zero responsibilities. It is because of this that the movie Peter Pan has continued to resonate with audiences since its initial release over 60 years ago because it focuses on a boy named Peter, who spends his time fighting pirates and flying around with his pixie friend Tinker Bell; and he greatly enjoys life primarily because he never has to grow up. Early on in the movie, Peter enters a girl's home where he convinces her to follow him to his home in Never Land. But before they leave, he performs a little dance after seeing his shadow, and at one point during the dance, if paused correctly, you will get a glimpse at what appears to be Peter's shadow's member. Obviously, what we see is the shadow of Peter's shirt, but the shadow's positioning just makes the entire dance funny in a perverted way.

5 Anna Punching Hans


With this entry, we will once again be talking about Frozen, and just like the other two times, this frequently paused moment involves Hans, who appears to not be able to catch a break. In the movie, he plans on marrying Anna so he can kill her sister and take advantage of their country's wealth and resources, and although Anna is initially smitten with him, she eventually learns just how bad Hans is and pays him back before he is shipped back home. While on the dock, Hans says something stupid, which prompts Anna's true love interest, Kristoff, to punch him. And when Hans gets back to his feet, Anna steps up to the plate and punches him square in the face with enough force that he falls backwards into the water. What makes this sequence very amusing is the fact that if you were to pause the scene at the exact moment, her fist makes contact with his face. It looks as if Anna has literally broken every bone in Hans' face.

4 The Jessica Rabbit Scene


In 1996, Michael Jordan made waves when he starred in the movie Space Jam, which had him interacting with Looney Tunes characters like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. But the movie was not as revolutionary as it sounds, primarily because of 1988's Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Disney had actually bought the rights to the Roger Rabbit franchise in 1981, which is why it is a part of their film catalog, and it is actually a far more provocative animated film than Disney is usually associated with. The movie has real-life people living side by side with cartoon characters, including the ravishing and voluptuous Jessica Rabbit, who is still considered to be a s*x symbol despite being a cartoon. Throughout the movie, Jessica can be seen with her long red hair, red sequined dress, and purple gloves. At one point in the movie, she is involved in a car crash that sees her getting flung from a car, and when you pause the movie, you can clearly see right up her dress.

3 The Disclaimer In Frozen 


At this point, you may or may not be sick of hearing about Frozen, but there is really nothing that can be done about that seeing as the movie has indeed produced noteworthy pausing moments. This is the final time the movie will be mentioned, though; and this time, the paused moment does not take place during the movie itself or during any other movie for that matter, because it actually occurs during Frozen's credits. At one point in the movie, Anna and Kristoff are riding in a sleigh, where the topic of Hans comes up, and he tells her that Hans may pick his nose and eat the boogers, to which she responds with a firm NO, alluding to the 'fact' that princes do not pick their noses. Kristoff then says that all men pick their noses and eat the boogers, which prompted Disney to add a little disclaimer at the end of the movie's credits, a disclaimer that says Disney does not share the same views as Kristoff on the matter of booger-eating.

2 A Dead Scar In Hercules 


To many people, The Lion King is Disney's best animated movie, a belief that is supported by the fact that the film went on to make nearly $1 billion at the Box Office while also winning two Golden Globes and two Oscars. The Lion King is truly iconic, which is why it will soon get a live-action adaptation, which will presumably include all of the original characters, including Scar, a talking lion who serves as the movie's main antagonist. Scar is a great villain who kills his own brother to take control of Africa's Pride Lands, but in the end, he is defeated by his nephew and killed by his hyena henchmen. Although we know how his life ended, no one actually saw what happened to Scar's body, which is why a scene in Hercules is as interesting as it is. While training, Hercules can be seen wearing a lion pelt, and when he tosses it on the floor, you can tell that the pelt is indeed Scar.

1 Mickey, Donald, And Goofy's Attendance In The Little Mermaid


Over the course of 90 years, Disney has given us 56 animated films, as well as multiple animated television series; and considering the studio's longevity, it makes sense that they have given us quite a few iconic characters. Yes, we have the princesses like Snow White, Jasmine, and Cinderella, but Disney has also given us non-human characters who anyone would be able to identify in a crowd, and the three most popular of those characters are without a doubt Goofy the dog, Donald Duck, and Mickey Mouse. These three are usually seen on the screen at the same time; a fact that is on full display in The Little Mermaid, as long as you are able to pause the movie fast enough to see it. At one point, King Triton makes a grand entrance, and in the hall, there are a lot of guests present, including Disney's well-known humanoid trio. Why are they there? How are they breathing underwater? Nobody really knows, but one thing is for certain—their appearance in the movie remains one of Disney's biggest Easter Eggs and most paused moments.

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