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20 Most Incredible Force Powers In The Star Wars Universe

20 Most Incredible Force Powers In The Star Wars Universe

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In the Star Wars universe, the battle between the Jedi and the Sith, has raged on for tens of thousands of years, and many epic showdowns have taken place during this time. These ancient orders are able to wield the force, which makes them capable of extraordinary powers. Great Sith like Darth Vader, Darth Sidious and Darth Plaugeis have force abilities that they use for evil, while Jedi like Yoda, Obi Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker and Qui Gon Jinn, use their force abilities to restore order to the galaxy. It takes many years of training and devotion to wield the force, and those that do often get more powerful as time goes on. Sith, Jedi and even other force sensitive users like the Knights of Ren or the Bendu can use the force to move objects with their minds, control others and even shoot bolts of lighting out of their fingertips.

Some of these powers are so dangerous that even the users could be killed. Because the Star Wars universe is so large, this article focuses on force powers that are both cannon and part of the legends stories. Because Disney has been keen on introducing legends characters and storylines into the cannon, some of these powers may show up in future Star Wars movies, games, books, comics and TV shows, even if they haven’t already. Here’s a look at 20 of the most incredible force powers in the Star Wars universe. Which one of these extraordinary powers is your favorite?

20. Force Drain

Force drain was a powerful technique that allowed the user to essentially suck the force power out of another force sensitive being. Oftentimes the victim would become so weak that he or she would end up dying die. Sith lords like Darth Nihilus from the Star Wars Old Republic video games used this deadly power. In fact, Darth Nihilus used this power so much that he eventually couldn’t do without it. He would drain entire planets just so that he could always keep himself alive and powerful. To him, this power was an addiction, basically like a drug.

19. Force Ghost

Just because a Jedi dies, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are gone forever. The famous scene at the end of Return of the Jedi shows three legendary Jedi who mastered the technique of appearing as a force ghosts. After Luke defeats the Empire, there is a celebration at the Ewok village and Yoda, Qui Gon Jin, and a newly redeemed Anakin Skywalker appear to Luke as a way of congratulating him on a job well done. Some Sith have even managed to come back from the dead, too. In Star Wars the Clone Wars, Yoda encountered the ghost of Darth Bane. Unlike Jedi, Sith did not find peace in death and were usually isolated as ghosts and not able to interact with others.

18. Force Choke

Darth Vader famously used this force power in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back to kill Imperial Admiral Ozzel when he failed to capture the rebels that Vader was pursuing. In A New Hope, he nearly kills Admiral Motti because of his subordination, but Grand Moff Tarkin luckily steps in to stop Vader. Darth Vader had a long history of using this deadly force power, and when he first turned to the dark side, he even used this strong ability to nearly kill his wife Padme. Vader has often choked his enemies by hand too, but he prefers to use the force to choke the life out of his enemies (maybe a power trip?).

17. Jedi Mind Trick

“These are not the droids you’re looking for.” None other than Obi Wan Kenobi said this famous quote in A New Hope, and it shows just how powerful a Jedi can really be. They can hypnotize others and get them to do their bidding, but they only use this skill to get out of trouble and jams. Only a Sith would use this to actually control someone. However, the mind trick is not an all powerful force ability. Many alien races are immune to mind tricks, including Toydarians like Watto from Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Jabba the Hutt has also proven to be immune to this force power when Luke Skywalker attempted to use it on him in Return of the Jedi.

16. Force Push

The ability to move objects with their minds is one of the things that makes the Jedi and Sith extremely powerful. Epic light saber battles between these two ancient orders would certainly not be complete without the use of force push. This force power allows the user to push an enemy away, or even throw them at a great distance. It was used heavily in the fantastic light saber battles in the prequel trilogy, which we could all agree was one of the few redeeming aspects of those films. Yoda would often throw his light saber like it was a boomerang, and he did just that in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

15. Morichro

This rare and powerful force ability was used by the obscure Star Wars character Yaddle. Yaddle is the female version of Yoda, and she made a cameo appearance in Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. Morichro power allowed any Jedi who used it to weaken an opponent by shutting down their nervous systems and to slow down bodily functions. If the power were used against an enemy long enough it would then result in death. It is essentially the power to will a person to die with only your mind. Because of the severe nature of the power, very few Jedi were allowed to use it. Yaddle was one of only a few allowed to use Morichro by the Jedi Order.

14. Force Light

Force light is a very useful and powerful force technique used by a number of Jedi in the Star Wars universe. It has been used all the way from Old Republic times up until the Force Awakens era. Light side users used this power against force users connected to the dark side of the force. A Jedi could weaken a person’s connection to the dark side, which proves that the light side of the force can be more powerful than the dark side. Yaddle also used this power in addition to Morichro.

13. Force Concealment

Imagine a force power that would allow you to hide you presence completely from anyone you didn’t want knowing you were there. The person who used this force power most effectively was Emperor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious. He was so successful in hiding his presence and power in the dark side that he was able to control the entire galaxy and bring forth the rise of the Empire. Even master Yoda didn’t realize the Emperor was actually Darth Sidious, despite him being right under his nose for many, many years. By that time though, it was already too late. The damage had been done.

12. Tapas

This power would have come in very handy for Luke Skywalker when he was stranded on Hoth in the freezing cold, sub zero temperatures. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a skilled enough Jedi yet and wasn’t able to perform this force technique. Tapas, no, not the tasty Spanish dish, allowed a Jedi to remain warm in an extremely cold environment. Jedi, with the ability to use this force power, could retain their body heat and prevent hypothermia. Despite the fact Luke did not have this ability though, he still managed to survive thanks to Han Solo and the warm innards of a sliced open taun taun.

11. Force Lightning

Emperor Palpatine, aka Darth Sidious, often used force lighting to subdue and even kill his enemies. He used this incredible force power to kill Mace Windu in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, but it didn’t protect him from being thrown to his death by Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi. It is one of the most formidable powers used by the Sith, but it does not make one invincible. When Darth Sidious used this power to attack Mace Windu the bolts of lighting were at first deflected by the Jedi back on to Darth Sidious. This resulted in the Emperor being badly disfigured. Of course, Palpatine did this on purpose to convince Anakin to join the Dark Side.

10. Corpse Vision

Think of this as a twisted version of the force ghost power that was only used by the Sith. Using Sith magic, a Sith sorcerer could conjure up spirits of dead Sith lords. These scary Sith ghosts would then torture and psychologically damage whoever the Sith sorcerer wanted to hurt. The Sith ghosts could transform into images from the past of whoever the Sith sorcerer was trying to hurt. They could appear as loved ones and convince the recipient to do his or her bidding. With this power, Anakin Skywalker was sadly confronted by images of his dead mother when Darth Tyrannus used corpse vision.

9. Taming Beasts

This power allowed a Jedi to connect with a wild animal or creature and control that animal. Jedi never used this ability to harm others and make the creature attack an enemy. Rather, they used the ability for good. If they were being attacked by a wild animal they would use the power of taming beasts to stop the creature. Anakin Skywalker did this in Attack of the Clones when a reek was let loose in the battle stadium on Geonosis. In the TV show Star Wars Rebels, Ezra Bridger had many encounters with wild animals, and he used taming beats to stop them. No all his attempts to use taming beasts were successful. The spider-like creatures called Krykna that Ezra encountered on the rebel enclave Atollon were resistant to this fore power. The rebels instead set up electro magnetic perimeter beacons to keep the spider aliens from attacking their base.

8. Thought Bomb

In the days of the Old Republic when a group of Sith lords got together they could accomplish truly sinister things and were capable of force powers that were nearly unparalleled. A group of Sith could join together and after melding their minds they could create thought bombs. These were large orbs filled with dark side power that could implode causing massive explosions capable of truly horrific damage. These thought bombs were so terrible that they could destroy entire planets and trapped the life force of countless Jedi inside – what a nightmare scenario that would be. It sounds even more deadly than a Death Star or a Starkiller Base.

7. The Ability to Create Life

This force power is so tremendous that there’s not really a specific name for it. Darth Plagueis the wise was the master of Darth Sidious, and Sidious tells Anakin Skywalker during Revenge of the Sith that Plagueis was so deadly and powerful that he could cheat death and even create life. If Plagueis could actually manipulate midichlorians then he could create life, and perhaps this would explain Anakin Skywalker’s birth and Shimi Skywalker’s immaculate conception. If Snoke turns out to be Darth Plagueis, let’s just hope this theory is addressed in The Last Jedi.

6. Alchaka

Jedi highly valued meditation and they used it as a way to be able to connect with the force. Alchaka is similar to a mix of yoga and meditation. A Jedi could perform Alchaka quickly to heighten his or her force sensitivity. This would then make him or her even more powerful. While Alchaka helped Jedi become more powerful and have a deeper connection with the force, it was also extremely tiring and would make whoever practiced it very weak, and as a result, oftentimes the practitioner would be on the brink of exhaustion.

5. Force Call

If a Jedi is all alone and in grave danger, then he or she can use force call to beckon other Jedi to come to their rescue. Think of it as a Jedi version of an emergency roadside flare. Although, only the absolute strongest force sensitive beings were capable of using force call. Although this force power only appeared in legends novels and comics, Luke Skywalker used a similar technique to connect with Princess Leia in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back as he was dangling near death on Bespin following his encounter with Darth Vader.

4. Force Storm

Think of this power as if it were a giant force tornado in space. Sith masters would use force storm to generate giant wormholes that could crush entire fleets of ships and even crush entire planets. It’s very similar to thought bomb, but force storm could be used by a single Sith such as Emperor Palpatine. Force storm is such a deadly and dangerous force power than even the user could be killed by using it if they were distracted for a moment. An example of this is in the Legends novels and comics, when cloned Darth Sidious met his end by failing to properly control force storm.

3. Mind Probe

“Get of my head,” says Rey to Kylo Ren as he is probing her mind on Starkiller Base in Star Wars: The Fore Awakens. This power allowed light side and dark side force sensitive individuals to search through the thoughts and memories of a victim. It’s a form of interrogation and torture. If the victim was also force sensitive he or she could resist the mind probe as Rey did when Kylo Ren searched her mind for the location of the Resistance and the map to Luke Skywalker. Rey turned the tables on Kylo Ren when she discovered she could use this ability, too. She found out that Kylo was afraid he would never be as strong as Darth Vader.

2. Time Drifting and Time Stream Power

Some Jedi and force sensitive beings were powerful enough to see into the past and see into the future. They could even use the force to flow to other points in time. However, if they were not careful this could have grave consequences. Time drifting allowed a force user to visit individuals in the past or in the future, but the person they were visiting had to be unaware they were being visited. If they found out it could lead to the future being changed – and many times for the worse. In Star Wars Legends, Jacen Solo used this power to witness the fall of Anakin to the dark side.

1. Force Supernova

It sure seems like the dark side force users have the most deadly force powers. There are countless force powers used by those strong in the dark side of the force that allow the user to inflict catastrophic damage. The most extreme of these powers is force supernova. Force supernova allowed a dark side user to rip the entire core out of any star and throw it at another planet, enemy or group of star ships. The damage was devastating and would destroy everything in its path. Like thought bomb and force storm, this ability was finicky. One wrong move and the force wielder using this power could be killed very easily. It was a big risk to inflict a lot of damage. Legends characters Sith Lord Naga Sadow and Aleema Keto, were the only characters known to be able to use this power. This power seems so great that introducing it into official Disney cannon might be a bad idea. If someone is so powerful that he or she can easily blow up a star using the only the force, how could anyone stop the destruction and save the galaxy?

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