20 Most Awful Things Celebs Have Done In The 2010s So Far

Just because you’re on top today, doesn’t mean a misstep or two couldn’t turn you into a has-been overnight.

These days, it seems like being famous is more sought-after than ever before, with modern society obsessing over celebrities and people looking up to known entities just because of their notoriety. Once you are able to become famous, however, in most cases, it seems like the focus flips and the goal is to keep your place in pop culture. Unfortunately, for those people, celebrity can be a fickle thing and just because you’re on top today, doesn’t mean a misstep or two couldn’t turn you into a has-been overnight. You’d therefore think that those fortunate enough to be in the spotlight would stop at nothing to remain in that position, but they are only human and are equally capable of doing horrendous things. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty most awful things celebrities have done in the 2010’s so far.

In order for an incident to be considered for inclusion on this list, it has to involve someone famous doing something awful. When it comes to the celebrity in question, it doesn’t matter what they did to become famous. As a result, people who have gained notoriety as an actor, musician, TV personality, YouTube star, or anything else could be seen here as long as there is a large group of people that know who they are. As for their deeds, we were looking for awful actions that are morally reprehensible and also considered the effect of the things that they did would have on others. We would also like to make it clear that we were not present during these events, so unless it was recorded on video, these are all alleged actions but there is evidence that points to them happening.

20 Hulk Hogan – Racist Rant


Arguably the biggest wrestling star of all time, the only people that could even be compared to Hulk Hogan have names of the caliber of Steve Austin, Ric Flair, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The ultimate good guy on screen through most of his career in the spotlight, The Hulkster preached saying your prayers and taking your vitamins and gave a message of inclusion.

That is why it was so awful when this WWE Hall of Famer, even though he isn’t listed on their website any longer, had a tape come to light that featured him saying awfully racist things. Also the focus of a lawsuit since Gawker posted the footage of him in the bedroom with a woman, that same recording included him decrying his daughter’s relationship with a black man, saying it would be fine if her boyfriend was rich. He even used the N-word multiple times throughout the conversation and went to the extent of calling himself a racist.

19 Paula Deen – Racist Comments


One of the best-known celebrity chefs of all time, Paula Deen’s name is included among others like Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Wolfgang Puck, Emeril Lagasse, and a select few others. Standing out among her peers for embracing recipes that are high in fat, sodium, or sugar, she cared far more about taste than any health concerns. While that was a somewhat controversial stance, it had nothing on the furor caused by revelations that she has a history of slinging racial slurs.

The target of a lawsuit that alleged that she made “derogatory remarks regarding African Americans,” there were widespread reports that she was comfortable using the N-word. If that wasn’t enough, she was also alleged to have wanted to put on a “true Southern plantation-style theme” wedding involving the use of black male servants. Ultimately confirming some of these details in later interviews, she blamed her remarks on her southern upbringing and being held up by a black robber while she worked at a bank earlier in her life.

18 Tila Tequila – Embracing Nazi Beliefs


These days, we have YouTube celebrities like Phillip DeFranco and Pewdiepie. But as hard as it is to imagine now, at one time, there was such a thing as a Myspace star. The principal example of that, Tila Tequila was one of the most popular people on that site when it was one of the biggest things online, and she used that fact to become a television star. Cast in a “reality” show called A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila, the dating show stood out as people of both genders competed for her affections, and she regularly showed up in revealing outfits.

Fast-forward several years and Tila was no longer that big of a star, but she gained attention once again when she started to embrace Nazi beliefs. Uploading photos on social media of herself in uniforms of the Third Reich and others with her giving a Nazi salute, she also wrote some revolting words in support of racism.

17 Floyd Mayweather, Jr. – Domestic Violence/Uttering Threats


One of the best boxers of all time, Floyd Mayweather Jr. is retired today after winning a highly-anticipated fight with Conor McGregor and has a record of fifty and zero to his name. Also a three-time winner of Fighter of the Year as awarded by the Boxing Writers Association of America and twice by The Ring Magazine, there is no doubt that he has cemented his athletic legacy.

Shockingly, however, his history of domestic violence has somehow been forgotten by many fight fans. First charged with the crime in 2002, there were followup incidents involving battery of women in 2004 and 2010, the second of which led to him being sentenced to ninety days in county jail. Also involved in that case were charges that he had harassed his victim and threatened his own children, which makes the whole thing even more atrocious.

16 Dani Mathers – Invasion Of Privacy


First coming to prominence as a model for Playboy magazine, Dani Mathers was named Playmate of the Month in May of 2014 and was able to parlay that into a much larger career. Given a recurring role on the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful at one time, she also became a radio co-host when she was hired to appear on the high-rated Heidi & Frank Show in Los Angeles.

Then, she posted an image on Snapchat showing a woman at a gym alongside the words “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.” A horrible act as it absolutely invaded the privacy of a woman that was trying to better herself, it is a truly horrendous act to post a nude photo of her for the world to digest. Dani has since claimed that she meant to share the photo with friends instead of all of her social media followers. Well, I don’t know about you but that really doesn’t make her choice much better in our view.

15 Terry Richardson – Many Misdeeds Involving Models


A photographer and music video director whose work you are very likely to have seen, Terry Richardson is known for his unique style which often includes people in front of a stark white backdrop. Known for working with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Kate Upton, Sharon Stone, Kat Dennings, Kim Kardashian, Jared Leto, and too many more to list, he has been in high demand for years.

He has attained all of that success despite being the subject of misconduct allegations stemming all the way back to 2001 and popping up again and again ever since. A man that has admitted to being a pervert in the past, since 2010 alone, he has been accused of some horrendous things. Included are allegations he manipulated young girls, photographed a drunk girl in an intimate situation with a man he set up, offering a job in return for intimate favors, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. In short, the man is a deviant who uses his fame to exert his will against women looking to get ahead in the modeling world.

14 R. Kelly – Leading Cult?


Known for songs like “Trapped In The Closet,” “I Believe I Can Fly,” “Ignition (Remix),” and many more, it could be argued that R. Kelly’s career makes it seem like he has a bit of the Midas touch. An incredibly talented singer who has been a singing superstar for years, his obvious vocal talent has allowed him to weather a number of controversies in the past. Able to withstand the onslaught of negative coverage that came with allegations that he’d knowingly taken part in an intimate act with an underage girl that was recorded, it was astonishing that his career survived.

Now involved in another controversy, at the time of this writing, the world is not sure if claims that he is a cult leader are valid at all. Said to be asserting his will on a selection of women that he holds under his sway by three sets of parents who claim their daughters are under his grasp, it is a bizarre story. Included on this list, since it seems odd that so many of the women in his life have relatives willing to publicly make that claim, we kept him low on this list since no evidence has come to light.

13 Bill DeMott – Abusing Trainees

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A former professional wrestler who competed under the not-so-subtle names of Hugh Morrus and Captain Hugh G. Rection, Bill DeMott was able to gain international fame. Hired by the two biggest North American wrestling companies of all time, the WCW and WWE, he was not a part of the main event scene but has made his mark nevertheless.

Transitioning into a backstage role after his in-ring career came to an end, the WWE hired him to be the coach of the people they sign in order to train them to be their future stars. Eventually resigning from his post in 2015, he chose to do so after several former employees came forward with allegations of him abusing his trainees. Included among the allegations was kicking one of his students hard in the crotch, calling a Middle Eastern wrestler a “terrorist,” telling a black wrestler to “go back to Africa,” and more.

12 Terrence Howard –Domestic Violence/Assault


An actor that carries himself with an easy charm and style that is hard to ignore or deny on screen, it seems like Terrence Howard’s demeanor and actions in real life can be a lot more toxic. Known for his roles in movies like Iron Man, Crash, Ray, on top of Hustle & Flow, he has also been the star of the show Empire, since the year 2015 which, when combined, have made him a pretty big star.

Many people dream of being involved with a celebrity of his stature but it seems like Terrence is far from the dream man he seems to be. Involved in several domestic violence incidents beginning in 2001, he was accused of punching his first wife in the face twice, stalking her, harassing her, and uttering “terrorist threats” to her. Late in his life, a judge granted his second wife a restraining order against him based on her claims that he had done similar things to her as well, including causing injuries to her which he has denied. However, Terrence admitted to hitting his first wife during an interview since “she was talking to me real strong, and I lost my mind and slapped her in front of the kids,” so that is hard to believe.

11 Bill O’Reilly – Domestic Violence/Harassing Women


A political commentator who rose to be a powerful voice as a longstanding host on the Fox News Channel, it seemed like Bill O’Reilly would always be a part of their programming. Then, a number of accusations came to light and were taken seriously enough by his bosses that they opted to terminate his contract despite him being the reason for their biggest ratings over the years.

Accused of a number of crimes, his ex-wife revealed that she was the victim of domestic violence at his hand in the past during a 2015 custody battle. If that seems like a shrewd move by lawyers to you, then keep in mind that the man’s own daughter testified to witnessing him choking her mother and dragging her down a flight of stairs by the neck too. None of that had anything to do with his lost job, however, as that was in reaction to a series of allegations made by female Fox News employees that he used his position to harass them with impunity.

10 Amy Locane - Aggravated Manslaughter And Assault By Automobile


An actress that first came to prominence when she was cast as the female lead in the 1990 John Waters film Cry-Baby, that was a big deal but not her biggest claim to fame. Instead, she is remembered by many as a series regular in the ratings juggernaut known as Melrose Place’s first season since it was the talk of the television scene at the time.

Unfortunately, things went horribly array for her on June 27th of 2010 because of the events that she was a part of. Involved in a fatal car accident that resulted in the death of sixty-year-old Helene Seeman and the severe injury of her husband, there is no doubt that this is an awful thing to be a part of. However, it was made all the worse by the fact that her blood alcohol level at the time was three times the legal limit, and her negligence took the life of an innocent woman. Outrageous enough that her victim’s family erupted in anger when she was only sentenced to three years in prison, she also had the gall to try to keep her deposition sealed for fear that it would hurt her career.

9 Andre Heart – Potentially Spreading A Disease

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A former professional wrestler that was never hired by any of the largest companies in that industry, the man known as Andre Heart was still able to become a known entity to some fans of the indie scene. If that wasn’t enough, he would become quite famous when he was taken to court for his extracurricular activities and the danger he put many other people in.

Someone that contracted HIV and knew about it as he failed a test and was essentially blackballed from his in-ring career because of it, that didn’t stop him from trying to bed as many women as possible. Convicted of fourteen counts of felonious assault since he didn’t inform his many partners of his HIV-positive status and engaged in unprotected relations with them, we are disgusted by what he did. As a result of what he did, it was ruled that he put their lives in danger without their knowledge, which we totally agree with. Sentenced to thirty-two years in prison, he blamed his actions on s*x addiction and that he didn’t want his family to know about his status. However, neither of those excuses mitigate his actions at all.

8 Mark Salling – Assault/Possessing Explicit Child Content


One of the stars of the series Glee, at one time, it seemed like Mark Salling was destined for great things, considering his good looks, singing skills, and that show’s devoted fan base. On top of those facts, he was also good enough on the show that he was nominated again and again for Teen Choice and SAG Awards and was even able to take home one of the latter trophies.

Accused of battery of an intimate nature by a woman in 2013, he counter-sued her for defamation and then opted to settle with her out of court, which always seems pretty suspicious to us but isn’t concrete. On the other hand, when he was charged with receiving explicit materials involving children in 2015, it seemed far more convincing as prosecutors fully intend to take him to trial. In fact, he is finally going to see his day in court tomorrow as of the day of this writing.

7 Oscar Pistorius - Murder


A South African sprinter that had his legs amputated at eleven months old, with the aid of artificial limbs, Oscar Pistorius competed a lot, including several events featuring runners with all of their appendages. Representing his country at the Olympics and Paralympics in the past, his athletic skill and the fact that he was the first amputee to win a track-and-field medal on the world level, made him a hero to many.

That is why it was so sad to see his career and life go off the rails when he shot and killed his girlfriend, model Reeva Steenkamp. Claiming it was all a horrible mistake and that he had shot into his bathroom believing an intruder inside, that story didn’t hold water for prosecutors who chose to have him arrested and charged. Ultimately convicted of murder as the physical evidence refuted his version of events, he appealed and was found guilty once again and was sentenced to six years in prison.

6 Aaron Hernandez - Murder


A former NFL player that was a tight end for the New England Patriots, Aaron Hernandez exhibited the drive and discipline necessary to make it as an athlete on a worldwide level. Taken in the fourth round of the 2010 Draft, he had been an All-American in the past, made it to the Super Bowl, and seemed like he had the world on a string with the huge success he’d attained.

Involved in a number of gun incidents over his life, Aaron was investigated in connection to shootings in the years 2007, 2012, and 2013. In the final year listed, however, things went further as he was arrested for the killing of his “friend,” Odin Lloyd. Ultimately convicted of the crime due to overwhelming evidence, the man was killed by multiple gunshot wounds to the back and chest and had his body dumped in an industrial park.

5 Johnny Lewis – Murder


A very likable actor almost every time he appeared on screen, there was something about Johnny Lewis that allowed audiences to empathize with his characters and root for him. Known for his involvement in movies like The Runaways and Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, he was most notable for his role as “Half-Sack” in the series Sons of Anarchy.

Someone who played a criminal on screen, he was also one in real life, and his legal troubles–including fights and breaking into homes–seem to have stemmed from his addiction issues. In fact, things were going so downhill for him that a probation officer saw him as a danger to the community and himself. However, he was still released from jail five days before becoming a murderer. Killing his eighty-one-year-old landlady and her cat in September of 2012, he also died that day either by jumping from or falling off a roof, but it is his elderly victim that we pity most.

4 Michael Jace – Murdering His Wife


An actor that starred in the critically acclaimed series The Shield for six seasons, Michael Jace played the by-the-book cop Julien Lowe for many years. Also known for playing Andre Tibbs on an episode of Cold Case, he played a killer in that series which turned out to be closer to the character of the man in real life, much to the horror of his fans and family.

Taken into custody in May of 2014 after a fight in his home that ended with him calling 911 and reporting that he “shot his wife,” his actions ended in the death of the woman he supposedly loved. Evidently obsessed with his belief that he was being cheated on, she had told him that she wanted a divorce. Apparently, he couldn’t control his rage, so he shot her in the back and twice in the legs. Made even worse because he did so in front of their sons who were five and eight at the time, he became a killer and scarred his kids’ minds all at the same time.

3 Jared Fogel – Crimes Against Children


One of the least likely celebrities ever, Jared Fogel became a known entity because he purported to have lost a lot of weight in part by eating Subway sandwiches consistently. Losing more than two hundred pounds due to his diet, which also included reduced portion sizes, a franchisee informed the company of his story, leading him to become the focus of an advertising campaign. Serving as a spokesman on behalf of Subway for more than a decade afterward, he also used his celebrity status to establish the Jared Foundation which supposedly sought to raise awareness of childhood obesity.

Apparently becoming so egotistical that he thought he was beyond negative consequences for his actions, Jared first became the focus of law enforcement for a reason that proves his stupidity. Attending an event at a middle school with a reporter in connection with his charity, he made salacious comments about the young girls to her. Thankfully, she reported him to police. Kept in their crosshairs for several years as they built a case against him, in 2015, his home was raided by the FBI. Charged with possessing explicit materials containing children and traveling to engage with a minor as a result of the evidence gathered, it showed the world that he is a loathsome human being.

2 Ian Watkins - Crimes Against Children


A founding member and lead vocalist for the rock band Lostprophets, the group found success big enough to earn them a passionate following. A huge deal for any aspiring rock star, the members of this group must have relished their newfound fame. However, it was what Ian Watkins did with his notoriety that was the undoing of his career and the band.

Charged with many crimes that are far too grisly to describe here, his computer contained a lot of revolting and mature materials featuring children and, in one case, an animal. As disgusting as that is, he did even worse things in real life as he would plead guilty to his involvement with a thirteen-year-old. On top of that, he had tried to use his celebrity status to convince a mother to give him access to her baby, and that is all we’re going to write about that.

1 Jerry Sandusky - Crimes Against Children


A man that was involved with the Penn State football program for thirty years, Jerry Sandusky went through a number of coaching positions before ending up as defensive coordinator in 1977. Also the founder of a charity program called The Second Mile, it was supposed to be a nonprofit dedicated to helping at-risk children and supporting their parents as well. However, it was corrupted by Jerry.

Used as a way for this famous coach to meet a number of vulnerable children, over time, he groomed many youngsters who became victims of his revolting desires. Revealed to have habitually showered with his underage charges after taking them on trips to football games or bestowing them gifts, he used the trust he built to take advantage of them there. A person who is so awful that we even find it hard to think of his continued existence, there was no doubt in our minds that he belongs at the top of this list because of his countless victims.

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