20 More Of Your Childhood Crushes: Where Are They Now?

We ALL had a crush on these stars at one point in time

Let it never be said that we here at don’t listen to our readers because they are of paramount importance to us, and we want nothing more than to super-serve them. That is why we knew that it was time to make a sequel list to our previous one looking at where some former childhood crushes are today since the original got millions of views seemingly overnight. Don’t worry, though. If you think that means that the women listed here are going to go down in quality as a result, you have another thing coming as there are several former stars that were fantasy fodder. After all, people are likely to become infatuated with people from things like movies, shows, music videos, magazines, and so much more when they are coming into their own. Realizing all of that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty more of your childhood crushes and what they are up to today.

In order for someone to be considered for inclusion on this list, they first need to have attained a certain level of fame in recent decades. Next, they need to be someone that many younger people at the time had a crush on, which means that we gave a premium to stars below a certain age. Finally, it doesn’t matter what the people in question did to earn their fan following, so those involved in the acting, music, or any other industries could have been in the running.

20 Renee O’Connor


An actor that earned international fame based on a single role, for those of us that remember the late nineties and early two thousands, Renee O'Connor made her mark as Gabrielle from several TV shows. A part of both Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess, she also appeared in the spin-off film Hercules and Xena – The Animated Movie: The Battle for Mount Olympus. Seen throughout that run as the trusted sidekick and friend of Xena, she was a hero in her own right who also happened to wear clothes that showed off much of her body which was fantastic. Working consistently ever since, unfortunately, the projects she is a part of fly under the radar but she does have two films in post-production coming out in 2017 and you never know what will hit.

19 Alexis Bledel


A former child star who was a part of the movie Rushmore, which came out the year she turned seven, Alexis Bledel also was memorable earlier on for her leading role in the movie Tuck Everlasting. Turned into a star when she played one of the main characters in the long-running series Gilmore Girls, she and her co-star, Lauren Graham, played a close-knit mother-and-daughter pairing. Also memorable for her part in the first Sin City movie, a project that had a grossly different tone than other things she is known for, it did make sense that she played an innocent-seeming person. Making her greatest impact in the last two years due to returning to where things took off for her, TV has been kind to her between a Gilmore Girls reunion and a part in the powerful series The Handmaid’s Tale.

18 Jodie Sweetin


Going from one actress that has made a return to the proving ground that made her famous to another, this time around, we are looking at the former child star Jodie Sweetin. One of the stars of the beloved sitcom from the late eighties and early nineties, Full House, in it she played the Stephanie Tanner, the middle daughter of the family at the core of the show. Making waves as she grew up for her public struggles with addiction issues, fortunately, from all outward appearances, she was able to defeat her demons and has remained on the road to recovery since. Seemingly rewarded for her inner strength, she is now one of the stars of Fuller House on top of competing in the twenty-second season of the competition show Dancing with the Stars.

17 Shiri Appleby

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Receiving her first television role in 1985, which aired the year she turned seven, Shiri Appleby would go on to get consistent roles in the years afterward, but it took years to land her breakout gig. Debuting as the character Liz Parker in television’s Roswell in the year 1999, she played the part of a teenage girl that met and fell in love with an alien being. Playing the part for three seasons, the series came to a premature ending but had a loyal following that continued to support her in things like the movies Swimfan, as well as the show ER. Most recently garnering attention for her guest spot in the show Girls and a private photo of hers that was leaked, she also took on the main role in a series called Unreal that is set to return in the future.

16 Madeline Zima


One of the stars of a sitcom that was immensely popular in its time but seems to be almost entirely forgotten these days, The Nanny, Madeline Zima played a pivotal part in its success at the time. Cast as the daughter of a wealthy man who is charmed by the outspoken woman that comes to help raise her, she brought a lot of personality to the role. Since that series ended in 1999, she has been a part of several shows that made an impact, including Californication and Heroes, as well as movies like The Collector. Most recently landing a spot in the revival of the show Twin Peaks, which she wasn’t a part of previously, it was seen by millions of people and could be a watershed moment for her career.

15 Lacey Chabert


Cast as the youngest star of the primetime drama series Party of Five which debuted in 1994, which is the year she turned twelve, Lacey Chabert showed a maturity far beyond her years. Fantastic in her role as a kid that was dealing with the death of her parents as well as years of turmoil that she and her siblings went through, as a result, casting agents took note of her skills. Also memorable for her part in the teen film Mean Girls, which we think is the best that genre has ever been, people also took note in it that she had grown into a beautiful young woman. Appearing in a crazy ten films or shows that came out in 2016, she gave birth to her first child in September of that year and has taken a break from her career since.

14 Candace Cameron Bure


We already took a look at one person who was a star of Full House early on in her life, and we just knew that we couldn’t leave it there as the eldest sister from that show had lots of people crushing on her. Also someone who made a mark with her personal life, Candace Cameron Bure’s brother became a star in the same time she was in the show Growing Pains. She also married a man who was a star athlete in his time, hockey player Valeri Bure who she had three kids with. Never someone to live in anybody else’s shadow, however, she too returned with the series Fuller House and also had a turn as one of the hosts of The View in the past.

13 Eliza Dushku


First making an impact on the pop culture world when she landed the role of Faith in the Buffyverse, Eliza Dushku played the part in episodes of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as well as its spin-off, Angel. Able to make the leap to the big screen with the surprise hit cheerleader movie Bring It On, the moment she appeared in it, she earned an even larger fan base as many watched those series. Going on to appear in several other films like The New Guy and Wrong Turn, she also got a series of her own to play the main role in, Dollhouse, which was created by the man behind Buffy. Around a lot since, in recent years, her work has flown under the radar as the things she was in have not succeeded. But, she will star in The Black Company, which is based on a role-playing game, soon.

12 Geri Halliwell

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A member of one of the most popular singing groups of all time, The Spice Girls, it could easily be argued that Geri Halliwell was the most notable member of them when they first became a big deal. The fiery redhead of the group who made waves due to her tendency to wear clothes that would reveal her impressive figure, she had curves for days. Opting to go out on her own when they were still at the zenith of their popularity, she beat the odds and had several hit songs of her own, most notably her cover of “It’s Raining Men.” Willing to take part in various reunions of the Girls over the years, she also continues to work on her own, including working on a fourth studio that is rumored to be released any day now.

11 Raven-Symoné


A former child star that was fortunate enough to land a role in a show that was the most popular thing on television at the time, The Cosby Show, Raven-Symoné played a good part in it. Cast as Olivia Kendall, she was introduced as the new stepdaughter of one of the series’ stars, and she brought an adorable energy back to the show that left when the original kids aged. Not content with being a part of one of the biggest ratings behemoths of all time, she went on to star in the Disney Channel show That’s So Raven. Recently seen as one of the co-hosts of The View, her tenure ended after a year but she has also returned to a character that made her a star as a teenager as she stars in the sequel series Raven’s Home.

10 Rachel Bilson


One of the stars of a teen show that was a sensation when it first debuted, The OC, Rachel Bilson was cast as Summer Roberts, a character that initially appeared to be intended to be in the background. A very charming performer, before too long, she became one of the biggest parts of the series as the person she played developed a relationship with her fellow character, Seth Cohen. Attempting to make the leap to the big screen in the years that followed her star-making turn, unfortunately, her movies Jumper and The Last Kiss didn’t turn any heads. However, things weren’t all bad as she continued to get roles on TV including starring in Hart of Dixie for several years and recurred on the series Nashville in 2017.

9 Michelle Trachtenberg


First starting out her career as a child star, in her early years, Michelle Trachtenberg was a part of series like The Adventures of Pete & Pete, as well as starring in the movie Harriet the Spy. Able to go on to further stardom as a teenager, based off shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and films including EuroTrip and Ice Princess, many more developed crushes on her. Continuing to act in the years since then, she performed in several other shows and movies but her profile decreased in the intervening period. Yet, to show up in anything that came out in 2017, she did take part in a Buffy reunion, however, where she talked about the backlash that her character on the show received.

8 Elisha Cuthbert

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When the series 24 debuted in 2001, it was Kiefer Sutherland that garnered most of the attention. But at the time, it was underreported that Elisha Cuthbert had been introduced to much of the world. Eventually becoming one of the series’ main characters after spending the first season in peril, she would become a CTU agent herself as the show progressed. Going on to other high-profile work in movies like The Girl Next Door and House of Wax, she was also fantastic in the show Happy Endings which was canceled far before its time. Currently appearing in the Netflix series The Ranch, she was upgraded to one of the main roles in the second season of the show and also starred in the 2017 film Goon: Last of the Enforcers.

7 Freida Pinto

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Starting out her career in the public eye as a model and television presenter, Freida Pinto was making a name for herself but was still looking for her breakout acting role. Cast in one of the leading roles in the movie Slumdog Millionaire that would become an international sensation, it showed off her acting skills and exquisite looks which made many people fall for her charms. Able to move on to roles in movies like Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Immortals, neither movie did huge things for her as the latter was widely panned, and she wasn’t the main part of the former. That said, it seems like big days may still be ahead as she is set to appear in an upcoming Jungle Book adaptation, and she has starred in the acclaimed show Guerrilla in 2017.

6 Shannon Elizabeth


A part of the ensemble of actors that made the surprise hit film American Pie a huge hit in 1999, Shannon Elizabeth’s role in the movie was a small one but her impact was anything but. The person that brought Nadia in that film to life, she was the hot foreign exchange student that the main character was smitten with, and the scene where she undressed was so awe-inspiring that she became a star. Going on to appear in several flicks soon after that, she appeared in several sequels in that series as well as Tomcats, Thirteen Ghosts, and even Love Actually in a tiny part. Last acting in the movie Swing Away that almost nobody has heard of, she has become one of the leading celebrity poker players, however, and she seems to know how to ride things out in both careers.

5 Rachel Stevens


There are some people that may have completely forgotten about the existence of the pop group S Club 7, but in their time, they were a very big deal. Perpetually living in the shadow of The Spice Girls, they were able to create their own place in the industry by doing things like starring in TV shows like S Club 7 in Miami or S Club Search. Also well-known for their music, they released hit songs like "S Club Party," "Bring It All Back," "Two in a Million," and "You're My Number One" to name only a sampling. One of the seven people that made up the group, Rachel Stevens was arguably the most lusted after of them all. Reuniting with her former cohorts in the last few years, fans were very excited but it was short-lived. And after that, she went on to be one of the people in the chairs of Ireland’s version of The Voice.

4 Mel B

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The second member of The Spice Girls to make this list, we went from the person who made the largest impact at the start of the group to the person who is arguably the biggest deal today. Known as Scary Spice during their surge in popularity, Mel B brought a unique energy to them with her fun and intense personality that was pivotal to their success. Since then able to turn herself into a television star, she has become a mainstay of competition shows like The X Factor, America’s Got Talent, and Dancing with the Stars over the last several years. Branching out recently, she performed in a Broadway production of Chicago as Roxie Hart on top of showing up in movies alongside several well-known actors.

3 Sophia Bush

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First rising to prominence when she was cast in the show One Tree Hill, at the beginning of Sophia Bush's time on the series, her character, Brooke Davis, was portrayed as the more typical popular cheerleader type. Going on to be one of the most interesting figures in the series, she was revealed to be far more kindhearted than she first seemed and quickly became a popular part of the show during its whole run. Also able to make the jump to movies like John Tucker Must Die, The Hitcher, and The Narrows, none of them were huge hits for her, however. She has done fantastic on TV, though, as she played a big part of shows like Chicago P.D., Chicago Med, and Chicago Fire as the same character since the year 2013 alone.

2 Gabrielle Union

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Coming to prominence due to a trio of teen movies, it seemed nearly impossible not to be smitten with Gabrielle Union after seeing her in 10 Things I Hate About You, She’s All That, and Bring It On. Going on to be a major part of movies like the Think Like a Man series, Bad Boys II, Cradle 2 the Grave, and Deliver Us from Eva, to name only a sampling, she proved again and again how great she is. Stunned in 2014 when she was one of a number of famous people that had private photos of themselves leaked online, it was an awful invasion of privacy that she had to go through. Nominated for a BET Award for Best Actress in 2016, she has two films to be released in 2017 and is also a part of several TV shows and TV movies that aired in the last two years.

1 Tiffani Thiessen

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One of the six stars that made the incredibly popular show Saved by the Bell possible, Tiffani Thiessen was cast as Kelly Kapowski, the happy-go-lucky cheerleader that fans were smitten with. Going on to star in another show that was a colossal deal at the time, Beverly Hills, 90210, TV has been very kind to her throughout her career. After all, she has a resume in that medium that makes studio heads bet on her again and again, including shows like Fastlane, White Collar, and many more. Continuing in that vein to this day, she is currently starring in both Dinner at Tiffani's as well as Alexa & Katie, the latter of which is set to debut on Netflix in 2018. Based on the fan base that has had a thing for her for years now, we wouldn’t be surprised in the least if she has another hit on her hands.

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20 More Of Your Childhood Crushes: Where Are They Now?