20 Things Multi-Millionaire PewDiePie Likes To Spend His Money On

YouTube has become a platform where people can make a living doing their favorite things. One YouTuber by the name of PewDiePie found his career doing gameplay videos. PewDiePie started uploading to YouTube in 2006, but he didn't start doing it regularly until 2010. He is now the top creator on the site with a whopping sixty million subscribers standing by his side.

PewDiePie has since moved on from doing gameplay videos and is now more prominently known for doing reaction videos. He's seen his fair share of controversy while on the website, but that hasn't slowed the creator down. PewDiePie has built something that most YouTubers dream of: a dedicated fanbase, consistent views, and so much more.

So what does the top YouTuber get paid? You and thousands of other people wonder this every day. It's a lot but there is no set number out there. Surely PewDiePie is spending his millions on new cars and houses, right? You may be surprised by what PewDiePie actually spends his money on. Let us just say he is not your typical millionaire.

20 The Right Equipment

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Every aspiring YouTuber is always missing one thing. That thing would be equipment. While it's not the heart of what makes a video entertaining, it can improve the quality of the video tenfold. PewDiePie is no stranger to this. Throughout his years on YouTube, he's had time to go through several enhancements in his equipment library, including everything from mics to new cameras.

Equipment to be on YouTube can cost a pretty penny and is the reason why many YouTubers can't make it past the one hundred subscriber mark. During PewDiePie's ascent you can see several different pieces of equipment he would use to attempt to get the best quality video out to his viewers. He's still not done buying equipment. Equipment breaks and companies are always making newer and better versions of the old stuff. We don't think PewDiePie will ever stop spending a chunk of his money on equipment.

19 Computer To Die For

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Speaking of equipment, now you need something to use all of it with. For PewDiePie, this is his computer. Near the beginning of his YouTube career, the computer was mostly used for making gaming content. You need a high-end gaming PC to firstly run video games, and secondly to record them. When PewDiePie first started out on YouTube, he had to purchase all of his computer parts by himself and build it from the ground up.

However, nowadays he is sent high-end PCs from companies like Origin PC. This is a way of advertising their computers to mass audiences.

It's a great marketing tactic and makes both sides happy! PewDiePie was recently hooked up with a beast of a computer. Now he can look at memes in even higher quality!

18 Expanding The Horizons

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Amongst PewDiePie large amounts of success, he felt the need to move his operations to a large headquarters. PewDiePie invested in an office space where he and a team of editors worked toward producing even more content for his fans. PewDiePie has now moved on from the office aesthetic, saying it wasn't what he wanted from YouTube. However, during the office era of the PewDiePie channel content was being produced faster and at a higher quality.

Like many YouTubers, it's always natural for them to want to feel the need to spread their ideas to greater heights. One step to this is expanding your team which is followed by expanding your workspace. This can be pricey due to rent expenses and having to pay your new employees. While PewDiePie's reasoning for getting rid of the office wasn't due to financial loss, it is something people have to keep in mind when investing in bigger spaces.

17 YouTube Money, New Cars

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It is cliche to want to immediately buy a new car with your newfound riches, but for PewDiePie he took a different route. Instead of buying a hot new Ferrari or Lamborghini, PewDiePie settled for something a little less than average. PewDiePie had it in his mind that he would make a parody video of all the YouTubers showing off their car, by purchasing a cheap piece of junk.

PewDiePie stood outside his studio apartment modeling in front of his new car, shouting at people on the street if they liked his car. Obviously, this was made in jest, as at the time YouTube was flooded with people flexing their riches by buying new cars and flaunting them to the world. We're sure PewDiePie has since bought a more sustainable car but he hasn't let anyone on YouTube know about it. Be humble, be more like PewDiePie.

16 Five Weird Things Online

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In 2015 PewDiePie launched a new series on his channel in which he reviewed different items he would order online. These things would be of a weird variety and often times cost way more than they were worth. This series was very popular among fans because it showcased PewDiePie trying new exotic things and being a bit exotic himself. However, this series didn't come at a cheap cost.

Even though PewDiePie would limit himself to ordering five items an episode, this could often cost him well over two hundred dollars. This didn't affect PewDiePie's income one bit because the episodes would often get well over 10 million views a piece. He did several of these episodes but soon stopped because the series was getting stale. Maybe one day he will bring it back because there isn't any shortage of weird things you can buy off the internet.

15 Mysterious Packages

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A rather recent joke around PewDiePie's channel is that his doorbell rings every episode and he always leaves to check what it is. He has claimed that his editors keep the clips in to add comedic value. In a few instances he has returned to inform the audience he received a package. It is no secret that someone as rich as PewDiePie would shop online but the amount of times we see him leave to receive a package is insane.

Now imagine all the packages he receives off camera. What are these packages? What is he ordering? These packages would be a wide variety of things and we all know PewDiePie has the funds to afford twenty plus packages a day. Could it be new equipment? Dog food? Human food? Who knows. All we know is that PewDiePie has to answer his door a lot!

14 But Can You Do This?

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PewDiePie's new chair has taken the internet by storm! Not so much because it is a piece of PewDiePie merch but more for the meme surrounding it.

In an early reveal of the PewDiePie chair, Felix can be seen comparing the chair to other chairs on the market. However, his main selling point to his chair was the fact that it could lean back to look up to the ceiling.

He coined the phrase "but can you do this" with the chair which has most likely helped him sell more chairs than he would have initially sold. PewDiePie is selling the chair for four hundred dollars which means it is not cheap to make. We wouldn't be surprised if Felix is paying over two hundred dollars per production of the PewDiePie chair.

13 Rep The Merchandise

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If you follow anyone on YouTube you'll know that they probably have a merchandise store, and PewDiePie is no exception. Of course, it takes a lot for someone to begin to sell merchandise. Creators usually team up with websites that produce shirts for the general public. These websites typically have a production fee that the creator has to pay for. Most of the time they get their money back through sales but it still costs a decent amount to get started.

PewDiePie has had several different variations on his merchandise. Recently after hitting fifty million subscribers, he came out with a line of merchandise that is referred to as the fifty million club line.

He has since updated the merch to say sixty million just a few months ago.

12 Travelling The World

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PewDiePie's hometown is located in Sweden. After gaining his popularity he decided to travel to the U.S. in order to meet a larger part of his fanbase. He traveled to several different venues to meet his fans and friends. This, of course, comes with an expensive cost, especially seeing as he is traveling from another country.

PewDiePie also toured after writing and releasing his first book to the world. He did several book signing tours. Some of these were in the U.S. while the second half took place in Europe near his hometown. He has also taken several trips to work on larger projects like his television show Scare PewDiePie.

11 Following His Passions

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As mentioned before, PewDiePie has written a book. This was one of his dreams and he was able to achieve it through his mass audience. It's no surprise that a talented creator such as PewDiePie wants to expand his creative wings.

We've seen many YouTubers write books but none have come close to the success PewDiePie has seen from his book This Book Loves You.

There are many other things the YouTuber wants to do with his life and he has the perfect platform to do it with. PewDiePie has a fan base that follows him almost anywhere and will promote anything he does. This eliminates most risk in trying different things because he knows he will always have a fan base to help him maintain his success.

10 Exotic Pets

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Everyone has come to know and love PewDiePie's dogs Maya and Edgar but many people are scratching their heads at PewDiePie's other pets. For example, PewDiePie had a pet frog in which he named Slippy. While it's not the most exotic pet in the world it's also not one many would think to get.

PewDiePie has talked in the past about the pets he wants to be able to get one day. Most of them are indeed exotic. These pets cost a lot of money to get and to take care of. It could just be to use for props in a video as Slippy was shown in a lot of PewDiePie's videos. It made him stand out from the rest of the YouTubers who simply had a cute cat or dog as the face of their channel.

9 Brand New Swagger

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PewDiePie recently tweeted out a purchase of a pair of shoes known as the Saikou Double Primeknit Sneaker line. These shoes cost upwards of 400 to 500 dollars. In the tweet PewDiePie explains his regret of buying them stating that he one hundred percent shouldn't have bought them. However, the shoes are fresh and they fit him well. Plus he states that he loves them so no harm no foul!

It's not just your run of the mill celebrities who will ball out and spend hundreds on a pair of shoes or jackets. PewDiePie has tweeted in the past some fashion purchases that reveal just how much he's able to afford. If you have the money why not flaunt it? PewDiePie has also had an interest in buying overly expensive watches in the past.

8 Where All The Magic Happens

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PewDiePie now operates out of a small room in his apartment. As mentioned before he gave up on the large office aspect of his business and moved back to the basics. Although not as basic as it may seem to be. Since PewDiePie has moved back to the smaller setup he has gradually made the room into a beast of an office space.

The room is decked out with his most prized possessions. This includes statues laying in the background, along with a guitar that sits in the back.

Aesthetically he has installed LED lights that change colors in the background of his videos. He even managed to fit a fully functional green screen inside the tiny room. He invested in a projector screen which he then proceeded to paint green. In total, we wouldn't be surprised if he invested over 10,000 dollars in that room alone.

7 His Better Half

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PewDiePie's girlfriend Marzia has appeared in several of PewDiePie's videos in the past. She even has her own channel that she operates on her own. PewDiePie and Marzia were together way before PewDiePie saw any fame. Many people tried to discount Marzia as a gold digger, but this was quickly dismissed by PewDiePie near the beginning.

The two have yet to get married but everyone has a feeling it could be soon. PewDiePie knows how to treat his girl and often spoils her with gifts and trips around the world. This is evident from a few videos they've collaborated together in. It's a great thing that money doesn't rule their relationship and that there is true love there.

6 All The Latest Video Games

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PewDiePie is a gamer at heart. Even though his channel has recently taken a different direction, PewDiePie is still on top of all the latest video games that drop. He often uses his live streaming avenue to play these games in front of his audience. This helps satisfy the people who miss his old YouTube content where he would play video games.

That said, he has to take a decent chunk out of his wallet to afford all of these video games. When he's not live streaming his favorite games he is still playing them. Often times on his Twitter account he will tweet about certain video games he is playing at the moment. This happens often. PewDiePie will always be a gamer no matter what direction his content goes in.

5 Coming Out Of Controversy

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A PewDiePie list couldn't be complete without mentioning the numerous amount of controversy the content creator has faced.

After an article was written about the YouTuber claiming he was anti-semitic, it changed Felix's life forever. He would soon suffer after being dropped by his major sponsor Disney. This would, in turn, create fallout from the cancellation of his show Scare PewDiePie.

He would see controversy again after using racial slurs on a live stream. Yet people still stood with him in the end. That isn't to say that there wasn't rebuilding that needed to be done from the several cases of PewDiePie downfall. He has lost many friends and fans through these controversial times but he still prospers in the end.

4 Tatted Up

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When most people look at PewDiePie they probably don't notice or even know that he has tattoos. When speaking to Ethan Klein from H3H3 productions he revealed several of his tattoos and the meanings behind them. He also expressed how weird it was that people would get similar tattoos just because he had them.

Most of PewDiePie tattoos are hidden and located on his arms. They all showcase several intricate designs that most likely cost him hundreds of dollars. PewDiePie has expressed that he wants to get more in the future but wants to wait for better ideas for tattoos. He holds his tattoos that he already has in high regard and claims that they hold a lot of meaning.

3 Charity Work

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Similar to how you can't write a list about PewDiePie without mentioning the controversy, you also can't write a list without talking about his charity work.

Near the beginning of PewDiePie's rising success he started a fundraiser for the charity known as charity: water, a charity that provides clean water to those who don't have access to it.

In the end, PewDiePie raised over a million dollars in total. A lot of that came straight from Felix's pockets. He has expressed his love for doing charity work and wants to continue to do it in the future moving ahead. It's obvious that he has a charitable fanbase to raise over a million dollars for one organization.

2 Making His Own Company

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As mentioned before PewDiePie loves to stretch his creative wings. In one instance he decided to make his own game publishing company called Revelmode. The company helped produce a mobile app in which players would become their own virtual YouTuber. The game was a smash hit but sadly Revelmode closed its doors after PewDiePie lost funding from Disney.

Since then, PewDiePie has mentioned his regret for the closing of the company and explained it was one of the greatest projects he'd ever worked on. He since began development on other mobile games and hopes to resurrect Revelmode under a different name.

1 Exotic Cuisine

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PewDiePie's pets aren't the only things that are exotic. He has an appetite for everything and anything. PewDiePie has stated in several videos and podcasts the different foreign foods he's eaten, even stating once that he dislikes the taste of octopus. PewDiePie isn't a picky eater and will eat just about anything that he's not familiar with.

PewDiePie is also an alcohol connoisseur (no that doesn't mean he's an alcoholic.) It simply means that he loves to try different wines and liquors across the world. He collects liquor and has had several taste testing videos on his channel. He says he loves the taste and the history behind some of his finest bottles.

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