20 Jaw-Dropping Pictures Of The "Ladies of Metal"

Most modeling agencies look for and hire a certain type of woman. More often than not she's very thin, with long legs, and perky...well...everything. Don't get us wrong, there is a reason most models work in that business, but for major brands that hire supermodels, it is rare to see a young lady with half her head shaved, a bunch of gnarly tattoos and piercings other than the standard ears, nose stud or belly button. This is where we come to the magical world of niche modeling and alt-models.

One such agency that caters to, as its name would imply, the metal genre of music and all scenes related is Ladies of Metal. Their stated mission is to bring together metal fans and bands with models who love that style of music. They all know their stuff when it comes to the music, and many of them are musicians as well. The Ladies can be booked to host events, represent bands in music videos or at shows, model with clothing companies or even model for album cover art. We're sure there are other reasons to need metal-head chicks around, but it is unclear whether you can hire them to hang out with you while you try to play "Enter Sandman" in your basement.

But enough talk, because there is only so much we can say before we get tired of explaining this awesome business and just want to show off some sexy photos. If you're into gorgeous bodies with tons of ink and pretty faces with dark makeup, you've come to the right place. If you don't like these things, you will after reading this.


20 Elysia Alessia

We have no idea if this is her real name, but if it is we'd be willing to bet good money that her parents either did acid or just had a great sense of humor. Elysia Alessia is a gorgeous blonde from the United Kingdom who works with Ladies of Metal but also models independently. She has her own website, and a Facebook and Instagram presence that is really something special. As women on the site go, she's among the most "normal looking" with just a few tattoos, not a ton in the way of unconventional hair coloring or piercings; just a whole lot of magnificent beauty. She lists some of her favorite bands and they include Underoath, Parkway Drive and Bring Me the Horizon.

19 Jessika Rocket


This tattoo-covered Goddess is Jessica Rocket. Remember that terrible pickup line "Hey, are you from Memphis, because you're the only Ten-I-See"? Well, she's from Knoxville and is certainly a ten, but...yeah, alright, the line still sucks. A lifelong fan of metal and music in general, she credits music as being a constant positive in her life and loves the kind of people who make up the metal community. Outside of the promotional work she does through Ladies of Metal, she has experience in cosplay and lingerie modeling. Possibly the most impressive of all is the fact that in a business that has a reputation for being for young women only, she's in her mid 30's and still looks amazing.

18 Kay Dilligaf

While the first thing that may catch your eye is how stunning this New Yorker looks, we should explain what her name means. We'll wager that "Kay Dilligaf" is not her real name, as "dilligaf" is an acronym which stands for "does it look like I give a f***?" If this is new information to you, please don't blame us if you get fired for using this phrase in the workplace; many people know what it means.

She's a fan of bands like Deftones and Killswitch Engage, and has a Twitter account that is worth a look. Don't bother with Facebook to look her up, because they censor her hottest shots. We'll give you a hint, she has a tattoo around her waist that she refers to as "octopu**y".

17 Sway Fierce


There really isn't any look more punk and metal for a woman than tight leather and bullets. One should always be careful playing on train tracks though. Thirty year old Spanish model Sway Fierce couldn't look much sexier here and we have a feeling her striking good looks and intense stare could figuratively stop a train. She's an avid gamer and a fan of all manner of rock and metal, with a musical taste that ranges from David Bowie to Rammstein. Like most of the ladies we'll show here, she has Facebook and Instagram and if you're a fan of the long legs, icy stare, bright red hair and flawless body, they might be worth checking out.

16 Courtney Dawn

Looking at her profile on the website, it seems that this beautiful metal head may have a chip on her shoulder. She hints that her reason for getting involved with Ladies of Metal has to do with some experiences she has had with other women at metal shows. Her profile says that she wants to show guys that not all women who show up to rock concerts are there to try to impress guys, but that many gorgeous women are actually fans and musicians in the genre as well. If this is her mission, we have a feeling this in and of itself will impress quite a few guys. She lists dozens of her favorite musical acts and they range from artists and bands like Rob Zombie and Slipknot to The Used and Taking Back Sunday.

15 Sydney


Tennessee's Sydney Myers is in her early 20s and has been a dedicated fan of metal since her childhood. In her own words, she has some "kicka** parents" who introduced her to the music when she was just a kid. We'd like to make a quick comment on the picture we chose to use, and in it Sydney looks like she's saying something to the effect of "shhhh, this show has been awesome but let's sneak away for some alone time". We can dream, right?

Whether you check out her Facebook profile or her shoots available on Ladies of Metal, Sydney always seems to be outside in the wilderness and never seems to be wearing much in the way of pants. She's also not quite as heavily tattooed as some of the girls on the site, but that helps give her an innocent look that we really dig.

14 Ivana Rafaela

Aside from being a model, Ivana Rafaela is a mom, but taking a look at her, you'd have no idea that she's had a kid. She has an unbelievable body with awesome curves and a pretty face to top it all off. Not only is she a spokeswoman for the metal scene, she is also a musician and has been a member of a few bands in her time. Her purpose for working with Ladies of Metal is to help promote small time talent, because, to use her words, "most bands are not getting the recognition they deserve" and one of the best ways to connect with fans is to have a sexy spokeswoman who can talk the talk and walk the walk. This basically goes without saying in the music business: for every "marketable" performer or group that makes millions, there are countless others who may be more talented who are playing open mic nights and trying to play bars on weekends.


13 Talon Tastrophe


This girl has a pretty cool set of interests and has managed to work her career so that it essentially revolves around them. Those interests are metal and motocross, as if she didn't seem perfect enough just based on looks. She's an avid metal fan and joined Ladies of Metal so that she could play a bigger part in the metal community, but her love of motocross led her to model for a few related publications. According to her Instagram profile, which is a good bet to look up if you're into metal, motocross or just like looking at sexy, tattooed women, says that on top of her modeling schedule, she is attending school for graphic design.

12 Savannah Marie

There is something about a woman whose hair color matches her eyes. We don't know what to call it but damn, it's sexy. German model and metal head Savannah Marie has a great body and a pretty face but her pair of piercingly good looking eyes are what draw us to her the most. She's a dedicated fan of metal and many other types of music, but has been drawn to the metal scene for most of her life, and decided that Ladies of Metal is an organization she wanted to be a part of. Outside of the metal scene she is an art buff and usually isn't far from a museum or art gallery. We on the other hand, just think she is a work of art herself.

11 Sophie Storm


One of the younger models to be working with this agency, Sophie Storm is just 20 years old and signed on to work with Ladies of Metal before she turned 19. This British girl has, according to her own profile, been into metal music for about as long as she can remember listening to music. A great choice of genre if you asked us. Her other interests include science fiction movies, The Walking Dead, and she is a self-professed lingerie addict. She just keeps getting better and better, and she says in the top line of her Instagram account, that she takes her Jack Daniels through an IV. This can be interpreted two ways, either someone forgot to tell her how it was supposed to be consumed, or she just really loves Jack Daniels.

10 Kayla Rosalie

British Columbia, Canada is a beautiful place and the home of this stunning example of Canadian beauty. Kayla Rosalie boasts that she has been working with Ladies of Metal since 2013 and absolutely loves every minute of what she does. She always wanted to model (we can see why) but worried years ago that she would never achieve any success because of the ridiculous standards mainstream models are subjected to, and she wanted to keep her look (tattoos, piercings etc). That desire to look how she wanted was what drove her to the metal community. Obviously we have nothing against the mainstream modeling business and the hotties that partake in that industry, but the variation in the looks that alternative models can have is on another level and one reason we're becoming so fond of organizations like Ladies of Metal.

9 Oleksandra Rose


Who says the only things that come from Switzerland are chocolate, watches, banks and neutrality? This gorgeous music lover also lives there. For those of you who believe the very accurate stereotype that all Ukrainian women are beautiful (it's uncanny, there must be something in the water, insert Chernobyl joke here), here is another example. Oleksandra Rose was born in Ukraine but has been living in Switzerland for some time. Very few of the women on Ladies of Metal are stick-figure thin, but this stunning European has some amazing curves that make up an awesome figure. Of course, we can't say enough nice things about the rest of her, from the eyes to the tattoos, everything is just terrific.

8 Dakota Alexandra

When she isn't dropping the jaws of music loving men at shows and distracting band members she is representing through Ladies of Metal, New Yorker Dakota Alexandra is a professional makeup artist, a skill that she clearly likes to show off and use on herself. There were a few pictures of her we wanted to use, but this one looks like something straight out of a horror movie in which the sexy girl ends up being a demon or vampire or something like that. This look is perfect for the metal scene and maybe this goes without saying, but Dakota Alexandra is made for representing metal bands. At just 20 years old, she's something special and hopefully the metal community has a lot of time left with this gem.

7 Monica Zamora


The old adage is that "everything is bigger in Texas". Monica comes from Dallas, but is pretty small, so maybe in this case we'll say something to the effect of "everything is sexier in Texas". She looks like a retro pin-up girl who has gone bad, which is a great look. She describes herself as a Southern Belle type girl, whose passions include fantasy and horror movies, tattoos, and of course everything about the metal genre and the scene and people that go with it. We should point out that for all of you that favor the booty over the chest and face, Monica likely has the nicest butt of anyone on the site.

6 Ash Jones

While it is probably a good thing that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, we're happy that Las Vegas, Nevada native Ash Jones didn't just stay there. Beauty like this needs to travel for the world to see. She enjoys both the modeling aspect of her career along with the music. She considers the other girls at Ladies of Metal to be top notch and loves the thrill of traveling around with the different bands, attending shows, and of course, hanging out with fans. Now almost thirty years old, she is one of the girls who has been in the modeling business a long time, having started out back in 2007. In spite of the ten years in the business, she still clearly has her youth and the sex appeal of a younger woman, that's something we applaud.

5 Jenna Elaine


If your ideal girl loves horror movies, is obsessed with metal-core, has tons of tattoos and loves them all, and digs South Park and mixed martial arts, this may just be the girl for you. Jenna from Albuquerque, New Mexico is absolutely stunning and definitely knows it. She has an eclectic taste in music, listing names like Weird Al Yankovic and Tenacious D among her favorite acts, along with bands like August Burns Red and Suicide Silence. Living life to the fullest, she stays busy and is studying nursing when she isn't doing the model thing. This probably means that this Goddess can resuscitate you after she takes your breath away.

4 Linds Isler

We've used the description "piercing" to refer to the gorgeous eyes of some of the girls on this list, but Linds here may need to occupy a category all by herself, as her eyes and face are on another level of good looking. Don't get us wrong, the rest of her is pretty fantastic as well, but the blue eyes just pop in this shot.

According to her own recollection, she started listening to metal at around age three, and her parents still have home movies of her head-banging at around that age. She's an animal lover and while she has cats now, her favorite tattoo is one she had done of her dog who died a couple of years ago.

3 Cass Miller


No list of hotties is complete without at least one redhead. In all honesty, sexy redheads are among the greatest things in the world, up there with beer, wings and yoga pants. Cass doesn't always have red hair, but she looks amazing with dark hair too. We have a feeling she could wear a tarp with a mod on her head and still look sexy. Another model who works out of Texas, she moved around a lot throughout her childhood but always found that music and the people in the world of rock and metal would remain awesome and constant. In her own words, she loves to model but wants "a reason to model" beyond just looking hot and getting a paycheck. She loves metal and saw Ladies of Metal as the perfect way to model for a cause and community that has made such a positive impact on her life.

2 Madi Mae

A Los Angeles girl, Madi Mae believes that music is one of the greatest forces in life when it comes to bringing people together. She's been into hard rock and metal for years and considers working for Ladies of Metal to be a way to do something she loves while also giving back to a community she holds close to her heart. Her musical tastes vary from all manner of metal to the Beach Boys. Like a few other girls on this list, she is an avid gamer and loves to zone out in front of a console. On top of all that, if you're not hooked yet she's a lingerie enthusiast, something that is very clear to anyone who spends more than ten seconds on her Instagram or Twitter accounts.

1 Jade Zombie


Jade Zombie from Sydney, Australia is our number one, and this reinforces the idea that there is something very special going on in Australia. Really though, this amount of sexy isn't normal, the Aussies are putting something in the water. We aren't mad, we'd just like to know what they've been putting in the water. She is an artist and loves to draw, and most of her time that isn't spent modeling is spent learning to draw and design tattoos. We aren't sure what would make her look better and for our purposes, Jade Zombie is one of the most stunning alt models in the business.

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