20 Photos Of Hayden Panettiere That Prove The World Should Be Paying Attention

An actor that has been able to remain gainfully employed over a span of several years, Hayden Panettiere is far from the biggest star in the world today but she has made her mark nevertheless. First rising to prominence as one of the stars of the show Heroes, she went on to a long list of movie roles on top of gaining further attention for playing one of the main characters in another series. As such, she has amassed enough of a name to gain a loyal following, but even some that enjoy her work don’t pay her enough mind to know all that she has done in the past. Realizing all of that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty photos of Hayden Panettiere we think you need to see.

In order for a photo to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost has to feature Hayden Panettiere. Aside from that, there needs to be something about it that we think makes it worthy of looking at for fans or followers of her career, such as her looking fantastic in it. On top of that, images will be given preferential treatment in the ranking if it seems like many people that are aware of who she is still may not have come across it or put much thought into it. Finally, screengrabs of her from media appearances including shows or films she has starred in are fair game.

18 Treat Time

A picture of Hayden Panettiere that at first may seem somewhat unremarkable, this image of her from her Twitter account is quite interesting if you ask us. Someone who has been a celebrity for many years now, it is easy to imagine her eating things like caviar, frog legs, or something like that but one of the last things that may have come to our minds is Mint Oreos. Yet here we are looking at a picture of her consuming just that, and more importantly, she seems overjoyed at the prospect. An idea that you can then extrapolate further, the implication from this image is that no matter how much money she may have or the things she’s accomplished, in a lot of ways, she is just like any of us.

A shot that is associated with the series that first introduced this actor to most of the world, in this image, Hayden is dressed up in the wardrobe worn by her character from Heroes. A series that ran for four seasons so far and has been seen by millions of people, there is a very good chance that fans of her are very much aware of how she looks when dressed as a cheerleader. Still, during the photo shoot this photo sprang from, which was clearly taken by a real pro, she went a little bit further by not only wearing clothes that many would find hot but with her expression. Wearing a look on her face that communicates that she knows she is driving viewers of this image wild, to see her that way is more than worth the price of admission.

17 Height Difference

Like all celebrities these days, Hayden has had many people paying attention to her love life from the moment she first became a known entity. Previously involved with current This Is Us star Milo Ventimiglia, they were a couple when they both starred in Heroes, but for a long time now, she has been with Wladimir Klitschko. A former pro boxer who won sixty-four of his sixty-nine bouts, he stood at six foot and six inches tall, and this image is a perfect one to accentuate the massive difference in their heights. Considering that she is only five feet tall, the fact that the man that she is now engaged to is someone who is more than a foot and half larger than her makes them a pretty remarkable pair. On top of that, looking at this picture also draws attention to how short she is in comparison to most people.

It may be hard to remember at this point, but at one time, there was absolutely no controversy when it came to someone going out of their way to get a tan. Whether that came in the form of lying on a beach towel as the waves came crashing down near you or spending hours lounging by the beach, the desire to give your skin color was an easy one to embrace. However, things have changed and people now bring up ailments like skin cancer with great passion for good reason as soon as it becomes clear that someone isn’t slathering themselves in sunscreen. That said, there are still some instances in which we can focus on nothing but how good a person looks in the sun’s rays and this shot of Hayden in swimwear definitely falls into that category. As such, it is a must-see for anyone that wants forget some of their worries.

16 Nashville

A screengrab from the show that Hayden has starred in since 2012, Nashville, the show features her as a country singer on the rise as her elder sister who paved that path for her sees her career dwindle. A big enough success to last on ABC until 2016, in June of that year, the network was let down enough by its ratings to cancel it but CMT stepped in and kept production going for a while longer. Already announced to be returning for a sixth and final season early next year, if the premise of the show appeals to you and you want to give it a try before it finishes, you are running out of time. That is why an image like this one from the series featuring one of our favorite actors looking great is valuable as it could easily push you to make that commitment.

15 Family

Previously on this list, we featured an image of Hayden alongside her longtime beau, Wladimir Klitschko, and touched on the fact that he proposed to her some time ago but there is more to them than that. Seen here alongside their daughter, Kaya Evdokia Klitschko, for fans of hers, it should be a pretty welcoming view as judging from this shot, things seem to be going well. That is especially nice to know since she has gone public with the struggles she had after birth and has said that she believes that her postpartum experiences has actually made her a better mother. We have no idea if there is any validity to that view as she can’t know how things would have, had she not gone through it. But we know that means she feels good about herself as a mom, and we love that.

14 Esquire

One of the best-known magazines in North America, let alone the world, whenever a new issue of Esquire drops, readers can rest assured that there will be plenty of quality content in its pages. That takes the form of well-written articles a whole lot of the time but that isn’t the only thing about the publication that stands out. We say that because they employ marvelous photography teams and fashion-minded people who work together to create fantastic images of stars for the world to salivate over. A great example of that, we don’t know who made up the crew behind this photo of Hayden but we tip our caps to them. After all, not every picture can show someone looking really hot while also showing them in a happy and positive light as well.

13 Cleavage For Days

A shot of Hayden at a red carpet event, for any star worth their salt, moments like this are very important as they need to do whatever they can to ensure that they remain in the public eye. That is why going to a location that is filled to the brim with photographers that are chomping at the bit to take juicy photos of stars and spread them online is an opportunity that stars could rarely pass up. Due to that fact, there always are a long line of stars walking in front of the camera lens of these people so the competition for attention is fierce and the need to up the ante is clear. Luckily for Hayden, at the 2016 Critic’s Choice Awards, we can’t imagine it was possible for her to do any better as her dress shows off far more of her cleavage than we thought existed, and we love it.

12 Interview

A world we have a lot of interest in (hence, why we work on this website), celebrities live an existence that many believe is completely easy and almost entirely without drawbacks. An idea that is very similar to the way many kids perceive the life of adults, if you’ve grown up, you realize how wrong that is when it comes to grownups and that holds true for famous people too. An example of just what we mean, this image of Hayden being interviewed is a must-see because at first glance it seems like something exciting and cool. After all, having the world hang on your words sounds awesome but when you then find out that press days consist of hours on end, answering the same question over and over things aren’t so rosy.

11 Seductive

A woman that we have to say we enjoy looking at, Hayden Panettiere is a beautiful person that doesn’t often get the credit that she deserves in large part due to her lessened profile. Toiling away on a show that has lasted for several years at this point but is not a ratings behemoth, because of that, it is understandable that many people would forget the body she is packing. Then you see a relatively simple shot of her like this one where she is wearing a pretty dress and nice-heeled footwear but is posed on a chair and by a table that looks like you could see them at any poolside. Instead, the appeal of this image isn’t the things that surround her as it is the way that her body is posed from her legs to her arms and the confidence on her face that blow us away.

10 Poolside

If you are anything like us, then there is a very good chance that when summer hits, thoughts of cooling off in a pool pops to your mind. A great way to relax and beat the summer heat in a fun way, the idea of feeling less warm when contemplating the idea disappears when you consider being joined poolside by this actor looking like that. Instead, the blood rushing to your face as you blush at the beauty in front of you would have a warming effect on you, but we have to say that is a sacrifice we would happily make. After all, even contemplating being in the presence of Hayden in a bikini that does her body good like that is a concept we can’t get enough of, which is why this shot is worth our weight in gold.

9 Remember The Titans

An image that is a must-see not only for fans of Hayden Panettiere’s but also for people that want to understand the entertainment industry better, this shot casts a new light on the career of stars. Someone who seemed like she popped up out of nowhere for a lot of viewers when she was tapped to star in the ensemble show Heroes, she seemed like an overnight success story. However, once you see this image of her acting in the movie Remember the Titans alongside Denzel Washington when she was still a kid, it becomes clear how wrong that perception often is. Instead, most of the time, when an actor hits the big time, they’ve been toiling away with little fanfare in unheralded roles or in projects that barely see the light of day.

8 Bikini Profile

Let’s face it. Men and women were definitely not created equally, and when it comes to the beauty of the human form, women reign supreme. We understand perfectly that around half of people are turned on by the male body, but we believe that even most of them would tell you that from an artistic perspective, guys are on the losing end. A perfect example of why we think that is the case, looking at the figure of an attractive woman in profile is such a wonderful feast for the eyes that it seems unnecessary to explain why that is. Still, that is our job so we’ll tell you this. Looking at how a woman’s body rises and falls with their legs, hips, rear end, chest, neck, and face is an extraordinary thing.

7 Wedding Dress

Society today is different from previous decades in a lot of ways, including things like our dependence on technology. But one of the biggest changes these days is the nature of romantic relationships. Previously operating solely to push towards a wedding a lot of the time, now, couples can co-habitate for years on end or commit themselves in other ways without either of them walking down the aisle. An example of that, Hayden has had the same partner for many years but as of yet, they have not entered into holy matrimony. As such, there is no way to know when or if that will ever happen so this shot of her in a wedding dress will have to suffice for those of us that enjoy seeing the gown that brides choose for themselves.

6 Catsuit

An item of clothing that exists for nothing other than the desire to accentuate the positives of the female form, when someone brings up catsuits, the images that come to mind tantalize. Most associated with various iterations of the supervillain Catwoman in a lot of people’s minds, considering that she is a rather alluring character, that only serves to deepen our love for this design. That said, they don’t need to be adorning the body of an actor cast as one of Batman’s villains to get our attention and most likely our readers, which is why we needed to bring this shot to your attention. An image of Hayden wearing a purple catsuit and positioned in a manner that draws attention to her lovely hips, that alone is arousing, but her cleavage and the smirk on her face make this photo even better.

5 Heroes Kiss

A series that was a pretty big hit at one time, several of the early episodes of Heroes were perceived as must-see to fans of science fiction, superhero, or dramatic stories. Unfortunately, for those that loved it early on, that perception did not last as the consensus was that the quality of the show lessened as it went on. As a result of that, there are several interesting moments from the show that flew entirely under the radar because they took place once many of its viewers had dropped off. One of the hotter moments in the career of Hayden, for those that are turned on by this kind of thing, she shared a lip lock with another lady during the run of that series, and it largely went unnoticed. Sharing an intimate moment with another beautiful young actor named Madeline Zima, for those that want to see attractive shots of these, two they need look no further.

4 Off-putting

In-between all of the photos on this list that draw attention to some of the most attractive and interesting moments in the public life of Hayden Panettiere, we almost hate to include this image. Technically a pair of pictures merged into one to tell a story, they were taken of her while she was on a shoot of some kind by a paparazzi. Showing her in one moment with her hands down the back of her pants and in another licking the palm of one of them, a very gross story of what she was doing then is soon drawn. We have no idea if the two shots were taken hours apart, if she washed her hands in-between, or if the order they were taken in were the opposite of how it seems, but nevertheless, we can’t look away. Further than that, we’re betting that it is hard for anyone else to as well.

3 Black And White

Photography is an interesting art form, a perfect way to capture the beauty of the world, that once you master the technical side of things, the possibilities seem endless. Despite that fact, just because you have the equipment, doesn’t mean that you’ve developed the eye needed to understand the best way to capture the true beauty of a moment. However, there is one crutch that amateurs that fancy themselves to be artist types can lean on if they want their photos to be given a bit of extra juice; it is shooting the image in black and white. When it comes to this shot of Hayden, that is not necessary as she would look amazing in that bikini no matter how many colors are visible, especially since we’re getting a rare view of her booty.

2 Yachting

There are a lot of things out there that just scream wealth the moment you see them, and one of the most obvious is yachts. A massive boat that seems designed to create the perfect party location on the open sea, even renting one of them for a day is going to set you back enough that they are far beyond most of us. Still, at times, they seem like a silly investment as you could just as easily have fun like that in the backyard of a friend or family member for free or if you want a nice view, then you may head to the beach or something. Then you come across an image like this of Hayden on what we presume is a yacht and suddenly it seems like shelling over that kind of cash is a steal. After all, if an investment like that could attract women that good-looking into your life and you find yourself unattached, it seems pretty awesome to us.

1 I Love You, Beth Cooper

A screengrab from the hottest moment in the film career of Hayden, this image stems from a memorable scene that takes place in the 2009 movie I Love You, Beth Cooper. Arguably at the height of her career at the time, in this flick, she played a popular girl who gets tangled up with one of her fellow students that is much more of an outsider. Finding himself in the girl’s locker room while Hayden’s character and a couple of her peers are standing around in towels, it is a fantasy scenario many think about but know will never come to fruition. When her male co-star’s character gets blessed a little bit more and she drops her towel and exposes her chest to him moments after viewers see this, things get even better. If that doesn’t make this image one that fans of her looks should see, we don’t know what does.

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