20 Insanely Excessive Things Tony Stark Spent His Amounts Of Money On

Marvel Comics wanted to have an equivalent to what DC Comics had with Batman and Bruce Wayne. They felt they could do something different, but similar. They ended up coming up with the idea of Tony Stark as Iron Man. What made him stand out more than most was that he was open about who he was. Everyone knew Tony Stark was Iron Man, and this was a secret that would come to cost him. As in one Iron Man film, his house was blown up and Pepper Pots nearly died a number of times.

Creator and writer of the original Iron Man comics, Stan Lee, felt that this character should be like how he felt as a kid. If you were a superhero, you would want everyone to know! However, Lee knew that there had to be consequences.

Stark would have to use his wealth to help fight against not only the battles of the world, but the battles of people coming after him on a personal level. Something few other heroes ever had to deal with. While trying to evade death, Tony figured out some ways to have fun. His money often went to buying things he didn't need, but occasionally, he did things to help out his team The Avengers.

In this article we break down both sides of how Tony spent his money - the impulsive buys and the practical buys. We'll touch on things from the movies and the comics, from different universes and worlds. In every universe though, we're sure that Tony's purchases keep his accountant up late at night in a sweat.

20 Avengers Tower

Avengers Tower
[Image by Futirist Architecture]

Tony Stark had to learn the hard way that being so open with your identity and your base meant the push back would be harder. The Avengers tower was good in theory, but alien species didn't seem to have much trouble figuring out where they were. That was pretty much the plot of the first film, which, by the end of it, has Tony understanding that he has to rethink both his living situation and how they deal with outer space. It is said that the tower is worth about $600 million.

19 Cloning Thor

Thor Clone
[Image by HeyUGuys.com]

Not only was Tony intelligent enough to do such a thing, but anyone knows that undergoing that task would be nothing short of costly. The technology needed, paired with the time and energy (not just from himself, but for where he conducts his experiments) must have sent his electricity bill through the roof.

18 Hulkbuster

[Image by generalsjoes.com]

The suit itself functions very similar to the other suits, it is just bigger and built to withstand Hulk - never kill the big green giant, but enough to knock him out, as it does in the film. It is one of the most important suits he owns, and it will be making a return it seems, judging from the trailer from the upcoming film, Avengers: Infinity War. 

17 Stark Owns Area 51

Area 51 Marvel
[Image by Marvel Database-Fandom]

In the world of Marvel, you have to assume that someone who would have access to the base would be someone important. Someone rich, someone who has probably dealt with aliens before, and someone who knows the military. All roads don't lead to Rome - they lead to Tony Stark. He spends his life fighting, and so he knew that he would need the keys to one of the biggest secretive bases on the planet. Considering he deals with Hulk, Thor, and outer space on the daily, it only makes sense that he would be involved in something like this.

16 The Creation Of Ultron

[Image by YouTube]

The idea was that he could make several with the ability to protect the world from threats, but obviously things did not go according to plan. The expense in something like this was pretty high. Not only did it take a lot of money for Stark to have the parts around to create him to begin with, but then you get to the ultimate issue. Ultron caused tons of damage, and the clean-up would result in Stark forking over a lot of other funds to help.

15 He Paid Off Bad Guys To Hunt Down His Friends

Marvel Supervillains
[Image by Screen Rant]

Stark would hire these super villains to hunt down his friends. Since they knew Stark rolled in money, they were not willing to do this for a cheap rate. So Stark had to spare no expense in order to make this happen. We know Stark ultimately regrets a lot of actions he took during Civil War, we wonder if the Avengers ever truly forgave him for this one.

14 The Over 50 Ironman Suits

Ironman Suit
[Image by Creators-Vice]

Tony has over fifty suits that he is taking into account. He has to put weapons into the suits, consider the count of the armor, installing J.A.R.V.I.S and F.R.I.D.A.Y into the suits as well to have a working system for it. Combine that with all the testing he had to do with his test to make sure that they were working, between the trial and error, that starts to add up. Billions of dollars later, he has an array of Iron Man suits.

13 New Avengers Base

Avengers Base
[Image by marvelmovie.wikia]

The original base cost millions to put up, and it is a little more subtle in how it looks to anyone passing by it as a passenger. The base looks similar to a military base, which works for a superhero team. Combined with the excess of space around it, it makes it secluded, and thus, more convenient for the heroes stationed there.

12 The Endless Amount Of Quinjets

Tony Stark has been proud to invent a lot of amazing things, but perhaps one thing that is most recognized from his time would be the airplane known as the Quinjet. This is different from other jets, due to how fast it goes and the weapons it often has on board. The jet is quite costly, and due to this, Tony Stark has to pay a nice sum of money for them. It seems that the Avengers have trouble landing these things too, with so many being destroyed.

Yet Stark consistently has one or two at the ready at all times for the team to use. Obviously Stark has no need to use a jet, considering his suit allows him to fly to get from one point to another. This means he often buys these jets or gets them custom made for the team. Considering so many of them get crashed, he probably blows all kinds of money on these military flights.

11 Extremis 3.0 Application

Extremis 3.0 Application
[Image by Marvel Database-Fansom]

The average person had to give up $700 a week due to this, and it wasn't just one person using it - it was most of the city! Stark made a killing off of it, but had to fork over tons to make it and keep it running. You can read more about this version of Stark in the World War Hate series of comics.

10 Spider-Man Suits

If you saw the recent Spider-Man film, you know Tony Stark and Peter Parker are pretty close. And you also know that he gave him an amazing suit with so many gadgets and abilities that he could fight crime in a terrific way. He's provided many Spider-Man outfits, and Parker tends to do well in them all. One of the most prominent was the Iron Spider, which Peter will be supporting in the upcoming Avengers film. He may not be the one wearing it all the time, but Stark made it with him in mind.

The idea behind Stark's investment in Spider-Man was that he saw the potential in him to become great. He saw the intelligence, like his own. He even saw the heart within him to do good for the world. His powers were being used to help and not hurt. This made Tony want to help Peter in any way that he could.

9 His Toys And His Demons

Tony Stark alcoholic
[Image by Comic Vine]

Of course his demons are also paid for. Tony has been known to like alcohol, and he would end up with a drinking problem in the comics. So much so that people worried for his life. The amount of booze, high class or otherwise, would be costly for someone like Stark. Not to mention the fact that we are all impulsive when drunk, so God knows what Stark would blow his money on when he was intoxicated.

8 J.A.R.V.I.S And F.R.I.D.A.Y.

[Image by funinventors.com]

After Vision was born, Tony needed a new system to install in his suits, and thus created F.R.I.D.A.Y. Her function was to serve as someone similar to both J.A.R.V.I.S and his lover, Pepper Potts. The new technology served as a mainframe for the entire corporation, his life and his suits. Installing J.A.R.V.I.S is said to have cost Tony about $10 million dollars, so the fact that he had to recreate someone to give himself F.R.I.D.A.Y we have to naturally assume that it cost the same.

7 Stark Industries Weapons Development

Stark Industries
[Image by Amazon]

The parts for all of this is expensive. The bombs alone take a lot of time to make, which is labor cost. After learning of what his weapons did to people and how many bad people had weapons with his name on them, he decided to stop making weapons. This led to a huge ordeal within the company. However, this was also a huge hit financially. The moment he stopped making weapons, Stark went on to make technology that helped the world.

6 Stark Expo

Stark Expo
[Image by DailySuperhero.com]

Also known as a "Trade Show," the cost of building this can be huge. In the case of a Stark Expo, they may not show off anyone but their company. This means they don't make any money off vendors or other people in the show, so they pay the entire cost. This means Stark Industries likely spent thousands to show off their stuff. Luckily, Tony had a big enough name that whatever he spent on the Expo, he probably made back tenfold with people buying tickets and merchandise from his event.

5 Mainframe

Mainframe M2
[Image by Comic Vine]

Like his other Iron Man suits, the making of Mainframe was probably over $1 billion dollars. Stark would have to work on it every evening when it returned to make sure it was functioning before sending it back out to save the world. It was one invention which did not go badly, or turn on Stark, which meant Earth was safe for a very long time thanks to Stark.

4 Earth X Headquarters

Stark Tower
[Image by Pinterest]

Not all the people affected were good, and as such, not all the people hit with this were given powers that were good. Soon, Stark builds the Iron Avengers. This was a way of helping to protect the Earth without subjecting himself to the plague. It just so happens that this base that Tony was in also had fighting systems engineered into it which he used against Galactus. This probably cost Stark over $60 million dollars - and that's just for the base, a whole new team adds on to that immensely.

3  Space Ships

Stark Spaceship
[Image by marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com]

There are times throughout the cartoons and comics that he would take a ship into space that seemed similar to the jets that he has around. It very well could be that Stark designed his ships to be with a similar design to that. Regardless, the ships had to be made for space and that meant they would cost a lot of money to not only make but to maintain.

2 Daily Bugle

Daily Bugle
[Image by Dorkly]

It is a mere mention, similar to how Bruce Wayne owned The Daily Planet. These things often times are glossed over because they don't really matter that much. Plus, when tycoons take over papers or media empires, they often let them do what they were already doing. In the case of Stark, he did not do much.

1 Department Of Damage Control

DODC Spidey
[Image by betweenthestaples.com]

Now Stark's inclusion in the purchase was key, due to his massive amount of funds that took pressure off the government and S.H.I.E.L.D. Stark's inclusion meant that his team was taking responsibility, and helping to fund the clean-up of their team. Though the government took care of some, Tony likely spent about 7 or 8 figures for the industry.

Most likely, this may be the most expensive purchase and brand that he owns, considering no money comes in from this industry. Thankfully, that's not what Stark thinks about. What matters more to him is the fact that he is able to help the world, and that is what makes him a superhero.

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