20 Hottest Snapchat Pics Of Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne has had a substantial amount of success through her acting career, with appearances in hit shows like Big Love and My Own Worst Enemy. Although she's known as a Disney kid through her work on Shake It Up, she's since grown up to be thought of as one of Hollywood's hottest up-and-coming new "It" girls. Yet, the biggest amount of publicity she's received has been through her personal life rather than her professional endeavors. The most recent headline-making news came when she was photographed cozying up to Scott Disick by the pool in Cannes. People were shocked by this 19-year-old beauty being linked to the 34-year-old Disick, and it didn't exactly put her in the best light.

Yet, the fling didn't seem to last long, and before too much time had passed, she was again photographed with her ex-boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin. After the media frenzy time at Cannes, Thorne was photographed cheering on Sulkin at a soccer match in Los Angeles, and people began to wonder whether or not these two lovebirds were getting back together. Her fans were inevitably happy at seeing her with an age-appropriate boyfriend again since it wasn't a good look for her to get all messed up in the Kardashian drama. With the Scott Disick scandal being put behind her, the world can get back to focusing on the more important things in life. In the case of Bella Thorne, that focus is on her incredibly sexy Snapchat photos. While they may seem to have disappeared forever, some of her sexiest pictures have been saved for all to continue to enjoy. Check out our list of the 20 hottest photos of Bella Thorne on Snapchat and see how great she can look when she's just having fun with Internet posts.


20 Pretty In Polka Dot

Some people don't realize all the little nuances that go along with swimwear. These little things can sometimes get overlooked since there's not much that can be done with the standard bikini format. Yet, this Snapchat photo proves that Bella Thorne certainly knows all about making the most out of a swim ensemble. From the retro polka dot to the classic beach hat, this is a look that really shows off her beauty and vintage appeal. Although she was only 18 years old when this Snapchat photo was taken, she gave a look that was reminiscent of old school pinups or even Hollywood glamor. With classic appeal and a perfected bust line, this photo shows Thorne's true beauty in such a natural and traditional way that definitely didn't disappoint.

19 Working Out And In Agony


There are a number of celebrities that choose to post photos from their workout days, but not all of them seem like they're actually working out. In fact, many of the photos look completely staged in order to show off their workout gear. In this Snapchat story from Bella Thorne, however, she actually shows off the agony that can come from a particularly hard workout. From her facial expressions to the stretched out pose, the captions go from reading, "Oy" to "Already tired" to "I'm dead." It's funny to see that she tells the truth about the difficulties of working out, but it's hard to deny how sexy she looks in those skintight workout clothes. Not only does she look physically fit, but she's also giving off some facial expressions that tow the line between agony and ecstasy.

18 Coachella Bound

The annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival has become one of the biggest events in the music industry. Not only does it draw huge crowds of music fans, but it's also become hugely popular with celebrities. Unlike other star-studded events, Coachella is known for a Bohemian style rather than Hollywood glam. When Bella Thorne took to Snapchat to show everyone her Coachella look, she definitely fit the profile. Wearing a pair of cutoff shorts and a black bikini top, Thorne's sexy take on fun in the sun was definitely a treat for her Snapchat followers. The intricate detail on her bikini top was reminiscent of a bondage-style design and really showcased her sex appeal. The thing that truly put it over the top was her patented tongue-out facial expression.

17 Cheerleader Zombie


There are some celebrities that are known for going all out for their Halloween costumes. Yet, there are obviously some who are more suited for this costume-filled holiday than others. When Bella Thorne took to Snapchat to reveal her Cheerleader Zombie costume, people were blown away at how well she was able to pull it off. The outfit showcased her entire midsection, and she even wore fishnet stockings beneath her thigh-high socks. The number was, of course, 666, and there was even a pentagram detail on the skirt. The choker and the dark makeup were a great addition to put a little more depth into her costume, but they also gave a hint of submissive sex appeal to the look. It's no wonder she wanted to flaunt this incredibly sexy look to all of her followers since this one was a major win.

16 Upside Down Workout

Celebrities often take photos of themselves in their workout gear, but not all of them are as sexy as Bella Thorne. Rather than posing in front of a gym mirror, she can be seen mid-workout through someone taking her photo standing above her. The position shows her using a balance trainer ball and lying on the ground with a dumbbell. It was refreshing to see that Thorne actually has to exercise to maintain her rock hard abs, and seeing her do it was a definite treat. Her workout top had a sheer panel in the middle to show off her ample cleavage, and she was poised in the thrusting position that really works out the abs. There's something oddly appealing about seeing her in the upside down angle, and the sculpted ab shot only added to the overall look.

15 That Cleavage


In April 2017, Bella Thorne went through a completely different look from what people are used to seeing. She traded in her red locks for a much darker tone and offset the ends with some deep turquoise highlights. She had been seen strolling around town and going to interview events in super trendy fishnet style ensembles paired with the athleisure trend. Yet, the real sexiness came when she debuted a similar look on her Snapchat. She paired a sheer white halter with a pair of skintight red pants. With the dark turquoise locks and the rocker style outfit, there was something edgy and incredibly sexy about her new style. The keyhole opening in the top completed the look and showed the perfect milkiness to her skin.

14 New Piercing

In January 2017, Bella Thorne seemed to be inspired by Kendall Jenner and took to Twitter to release the post "So like I'm getting a nip piercing." She later offered up photo proof on Snapchat and posted a picture of herself posing in a bathroom mirror. Although she was wearing a full top, it was obvious that the ultrathin material couldn't hide the new bling she was sporting beneath her shirt. On closer inspection, it's obvious that she went through with the nipple piercing and was sporting a brand new barbell ring. Beyond the incredible sex appeal of having a nipple piercing, Thorne looked gorgeous in the photo. She looked extremely casual with a midriff-baring top and a pair of hip-hugging bottoms, but there was an edginess to her look that only amped up her overall style.


13 Lounging And Playful


The world often thinks of their celebrities as super glamorous and always camera-ready. They're used to seeing them photographed at red carpet events and on the big screen. Yet, social media has allowed many celebrities to show off their more relaxed looks. In this Snapchat photo, Bella Thorne is far from glamorous in just a pair of simple gray sweat pants. Yet, there is something incredibly appealing about seeing her in such a lounged state. She's wearing an outfit that isn't particularly special, but she manages to make it look incredibly sexy. The top exposes her perfectly toned midriff, and the V-neck shows off a heap-load of cleavage. To make things even better, Thorne posed with her tongue sticking out in a playful way that just added to the appeal of the picture.

12 Back In Braids

There's always been something special about Bella Thorne's hair since she's changed it so many times. While other celebrities have tried various hair colors and failed, Thorne has consistently proven that she looks good in both dark and light hair. She spent quite a lot of time as a redhead, and this Snapchat photo was taken during that time. She showed off her long flowing red locks and tried to showcase the braided look. Yet, the real showstopper was her amazing profile and the great shot of her derriere. The profile shot really showcased her hourglass figure and was truly flattering in showing off her physique. While she may not have been wearing something particularly skimpy, it didn't seem to matter. The plaid pants did a great job at hugging every curve, and people quickly took their attention off of the braids.

11 That Turtleneck


Bella Thorne has always been quick to jump on a new trend, but she's also been known for starting a few trends of her own. When she appeared on Snapchat in December 2016 wearing a pair of high-waist jeans, people couldn't help but comment on how great she looked. Typically, the high-waist style is thought of as "Mom jeans," and the faded denim style wasn't exactly helping matters. Yet, Thorne managed to pull off this look with ease and even managed to make it look sexy. She paired it up with a midriff-baring white turtleneck tank and a red coat to offset the red color of her hair. While the caption read "Bathroom mirrors," it should've been labeled something far more provocative to show off her sexy new look.

10 All In One

Typically, when a celebrity takes to social media to show off a new look, it can come with a specific theme. From a swimsuit shot to show off their beach look to a yoga ensemble to reveal their workout body, these are often orchestrated to promote the celebrity's best self. Yet, this particular Snapchat look is a little bit different. Bella Thorne paired up a black one-piece swimsuit with a pair of lounge joggers and a bomber-style jacket. While it definitely doesn't look like an outfit that a stylist would help pick out, Thorne must have known that it wouldn't matter to her Snapchat followers. The one-piece was perfect for showing off her amazingly fit body, and it showed off just enough flesh to make you want to see more.

9 Hot White Socks


Bella Thorne has always been known to pair up odd pieces of clothing to create an incredibly sexy look. This Snapchat photo is no different since it's a little difficult to interpret what kind of look she was actually going for with this strange ensemble. The pink top is reminiscent of a ballerina ensemble but pairing it with a black miniskirt made it look suitable enough to go out for a date night. While she's always had a propensity towards stockings and thigh-high socks, this is a look that's a tad different. She traded in her usual black fishnet stockings for a pair of ultra-high white socks that looked more like sexy Pretty Woman boots with a twist. While there was something simple about her look, she managed to make it look incredibly sexy and special.

8 Purple Wig

While Bella Thorne is known for changing up her hairstyle and color, that doesn't always mean that she wants something permanent. In this Snapchat photo, she's seen having a bit of fun with a short purple wig. She paired it up with a flesh-toned corset top that really gave the illusion of being nude. The white pants helped to show off her incredible physique, and the fur accent gave it just enough texture to make the entire look more interesting. It was very much reminiscent of the classic Pretty Woman style but with a modern twist. The old-school camera hanging from her neck was just an added touch, which gave it a costume feel. Yet, it seems that no matter what Thorne chooses to do on social media, she's able to pull it off with incredible moxie.

7 Rain Slicker Outfit


Celebrities are known for wearing couture clothing and ultra luxurious ensembles that only the rich and famous could attain or afford. Yet, Bella Thorne has proven that she doesn't always need to rock the ultra glamorous looks in order to maintain her hotness level. In this particular Snapchat photo, she looks like she's wearing something that could be found in any Las Vegas gift shop, and the material looks like something akin to a rain slicker. Regardless of the cheap material and bold color choice, it's the cut and design of the outfit that really show off her sex appeal. The top can barely contain her and shows off major underboob, and the bottoms feature a zipper down the middle that lets the imagination run wild.

6 Underwear Shot

It's not exactly a new concept for celebrities to post a photo of themselves in their undergarments on social media. In fact, some of the biggest names in the celebrity world have a tendency to post lingerie shots for all the world to see. Yet, there's something special about this Snapchat photo from Bella Thorne. While she can be seen wearing a pair of gray boy-short panties and a coral bra, she somehow makes them look like a wearable outfit. She paired it up with a pink satin robe and some metallic gym shoes as if she could easily walk out of the house and run a few errands. There's something to be said for a woman that can rock her underwear and still look beautiful enough to go out and get stuff done.

5 Leaning Over


Oftentimes, the standard pose for a selfie posted on the Internet is the typical duck-lip expression. Celebrities often do this to make their lips look poutier, and it's seen as incredibly sexy. Yet, there are some celebrities that don't need to add poutiness to their lips by trying out their best duck impression. This Snapchat photo of Bella Thorne shows her in a much more relaxed pose, but it shows off her incredible lips without much effort. She seems to be leaning over in the photo, and it gives a great shot of her cleavage. This was taken back in the days of her strawberry blonde hairstyle, and there's no denying that she was able to amplify her sex appeal with this single shot.

4 Butterflies And Frills

Bella Thorne has a tendency to pose in various bathroom mirrors, and oftentimes, she chooses some pretty interesting locales. This bathroom shot looks like something from a hip '70s disco nightclub, and she looks like something straight from a Hollywood film. The yellow ensemble features some butterfly details that really give off a girly look that's only emphasized by the frilly lace robe with a sheer mesh material. She looks incredibly feminine in this frilly and scantily clad ensemble, and it seems like much more than just a social media picture. Thorne proves that with the right outfit and setting, she can truly give off an incredible look worthy of being seen on the big screen. She completes the look with a head full of thick braids cascading down her back.

3 Sexy Cowgirl


Bella Thorne has been known to have a love for dressing up, and she often leans toward the most provocative themes. In this particular Snapchat photo, Thorne can be seen dressed like a cowgirl of sorts but not the kind that's actually working on the farm. The black lingerie-style outfit was complete with lace and tassels, and the baby pink tones were the perfect accent. She completed the look with a matching pink plastic cowgirl hat and some thigh-high boots. She's always been known to push the envelope when it comes to sexy ensembles, but this one definitely takes the cake. The lingerie top did a great job at discretely covering her intimate parts, but it still seemed like it was all on display.

2 Topless And Sunburned

Oftentimes, celebrities take to social media to show off their beach look, and it usually includes a scantily clad bikini ensemble. Yet, this particular Snapchat photo features Bella Thorne sans a bikini top. She took to Snapchat to show everyone that she got a little sunburned while hanging out in the sun, and the photo distinctly shows off the major tan marks she received. While there's a touch of a reddish hue to her perfect porcelain skin, the sunburn doesn't look as bad as others that have been posted to the Internet. Perhaps Thorne really wanted to show that she got a bit red, or perhaps she just wanted to showcase how sexy she looked coming straight out of the sun. Her fresh-faced look and topless pose definitely had people's imaginations running wild.

1 Lick Your Lips Good


Bella Thorne has a tendency to wear choker-style necklaces, which have become incredibly trendy in recent years. While she's changed her hair a number of times, the light brown and blonde locks have become a huge favorite amongst her fans. In this Snapchat photo, she's showing off a great neckline with all of those necklaces at different lengths, but the real showcase is her mouth. Thorne is known for her luscious lips, and the matte red lipstick only helps to emphasize them in all of their glory. To make things even sexier, she can be seen stretching out her tongue in an expression that shows her licking her top lip. The result is an incredibly sexy photo that really shows off how beautiful she is from a close-up shot.

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