20 Hottest Photos Of The Spice Girls You'll Ever See

They have a history of looking incredible wherever they go, and we’d be fools to exclude them.

One of the most successful pop groups of all time, some people may forget just how huge the Spice Girls were at their zenith when looking at their career today. That would be a shame as they deserve a lot of credit for being the best-selling female group ever and putting out an album that sold more copies than any other girl group has been able to. On top of those amazing feats, they were also a merchandising machine and were even given a film to star in called Spice World.

Seemingly everywhere in the nineties, their catchy music played a huge part in their monster success but there was another factor that was a really big deal too. Releasing a slew of music videos at the time, they were all given heavy rotation partly because of these ladies having a unique and compelling image that many liked to emulate and even more enjoyed seeing. Comprised of five ladies that were all extremely beautiful in their own way, it seemed like anyone attracted to women would have a girl that especially appealed to them, which helped build their fanbase. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty hottest photos of the Spice Girls you’ve ever seen.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that one of the members of the Spice Girls can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with the group will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of them from music videos shows or other media appearances are fair game as they have a history of looking incredible wherever they go, and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Mel C Better Alone


We’re just going to say it. In our opinion, Melanie Chisholm, otherwise known as Sporty Spice, oftentimes never got the respect she was due for her looks. It makes sense since she dressed in a tomboy manner a lot of the time, which stops viewers from being able to see what she was working with. However, there are photos like this one out there which show the results when she went for another look, and it is clear to us that she is a beautiful woman. Looking like someone who is totally at peace with herself here, aside from all of the other attractive aspects of this photo, which there are several, the confident feel is the highlight of this image in our opinion.

19 Emma In Bath


Emma was nicknamed Baby Spice for her sometimes childish behavior and demeanor when the Spice Girls were on top of the world. And since then, Emma Bunton has matured into a beautiful and confident woman. In fact, if you were a fan of this girl group back in the day and haven’t followed them to a large degree since, it may be shocking to you that she has since been the focus of a number of alluring photo shoots. A great example of what we mean while also fitting her previous image to a degree, this picture of her in a bath seems innocent in concept–since it is a bubble bath no less–but in execution, is actually quite tantalizing.

18 Geri Union Jack


When the Spice Girls first became a big deal on the world stage, they were known for their music but there is no doubt that their image was also an extremely big deal. Very outspoken about their belief in “girl power,” they owned their femininity in both their attitudes and clothing choices. Speaking of the latter, if you ask us, there is a single piece of clothing that will always be most associated with them for many of their longtime fans, the Union Jack dress. A piece of clothing worn by Geri Halliwell often, including onstage like you see here, it is notable for its patriotic and colorful aspects. But, if you ask me, the way it clung to her body and showed off her legs really did the trick.

17 Mel B In Lingerie

While the Spice Girls were at their zenith, Mel B was known as scary spice. Looking at a photo like this one, the only way in which that title seems apt is that it is almost frightening how good she looks. Wearing lingerie here that actually covers up much more of her than even a bikini would, on an intellectual level, that realization does make us wonder why we find this so incredible. Then, the animal part of our brain takes over, and we know we are looking at her in an intimate state, and that makes us wonder how anyone who is attracted to women could not find this image arousing.

16 Geri Flashdance


An image from a music video put out to promote Geri’s song, “It’s Raining Men,” that song is one of the biggest solo hits any of the Spice Girls ever had, and we think there are a few reasons for that. A cover of a classic song that gave it a modern twist, the fact that the track was recognizable while also being unique was a big head start for it. We also think the music video played a big part too since it featured this singer in several revealing moments, which gave music channels a great reason to give it heavy rotation. A perfect example of that, this outfit she wore for it revealed her extremely fit figure from the era since her midriff is exposed and that is reason enough for this picture’s inclusion here.

15 Spice Girls Reunion


A picture of these very talented women from one of their more recent reunions, it is a perfect image to show off the fact that all of them have aged rather phenomenally. On top of that, we love the fact that aside from the color choices of all of their outfits working with one another well, they are each dressed in different manners that fit their distinct personalities. We’re not going to break down each outfit individually here, but we would also like to point out that they all look stunning in our opinion.

14 Mel B Judge

It could easily be argued that Mel B has found the most success out of any of the Spice Girls in recent years. Able to transition into the role of a judge for several competition shows, including The X Factor in both America and the UK, and America’s Got Talent, she has become a television mainstay. A medium that is highly dependent on image, TV stars need to look great week after week and need to find new ways of doing that just as often. A screengrab of one of her appearances judging on TV, this time around, she wore a dress that offered up a view of her cleavage that we can’t get enough of.

13 Victoria Skin Tight

A screengrab from the music video for the song “Say You’ll Be There,” the other ladies looked amazing in the clip too but we didn’t want to overrun this list with moments from it. Since we opted to limit ourselves in that way, it was important to decide whose outfit from it looked the best on them. Well, if you ask us, Victoria Beckham ran away with that one. Wearing something that was about as tight to the skin as possible, we have to sit in awe of it since it gave us the chance to get a great idea of what her body was like at the time; and who wouldn’t love that?

12 Geri Lingerie

via Pinterest

The second and last photo of a Spice Girl in straight up lingerie to make this list, this throwback picture of Geri reveals why she was often called the hottest of the Spice Girls group. Sporting something that is akin to a corset in coverage, this piece of clothing gives a view of part of her legs and chest which makes us really cherish seeing her flesh. Of course, it is the cleavage on display here, though, which we enjoy by far the most here and is the ultimate reason this photo had to be included on a list like this.

11 Mel B Cleavage


Social media has changed a lot about the way we see today’s celebrities. Giving the regular person a lot more access to people that in previous generations would have been held behind closed doors, it allows the masses to feel like they’ve come to know them better. As cool as that can be at times, it isn’t even our favorite aspect, since it is heavily outweighed for us by another positive—getting more images of good-looking famous folks on our devices with great regularity. A perfect example of that, Mel B uploaded this picture of herself on Instagram and seeing this much cleavage on a woman we adore is reason enough to celebrate these platforms.

10 Emma Cleavage


Considering the fact that Emma spent almost her entire career completely covered when it came to her torso, it was always her legs that were put front and center, leading the rest of her to be largely ignored. Seeing an image like this one, where we get one of the first views of her cleavage that we can recall, that seems to be an awful shame for people that enjoy the female form. On top of her chest, this picture is also fantastic because we think it is one of the best examples of her having an angelic look on her face which we find very appealing.

9 Geri Paparazzi


When looking at a photo of a celebrity from a photo shoot, we believe that we should all keep in mind that they are heavily processed. Typically undergoing hours of primping and lighting that make them look as good as possible, they then are likely to undergo some kind of tweaking in a program like Photoshop. That isn’t to say that we shouldn’t enjoy the images as they are still representations of someone we enjoy. However, we would argue that an image lacking any of that should be given more credit. A great example of what we mean, in this case, we see Geri walking down a beach photographed by a paparazzi and wow, does she look good. Her body is astounding for sure, but you might be surprised by what we like the most here since we find something about the way her hair is in front of her face absolutely irresistible.

8 Spice Girls Baywatch


When looking back at what was hot in the 1990’s, there are a few things that immediately come to mind for us, and two of them comprise what this photo is all about. Bringing together the legendary red swimsuits made famous by Pamela Anderson and the show Baywatch, and the Spice Girls at the time, we never would have thought about combining them but whoever did was a true genius. Considering the fact that they all had splendid bodies (to say the least) and this swimwear’s ability to accentuate that fact, the results here are predictably magnificent.

7 Mel C Oily


A picture of Mel C that we think totally bucks the trend of photos she is best known for, here, we don’t see her striking any kind of athletic pose or seemingly shrinking from the camera lens. Instead, we see her looking like she is indifferent to her surroundings and in the midst of a moment of contemplation, which gives her a soulfulness that we enjoy. That said, the reason we enjoy this image so much is that she seems to be in the midst of taking her top off, which is something the other photos in this series bear out, and that idea gets us going.

6 Victoria Backyard


We don’t know about you but when we think of spending time in a backyard, thoughts of grilling out with friends, playing with pals as kids, and family time first come to mind. Unfortunately for us though, nothing like what is happening in this incredible picture ever took place in a yard we were in. Wearing clothes that don’t cover her long legs or much of her cleavage here, Victoria Beckham is dressed to impress; and judging by the look on her face, she knows exactly what effect she’d have on any viewers of this image.

5 Emma The Beauty


Here, we have a more modern picture of Emma that still manages to play into all of the themes of photos from the beginning of her time in the spotlight. Seen here with much of her long and luscious legs on display and a huge smile on her face, that combination has long been a trademark of her image that we absolutely love. However, the reason we think this image stands out among all the rest of her out there is how tight the rest of her outfit is to her body. Giving us a better idea of her curves than we can ever recall seeing, in our opinion, this image is fantasy fodder for the ages for this reason.

4 Mel B In Red Carpet

via Twitter

When celebrities walk a red carpet in front of the press, it may seem like a glamorous and great time. But in reality, there is actually a great deal of pressure involved. Set up in order to get the word out about a specific project, for the famous people, it is their job to also make themselves look like big stars which is the lifeblood of their careers. Fortunately, for someone like Melanie Brown, you can probably relax a great deal since you’ve spent so much time in the spotlight on top of the fact that you’ve already achieved enough that you can rest on your laurels to a degree. However, in this case, she is still totally killing it because her choice of clothing has done nothing but make her look incredible since it shows off her body, which is a marvel to behold.

3 Mel B’s Paparazzi Bikini

Another photo of Mel B wearing a camouflage bikini while on vacation, we think that the color scheme of her swimwear here is incredibly silly. A pattern that is used to make people fade into the background so those around them are unaware of their presence, in this case, the bikini it appears on does the exact opposite of that. Cut in a way that covers up her naughty bits while also showing off much of her toned body, the fact that she is a very curvaceous and desirable woman makes this stand out in the pleasure centers of our brain.

2 Geri’s Sweet Bikini

A ravishing woman who carries herself in a way that makes it seem like she knows what she wants out of life and out of her intimate times, Geri’s innate sincerity seems to be one of her very best qualities. As a result of that belief, we feel like she likely enjoys spending her time in this bikini as much as we love seeing her in it. Able to make her look even foxier than she regularly does while wearing this black swimwear that accentuates her physique to perfection, we struggle to even imagine a photo of her that we’d find more appealing than this one.

1 Spice Girls Vintage


Looking at a photo like this one, it should be clear to anyone that these five women carried themselves with a ferocity that few musical acts ever mustered. Even in the case of Emma who is clearly going with a more fun-loving and innocent look here, to us, it is abundantly clear that she is totally owning it, which makes it feel like it isn’t a put-on in the slightest. In fact, in the story of the Spice Girls, it should never be forgotten that a large part of their legacy deserves to be the fact that they carried themselves with a sincerity that few modern pop acts ever have. If you ask us, that is an extremely attractive attribute as is pretty much everything about their look here.

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