20 Hottest Photos Of The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch

One of the most polarizing shows in television history, The Big Bang Theory, is a hugely successful show that has legions of lovers and haters. Introducing an ensemble cast to the world, most of whom hadn’t found fame in the past, names like Jim Parsons, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, and Kevin Sussman became known to some for the first time. That is also to say nothing about actors that had previously starred in other sitcoms, including Johnny Galecki, Mayim Bialik, and Sara Gilbert.

You may have noticed that we left the names of two of the series stars off the lists—Kaley Cuoco and Melissa Rauch—which was intentional as we wanted to make a point about the two of them. It is easily arguable that Kaley has become one of the biggest stars among the entire cast. A beautiful blonde that has shown a willingness to appear in revealing outfits, she is regularly considered one of the hottest women on television. However, if you ask us, it is Melissa Rauch that we are sad to see not getting the credit that her beauty demands. A rather buxom blonde in her own right, she may play a bit of a stuffy character on TV. But when she dresses up, the results are magnificent. Realizing that some are blinded to what she has going on is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty hottest photos of The Big Bang Theory’s Melissa Rauch.

When it comes to the photos we’ve chosen, the only prerequisite was that Melissa Rauch can be seen in the photo and looks great in it. That means that the inclusion of people other than the popular actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from shows, movies, or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes, and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.


20 Pool Side

Although this outfit is not exactly the typical type of clothing you’ll see at the side of a hotel pool, looking at this photo will still make you swoon. With black lace making up her skirt, it is a perfect fabric for someone to have on if you’d like to see as much of them as you possibly can. That is to say nothing of how great it is to see her in a top that cups her breasts to perfection and almost makes it feel like we are seeing them in all of their glory. When you then throw in the fact that we get to see her porcelain legs, then this becomes a picture for the ages.

19 Sexy Seat


By the end of this list, there is one thing that will be immensely clear to everyone that reads it. Melissa Rauch looks incredible in a tight dress and she knows it. The first clear example of that is the picture above. The purple piece she has on does a fantastic job of ensuring that viewers of this image get to envision what she looks like under it and desperately want to see just that. Additionally, there is an almost imperceivable amount of cleavage visible here, which makes you look as close as possible. It’s something we could do all day, if you ask me.

18 Dressed Down

A photo of Melissa Rauch in which she seems like she would be quite at home walking down any city street, her clothes are about as close to plain Jane as you’re going to see on this list. By no means does that mean that she doesn’t look fantastic here, as there is no doubt in our mind that most people would shell out lots of dough to be this attractive for even the briefest moment. Wearing a tight blue top that shows off some of her best attributes, along with a look on her face that makes us think she knows the effect her body has on people, they make for a great combo.

17 Front Seat Fun


This is a screengrab of Melissa from her various appearances in movies and on television. From a physical standpoint, the only thing revealed of her here is some nice cleavage. Taken from her appearance on the show True Blood, in the scene this is from, her character wants to get busy with the man in her life for the first time. Shown here starting to take her top off, in the episode, she never follows through on that due to the conversation that takes place. However, that doesn’t have to be the way the moment ends in the fantasy version of it in our minds. Instead, we look at this picture and get to pretend like we are in a car alone with her as she reveals more of her to us than she has on screen as of yet.

16 Melissa’s Rope

A woman that is most associated with a character that dresses in a rather modest manner more often than not, seeing her dressed like this is a shock in all the best ways possible. Wearing all black, it plays off of her blond hair fantastically, but that is the least of this image’s appeal. Instead, we love the opportunity to appreciate her legs, which is an aspect of her body that is rarely given much credit, while looking even better due to her wearing high heels. On top of that, the fact that she is wearing a top that wraps around her body like that and draws attention to one of her most awe-inspiring attributes, made it certain that we had to include this photo high on this list.

15 Pretty In Pink


If there is one thing that’s almost certainly going to make a gorgeous woman like Melissa look great, it is wearing a piece of clothing that is very tight to the figure. A curvy woman in the best ways possible, clothes like this are a great way to get a good idea of exactly what someone is working with. Looking all the more stunning due to the fact that she has such a vibrant shade of pink on, it serves to draw the eye to virtually every aspect of her body we love looking at. Finally, the detail that we get to see some of her white slip in this photo is just enough to push this over the edge.

14 All Wet

The only photo on this list that doesn’t show any of Melissa’s body, one of this photo’s greatest strengths is the fact that we are forced to admire how pretty her face actually is. Another one is the fact that there is a look in that face here that makes it seem like we are getting the rare opportunity to see her in an intimate moment. The logical side of our brains tells us that this moment was probably delicately posed, but the look she has here gives us the guttural feeling that all pretense is gone. Finally, our favorite part of this is that she is clearly all wet here, and that’s something we will always find very attractive as it makes us imagine water running down her soft skin.


13 Golden Globes Yellow Dress


Arguably the second most important awards show of the year in Hollywood, the red carpet at The Golden Globes is always filled to the brim with beautiful and famous faces. At the 2014 event, there was one more person for the photographers to focus on, Melissa Rauch, of course; and we couldn’t blame them if they used up all of their storage space with images of her. Wearing a bright yellow dress with some really great cleavage on display, her figure looks fantastic and her face is positively glowing here. In short, if she set out to steal the night, in our view, at least, she succeeded.

12 The Bronze Boobs

It is abundantly clear that Melissa Rauch is best known for her work in The Big Bang Theory, but that isn’t her only major role to date. For instance, she starred in a 2016 movie called The Bronze that she and her real-life husband, Winston Rauch, wrote together and unfortunately bombed at the box office entirely. Portraying a former gymnast that won a bronze medal, she had to make sure that she was in believable shape for the role, and boy did she pull that off. Wearing a tight white shirt in this screengrab from the movie, she may have an evil look on her face, but it is the way her chest looks here that makes this picture all the more amazing.

11 Nightgown


Ok, ok, we admit it. The look on her face here isn’t exactly the one she’d probably choose if she wanted to seduce someone, but that is easy to ignore pretty quickly. A screengrab of a moment from The Big Bang Theory, this scene of her character in the bedroom is something fans wanted to see. After all, most of the time, somebody’s bedroom is likely going to be the most intimate place in their house. The area of a home where people have s*x most often, as well as dressing in their underwear, for most people, only a select few people are allowed to enter. As such, we totally love that we got to see an image of Melissa in a bedroom, in her nightgown no less, since we can pretend that we are entering the actress’ inner sanctum.

10 Comely Cleavage

A photo that takes a while to truly take in, due in large part to the very busy nature of the dress she has on, it is a joy to examine all of the parts of it one at a time. First off, you are likely to take note of her beautiful face and silky smooth skin. Next up, if you are anything like us, you are going to zoom in on her chest and the cleavage that is on display, which is likely going to speak to something dirty inside of you. Finally, the slight cut at the bottom of the dress comes into view. And the fact that it feels like we are getting a forbidden view of the insides of her legs, we’re certain that you’ll love this picture just as much as we do.

9 Red Carpet 2


Movie premieres are an interesting thing. Designed to make the world anticipate the film that is about to be shown, they serve the dual purpose of providing celebrities with a location where their picture will be taken by a slew of paparazzi. Considering the fact that earning the attention of everyday people is currency for famous people, this is very valuable which means it shouldn’t be passed on. That is why we feel that the choice of dress Melissa wears in this photo is a master stroke. Looking amazing on her, that fact ensured that websites would probably like to publish these images which serve as publicity for her and The Bronze, a movie we already mentioned she starred in.

8 Tight Top

If you ask us, this photo is the perfect epitome of Melissa Rauch’s appeal. An entertaining person who has proven that she has the ability to make much of the masses laugh, the mischievous look on her face has a huge amount of appeal. Then, you take a look at how beautiful she is here and it is obvious that she is attractive enough to anchor nearly any entertainment enterprise. Of course, it is the top she’s wearing that really gets our motor running as the opportunity to see her breasts in something that tight is nothing short of fantasy fodder.

7 Red Dress


This is the final image of Melissa from her television or movies to make this list. If you don’t already know, then let me tell you that this photo comes from an episode of The Big Bang Theory. Almost always dressed in a somewhat frumpy manner on the show, it was shocking to see her enter a scene wearing a tight red dress that is almost enough to melt the mind of an admirer like us. Providing a view of her lovely legs and hips is great, but we’d be lying if we tried to pretend for even a moment that it wasn’t the way her dress clings to her chest that we love most in this picture. Proving that her breasts are quite large, if we have to explain what the appeal of that is, then you’re probably looking at the wrong list.

6 In Profile

The first photo on this list that features Melissa in lingerie, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any of us that sexy underwear looks great on such a beautiful woman as her. Throw in the fact that she is standing in profile here, which means that we get to see her from the side, and this photo is made all the more sizzling hot. You may be wondering why being shot in this manner is such a sexy vantage point in our opinion. Well, if it isn’t obvious from looking at this picture, then let me tell you that it has to do with her breasts. Oh, come on! A woman blessed with an ample chest, the unique look we get here is tantalizing as it provides the opportunity to see how it rises and falls in all its glory.

5 Panty Peek


Easily a photo that could have conceivably been boring if it was slightly different, the black and white polka dot dress Melissa wears here is far from exciting even if it is pretty darn cute. Thankfully, a part of it has risen above where it would typically fall, and appears to be tucked in a pair of pink panties. Getting even a small glance at her underwear is very sexy, but that is far from the only delightful part of this image. Also revealed here is her pantyhose and a garter belt which make things all the more better to anyone with a pair of eyes and a libido. Finally, her white heels are a pretty great cherry on top of this sundae.

4 Catsuit Cleavage (Real or Fake? Do We Care?)

We’re not sure what led to this photo being taken or who it was that put it together, but we would wish we could thank everyone that was behind the scenes here. From the people in charge of her makeup, the lighting crew, the photographer, and even craft services (if there were any), we think they were on fire the day this was taken. That said, for us, it is whoever convinced Melissa to put on a skin-tight catsuit that deserves to receive the appreciation of the rest of humanity. Great in every way, even down to the detail of the placement of the zippers puts a huge smile on our face as they draw attention to some of the best parts of her body. Of course, our favorite aspect has to be the way her cleavage looks, which is something that is infinitely arousing.

3 Total Cutie


A photo of Melissa where she looks simply adorable, it looks like she is probably taking part in some kind of interview. But, frankly, we don’t care in the slightest as to what brought her to that couch. Instead, our only concern is how good she looks, and we mean that in multiple ways. She clearly looks like a total sweetheart here which, in some ways, isn’t something we always consider to be hot. But in this case, that is far from the truth. After all, she looks like someone we’d love to spend an afternoon talking with but appears to be someone nearly anyone attracted to women would want to end up in bed with too.

2 Lip Bite

When anyone wears something that they believe makes them look good in everyday life, those around them will likely take note of the different manner in which they carry themselves. Stepping out with confidence beaming from the face and their gait, even if they are overestimating how attractive they are at that moment, this bravado is very attractive in its own right. A great example of that, here, we see Melissa Rauch wearing little more than a bra on her chest and what appears to be a black dress; and it looks great. However, the fact that she is biting her lip makes it clear that she knows she has it going on and if that doesn’t turn you on, I don’t know what else will.

1 Black Lingerie


As sexy as our second choice for the top of this list was, you had to know that it could only be beaten by something mind-blowingly hot. Yet again wearing lingerie here, this photo gives the viewer the opportunity to see almost everything she has going on. Giving us a glance at her cleavage, legs, and impressive curves was more than enough to get us going. Throw in the fact that she seems to have nothing but panties on, and the mental image that so little fabric is covering up her nether regions, is enough to drive us truly wild.


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