20 Hot Photos Of Game of Thrones Cast Members

One of the most popular shows on television today, Game of Thrones is set to begin its seventh season any day now at the time of this writing. Known for many things, viewers of the show tune in to see things as varied as the politics of leadership and compelling characters with interesting interpersonal relationships, battles, and violence. However, anyone who tries to pretend that the beautiful women who star in the show and the fact that many of them appear in the buff doesn’t play a pivotal part in its success is lying to themselves. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of the twenty hot photos of Game of Thrones cast members.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion on this list, the only prerequisite was that one of the female stars of Game of Thrones can be seen and looks great. That means that the inclusion of people not involved with the show will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. We do want to make it clear that some of the women featured in pictures on this list are no longer a part of the show, but all of them played memorable characters at one time. Please also keep in mind that this list will have some spoilers in the write-ups of the entries that follow, although we keep things as general as possible. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Hannah Murray

Via justjared.com

A show that features a lot of people that you may not want to meet in real life, there are loads of characters from Game of Thrones that are evil tyrants or power-hungry. Even on the good side of the ledger, most of these folks have been affected by the violence around them. However, there is a trio of characters that have so far managed to remain totally lovable and seem innocent against all odds—Samwell Tarly, Gilly, and her child. Played by Hannah Murray, Gilly spends her days dressed down and dirty which unfortunately has obscured how pretty she actually is. Seen here at a red carpet event for the show, this image is proof that even some of the actors they try to make look plain are still a joy to see.

19 Charlotte Hope

Via taringa.net

Of all the woman on this list, we’d argue that Charlotte Hope’s character, Myranda, is the most deplorable. In love with Ramsay Bolton, she takes part in some sickening moments, including seducing Theon so he can be castrated, hunting a peasant girl, and scaring Sansa with stories of her new husband’s cruelty. Casting a relatively unknown English actress to play the part, it seems like they opted to go against a certain type as any image of Charlotte we can find outside of playing the character makes her seem like a kind person. That said, she may be striking a pose here that brings to mind the rebellion of our teen years, but she still looks very pretty and like someone who would be a joy to be around.

18 Gwendoline Christie

Via Twitter.com

A powerful woman in a world in which ladies are far too often discounted, Brienne of Tarth isn’t about to put up with that kind of garbage. Proven able to battle with virtually anyone, the fact that she stood her ground against one of the most deadly characters on the show proved that point. Played by Gwendoline Christie, a woman who stands at six foot three, she stands head and shoulders above the others on this list in size and is definitely hotter than the vast majority of everyday people. Don’t believe us? Look no further than a picture of her like this where her impressive facial features and large chest are plainly evident, and you may not look at her the same way ever again.

17 Sibel Kekilli

Via geekness.com

A love interest of Tyrion Lannister, it took a woman of indomitable spirit and a quick wit like Shae to hold his interest for an extended period of time. An experienced woman of the night who accepted money for her time, she knew what she wanted out of life and was willing to do what she had to in order to attain it. Played by Sibel Kekilli, a woman who looks equally graceful and seductive, that casting choice was a stroke of genius in our view as she was marvelous at all aspects of the role. Seen here in a screengrab from the show, we can assure you that fur is all that is stopping the camera from capturing her in all her glory, and that is as tantalizing as anything we can think of.

16 Lena Headey

Cast as Cersei Lannister in the very first episode of Game of Thrones, at the end of the first episode, we learned about a sick relationship her character had with her brother, and it has been a ride ever since. Amazingly, the show has managed to make us empathize with her character, which shows how strong the writing is. But if she was a real-life figure, everyone would be advised to ignore her. After all, any viewer should be able to bring to mind the supreme pain she has unleashed on those that have crossed her. Seen here in a picture that shows this talented and accomplished actress looking relaxed, it proves that Lena Headey doesn’t need to be dressed up like a royal to look ravishing in our eyes.

15 Emilia Clarke

Via Imgur.com

Another one of the lead actors on the show, Emilia Clarke also appeared as Daenerys Targaryen in the very first episode of this awesome show. Unlike Cersei, however, she was a shy young woman that those with power could walk all over when the show began. My, my, how times have changed. Now one of the most powerful figures in the world of the show, we can’t wait to see how her attempts to defeat her enemies bear out. A benevolent character at her core, those that force her hand will still rue that day, since she is very capable of destroying those that make such a mistake. You’d never know that by looking at a photo of her like this one, however, as she is sporting a smile so sweet and lovely here that we find her charms impossible to ignore.

14 Esmé Bianco

Via Pinterest.com

The character of Ros played a major part in the early days of Game of Thrones. A professional companion to lonely men with money in their pocket, she found herself in the bedroom of several powerful people. In fact, there are few characters on the show that shared scenes with as many important figures at the time, and the fact that those moments were visually appealing gave her audience a really hard time to forget her. That is why there is something odd about seeing Esmé Bianco in a modern world like this one, but the fact that she is wearing a leather getup that shows us what she has going on, makes us happy to see it.

13 Indira Varma

Via denofgeek.com

A character that has so far largely been seen as the mother of the Sand Snakes and the lover of Oberyn Martell, Ellaria Sand as played by Indira Varma has been defined by her relationships. Bent on avenging the demise of a loved one, that may change soon, as she seems to be putting herself in a position to make a difference in the power struggles that define the series. Seen here in a screengrab from the show, her character is defined by her passions, and in this image, she looks like she is prepared to seduce or kill anyone who arouses her fancy or anger.

12 Natalie Dormer

Via 4archive.org

One of the most interesting characters created during the run of Game of Thrones, Margaery Tyrell, as played by Natalie Dormer, seems to be a study in contrast. Absolutely shown to be power-hungry, she showed her ability to jump from one royal figure to another with the greatest of ease more than once. On the other hand, once she was involved with someone sweet, she appeared to develop sincere affection for him. The funny thing is that we’re not sure what side of her we preferred, and the same holds true for looking at photos of her in real life. Shown here from an angle that reveals her heavenly derriere, we’ve always loved seeing the front of her. But we now realize that we’ve been missing out on a really nice booty all along.

11 Roxanne McKee

Via Imgur.com

These days, Daenerys Targaryen is seen as a vibrant woman who has no problem going after what she wants in the bedroom. But some viewers may have forgotten that it wasn’t always that way. Starting out as someone who was frightened to be with her husband, in one of the series’ most sultry moments, she was taught how to exert control by Doreah, an experienced character played by Roxanne McKee. A pivotal part of the series, those in charge of casting had to find someone that audiences think could dominate men in powers of position. And, they struck gold. Able to bring an energy of extreme confidence to the role, when you look at an image of the actress like this one, it becomes clear why she carries herself like she is the hottest person in almost every room.

10 Nathalie Emmanuel

Via taringa.net

The character of Missandei is an important one in the story of Game of Thrones. The loyal translator for her Khaleesi, it is she who makes her communication with many of the people she rules possible. As such, if she was taken out of the continuity of the series, things would likely rapidly fall apart. That said, in concept, she is far from riveting. And if she was played by someone who was less stunning, we’d probably enjoy watching her on our screens a lot less. Fortunately, they cast Nathalie Emmanuel to play the character, and it is beyond clear in a photo like this one that she is an alluring woman. Seen here in a one-piece outfit that leaves little to the imagination, the best word we can summon to describe this image is “enchanting.”

9 Carice Van Houten

Via theverge.com

An actress that has been around since 1997, it wasn’t until she was cast as Melisandre, the so-called Red Woman, that she made a big impact. Playing a character that has held several people under her thumb, her ability to convince people to do horrific things has made her someone who is extremely captivating. Of course, that is to say nothing about the fact that she oftentimes used her femininity to exert that control. That being said, this screengrab of her character about to disrobe reveals exactly why she has the ability to entice seemingly good people to do as she wishes.

8 Sophie Turner

Via gotceleb.com

At the beginning of Game of Thrones, Sansa Stark seems like a typical teen who puts her own desire to land a dreamboat above all else. That seems like such a long time ago as the character has matured greatly since then. Having gone through more than almost anyone in the series, which is really saying something, seeing the transitions she has made as a human being has been fascinating. Played by Sophie Turner, the actress has also grown up in real life and is now a lovely-looking lady as evidenced by this picture of her on a red carpet wearing a dress that accentuates her body perfectly.

7 Oona Chaplin

Via Twitter.com

The great-granddaughter of one of the biggest film stars of all time, Charlie Chaplin, this young actress seems to be predestined to stardom. Cast as Talisa Maegyr in this show, to date, it is her greatest claim to fame, much to our sadness as we really want to see more of her. Playing a character that is so hot that she causes a powerful person to risk his authority to be with her, it was important that her character was played by someone fans would believe was worth the risk. Fortunately, Oona Chaplin definitely falls into that category, as evidenced by a photo like this one. Seen in an outfit that would be quite pedestrian on a less attractive person, instead, we hope she never wears anything less revealing again.

6 Rosabell Laurenti Sellers

Via kingoftheflatscreen.com

Rosabell Laurenti Sellers joined the cast of the show for eight episodes over the last two seasons and plays Tyene Sand, one of the bastard daughters of Oberyn Martell. Accompanied by her two sisters and sometimes her mother, the women around her use various weapons and their intellect to get what they want out of those around them. Tyene, on the other hand, takes huge pride in her looks and uses them to force those around her to do her bidding on top of literally killing people with lust if she so chooses. Pictured here in a screengrab from the show, it is her most memorable moment to date, as she is about to partially undress and reveal to the audience exactly why her huge ego is totally earned.

5 Natalie Dormer (Again)

Via Twitter.com

An actress that had been searching for a star-making role for a while before she landed a role on Game of Thrones, Natalie Dormer had already appeared in a number of notable projects at the time. Seen in movies like Captain America: The First Avenger and shows like The Tudors over the preceding years, none of her characters at that time could be considered notable leads. Then, she turned the heads of fantasy fans with this role and has since been cast as an important figure in the Hunger Games movies. Since then, she already had a lot on the horizon. Pictured here in bikini bottoms and a loose-fitting shirt, this image again proves how grand she is from behind.

4 Rose Leslie

Via ebaumsworld.com

From the moment Rose Leslie first appeared as Ygritte on our television screens, we were transfixed. A character that was born a warrior, she wasn’t all gussied up like some of the female characters on the show but posed a real danger to Jon Snow’s way of life and emotions. Sometimes acting like she wanted nothing more than to enjoy his company, we knew he’d made an oath not to do such a thing, but we’re not sure how anyone could ever resist her advances. A fiery redhead with a body that doesn’t seem to have an extra pound on it, a picture of her like this shows that when she is cleaned up, she is somehow even hotter, which we first thought had to be impossible.

3 Lena Headey (Again)

Via fansshare.com

One of the most accomplished actors to join this series in its early days, Lena Headey was a known entity acting alongside a number of relative newcomers. Famous at the time for playing parts in movies like 300 and Vacancy, as well as shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, she wasn’t a household name then but she had a serious following all her own. All the more famous today, it is the inner strength she shows onscreen whenever the show is airing that gives her the ability to still stand out among a cast that is now filled with stars. Well, her bewitching looks that are on display in this image just goes to show that her body should receive far more praise than many ever imagined.

2 Emilia Clarke (Again)

Via Esquire.com

Arguably the breakout star of Game of Thrones, probably only competing with Peter Dinklage or the focus of our top pick, Emilia Clarke is beloved by many fans. Able to parlay her time on the show into a starring role in Terminator Genisys, the movie wasn’t well-received but playing Sarah Connor is a coveted gig, and it meant a lot that she was tapped to do the part. On top of that, the film’s dubious quality wasn’t too damaging for her, judging by her inclusion in the upcoming Han Solo film. Named the “Sexiest Woman Alive” by Esquire Magazine in 2015, that is the ultimate testament to how hot she is and how much attention she was getting at the time. Pictured here in lingerie in front of a mirror, that fact provides a view of her cleavage and rear end at the same time. Simply glorious!

1 Nathalie Emmanuel (Again)

Via Pinterest.com

When we put together this list, there was something instinctual in us that knew Nathalie would be featured in our top spot. An actress that was virtually unknown in much of the world prior to joining the cast of this show, since she landed this role, she has become an internationally-known actress. On top of starring in this blockbuster series, she was able to land a role in the Fast and Furious franchise, including appearing in Furious 7, the twelfth highest-grossing film of all time, at least at the time of this writing. Seen here in a screengrab from that movie, in which she was walking out of the water in a bikini, seeing water about to cascade off her amazing figure is more than enough to earn this image’s place here.

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