20 Hottest Photos Of Emma Stone You'll Ever See

One of the best known and most popular actresses in the world today, Emma Stone has been putting together one of the best careers in Hollywood

One of the best known and most popular actresses in the world today, Emma Stone has been putting together one of the best careers in Hollywood over the last several years. A part of several hit films like Superbad, Zombieland, Easy A, and The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, she has blockbuster films under her belt as well as surprise hits. On top of that, despite spending a lot of time in movies that are the opposite of award fodder, her few forays into more dramatic work has earned her two Academy Award nominations so far. Also a very attractive woman who many of us love to look at both onscreen and offscreen, there are many fantastic pictures of her out there. Realizing all of this made us reflect on her career and decide to put together this list of the twenty hottest photos of Emma Stone that you'll ever see.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion here, the only prerequisite is that Emma Stone can be seen and is looking great. That means that the inclusion of people other than the popular actress will have zero effect on the placement of a photograph on this list. Screengrabs of her from shows, movies, or other media appearances are fair game as she has a history of looking incredible wherever she goes and we’d be fools to exclude them. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

20 Academy Award Winner

An actress who started out her career in movies that weren’t exactly going to blow the critics away, we can understand why some people may be surprised that a photo like this one exists already. An Academy Award Winner as of the 2017 Oscars, Emma Stone’s work in the movie La La Land resulted in the accolade. Opinions on who should have won will always differ but this is a part of movie history now and can never be taken away. Holding the little golden man that so many of her peers covet, it seems like she was perfectly prepared for her moment as she looks good enough that we focus on her much more so than the statue in her hand.

19 Movie 43

Widely considered as one of the worst films ever made, there is very little that is good that came from Movie 43 in our minds. Appearing in a scene alongside Kieran Culkin, her character is a grocery store worker. If you ask me, if she worked in our area, then we’d be a lot more excited to stock up each week. Wearing a shirt that is hanging off her shoulder enough to reveal the strap of her bra, we aren’t getting the slightest glance at any of her naughty bits but it almost feels like we are and we enjoy that a lot.

18 Superbad

The movie that introduced us to her, when we went to the theater to see Superbad, we expected to have a few laughs instead of coming across one of the best actors of her generation. A sophomoric comedy on its surface, the film was of a higher caliber due to some of its more reflective moments and the quality of the actors that appeared in it, as epitomized by Emma. Playing the person that sets the entire story in play, the character of Seth is desperate to do anything to impress her and agrees to go on an alcohol run despite being underage. An illegal act, looking at her in this image, we can totally understand why he’d take such a risk since she looks kindhearted and pretty enough that we’d be blown away to be near her too.

17 MTV Video Music Awards

Here’s a picture of Emma at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards. We’re just going to say it; we have no idea why she’d be there aside from wanting to have fun in the audience. Years before, we’d see her perform in a musical, at the time when there was no reason to link her to the music scene in the slightest as far as we can tell. Still, despite those facts, we totally understand why the photographers focused on her at the time since she was wearing a dress like this one. We’re not sure what material it is made of but we are absolutely certain that it fits her to perfection from this angle as we look at it rise and fall with her booty.

16 Gwen Stacy

Playing the female lead in The Amazing Spider-Man and its sequel, Emma Stone was cast as Gwen Stacy, one of the most beloved comic book characters of all time. A role that came with a lot of pressure for whoever gets to play it, she had work set out for her and rose to the occasion in a lot of people’s opinions, even if the films themselves are far from universally beloved. In fact, most people seemed to feel that the chemistry she had with her costar and then real-life boyfriend, Andrew Garfield, was one of the biggest highlights of the series, and we totally agree. A screengrab of her from the first scene where she is seen flirting with him, if we were in his role, we’d have had a lot of trouble putting together a single thought since she looked that beautiful.

15 Stool Sitting

One of the least comfortable pieces of furniture to sit on, the stool combines all of the unforgiving rigidity of a chair without including any kind of back support. As a result of that, we usually don’t associate them with anything that makes us happy. But, after discovering this photo of Emma Stone on one, things have very much changed in that regard. Fully dressed here, it isn’t her body that is of specific interest to us, although we like that too. Instead, it is the sultry look on her face that makes us feel like we are a seeing an image of her ready to go. As people that appreciate her beauty, that is a wonderful thing to see.

14 Sweet Smile

Of all of the things that we find especially attractive about Emma Stone, one of the biggest is her personality. Seeming like someone who is a joy to be around most of the time and has a wonderful spirit to her, if our assertions are true, she is beautiful inside and out. That is why we love this photo so much as it seems to confirm everything we always thought about her. With a toothy grin on her face that doesn’t go so far as to be goofy in any way, this photo of her makes her seem very charming and winsome on top of looking splendid.

13 Gangster Squad

When we heard about the film Gangster Squad, we thought we were in for something amazing. A mob movie costarring the likes of Josh Brolin, Ryan Gosling, Nick Nolte, and Sean Penn, that seemed like a recipe for success that never came to fruition. That said, the one way in which the film succeeded in our view was when Emma and Ryan were seen together since they always appear to have chemistry to spare. The first image of them on this list, we see them in a bar here, and she’s wearing a red dress that fits her body and complexion to perfection, which is why we think she looks spectacular in this image.

12 Short Hair

Did we miss something? Was there a time when Emma Stone sported hair this short which we didn’t take note of? We don’t think that’s the case, though, and we’re assuming that her looks here are artificial in some way. However, we do feel like we may have missed out on something. Don’t get us wrong, we love long hair on her as much as the next person. But looking at this photo, it is hard to not wish for Emma to look like this more often. Sporting a sleeked back look, a dress that is very tight to her body, and a knowing expression, this picture is marvelous.

11 Sultry GQ Attire

Let’s be frank. We clearly believe that Emma Stone is a beautiful woman and would vehemently disagree with anyone who tried to assert otherwise. However, if you are someone who likes a woman to have a large chest, then she may not be the lady for you, much to our chagrin since we celebrate a variety of body types. As a result of that fact, photographers in the past haven’t placed a specific importance on her chest and looking at this picture of her, we have to say that is a disappointing thing. Posed here in such a way that draws someone’s eye to her cleavage, we submit to you that we are getting a dazzling view. On top of that, the look on her face is yet again one that gets us going.

10 Poolside

The first of two screengrabs of Emma from the movie Easy A, it is the only film of hers which we took more than one image from and we find that quite fitting. We say that because we feel it is that movie that first made the world take note that she was something special. A movie that was advertised in a way that made it look like a much more pedestrian teen comedy, people who have seen it will likely realize that it rose above and had something larger to say. Heavily reliant on the performance of its star, it required the casting of someone skilled, and Emma proved to be a brilliant choice. On top of that, she was a thing of beauty to see on the screen as evidenced by an image like this one where she is wearing a tight top and short shorts which leave little to the imagination.

9 La La Land

The second film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone on this list, when it came to picking a screengrab of Emma from La La Land, it was clear that we had to go with a scene without him. Wearing an enchanting blue dress that she is absolutely rocking, there are a few people who we think could exude as much swagger as she has going on here. In the midst of a dance scene in which she sways the garment back and forth, we adore the result as it led to it rising enough that we got to see more of her legs too, which is awesome for obvious reasons.

8 What A Gaze

Hollywood is choked full of some of the hottest women around, and since we get to see them as they are filmed regularly, we are awarded the opportunity to see much of their bodies on a regular basis. As such, it takes a truly special photo for it to blow us away when we can see little more of a star than her face. A perfect example of how an image can rise above that, when it comes to this image, we wouldn’t have it any other way and would argue with anyone who pushed for it to reveal more of her body. We say that because the specificity of it allows us to focus on her gorgeous face and piercing eyes, and all we can say is wow.

7 The House Bunny

A film that seems to have been largely forgotten, The House Bunny did solid numbers at the box office and resulted in some hardy laughs, but didn’t do enough to make a lasting mark. In fact, the only reason we even recall the movie at all is that it features a moment of Emma wearing shorts so small they barely seem worth it. Seen alongside actresses like Anna Farris, Kat Dennings, and Rumer Willis, she needed to do something to stand out. With a body like hers, all she had to do was display it, and in this image, we barely notice anyone else.

6 Vibrant And Vivacious

Redheads are often seen as fiery people that are colorful and a feast for the eyes due to their hair color alone. That is even truer, if you ask us, when they are an attractive person otherwise. Due to that, there are times in which some of their bodies aren’t given their proper respect, much to our chagrin. If a photographer felt that was the case with Emma, we can’t think of a better fix to that than putting her in a dress like the one she has on here. Vibrant, to say the very least, this dress stands out from the moment you come across this photo and draws the eye to her body which makes this image a glorious thing to behold.

5 Crazy Stupid Love

Of all the photos on this list, there is little doubt in our mind that this one has been most extensively worked on with a program like Photoshop. Used to advertise the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, it appears on its Blu-Ray cover and poster which makes perfect sense, since it would make us want to see the film too despite how processed it looks. We say that because the part of it we enjoy so much is the look of pleasure on her face. Choosing to focus in on her instead of the co-star that is appearing for a second and final time on this list, it becomes easy to imagine that she is looking at us that way which is more than enough to land this here.

4 Red Swimsuit

In our modern world where celebrities are constantly hounded by the paparazzi, when it comes to almost every famous person, there are lots of pictures of them in swimwear for the public to enjoy. Emma Stone is no different. But if you ask us, an image of her like this proves that they need not bother since we already have an image of her in swimwear looking amazing. Very tight to her body and cut down the middle enough that we get to see much more of her chest than we thought we’d ever view, the more of her flesh on display the better in our book.

3 Scarlet Letter

We already touched on the fact that a second screengrab from the movie Easy A would appear on this list; and if you are a fan of the film, then you probably anticipated the image that was coming up. One of the most memorable moments of her on the big screen, in our view, she carried herself with poise and charm in this scene that seem better suited to someone much older than her. That is to say nothing about the fact that she has a corset on, which is one of the most attractive pieces of clothing out there and looks incredible on her. As a result of all that, we instantly knew an image of the moment would land high on this list.

2 Counter Couture

Seemingly hanging out in a diner that brings to mind a time that seems much more innocent, there is nothing remotely scandalous or revealing going on here except for her choice of seat. We’re certain that a food inspector would have a big problem with her on a counter where food is served like this one, but we can’t be anything but overjoyed with an image like this. Showing off how exquisite of a beauty she is no matter how covered up she may be, it is obvious here that no matter what generation Emma was born into, she would have risen above the masses.

1 Black And White

The hottest photo of Emma Stone we’ve ever seen, this should be the rallying cry against anyone who tries to argue that she isn’t a gorgeous woman. With almost all of her within the frame, we get to take in her body which oftentimes doesn’t get the credit it truly deserves if you ask us, and the results speak for itself. Of course, the fact that she has a dress on that’s tight enough to give us a view of how great her curves are, we love that and the fact that we’re looking at her legs which look soft and supple too.

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