20 Hottest Photos Of Claudia Romani On The Beach

When we want to talk models, there is something about European models that really gets the blood flowing. They are sleek in appearance with stares that would make Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” look l

When we want to talk models, there is something about European models that really gets the blood flowing. They are sleek in appearance with stares that would make Derek Zoolander’s “Blue Steel” look like child's play. Even more than that, they are goddesses walking amongst us mere mortals. Of course, I exaggerate a bit here, but in all honesty, some of the most beautiful women to walk this earth have emerged from the European continent. It is a regular mecca of modeling talent- full of incredible beauties who walk the runways from Paris to Milan. Some of fashion’s best and brightest have emerged from there. This is one of those stories. This is where Italy spawned one of its best and most beautiful models of all time: Claudia Romani.

Claudia’s career path started in the place she was born, L’Aquila, Italy. From there she has appeared on countless magazine covers and inside the pages of countless more. She has walked the runways all-across the world and branched out to market and advertise for a variety of products. She is a stunning beauty and an effective spokesperson for major venues and products spanning the globe. She has been anointed as one of the most beautiful women to ever walk this earth by many, and for very good reason. This Italian beauty never ceases to amaze and we particularly are impressed when she strolls the beaches. These are the 20 hottest photos of Claudia Romani on the beach. Enjoy! We know we did!

20 Hey Santa


Claudia Romani was born on April 14th, 1982 in L’Aquila, Italy. Claudia became worldly at a very young age. Travel would intimidate some, but it was something Claudia adjusted to quickly when she moved to Denmark during her late teens. She also branched out, studying in England. This gave her the base to become more than just a beautiful Italian girl living in the beautiful southern European countryside. Claudia was interested in being a model and had no shyness whatsoever about being in front of the camera. Check out the photo above in which she sports a red Santa Claus hat, showing just a bit of her personality.

19 Red, White and Excited!


This little representation of the Stars and Stripes is a sexy tank top overlaying what most likely is a VERY sexy black bikini below. One thing that will never come into question is Claudia's amazing figure. It isn't surprising that Claudia drew the attention of the modeling world at a young age. Claudia would eventually find her way to the United States but first started out in Europe, making her mark through a variety of companies. Her print work in Europe would be just the beginning for Claudia; the groundwork being laid for bigger and better things.

18 Getting Political


Claudia wears this onesie quite well on the beach. She gets a little political and expresses the feelings of many around the world, including the majority of Americans. And Claudia would find her own way into the limelight, not through political speeches mind you, but through a wide array of amazing photography sessions that featured her voluptuous figure. Her print work in Europe early in her career landed Claudia with opportunities with FHM, Maxim and GQ magazines. She quickly became a highly intriguing figure, a model that many outlets clamored for.

17 Mellow Yellow 


Claudia chills in this little yellow two-piece ensemble in the water. Her oversized stylish round sunglasses and the adorable belly piercing are perfect complements to the various curves displayed in her body during the taking of this photo. Her authentic smile also draws viewers right in and is a big reason for her successes across all of the varying platforms of print work. It wasn't long before Claudia's print work started to evolve into something more. She was hungry for bigger and more challenges and the advertising community was more than willing to comply. Commercials were the next stage for Claudia's budding career.

16 The Pose


Claudia sits back and leans on the beautiful sandy beach as the water rushes toward her body. Her tiny bikini is further accented with a bow on the side. Her feet are burying into the wet sand, preparing for another wave. Her body is stretched out, her abs on full display as she pushes her bust forward. She has a confident, inviting smile that makes her a darling. That is where her personality shined most and companies like Samsung, Toyota, and Ford began lining up to bring Claudia in for commercial work. The spots further grew her mass appeal and more and more people were asking, "Who is this beautiful Italian model?"

15 Irresistible In Black


Casual moments are fun to capture. Often times, beautiful women, especially models, are caught constantly trying to give off serious and dynamic expressions. It must be said that they can lack personality at times. But, here, Claudia is caught laughing as the picture is snapped. Her genuine smile, long beautiful brown hair with dirty blonde tips, and the tiniest of black bikini bottoms makes it difficult to pull your eyes away. The more print work and commercials Claudia did, the more obvious it became that she wasn't simply going to blend into the modeling crowd. Claudia was going to stand out and she had many more tricks up her sleeve.

14 Stylin' In Pink


Imagine this beauty strolls by you on the beach with all the accessories Claudia displays. It's a regular Old Navy stylish catalog of beach fun with the cute pink outfit that perfectly highlights Claudia's breasts and the tiny white skirt, her midriff perfectly displayed in between the two. Some models don't know how to dress for fun or casually when they go out, being far too concerned about their appearance. Claudia has no issue enjoying herself and giving fans a whole lot of fun to look at. She appeared in Playboy Italy and further dazzled her fans. Claudia's figure is well lauded around the world. She not only gives the "boob guys" something to get excited about, but Claudia also has a rear end that kills- the lady's got curves!

13 Hoops Worth Jumping Through


Claudia has no shortage of amazing photos of herself strolling along the sandy beaches. These days, she calls the southeast coast of the United States home. She moved to Miami, Florida and strolls the beaches of South Florida with regularity. She can be seen displaying her beautiful olive skin and stylish tiny bikinis with regularity in the beautiful sun that only Floridians can enjoy. Claudia's sunglasses are almost too much with this outfit until you see her oversized pink hooped earrings which complement her pink on pink bathing suit top and bottom. Claudia is a true image of beauty walking the shores of Miami, but just prior to her arrival in the United States, she was still spreading her popularity in Europe.

12 Heading Up


Yeah, Claudia can do this. It's not the yoga or standing on her head that should get your attention, but rather the strength and perfection in her back and body with muscles just so subtly showcasing their definition. Claudia not only cares about her figure, but about her fitness as well. She is on full-display here, with her legs heading skyward. By 2006, Claudia's career was also heading skyward with her many appearances in foreign magazines as well as Latin television shows. She appeared on Noche de Perros and Despierta America, further displaying her popularity and mass appeal. It was clear that Claudia wasn't just going to settle to be a European hit. She was going worldwide.

11 Claudia Tops The Lists


In 2006, Claudia's attention and appeal grew to the point where recognition began to flood in from a variety of places. She was voted one of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World by FHM Denmark. She was anointed the title of "Miss Internet" by Clarence and Denmark's Q magazine and they also gave Claudia the title of "Denmark's Most Beautiful Legs." It was clear that Claudia was coming of age and the public was definitely taking notice. Claudia was 24 and just entering her prime. With television appearances, numerous magazine covers, and print work under her belt, and some impressive commercial spokesperson work, Claudia was carving out a clear path to success.

10 Vegetarian Lifestyle


Claudia's body certainly didn't happen by accident. She takes tremendous care of her body. She believes strongly in the adage that what you put into your body is what you get out of it. This is clear through her dedication to staying healthy and fit. Claudia made the decision to be a vegetarian due to many of the healthy benefits and her personal beliefs on the subject. It also has been great for her mind and body. Claudia's focus on her health has enabled her to maintain a beautiful figure and amazing skin through the years. This healthy lifestyle has played a major part in the decisions she has made, including being fit enough to run on the pitch with the boys (more on that to come later).

9 Soccer In her Heart


It's hard not to get excited about soccer when you see Claudia dressed in this little outfit while holding a ball. Claudia Romani is a big time soccer fan. She doesn't just enjoy the sport either- she has circled back in her life to be a much bigger part of it in recent years. But prior to her renewed focus in life these days, Claudia was cheering on her ex-boyfriend, Italian soccer baller Filippo Inzaghi. In addition to her dating a football star, Claudia also confesses that she is a huge fan of A.C. Milan. In fact, after an A.C. Milan win, Claudia is accustomed to stripping down to her underwear for celebrations (we would love to be a fly on the wall for those parties!).

8 Yeah, The Real Deal


When women go to the beach, one of the biggest concerns when they put on a two-piece bathing suit is their backsides. This is quite understandable, being that bathing suits cover as much body as underwear. The smaller the bikini, the more skin that is displayed. Many women aren't comfortable with this fact, but make no mistake about it, Claudia Romani has no problem showcasing what is known as one of the best rear ends on the planet. That's right, this girl knows how to rock a bikini and it isn't just us noticing. Claudia was voted "Best Bikini Body 2012" on the VH1 website for the supermodel category, beating out heavyweights Adriana Lima and Naomi Campbell.

7 Taking On Beyoncé


We're going to stay with Claudia's rear end for another moment. The VH1 competition in which Claudia wiped the floor with the other supermodels was expanded as a knock-out competition between female celebrities in all industries. After Claudia kicked Lima and Campbell out, she set her sights on Selena Gomez in round two. She cleared that hurdle and was met by Drita D'Avanzo in round three. Once again the fans sided with Claudia and her insanely perfect butt, setting her on a collision course with the Queen B herself, Beyoncé. The two met in the finals of these Bikini Awards, and the voting was a slugfest for the ages. Beyoncé edged out Claudia with 52% to Claudia's 47%, but the fact that Claudia nearly bested one of the world's biggest named icons shows just how awesome her backside truly is (we are humbled by you, Claudia!).

6 2013


2013 saw Claudia further progress in popularity in a variety of ways. In February of 2013, GQ Mexico voted Claudia "The Most Beautiful of 2012." More foreign accolades may not seem like a big deal to some, but the fact that the Latino audience voted Claudia ahead of powerhouse Sofia Vergara, is a pretty big deal. Vergara is a giant in Latin America with just as much prominence and attention for her roles in Latin television as well as the hit show Modern Family. But it made no difference as the world loved Claudia and both her personality that constantly shone through her photos and the stylish nature of her outfits. Every time she takes a photo she seems to impress everyone around. 2013 had more exciting things in store for Claudia.

5 2013, Part II

via celebmafia

Pink ties highlight this tiny bikini, and why not. The black and pink adorable outfit actually is reminiscent of a sexy lingerie outfit Claudia may don in the bedroom- we hope anyway! Swap the bikini fabric for lace and we're there. But back on point... 2013 saw more successes for Claudia. She was able to gain numerous spokesperson roles. She landed a gig with Giro d'Italia, a cycling race. She also grabbed a similar role for Gazzetta dello Sport in Miami, right in her backyard. She also traveled the United States for Gran Fondo. While working for Gran Fondo, she headed to New York City for the Five Boro Bike Tour. Claudia also was the spokesperson for Forza L'Aquila. She stepped up for the cause when her hometown was hit by an earthquake. Certainly, Claudia's amazing body is enough to make us quake and we move on to the next photo for some more.

4 French Connection


Claudia appeared on the hit French television show, Secret Story 9. The reality television series has couples on the show that pretend not to know each other in order to spice up the series. Claudia appeared on the show with her then boyfriend, sportsman and business owner Kevin Gleizes. They had a good time on the show as they pretended to be complete strangers, keeping other cast members in the dark as they played the game. However, once her boyfriend, Kevin, was eliminated, Claudia decided it, too, was her time to go. Claudia's departure off the show garnered massive ratings and attention on the show, landing it the highest audience of the season during the "quotidien."

3 Football Ref?


A lot of models do their thing and then slowly slide away from the spotlight if they don't get their opportunities in television or movies. That's not Claudia Romani. With each stage of her life, Claudia seems to enjoy taking on a variety of challenges. Her love for football led her to become an official referee for the Italian Series A and B. The stunning curvaceous beauty who enjoys splashing by the ocean's edge in amazing bikinis chose to run the pitch and call soccer games. Claudia's goal may be to become the world's hottest referee, and if so, done! We will give her that award this second! With a figure to die for, we know it won't be easy for players to get booked and not get a phone number at the same time.

2 Online Hit


Claudia's legend continues to grow online, as her Instagram account blows up. With her impressive array of photos, fans are growing daily to check out this Italian beauty. She is no doubt going to continue to impress her audiences with her healthy and beautiful lifestyle. Whether she is splashing on the beaches in Miami, Florida or hitting the pitch in Italy, it is clear that this Italian beauty isn't going anywhere. We mentioned earlier that Claudia is a big fan of A.C. Milan, and although this is a bikini article, we strongly suggest you check out some of the amazing photos posted of her in a Milan jersey. We particularly like the one where she has the jersey on, tied high to naturally display her midriff, while wearing just a tiny black bikini bottom and high black see-through stockings. Yeah, no wonder her Instagram is blowing up!

1 A Bright Future


Claudia Romani almost seems to be toying with the world these days. Her photos hit the Internet and draw the same kind of excitement and joy as she seems to have in life. Her impressive array of work thus far has led this highly successful model to branch out into a wide variety of fields. She is a worldwide hit, exciting fans in countries all across the globe. She is voted onto so many "hot" lists we can't even fit them in this article. Her body is perfect, the blend of her healthy eating and a fitness lifestyle that keeps her clean in body and mind. There aren't many beautiful women in the world who can simply jump onto the soccer pitch and take on some of the top athletes in the world, sprinting up and down a massive field, but she can- and has. Claudia is truly a remarkable person, a beautiful woman who is destined for success in no matter what field she attempts to conquer next. We're guessing a clothing line featuring some amazing bikinis could be around the corner! Either way, we'll be watching and looking out for ya, Claudia!

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20 Hottest Photos Of Claudia Romani On The Beach