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20 Hottest Female Celebs In Their Twenties

20 Hottest Female Celebs In Their Twenties


Pop culture is a funny thing, oftentimes the person that is riding high and seems to be celebrated everywhere today becomes an afterthought tomorrow. While that sucks for them, it is what allows a new crop of younger celebrities to rise to the top of the mountain year after year. As each actor or singer is succeeded by a younger star, the cycle continues like clockwork.

Keeping in mind that we can depend on each generation bringing a new grouping of celebrities to the spotlight, it therefore becomes obvious that there are always famous people for each age range. Looking at the current grouping of superstars that can be seen on all of the popular forms of media, it is interesting to compare them by age. While we could see how they stack up as actors, musicians, hosts, or a long list of other criteria, we’d be remiss if we pretended that looks aren’t important in our society. As such, we believed that our readers might enjoy an opportunity to look at the twenty hottest female celebrities in their twenties.

When looking for potential entries, there were a few obvious criteria that they needed to meet. They had to be famous women who are still in their twenties as of January 31, 2017. We make it clear that these people are under the age of thirty as best we know because we don’t have access to any of their birth certificates, so it is possible that the records we had to go by could be misinformed by Wikipedia. Aside from that, everyone was fair game as we didn’t care what they were known for.

20. Vanessa Hudgens, Age 28


Many people first became familiar with Vanessa Hudgens as one of the stars of the High School Musical franchise but since then she has made sure that people see her in a very different manner. A victim of a nude leak scandal in the early years of her career, that was the first crack in her Disney style veneer but since then she broke free of their grasp even further. Between mature roles in movies like Sucker Punch, Spring Breakers, Machete Kills, and The Frozen Ground, her earlier fans may have been shocked but we were very happy with her choices. After all, who wouldn’t want to see more of that fit frame?

19. Emma Roberts, Age 25

via pinterest

A member of the Roberts acting clan alongside her dad Eric and aunt Julia, Emma looks like she will keep that last name relevant in Hollywood for years to come. Starring on the show Scream Queens these days, she’s also been a part of movies like Valentine’s Day, Scream 4, Celeste and Jesse Forever, We’re the Millers, and many more. Also, someone whose personal life has been the subject of much discussion over the years, including her love life with American Horror Story co-star Evan Peters, whatever the reason, people talk about her. Quite possibly the thinnest person on this list, Emma doesn’t look like she doesn’t eat, unlike her character Chanel Oberlin, which is a large part of why she looks phenomenal.

18. Selena Gomez, Age 24


In her hit song “Come & Get It”, Selena beckoned people to come to her and we’re sure that there are legions of people who’d like to do nothing else more. An accomplished pop singer with hit songs like “Good for You”, “Same Old Love” and “Hands to Myself”, all reached the top spot on the Mainstream Top 40 chart in America, which means her music is loved by many. Also, an actress who is known for her roles as an adult in films like Monte Carlo, Spring Breakers, Getaway and more, she seems to succeed at everything she tries. We submit that part of the reason that is the case is that she is a splendid looking young woman who can look cute and hot at a moment’s notice.

17. Rita Ora, Age 26

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A British singer who gained prominence when Rita provided vocals for the song “Hot Right Now” that was released by DJ Fresh, she took full advantage of that opportunity. Going on to release a solo album that featured hits like “R.I.P.” and “How We Do (Party)”, she was the only artist to have three number-one songs on the UK Singles Chart in 2012. Also able to put out other hit tracks, including being featured on an Iggy Azalea single, many people are envious of her music career. Capitalizing on her name since, she has proven herself to be a great judge for competition shows like The Voice UK and their version of The X Factor. Embracing a more sexual image during her career, her tendency to wear revealing garb has given us an opportunity to see what she is working with and we like the view.

16. Brie Larson, Age 26

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There may not be a better testament to how good of an actor Brie Larson is than the fact that we rarely see her looks discussed at all. An Academy Award winner for her work in last year’s Room, if that was your introduction to her acting you’ve missed out on a lot. Amazing in the series United States of Tara, she was also solid in movies like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Spectacular Now, 21 Jump Street and Don Jon. On top of that, she was the star of Short Term 12, one of the best modern dramas and film takes on troubled youngsters. A beautiful blonde, Brie looks like a throwback to the cinema sirens of yore who’d look marvelous in a classy dress but looks just as good when dressed down.

15. AJ Michalka, Age 25

via celebmafia

If you aren’t watching The Goldbergs you’re missing out on one of the most amusing, heartwarming, and entertaining shows on television as well as one of the hottest young actresses. Playing the best friend of the titular family’s daughter and girlfriend of the Goldberg’s eldest brother, AJ is in a lot of the series’ scenes which allows her to flex her comedic muscles. Also known as one-half of Aly and AJ, a pop rock duo with her sister, she plays multiple instruments and has a sweet and soothing voice. A talented actress and musician, she looks like she would have been cast as the evil cheerleader everyone lusted after in an eighties movie but always comes off like a sweet person. No matter what role she takes or what song she sings, we know that we enjoy listening to or looking at her.

14. AnnaSophia Robb, Age 23


An actress on the rise, a lot of people may remember AnnaSophia Robb as Violet in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory but she has grown up since then. Now working in films like The Way, Way Back and three films set to be released in 2017 alone, still, arguably the most impressive role she has received came on TV. Cast as Carrie Bradshaw, the lead of The Carrie Diaries, it says a lot that she was chosen to inherit the Sex and The City role from Sarah Jessica Parker. A petite blonde whose butt is much larger and more tantalizing than her small frame would ever make you expect, her body is surprising and amazing.

13. Ashley Graham, Age 29

via inusanews

It would be very difficult to argue that there is a more famous and beloved plus size model than Ashley Graham and she certainly deserves her hallowed place in the business. The first model of her size that Sports Illustrated ever chose to be on the cover of their Swimsuit Issue, that alone is enough to build her career around. However, she has also appeared in Vogue, Glamour, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar’s pages. Additionally shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Entertainment Tonight and the CBS News have featured her in their telecast. Someone with a big butt and breasts, her body makes anything she wears look great and looks magnificent when in the buff.

12. Zoey Deutch, Age 22

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Arguably the least famous person on this list, Zoey Deutch isn’t known by a lot of people but her mother Lea Thompson, who is best known as the mom in Back to the Future sure is. Clearly inheriting her mother’s delightful looks, Zoey looks like a very classy and attractive person. Recently appearing in a lot of movies, including lesser fair like Dirty Grandpa and Why Him? on top of Beautiful Creatures and an under-seen gem, Everybody Want Some, we hope she sticks around for years to come. As she matures as an actor and hopefully her roles allow her to show off her skills and body, we’ll be there to support her efforts that’s for sure.

11. Emmalina, Age 27


A wrestler who is in the midst of a character relaunch at the time of this writing, this performer was previously known as Emma but is being rechristened as Emmalina. At one point she portrayed one of the most innocent figures in wrestling who would do a weird dance on the way to the ring and then she played a more typical villain but things have changed. Judging by the vignettes that have aired on Monday Night Raw to promote her upcoming return, she will be playing a much sexier character as they repeatedly show her wearing rather revealing bikinis. We certainly aren’t complaining as they have gotten some alluring photos of this blonde whose body may just be a work of art.

10. Ariana Grande, Age 23


Quite possibly the shortest person on this list, this firecracker has become one of the biggest stars of her generation. A former Nickelodeon star due to her role in Victorious, Ariana Grande still makes sporadic acting appearances in shows like Scream Queens, Saturday Night Live and Hairspray Live, but her biggest claim to fame is as a pop singer. Known for songs like “Problem”, “Break Free”, Bang Bang”, Love Me Harder” and “Dangerous Woman” to name a few, her sexy image has helped her career immensely. After all, she is regularly seen on stage wearing a variety of skimpy outfits. We know it doesn’t seem like a bad investment to us if you pay a few dollars and spend a night looking at her alluring body in real life.

9. Emma Stone, Age 28


One of the biggest stars of her generation, Emma Stone is putting together a career that virtually any actor would kill to have. A key part of blockbusters like the Amazing Spider-Man films, teen movies like Easy A, and acclaimed movies like Birdman and La La Land, she seems more than capable of making any movie better through her involvement. Already nominated for an Oscar and seemingly poised to repeat that feat, she won a Golden Globe earlier this year. Seeming like a dream girl, she looks incredible, seems like a lot of fun to be around and is great at what she does.

8. Nina Dobrev, Age 28


An actress who is best known for her starring role in The Vampire Diaries, Nina has a large contingent of fans who are invested in her on-screen and off-screen relationships. Also a part of a pair of movies that both deserve to be seen by a lot more people, The Perks of Being a Wallflower and The Final Girls, it seems like she could make the transition to concentrating on film roles easily. No matter where her career takes her, one thing is for certain, she’ll look amazing and turn a lot of heads. A brunette who is absolutely exquisite, one of her biggest strengths is that she looks like she belongs in a magazine but seems like she would be at home hanging with the boys in a bar.

7. Abigail Ratchford, Age 27

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You may not know the name of Abigail Ratchford but if this is the first time you’ve been introduced to this glamour model we’re guessing you may be inputting her name into google before too long. An American who has made a name for herself in an industry that is far more popular in places like the U.K., due to their newspapers including them, it says a lot about how hot she truly is. With a tight body and breasts so big that they are hard to believe are real, no matter if they are natural or not they are definitely as hot as any we’ve ever look at.

6. Paige, Age 24


The gothic look may have reached its zenith in the nineties with the rise of musical acts like Marilyn Manson and much more, this young wrestler is certainly bringing it back to the forefront. A former NXT Women’s Champion who won the WWE Divas Championship in her main roster debut and one more time since, Paige has been used in a prominent role on WWE TV in the past. Although she is currently on the shelf due to an injury, she seems to be on the outs with WWE management but we hope that chasm is bridged as she is one of the most talented wrestlers on their roster. Not just distinctive due to the color of her hair and the clothes she wears, there is no question that she works hard on her body and it has completely paid off.

5. Kate Upton, Age 24

via popsugar

A woman who is famous literally for no other reason than she is great to look at, Kate is one of the world’s best-known models. Also making forays into the acting world in the last several years, as evidenced by her work in Tower Heist, The Three Stooges, and The Other Woman, try as she might that will most likely never be her claim to fame. Curvier than a lot of the other women that have succeeded in her industry, that attribute is a large portion of the reason she stands out and has made such a big name for herself. Blessed with big boobs that are marvelous to look at, she is more than happy to show them off and as a result, we’re very pleased to have her be a part of this list.

4. Demi Lovato, Age 24


A former child star who at one time was a part of the Disney Channel world, Demi’s current image would likely be seen as shocking by many of the fans of hers when she used to be sticky sweet. The star of the Camp Rock franchise, these days she is principally known as a singer due to hit songs like “Skyscraper”, “Give Your Heart a Break”, “Cool for the Summer”, and more. Also well-known as a former judge on the competition show The X Factor, her career has been multifaceted. Also admirable because of her willingness to share with the world that she has struggled with body issues, Demi has become an inspiration to millions. A gorgeous young woman who seems to be happy to share with the world what she looks like when fully made up or just getting out of bed these days, confidence is sexy and she is definitely that.

3. Rihanna, Age 28


A singer that oozes sex from her every pore, it shouldn’t shock anyone to learn that Rihanna has been linked to stripping considering her impressive dance moves and confidence in her own body. One of the best-selling singers of all –time due to selling more that two hundred million albums worldwide, she pulled off that impressive feat when a lot of artist’s sales have slumped. Known for songs like “We Found Love”, “Live Your Life”, “Love The Way You Lie”, “Umbrella”, “Disturbia”, “Take A Bow” and “Rude Boy” to name but a few, her music has been enjoyed by millions. Of course, that is just the main reason that she is famous but the reason she is so high on this list is how hot she is. Look at her, she possesses a fit figure and a butt that won’t quit. Looking great physically, the main reason she is so hot is still that we find her energy and the way she appears to feel about her body and sharing it with the world.

2. Margot Robbie, Age 26


It could easily be argued that Suicide Squad is last year’s most divisive film as there are many people who absolutely love it and just as many who thought it was awful or at the very least seriously flawed. However, there is one thing that seems to be universally agreed upon, that Margot Robbie’s performance as Harley Quinn was the highlight of the film. Made famous after her memorable turn in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street, a lot of people may not realize that she’d been working for years prior to that movie. In fact, she had a memorable, but small, role in a movie called About Time, that is criminally underseen and deserves a lot more attention from her fans. Of course, it doesn’t hurt in the slightest that it is a whole lot of fun to just sit back and look at her.

1. Blake Lively, Age 29


An actress who first became famous as one of the lead characters on Gossip Girl, Blake’s incredible looks make her reign supreme in our minds as the hottest female celebrity in her twenties. Also famous for her film work in movies like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Accepted, The Town, Green Lantern and Savages, she has become known all over the world. Celebrated in 2016 for her work in The Shallows, a shark film that has a devoted fanbase, we’re hoping that her career gains momentum as a result. A buxom blonde with a body to die for, we find it hard to believe that she is even capable of looking anything less than attractive. With a distinctive mole on her face and a long history of coming off as very likable in every interview we’ve ever seen her in, her husband, Ryan Reynolds, is one lucky man.

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