20 Hot Pics Of Celebs Wearing Hugh Hefner's Bunny Costume

There is no doubt about it, Hugh Hefner’s bunnies have become a massive part in the history of modern media.

There is no doubt about it, Playboy Magazine and its founder, Hugh Hefner, have become a massive part in the history of modern media. Combining fantastic journalism and pictures of gorgeous women without their clothes on, it was conceived as the perfect men’s magazine and it probably has been just that on top of being pretty great for everyone else. Arguably a huge step forward in the women’s rights movement, as it gave its models the ability to own their sexuality, it is hard to imagine what would be different if Playboy had never existed. Also well known for its logo, the Playboy bunny, it has been emblazoned on practically every kind of merchandise. More than that, however, it is the inspiration for the classic Playboy bunny outfit that many of us have come to know and love. Reflecting on the history of that clothing choice inspired us to put together this list of twenty hot photos of Hugh Hefner’s Bunnies.

For the purposes of this list, we set out to find some of the hottest images of women in the classic Playboy bunny outfit. It doesn’t matter if the people inside of it are directly linked to Hugh, as we all know that everyone who puts the legendary costume on knows where it originated from. However, anyone with a search engine and time would be able to tell you there are probably millions of photos of everyday women wearing it so we had to narrow our parameters. As a result, we’ve opted to limit ourselves to images that incorporate at least celebrity, even if they aren’t the one who is dressed like a bunny.

20 Summer Altice

Summer Altice was named after Miss USA 1975, Summer Bartholomew, and it seems like her parents must have realized that she would turn into an absolutely gorgeous woman. A former model who was represented by the Elite Modeling Agency, magazines like Maxim, Max, and GQ published her image before she became a Playboy Playmate of the Month in August of 2000. Going on to appear on shows like One Tree Hill and Entourage as well as movies like The Scorpion King, and Wedding Crashers, her looks have opened a lot of doors to her. Seen here at the premiere of Piranha 3DD in 2012, an event that was co-sponsored by Playboy, her bunny outfit shows off ample cleavage and lots of her legs.

19 Kate Moss

Another famous model, Kate Moss played a massive role in the burgeoning, at the time, trend known as heroin chic. While we don’t support the idea that looking sickly is an attractive idea, we can’t deny that she looks splendid in almost every situation which is probably why she has outlived most of her peers at the time. In fact, in 2007, years after the heroin chic look had faded from prominence in the modeling world, Time magazine named her among the one hundred most influential people in the world. Appearing here on the January/February 2014 issue of Playboy’s cover, if you ask us this image is a great example of what made the Playboy bunny outfit a trend, to begin with.

18 Karrueche Tran

An American of a Vietnamese and Jamaican descent, Karrueche Tran started her career in the public as a model and over time has managed to make headway as an actress and host. Having appeared in movies like 3-Headed Shark Attack, A Weekend with the Family, The Nice Guys, and Only for One Night, her career is definitely on the upswing and there is no telling how high it will get. Also having hosted shows like 106 & Park and the 2014 BET Awards red carpet event, those opportunities offered up invaluable experience for her. Seen here in a 2015 photo of her in a bunny outfit that she wore to a Halloween party put on by Maxim Magazine, she looks fantastic.

17 Alessandra Ambrosio

One of the most famous and lusted after models in the world today, Alessandra Ambrosio is known all around the world due entirely to her looks. Currently, among the roster of women that are Victoria’s Secret Angels, one of the most coveted modeling gigs around, she has also worked for brands like Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren. Appearing at a Halloween party alongside her boyfriend at the time, who is dressed as Hugh Hefner, she makes an amazing Playboy bunny. With a huge smile on her face, it looks like she is having a marvelous time and that is great because we certainly love the view.

16 Brooke Vincent and Sacha Parkinson

A pair of actresses who play a lesbian couple on a British Soap Opera known as Coronation Street, they mark a watershed moment for the longstanding series as it has never had a pair like them before. Obviously very proud of their place in history, they took part in a photoshoot for Playboy and in it revealed that they have very strong feelings about the future of their characters. In fact, Brooke stated in an interview with the magazine that “if they split us up, I’d leave”, which really shows how important the characters they’ve created are to them. In this image that was released as part of their spread in Playboy, they sit back to back in classic Playboy bunny outfits. To us, that communicates that it is them against the world and when you combine that with their amazing looks and the flesh on display, there is no question that the results are electric.

15 Crystal Harris

Crystal was introduced to much of the world when she got a starring role in the final season of the Playboy “reality” show The Girls Next Door. Going on to receive even more attention due to being the third, and final to date, wife of Hugh Hefner, a celebrity who is sixty years her senior, a great deal of interest in her private life comes with the territory. Also an aspiring singer, she has released a couple of singles to little or no notice or acclaim she has also tried her hand as a swimsuit and “intimates” designer. Although her outfit in this picture isn’t the classic definition of what a Playboy bunny wears, considering her intent is made clear by the ears and her marital status we decided to let it pass. Showing a great deal of cleavage, from the second we saw this image we knew it had to be included here.

14 Jayde Nicole

One of only a handful of Canadian women who’ve managed to be named Playboy’s Playmate of the year, in her case in 2008, only Dorothy Stratten and Shannon Tweed did that before Jayde. Someone who started modeling at the age of six and has continued doing that ever since, other than a break after she turned eleven, she appeared in several magazines growing up. Amazingly enough, it was her mother who suggested that she try out for Playboy, a move that would make her career as it lead to a plethora of opportunities. Seen in a black and white Playboy bunny outfit in this 2014 photo, even six years after becoming Playmate of the Year, it is clear her connection to the publication remains strong. The fact that she looks absolutely titillating here probably has a lot to do with that.

13 Sally Field

Sally Field isn’t exactly a sex symbol. Known for movies like Norma Rae, Steel Magnolias, Mrs. Doubtfire, Forrest Gump, Eye for an Eye, Lincoln, and The Amazing Spider-Man movies, she has had a long and respected career. A woman that is far better known for her incredible acting talents instead of her looks, it probably comes as a surprise to many of our readers that she ever appeared on Playboy’s cover. However, we’re guessing that pales in comparison to the shock at how great she looks, especially in a Playboy bunny outfit. Revealing that she had an incredible figure at the time, it is clear that had she wanted to go another direction with her career or she could have been seen as a world-class hottie.

12 Jenny McCarthy

A very controversial woman these days, it sometimes seems to be forgotten that wasn’t always the case as Jenny's looks are very easy to appreciate. A former Playboy Playmate of the Year, she would go on to be a host of shows like Singled Out and The View. However, the majority of her career has been spent trying to be an actress, including appearing in movies like BASEketball, Scream 3, and Scary Movie 3, as well as a pair of shows named after her, Jenny and The Jenny McCarthy Show. Appearing on the cover of Playboy's January 2005 issue in a leopard print Playboy bunny outfit, which seems like a weird combo, there is no doubt she looks good.

11 Bridget Marquardt

The second of three women who starred on the Playboy “reality” show The Girls Next Door that will appear on this list, Bridget is probably the least famous of the bunch. That said, being well-known isn’t necessarily a good representation of how good-looking a woman is and that seems to be the case here, as she has a body to die for. A photo of her from a Halloween party she hosted at Gallery Nightclub in Vegas back in 2011, she originated a twist on the Playboy bunny by being a zombie version of it. Even trying to look like the undead, she still looks incredible and was likely the sexiest woman at the party that night.

10 Ellen DeGeneres

One of the most beloved comedians and television hosts ever, Ellen DeGeneres has been a mainstay of pop culture ever since the early-nineties. Also known for acting in shows like Ellen, the series named after her, and movies like Dr. Dolittle, EDtv, and the Finding Nemo series, whether she appeared in person or we only heard her, she was unmistakable. Pictured here at a charity event that took place at the Playboy Club at the Palms Casino Resort, she is the only woman present that is not dressed as a Playboy bunny. While our eyes immediately went to her there at first, there is no question that they didn’t stay on her long, as we love looking at these five alluring women who serve to make this photo a very attractive one.

9 Paris Hilton

Someone that became famous due to her great-grandfather’s business acumen and her love of partying, Paris also owes her notoriety to a sex tape that was widely circulated. A former “reality” show star, The Simple Life became a sensation for a time and she has also tried her hand at a music career in the past that surprisingly resulted in a hit song. Finally, Paris has made several acting appearances in movies like Zoolander, Wonderland, House of Wax, and most notoriously The Hottie and the Nottie. Someone that actually uploaded an image of herself as a child dressed as a Playboy bunny to the shock of many, clearly she still enjoys the brand. A derivation on the classic bunny costume, Paris has combined the always necessary bunny ears with what can only be described as lingerie here and the results are glorious.

8 Krysten Ritter

An actress on the rise, Krysten was first introduced to most of us with her role as Jesse’s girlfriend in the hit show Breaking Bad. Also a veteran of movies like 27 Dresses, Confessions of a Shopaholic, She's Out of My League, Veronica Mars, and Big Eyes, every time she does her thing we want to see more of her. Most famous these days for playing the titular Jessica Jones in the Netflix series that takes place in The Marvel Cinematic Universe, we would love to see her join the film branch. An image that was featured in Playboy when she took part in their 20 Questions section, the uncharacteristic smile on her face looks great, as does her body.

7 Rachel McAdams

Speaking of people who’ve appeared in The Marvel Cinematic Universe, Rachel McAdams is one of the people who most recently joined it due to her role in Doctor Strange. A talented actress who has appeared in beloved films like The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, The Family Stone, About Time, and Spotlight to name but a few which shows her inclusion in a film is a great sign of things to come. A screengrab from one of her best and most popular movies, Mean Girls, we had to include it here even though the Playboy brand is never mentioned. You could argue that she is just trying to be a bunny but trying to turn that animal into a sexy costume seems to be a clear reference to the magazine. Looking fantastic as always, she clearly knows how to pose in a position that emphasizes her curves because in this moment our jaws hit the floor.

6 Carmen Electra

A woman that is known for a body that seems to be impossibly perfect, Carmen Electra, like a few other women on this list, has made several appearances in Playboy magazine. Someone that seemed to walk in Jenny McCarthy’s footsteps, she also hosted Singled Out but arguably went on to have a more successful acting career. We say that because she appeared in movies like the Scary Movie franchise, My Boss's Daughter, Starsky & Hutch, Mr. 3000, Monster Island, and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Shown here at the Playboy club at The Palms Resort and Casino, it seems like a good move for them as we can’t imagine being able to walk away from cleavage like that.

5 Ariel Winter

Easily the youngest woman on this list, considering she is only nineteen at the time of this writing, Ariel Winter has gained a lot of attention for her sexy uploads on social media. A major part of the immensely popular series Modern Family, on the sitcom she plays a buttoned-up nerdy character that seems to be the antithesis of who she is in real life. Shown here in a photo she uploaded to her Instagram account during last year’s Halloween season, the curvy actress who is clearly proud of her body is showing off in black and white. Wearing a Playboy bunny outfit, of course, she is also sporting a come-hither look on her face that is likely to make a lot of hearts beat faster.

4 Amber Heard

A talented actress who is especially good at playing powerful women you wouldn’t want to mess with, it is a shame that Amber has been in the spotlight more for her marital status of late than her career. Seen in movies like Alpha Dog, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Pineapple Express, Zombieland, and Magic Mike XXL, she is also set to appear in the upcoming Justice League movie. One of the main cast of a show called The Playboy Club which focused on the comings and goings at the famous nightclub ran by the magazine in the past, it unsurprisingly featured her in a bunny costume. Perfectly cast to play a woman that looks good in a red version of the classic garment, when we saw how hot this photo is our eyes practically bulged out of our head.

3 Holly Madison

The final star of The Girls Next Door to appear on this list, it makes sense that Holly has the most coveted spot on our list of the three as she is exquisite and was often the main focus of the show. After leaving that series and moving out of the mansion, she has gone on to release a New York Time best-selling book, has continued to model and become a mother and wife. Looking ecstatic to be dressed as a Playboy bunny in this photo, it isn’t possible, due to her age, but looking at her here it almost seems like the costume was designed just for her since she looks that good in it.

2 Hugh Hefner

A photo of Playboy’s founder and patriarch alongside a pair of blonde Playboy bunnies, it is the perfect evidence of the lavish and lust filled lifestyle Hef has lived for years. Considering that he has a history of living his life with a gaggle of blonde beauties at his beck and call, the look on his face should be absolutely elated. While that doesn’t seem to be the case, perhaps that is because posing for this picture took away from his ability to focus on the gorgeous gals on either side of him. Both women are wonderful personifications of a Playboy model and clearly have no issue showing off their bodies which is always attractive. Additionally, having the image taken from this angle allows the viewer to imagine what it might be like to have them sprawled out in front of us and it is pretty hard to get hotter than that.

1 Pamela Anderson

There have been a few women over the years that instantly come to mind when Playboy comes up. Marilyn Monroe, Anna Nicole Smith, Shannon Tweed and a few others are among them but if you ask us, no model is more closely associated with the magazine than Pamela Anderson. That is what made her such a great choice to appear on the cover of the issue that was supposed to mark the final nude appearance in the magazine, although they’ve recently announced a return to their roots. Seen here pictured alongside the man that played a large part in the creation of her career while wearing an outfit he also popularized, it doesn’t get any better than that.

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20 Hot Pics Of Celebs Wearing Hugh Hefner's Bunny Costume