20 Hot Photos Of Sara Underwood That Will Blow Your Mind

You may know Sara Underwood as the cute and sexy blonde from Portland Oregon who first appeared in Playboy on the October 2005 cover. What you may not know is that she has a major in Business Marketing from Oregon State University and used to work as a waitress at Hooters. Playboy obviously liked the girl a lot because after she hit The Girls of the Pac 10 issue, she went on to become Playmate of the Month in the July 2006 issue as well. That was just the beginning for this Playboy model, as she just seemed to grow in popularity. She went on to be named Playmate of the Year in 2007, which is no easy feat if you know anything about Hugh Hefner. He takes these things seriously, and it takes A LOT to become one of his Playmates.

Underwood went on to be featured in many Playboy videos and made a few films, including one where she took on a role as herself in movies such as The House Bunny and Miss March. She's also done a few reality shows such as The Girls Next Door, Kendra, and Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches. If those aren’t enough, this Playboy model has been a TV announcer for the Blackbelt TV cable network and has also co-hosted a few episodes of G4’s Attack of the Show!.

If you think you know everything there is to know about this hottie, you're probably wrong because you’ve probably just been looking at her pictures. These photos will prove that this girl is a hottie, and they might just blow your mind.

20 Who Doesn't Like A Good Car Wash?

She looks incredible; every aspect of her body is amazing, and we can’t help but love these shots. No wonder they're one of the most downloaded photos out there. Underwood is actually one pretty smart cookie at the end of the day. It’s not just a hot body; she may have the complete package. Not only does Underwood enjoy traveling and the outdoors but she loves web application, too. Crazy, right? Who loves that stuff? She does. She studied the web application framework for Ruby on Rails, and as if that wasn’t enough, she also helped to publish a beginner’s course on it. Good for you, girl! Underwood can apparently do anything that she put her mind to.

19 The Star Wars Lover

For all those Star Wars lovers out there, you're sure to get a kick out of this photo. Fully clothed in a Star Wars-themed bodysuit, this hottie looks as gorgeous as ever. She’s standing there in a seductive pose that has a trace of innocence to it, and she even has a lightsaber. Black certainly suits her pale skin and blonde hair. She’s no stranger to dressing up either. When she first appeared in Playboy, she was body-painted as a football player. They painted on a football jersey and a matching bikini. She has many different professions as a model, actor, and TV host, so it’s hard to track down her yearly salary, but we can imagine that it’s hefty, considering she's shopping on Rodeo Drive, but we do hear that Hugh Hefner gives his girls a shopping allowance. It’s rumored, though, that her net worth is in the millions.

18 Oops, Just a Slip

This black bikini is the great thing about this photo; it’s sexy and seductive, and the slip reveals so much more. The seductive nature of this photo makes it so appealing to look at. She's advertising something, but no one's paying attention to the bottle in her hand. When she won the coveted title of Playmate of the Year in 2007, they gave her a Mini Cooper! Talk about a cool prize. In the history of Playboy, she was the first Miss July to get the annual title, and she was shocked that she received it. "I didn't think I was pretty enough." That's crazy talk; the girl is clearly a beauty. She was also ranked #25 on the 25 Hottest Playboy Celebrities list that Playboy had. Regardless of what she does, she's one of the prettiest Playboy models that we've seen in a while.

17 A Tough Workout

It must've been a tough workout for Underwood to look so badass, though not too many people will work out in panties and a bra. But who are we to judge? Those are certainly sexy under gear, though, so we can see why she looks so amazing. We love this badass side to Underwood because it shows an entirely different side to her. She can be badass as well as sexy, and that’s a lethal combination. To even be considered to be a Playboy model, you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle with an exercise regime, and we can tell that Underwood stays fit. Playboy not only wants a sexy girl in their magazine but wants a confident one as well. After all, you have to be comfortable posing in the nude, and that isn’t always easy for everyone.

16 Instagram Love

Who doesn’t love a little kitty-cat bikini? In this case, Underwood is showing off her new bathing suit via Instagram. This bikini is not only cute, but it’s very revealing as well, and what’s not to like about that? This is one of many cool poses on her Instagram, so if you’re not already following her, you might want to. You might be surprised to find out that Underwood has been in some movies over the years. Not only does Underwood have reality TV under her belt, but she's also appeared in a few horror movies, if you're into that genre. The Telling and Deadly Weekend are two of those movies, so Underwood is certainly busy, and she, of course, still models for Playboy. She also appeared in movies such as Epic Movie in 2007 and Two Million Stupid Women (an interesting title), which was released in 2009.

15 Looking Comfy

Yes, Underwood certainly looks comfy in her sports bra and panties, and those panties are pretty cool because they're comic book-inspired. It shows off her fun side, and that's the kind of random picture we like to see. She looks casual, but she’s also very sexy indeed! Just look at her sexy midriff and that long blonde hair. She's sending hearts aflutter all over the world. If you've ever wondered what this beauty likes to listen to with regard to music, then look no further. This girl is a through-and-through country music fan. She likes the rhymes and the drawl in country music, and we couldn’t agree with her more. “I love country music because they rhythm 'ain't' with 'can't.'” She should probably be a comedian because her quotes are pretty funny.

14 Baby, It’s Cold Outside

If you've ever wondered how Underwood does in the cold elements, then you no longer have to wonder. In this photo, she looks like she's doing just fine in that barely there outfit. Only Underwood could make a pair of rain boots look hot AF! This is the kind of pose that makes you want to scoop her up and take her inside to lay by the fire. We love the pigtails; they totally complete the look. This girl has certainly come a long way from working as a store associate and a waitress. She continues to work toward a career in modeling outside of Playboy as well. She's never been married, but at one point, she did date Ryan Seacrest for a two-year period. But since then, she's been dating reality star Roberto Martinez, and that relationship seems to be going strong.

13 That Booty, Though...

She's practically glowing in these photos, and that’s what’s so great about her. She's gorgeous no matter what she wears. She seems to enjoy her career as a Playboy model, as she's been featured multiple times. For girls who are interested in becoming a Playboy model, it’s actually a really simple process that involves attending a casting call -- they have them posted right on the Playboy website. For obvious reasons, they don’t even care if you have modeling experience; just show up, and put your best foot forward. That’s all it takes to become the next Playmate, but we’re not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing.

12 Lady in Red

Underwood could certainly be the sexiest lady in red out there. She's wearing a body-hugging red dress that shows off all her best features. In this case, the red just pops off her tanned skin and makes her blonde hair look red hot. She loves posting photos to Instagram and does it quite frequently. There doesn’t seem to be a dull moment around this girl. She has long legs that go all the way up, and this dress certainly shows them off. She has a gorgeous curvy figure, and her bikini shots are one of the most downloaded pictures on the internet. Considering how many models there are out there, that's no small feat. She's one sexy model, though; we can’t deny that, so we can see why she's downloaded a lot. Her fellow alum at Oregon State University loved her so much that they made a poster of her as Playboy’s 2007 Playmate of the Year and posted it outside Bexell Hall. It was only up for a few hours, though, before the staff took it down.

11 Blue Beauty

Yes, blue is definitely Underwood’s color. She looks incredible in this transparent blue lingerie set. The panties are skimpy, but we just love the whole ensemble. It’s a shoot on the beach, and it’s just perfection with the sun setting in the background. Even the addition of the flannel shirt seems to make the picture all the better. If you love an outdoorsy girl, then you're sure to love this picture. She does yoga all the time and actually competed in the 8th Kunoichi competition in Japan, which is basically like Women of Ninja Warrior held in the US. She won her first stage heat and got ahead 0f three Japanese contestants who had a more extensive athletic background than she did. Pretty impressive, for sure. Unfortunately, she didn’t make it through the second stage, as she misjudged a step and fell.

10 Sizzling Red

This stunner looks amazing in this red lingerie set. She has an amazing curvy figure, and it’s accentuated nicely in this photo. Her blonde hair is in a casual braid that's cute despite all the sexiness that makes up this photo. The thumb in the pantie is a great pose, and it shows off just a bit of her hip. You might be surprised to find out that Underwood is a hell of a poker player. She did some advertisements for VictoryPoker.net as well as played on some charity poker tournaments. After that, she made it official by joining their team of professional poker players. Now, we’re betting that she just became even hotter in your eyes. Her reality TV career also took her to star in Ridiculousness, in which she was a guest star during their second season. She does well in reality, that’s for sure.

9 Baring Her Stomach

Yes, she's hot as hell. She’s just wearing a simple tank and panties, but she's working that figure! She’s the kind of girl who’s fit but also has some amazing curves as well. What’s not to love? She's gorgeous, and that blonde hair just completes the picture. Underwood is probably not the person to ask for help with grammar, and she might not be the best at doing interviews because she's said some bizarre things over the years. Check out this quote about a common grammar issue: “If I had a quarter for every time I have Googled the difference between 'then' and 'than'... I wouldn't be rich, but I would be like $4 richer.” Well, that’s a relief, I guess. Thankfully, she isn’t writing a book, but she seems to be making splashes in her career these days, so she’s going places.

8 Cleavage-Baring

There isn’t a guy in the world who doesn’t love a good cleavage-baring shot. This black-and-white photo is gorgeous because it just seems so natural, and yet, how could it be? She looks so perfect! Her jeans are undone, giving us just a peak or a thrill, and she’s sporting a lace bra in all the right ways. Yes, this girl is a goddess. This girl believes in exercising; after all, you can’t be a model anywhere unless you're fit. Even curvy girls have to go to the gym to establish the tone that looks so amazing in pictures. Underwood has some pet peeves, however, when it comes to her arm fat, and she wants you to stay away from it. “There's a special place in hell for people who squeeze your arm fat.” We couldn’t agree more.

7 Sweater Warmth

If it’s cold outside, then nothing is better than pulling on a sweater to keep warm. Underwood has never looked better than she does in this sweater. What a fox! Wearing nothing but a sweater and panties, she's showing off some serious cleavage. She’s playing with her hair and looking coyly at the camera, and we can’t help but wonder what she’s thinking about. This beauty doesn’t have to do very much to draw you in because, with one look, she'll have you hook, line and sinker. Underwood comes from humble beginnings, growing up in Oregon. She wasn’t interested in a life of business, however; she wanted fame and fortune. If you're interested in a little Underwood trivia, it might be interesting for you to hear that she actually went to school with football player Derek Anderson. Also, her very first job was as a salesgirl in heavy construction.

6 Laying Around

When you just want to lay around in your comfy clothes, do you ever look this good doing so? Underwood knows how to look sexy even when she’s just in her jogging pants. Pairing a black lace bra and green joggers, Underwood sends out massive amounts of sex appeal with very little effort. It’s really hard not to fall in love with this girl. Not only is Underwood a Playmate, but apparently, she also shops around for girls who would make great Playboy models. She’s credited for bringing Ida Ljungqvist into the world of Playboy modeling. She found the girl while shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. It must have been a good choice because Ljungqvist went on to become Playmate of the Year in 2009. Both girls have done well for themselves, and Ljungqvist certainly has Underwood to thank for her career.

5 Toned Body

Underwood has some seriously toned legs, and we can’t stop looking at them. Her longs legs are certainly eye-catching; how can you not stare at them? Posing in a vintage van, she's just wearing a tshirt and bikini bottom, but she's looking hot AF! What an amazing pose; it’s so seductive, and it draws you in. We just can’t get enough. When it comes to being a Playboy model, getting the job can simply be all about what you wear to a casting call, and as we can see here, Underwood knows how to dress for a role. You have to always have the perfect outfit for a casting or a modeling gig. It’s best to go shopping beforehand and see what shows off your body the best. Don’t forget the heels; they're the best way to showcase sexy legs like Underwood has.

4 Pool Time

Underwood is looking foxy as she relaxes by the pool. Who doesn’t love living the high life? We would all do it if we could. She's donning a scandalously small white bikini, and it goes great against her tanned skin. She's practically glowing, and how could she not? She looks ridiculously happy in this picture. We love how she plays innocently with her hair, a true gem all around. It came out that Underwood had breast implants, and it happened on the Kendra show. It shouldn’t have been surprising, however, since it's pretty well known that Hefner gives his girls a plastic surgery allowance to fix all of their imperfections. Underwood confirmed on The Howard Stern Show that she did, in fact, get surgery for breast enlargements. It’s pretty common for Playboy models, so it’s certainly nothing she should be ashamed about.

3 Hot Orange

This Trailer Park Girl is enjoying a cold drink and a hot orange bathing suit. This bathing suit certainly doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, but you don’t hear us complaining. She looks stunning with messy blonde hair and some daring cleavage. We're liking every bit of this photo. It’s not surprising then to find out that Underwood has a massive number of fans all over the world. When it comes to being popular as a model, social media is everything. Those followers and likes can make you or break you. She has over 7.4 million followers on Instagram and 578 thousand followers on Twitter, and those numbers are nothing to sneeze at. As if that isn’t enough, she also has over 48 million fans on her Facebook modeling page. The girl is definitely popular, and these photos are exactly why.

2 A Girl Who Squats

Tell me that you don’t love a girl who squats. That round bottom is reason enough for women all over the world to hit the gym. It’s a very sexy feature of a woman, and Underwood certainly has that department covered. In a sweater and panties, she's showing off some amazing assets, and we're loving every minute of it. We love the fun expression on her face; it's as if she’s having a mischievous moment with a lover. Aside from Ryan Seacrest, she's dated many men throughout the years. Early on in her career, she dated the TV personality Kevin Pereira, but that turned out to just be a fling. She then moved on to auto racing driver, Marco Andretti, but they only dated for a few months. That was when she started dating Ryan Seacrest, they were together for two years when they broke up, so she hasn’t had much luck in the world of love.

1 She’s Sexy and She Knows It

Who eats their cereal in the morning in sexy black lace underwear? Well, we now know that Underwood certainly does, and she looks really comfortable doing so. This looks like something she pulled together to show off what her life is really like when she isn’t working, and she certainly got our attention. She has such a great athletic body, and so it’s not surprising that she played volleyball in high school. She could probably still continue doing it these days. She's also really good friends with Kendra Wilkinson, which is how she managed to get on her show, Kendra. Things are certainly working out for Underwood, and we look forward to seeing where her modeling and acting careers take her. These photos prove that she has the talent to make it far, and if you haven’t started following her on Instagram, you're truly missing out.

Source: Wikipedia

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