20 Hot Photos Of Hannah Jeter Derek Doesn't Want Us To See

Known for her incredible beauty and stunning modelling shots, Hannah Jeter has cemented herself into popular culture with an array of talents; and being married to one of the most famous baseball players of our generation. If you're an avid reader of Sports Illustrated, or just buy the Swimsuit issue every year (we don’t blame you), chances are you ran into Hannah Davis before she got engaged to MLB superstar Derek Jeter. With her sea-foam green eyes and captivating body measurements, the up and coming modelling sensation has gained more notoriety this past year than she ever has before. Before she clashed together with Derek, her estimated net worth was in the ballpark of $4 million; in a modelling contract that grants her $50,000 a month, and $600,000 a year, she may not be needing the $185 million her husband is worth.

Currently pregnant with their first child, the couple is enjoying a fresh marriage that comes with all the spoils that you might imagine. As you will see here we have compiled a list of images we can only imagine will make Derek Jeter cringe, as any jealous boyfriend knows, having a hot girlfriend comes with every attempt to hide her from the outside world. We haven't done Derek Jeter any favors with this article, gathering the sexiest and most jaw-dropping images of the famed beauty that is Hannah Davis.

As you explore the pages to come, try and do your best to remind yourself that she is married and that she’s also pregnant. We trust that your subconscious will continue to allow you to forget those simple rules but we cannot fault you because even we still forget from time to time. Anyways, without further delay, enjoy!

15 Wedding Band Hannah

Even the guy In the background can't resist snapping a picture to show all of his friends. We’ve concluded that Hannah Jeter is as hot as it gets, unfortunately she's flaunting a wedding ring in this photo, although we’re seriously doubting that you noticed. Something about hot models near the sand just really has a way directly to our hearts, and Hannah Jeter is HOT. This 27-year-old fashion diva was born in the Virgin Islands, but she couldn't look more at home here in the States. Derek Jeter is probably kicking himself for allowing his wife to be seen in such a manner, although it must be difficult to prevent her from simply walking anywhere. Even if paparazzi caught her taking out the trash it’s likely that even that picture could shut down the internet.

14 Sports Illustrated Cover

Derek Jeter is used to flipping through Sports Illustrated magazines and seeing pictures of himself making nice plays and winning World Series trophies, but if he has checked lately it’s not himself who's making the cover anymore. Hannah Jeter absolutely crushed this cover and photo shoot, which is typical, although when this picture was taken her and Derek weren’t yet married. Chances are upon viewing this swimsuit edition Derek Jeter fell in love, causing him to spark a relationship completely “organically”. If these two are in it for the long-haul Derek better get used to his flawless wife on magazine covers and swimsuit editions. Likely this is enough to drive any boyfriend crazy, but Derek Jeter isn't just any boyfriend.

13 A Little Too Patriotic

I hope we don't have to explain why this photograph landed on our list. This tantalizing image of Hannah licking a patriotic lollipop is enough for us to fall in love; on the other hand we can only imagine what Derek Jeter feels when he sees images like this one. For someone born in the Virgin Islands, Hannah seems to be fitting in right at home with her patriotic attire. Whether she was wrapped in an American flag or a trash bag, we’re guessing she’d rock both of them just fine. Everything about this photo screams 4th of July, and we’re all screaming in unison with her outfit choice, well...everyone except Derek.

12 Precious Purple

This photograph looks like something out of a wax museum, everything seems to have been frozen in time to create the most advantageous angles possible. Her precious purple swimsuit might be viewed as a ‘grandma one-piece’ if it was anyone else wearing it, but when it’s Hannah Jeter rocking it; we’re salivating. With her trademark mile-shot gaze, she might as well be looking at all of us with our collective jaws on the floor. Hannah Jeter has the ability to captivate us with even the most simplest of photographs, almost nothing needs to be going on and she looks as though she’s in the middle of Times Square, posing for millions at a time. Derek Jeter can’t be thrilled with his wife posing like this, but we sure are!

11 Those Maxim Eyes

Have you ever seen a more seductive gaze than this one? We’re guessing you answered no, and if you didn’t then you were lying. These ‘come and get me’ eyes have to be driving Derek Jeter wild, but they’re also driving us wild in a completely different way. We could stare at this photograph all night long (and we just might), but in all fairness we do have quite a few more photos to reveal before we’re done. Hannah has the look of an exotic princess strolling her jungle as she pleases, and we’re guessing all of you wouldn’t have a problem being a fly on a palm tree. Hannah Jeter has the most seductive smile in the game, literally, she has built a name for herself in the modelling industry with her signature glare, and with pictures like this it’s not hard to see why.

10 Wet T-Shirt 

In another seductive photograph, Hannah Jeter wields those alluring eyes that we have become all too familiar with. Derek Jeter might be accustomed to receiving this look when the two are alone in the house, but he may be a bit more shaken when we are getting the same looks. As much as we love this image of Hannah, Derek hates it just the same. Imagine having your girlfriend (one of the hottest women alive) trying to complete remedial tasks while onlookers from all over the world drool into their Caesar salad’s as she walks by, doesn't sound so fun does it? We have to give Derek some credit for handling his predicament so well, we’re sure we couldn't be handling it as well as he has.

9 GQ Girl 

As if Hannah Jeter couldn’t get any cuter, she has to go rolling around on her skateboard in a hot bathing suit! Any image of Hannah on her stomach has to give Derek Jeter a stomach problem of his own, especially when that same image is part of a GQ spread that literally millions of people around the world will see. With her luscious locks of hair gently caressing her back, and a skintight nude bathing suit hugging her curves, it’s not hard to tell why this photograph is on Derek Jeter’s most wanted list. Her innocent smile and effortless modelling is a natural talent that seems to come as easy as her beauty. No matter what happens between her and her husband, she’s not going to be getting any uglier anytime soon.

8 The Stare Down 

If Hannah Jeter took part in a staring contest, we honestly believe she’d be undefeated, no question about it. Looking like the hot varsity cheerleader we all learned to hate in high school, Hannah rocks her cut up t-shirt about as good as anyone we have ever seen, literally. Her emerald green eyes are enough to make us weak at the knees, and her incredible physique has us completely knocked out, is there anything that she could wear that would look bad? Derek Jeter is scrambling for his grill and lighter every time he stares at this picture, and we don't blame him one bit. It must be a nice problem to have, running around trying to get people to stop staring at your girlfriend, however, it does come with its hardships as well.

7 Horseback Honey 

If you took the time to notice the horse, more power to you. If you were anything like us, the first thing you noticed was Hannah’s black lace-up corset. If the horse could talk we believe it would also concur, even he/she appears to be in a trance. Derek Jeter was a professional on the baseball field, however, when it comes to the modelling it looks like Hannah can more than hold her own as well. In a slight deviation from her standard bombshell Sports Illustrated photo shoots, Hannah Jeter once again proves that she can personify beauty no matter whether she’s in the sand or the stables. Pictures like these must give Derek Jeter headaches, both from her dizzying beauty, and her ability to appeal to almost anyone.

6  Snake In The Grass 

In another candid shot from Hannah Jeter’s legendary Sports Illustrated photo shoot, Hannah has absolutely stunned us once again in a less than captivating setting. We’re not sure that anyone has looked this good while simply laying in the grass, especially as innocent as her. With her puppy dog eyes and come-and-get-me grin, Derek Jeter is practicing his wind sprints to assure that he makes it there before we do. If you have the mental capacity to attempt to focus on the flowers, who are we kidding...just take a look at this beauty. Sports Illustrated has hit a home run with the acquisition of Hannah Jeter, who is likely going to be their MVP for several years to come.

5 Hey There...

In the most eye-popping (pun intended) image included on our list, Hannah Jeter has once again got all of our focus intended on one spot. Wherever your eyes might be locked on to we assure you that we are staring at her eye, sorta. Her body measurements beg the question; how can someone so incredibly skinny and fit have such unbelievable assets? It doesn’t fail to baffle us every time we see images like these that Hannah Jeter has effortlessly pumped out her entire career. It’s not hard to tell why this image has Derek Jeter wishing he had a blow torch and the photographer’s address, we can only guess how it makes him feel that we are all enjoying the ‘fruits’ of his wife's labor right this very instant. Sorry Derek!

4 Sinister Stare

Does anyone make the one-piece bathing suit look any sexier than Hannah Jeter? We certainly don't think so. Her piercing green eyes are something extraordinary unlike anything we have ever seen before, and her figure is something extra-terrestrial. In a PG rated striptease, Hannah Jeter has once more caught our undivided attention in a most serious tone. Even more serious, Derek Jeter is left scrambling for ways to remove pictures like these from the internet immediately. If you can, try and grasp the fact that Hannah Jeter just 27 years old, even if this picture helps persuade you to believe she is much, much older. Hannah has been gracing us with her presence on catwalks and walkways for years, she had created popularity for herself, but after her linkage with hubby Derek Jeter, she has exploded in the public eye.

3 Candid Hannah 

In a candid, colorful, and creative GQ spread, Hannah Jeter is back at it again. In a fun and innocent pose (does anything she does not scream innocent?) she maneuvers  in a quite interesting formation. Her Calvin Klein underwear can be seen slipping off the left side of the page, and the curvature near the small of her back certainly has caught our attention. Whatever she’s staring at near the top of the picture seems to be entirely irrelevant, all that we are focusing on is her unbelievably striking physique. It’s easy to fall in love with the beauty of Hannah’s face, but don't forget the rocking body that accompanies Hannah at all times. Derek Jeter cannot be happy that we are in such an advantageous vantage point of his wife’s body, but once again, we don't care.

2 Waist Deep Water  

Hannah Jeter has proven that in even the most sluggish of backdrops she can captivate her audience; here she has spiced up her surroundings and blessed us with a sandy scenery. With a model-like pose and a candid hair-grab, Hannah Jeter once again proves her beauty with even the most simple of gestures, like frolicking through waist deep water. Like a stunned high school girl who has just been asked to prom, Hannah Jeter looks as young as she does sexy, and she sure is sexy. Pictures like this one must make Derek Jeter cringe inside, especially when his wife tossed in the sexy wet t-shirt to captivate all of us again. It seems that no matter what image we insert into this list is enough to make any boyfriend or husband jealous, but Hannah Jeter seems to have a firm grasp on all things breathtaking.

1 Look At That Mountain..! 

With the one picture that involved scenery that may actually have caught your gaze first, don't be fooled too easily. The real beauty of this image lies within the stunning eyes of Hannah Jeter. Never mind the glorious mountain range and crystal clear water, look no further than the unbelievable Hannah Jeter. Her neon green bathing suit may pale in comparison to the color of the water, but her tan and sexy frame is what really caught our focus. Derek Jeter may have fallen in love with this picture when he first saw it, but chances are it’s haunting him in his sleep nowadays. One look into those trademark Hannah Jeter eyes and we’re pretty much guaranteeing you'll fall in love; just the same way Derek Jeter did.

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