20 Sexy Mistresses No Celeb Could Have Resisted

Cheating is wrong. We all know that, right? There, now that we got that out of the way, let's look at some super hot mistresses.

Once again, it isn't that we think it's okay to cheat; we most definitely don't think so at all. But still, even though we all know that it's wrong, sometimes, it's simply hard not to do it. Ask any married guy if they ever thought of cheating; if they say that they haven't, then you know that they're lying. But still, most guys, or a lot of them anyway, never once stray; they never once go into that sort of place, where they would actually act on cheating on their wife. But some do, of course, and when they do, the questions really are: "Why did they stray? Why did they risk everything just to have an affair with some random mistress?"

The women on this list are not just some random mistresses. Far from it, really. These women are about as hot as any woman can possibly get -- so hot, really, that it would be almost impossible for any normal man to resist them. And let's be honest: why would any man want to? I know, I know... you might lose your marriage and do something totally awful to your life partner, but didn't I already mention how hot these women were? Totally worth it, right?

Here are 20 hot mistresses that no guy could have resisted.

20 Britney Spears-Kevin Federline

You might think of Britney Spears as a super hot woman, who also happens to be one of the most successful singers ever, and you would be right. But there's one woman who thinks of her as "That hussy that stole my man." Kevin Federline was just a backup dancer when he met Britney. Well, he wasn't just a backup dancer; he was one that also had a long-term girlfriend who was the mother of his child and had another on the way. KFed blew that right off in a heartbeat for the chance to have an affair with Britney, and who could blame him, really? It's just too bad that she turned out to be totally crazy. Poor KFed...

19 Loredana Jolie-Tiger Woods

We could have done a whole list of hot women whom Tiger Woods slept with, but because we just don't care all that much, we won't. Still though, of all of his many mistresses, Loredana is arguably the hottest. The thing is, however, Tiger had a bit of a problem as we all know; it isn't that he was even looking for someone all that hot -- he was just looking for something, if you know what I mean. But, you know, since he is Tiger Woods, one of the most famous and wealthiest dudes in the world, he ended up having some pretty nice-looking women as his mistresses, and Loredana certainly fits that bill.

18 Traci Lynn Johnson-Tiki Barber

Tiki Barber is a former NFL player who also has a career as a television personality. He was married to a woman for 11 years, and, in fact, they were expecting a baby together. Pretty adorable, right? Well, not so much. He ended up dumping her while she was 8 months pregnant, and it was for Traci Lynn Johnson, no less. Now, Traci is hot, there's no doubt about that, so it seems it was just another case of a rich guy trading in his current wife because he wanted a younger piece of tail. But maybe not, as Tiki and Tracy got married and are still together. As they say, all's well that ends well -- as long as you aren't the one that got dumped.

17 Deanna Merryman-Jeff Gordon

Deanna is the perfect example of what we're talking about here. In all seriousness, how could anyone in his right mind avoid having an affair with someone that looked like this? You would just have to tell your wife, "Hey listen, I'm really sorry, but have you actually seen how hot she is?" Deanna had an 11-month affair with race car driver Jeff Gordon. It actually turned out he was having an affair with another woman at the same time. His wife divorced him and got 15 million dollars in the settlement. Okay, Deanna is hot, but is she 15-million-dollars hot? I think you'll have to make the judgment on that one.

16 Carolyn Hughes-Derek Lowe

When Derek Lowe was traded to the Dodgers, it turns out it was the start of another trade, which was him trading in his wife for a new one. He started having an affair with Carolyn Hughes, who was a reporter for Fox Sports that was covering the Dodgers. The affair came to light when Lowe's wife told the station, which caused Carolyn to be suspended. The two both ended up leaving their spouses for each other and wound up getting married. See? Sometimes affairs do have happy endings, well except for Derek Lowe's ex-wife and his kids -- they probably aren't very happy at all, now that I think about it.

15 Vanessa Curry-Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant has obviously had his share of scandals, and unless you've been living under a rock, you already know all about them, in particular, that sexual assault case in 1983. So when he allegedly started having an affair with a Laker Girl named Vanessa Curry, it wasn't a wise move on his part. She was let go by the Lakers and wound up being a Pussycat Doll down the road. Well, at least it wasn't confusing for Kobe when he was having an affair, as his wife's name is Vanessa too. So to be clear, if you're around Kobe and your name is Vanessa, you might want to keep your guard up just a bit.

14 Mindy McCready-Roger Clemens

If there's one thing that pretty much everyone can agree on, it's that Roger Clemens is a total jerk. Does anyone like this guy? Clemens, who was married, supposedly met McCready when she was just 15 years old. They spent the night together, but supposedly, nothing happened. Umm, okay then. The two hung out together off and on for years, throughout which McCready had a series of problems, both emotional and legal, although she did become quite successful as a country singer. Sadly, she eventually committed suicide at the age of 37 -- not to say that her relationship with Clemens caused her problems, but it sure didn't help.

13 Carla Bruni-Mick Jagger

Carla Bruni was a supermodel who hung out with a lot of famous men, including Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, and Kevin Costner. In fact, it was supposedly Jagger who stole her away from Clapton. Jagger was married to Jerry Hall, but their relationship was not doing all that well. How can I tell? Well, for one thing, the day after Hall gave birth to her third child with Jagger, he took off to Thailand to hang out with Carla. Mick, come on! So not cool. Apparently, Carla got bored with Jagger and broke it off, and she later ended up marrying the president of France. So I think it's fair to say that she had it going on.

12 Capri Anderson-Charlie Sheen

So you probably don't need to be told that having an affair with Charlie Sheen is not a good idea, but let's be honest: it sure isn't as silly as marrying him. Sheen was married to Brooke Mueller when he paid p*rn actress Capri Anderson 3,500 bucks to go to dinner with him. He ended up getting totally drunk, taking off all of his clothes, and choking her in public. When you think of it, $3,500 is a lot of money, but is it worth that? I don't think so. Apparently, neither did Capri as she wound up suing him. This is one of those things that doesn't quite fit. I mean, it wasn't that Sheen thought she was so hot that he wanted an affair with her. It was more that he thought she was so hot he paid her $3,500 to humiliate her. But hey, an affair is an affair.

11 Jasmine Waltz-David Arquette

David Arquette used to be the kind of dude that would act totally weird and still pull all sorts of hot women. Now, he's the kind of dude that acts kind of weird and doesn't pull many hot women at all. This is why a lot of guys cheat by the way: simply because they actually can. If a guy that looks and acts like David Arquette can pull all sorts of tail, especially while he's married to a famous hottie like Courteney Cox, isn't he kind of obligated to do it? Personally, I come down on the side of yes.  There's some doubt whether or not his relationship with Jasmine Waltz went down before the divorce or after, but come on...

10 Rachel Uchitel-Tiger Woods

As I said previously, this list could have been a list that was totally all about chicks that had affairs with Tiger Woods, but I showed restraint -- and I mean a lot of restraint -- and only used two, both of which I considered to be the hottest of the crew. Rachel is hot -- there's no doubt about it -- and is not the type of woman you're going to get hit on if you're married, unless you're super rich and also really famous, and Tiger had both of those going on in spades. Rachel was the first woman that was outed as having an affair with Tiger, which probably felt special, until she found out he was banging pretty much everyone in the world.

9 Daisy Wright-Jude Law

This one is a classic -- not the affair as much as the circumstances surrounding it. Jude Law was hanging out with Sienna Miller, who is, no doubt, hotter than Daisy, who was a nanny for Jude Law's children. Then, of course, he started cheating on Sienna with Daisy. This goes to show what cheating is all about: you can be banging the hottest women in the world, but if you're a cheater and you get the chance to go behind her back and bang the nanny, then you're going to take it. I hate to admit it, but I have done it myself. Being the nanny just makes you 20 times hotter than you really are, and if you don't believe me, ask Jude Law.

8 Abbie Cornish-Ryan Phillippe

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 11: Actress Abbie Cornish attends the "Disconnect" premiere during the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival on September 11, 2012 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Charles Leonio/Getty Images)

So yeah, Abbie Cornish is pretty darn hot. That, combined with Ryan Phillippe being married to the totally hot but ridiculously overbearing Reese Witherspoon resulted in Ryan getting it on with Abbie. The relationship didn't last, but it did make a lot of dudes want to give Ryan a major fist bump. I mean, the dude was married to a hot chick who was a super big star, and he cheated on her. This is what's commonly known as "savage." And since Ryan doesn't get called that a whole lot, one has to give him some pretty big ups for his actions -- unless, you know, you think cheating is super bad.

7 Vanessa Lopez-Shaquille O'Neal

Vanessa had what was alleged to be a 5-year affair with Shaquille O'Neal, who was married at the time. Apparently, when she broke it off, he started totally Shaqtin' a fool and messing with her and harassing her, so she filed a lawsuit against him. Vanessa is hot, no doubt about it, and she also likes basketball players. She's been linked to Kenyon Martin and Delonte West. Back in the old days, women like this were just talked about as groupies, but these days, they're brought up as mistresses. How cool is that? Well, I'm sure Shaq doesn't think it's very cool; being sued by your mistress is never a good look.

6 Donna Rice-Gary Hart

Good lord... Donna Rice was amazingly hot -- so hot, in fact, that presidential hopeful Gary Hart blew his shot at the presidency because he hung out with her. Hart had a good shot at it, too, before he ended up fooling around with Rice. I mean, who can blame him, though? He was 50 years old, and she was 29, and again, she was incredibly hot. Did I mention that? I can't remember. Anyway, once the scandal broke that Hart had cheated on his wife, he dropped out of the race and faded off into oblivion. I don't know, though... I might be wrong, but I bet he would do it all over again. I mean, come on. Donna Rice was hot!

5 Angelina Jolie-Brad Pitt

How cool is Brad Pitt? Has there ever been a guy who's cheated on a wife as hot as Jennifer Aniston with a mistress as hot as Angelina Jolie? Whom would you even choose if you had a choice? As hot as Jennifer is, I'm with Brad, and I would blow it all up for Angelina every time. Of course, she then went all crazy and adopted all sorts of kids and acting like so many mistresses do. "Oh sure, he cheated on his wife with me, but that's because we're super in love; our marriage will totally last forever." Yeah, no, it won't, you know, because those guys that cheat on their wives aren't that great of a prospect long-term. Surprise!

4 Sienna Miller-Balthazar Getty

You know when poor Sienna was all super sad when her dude, Jude Law, cheated on her with the nanny? Well, she showed how much she walks it like she talks it when she started hanging out with Getty. Yeah, he was recently separated, but his wife had just given birth to his fourth kid, which, you know, makes hanging out with Sienna super lame. On that note, what is it about people that have like 3 or 4 kids and cheat? I have a pro tip for all of you: stop having kids. It really isn't that hard. If you're not really into the person that you're hanging out with, then just stop having kids with them. Problem solved.

3 Oksana Grigorieva-Mel Gibson

Believe it or not, there actually is a woman out there in the world who was married to Mel Gibson for 26 years and had 7 children with him. Don't get me wrong, at one point, Mel was super good-looking and totally charming, but that was a long time ago. Anyway, his wife got really lucky when he started having an affair with Oksana, whom, in all honesty, you can just take a couple of quick looks at to tell how totally nuts she is. Of course, these two nuts ran off together, and now, of course, they've broken up. Sometimes, you don't have to be the one that wrote the book to tell how the story's going to end.

2 Ashley Dupre-Eliot Spitzer

New York-September 16, 2010. For PULSE.Ashley Dupre at the Ravel Hotel. (photo by Tamara Beckwith/NYPOST)

Sometimes, affairs don't last for very long, and they also are often ones that are paid for. A good example of this is the relationship between the former Governor of New York, Elliot Spitzer, and a call girl named Ashley Dupre. Spitzer, who, at the time, had the goal of becoming the President of the United States, blew it all in paying Ashley over 4 grand for a couple hours of a good time in a hotel. First of all, 4 grand? Really? Come on... that's more than Charlie Sheen paid to get naked and strangle some chick. Maybe spend a little more time on your game and less time on your checking account? That was the end of Spitzer's career, and I'm not sure if that was because of his cheating or because of his bad taste.

1 Marilyn Monroe-John F. Kennedy

No list of this type would be complete without including Marilyn Monroe, who's arguably the sexiest woman ever, and her affair with John F. Kennedy, who was married at the time and arguably the most famous cheater ever. Of course, these two had to come together, and when they did, there were fireworks. And then she ended up dying soon afterward, which, of course, meant that all sorts of people got to theorize that she was killed by government spooks trying to cover something up. So there you go... if you want to have an affair, do it with a guy that's running for president, not one who already is one. Just ask Monica Lewinsky.

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