20 Hot Female Celebs Who Love The NBA

The NBA season is over now which is a bit of a shame. Basketball is among the most popular sports in the world with the NBA tops in ratings and attention. That includes from celebrities although it’s sometimes tough to tell who’s sincere or not. More than a few stars are really “bandwagon jumpers” who only start cheering for a team when they get a big push in the playoffs. Some are more fans of just one player than the team itself and can be seen doing it more for publicity. But some are true, die-hard fans as much as anyone else and show up to support their teams. Los Angeles is usually the centerpiece as it’s famed how the court side for Lakers games is the best place to spot stars. But other teams boast their fair share of famous fans as well.

For hot ladies, it’s great seeing them go all out. Again, some are just there to be noticed and get attention. Others sometimes seem to not even understand how the game is played. But the true fans are easy to spot and it’s fun seeing a famous star get as wild and into a game as any other fan. From the A-listers to a bit less famous but still hot, the NBA can boast a lot of famous fans. Here are 20 of the hottest female stars who love showing up at games and why the players aren’t the only ones getting attention.


20 2 Broke NBA Girls

An episode of the CBS sitcom 2 Broke Girls has Max (Kat Dennings) and Caroline (Beth Behrs) getting tickets to a Brooklyn NBA game. At first in the bleachers, they end up at court side and have a good time…until they accidentally take out a key player and end up hiding out in the locker room. Thankfully, the actresses have a much better time attending games for real. They seem to go for the Lakers more often and the busty brunette Dennings is always a great sight with her affinity for tight tops, pants and knee high boots. Behrs really seems to get into the games, often clapping and cheering with a Caroline-like style for white blouses, slacks and vests. They don’t attend games together which is a shame and with the show recently canceled, it seems unlikely they’ll hang out more. But it shows how art wasn’t too far from life in how two very hot ladies enjoy taking in games and get into it well.

19 Munn Brings The Thunder


Born and raised in Oklahoma City, Olivia Munn has become a favorite for geek culture. On the long-running Attack of the Show, Munn took part in reporting news on the best new video games or tech with a fun humor. It helped that she was incredibly good looking and dressing in outfits from a Slave Leia bikini to a sexy maid jumping in pie. She’s moved on as an actress from The Newsroom to playing Psylocke in the X-Men movies.

Munn naturally was connected to the NFL by her long relationship with Green Bay Packers MVP Aaron Rodgers and seen at their games. But she’s never forgotten her roots as she’s easily the most high profile fan of the OKC Thunder. Munn can be a mainstay at Thunder games, showing off her pride and cheering them on. She keeps it up on Twitter as well posing support constantly and was as upset as any Thunder fan when star Kevin Durant went to Golden State. With her and Rodgers now split, Munn can devote her allegiance to her home team and showing even geek girls love sports.

18 Queen Bey Holds Court

Anywhere Beyoncé goes, attention follows. The former leader of Destiny’s Child has since transformed into one of the biggest celebrities on the face of the planet. A multiple best-selling artist, she’s an actress as well and even sparked massive political talk with hits like "Lemonade". Her marriage to Jay-Z has just added to her fame and attention as even her getting pregnant is a media event. So when she attends a basketball game, it’s a pretty big deal. She doesn’t attend just one team as she is seen at Lakers games with other stars but also attending games in New Orleans for the Pelicans. She’s also a major sight at the All-Star Game and Jay-Z often at her side. He famously massaged her feet when pregnant and lately, Blue Ivy has joined her mom at some games. Beyoncé always is dressed to the nines and thus whenever she shows up at a game, it’s a great sight to show the Queen holding a unique kind of court in her own style.

17 The Kardashians Enjoy The Players


Okay, that line can be a bit of a double entendre. But it does show that the famous reality TV show clan does enjoy checking out NBA games a lot. Of course, their presence isn’t exactly welcomed by all. Many have noted that Kris Humphries was a good player but after his marriage to Kim (which lasted just 72 days), his career suffered. Likewise, Lamar Odom had a great career going but it seemed to falter after his long relationship with Khloe. They seem to shift allegiances a lot, usually supporting the Lakers. However, Kourtney and Khloe showed up at the recent NBA Finals with Cavs shirts as Khloe is now with Tristian Thompson. Kim, of course, has had a history of dating other players from various teams and you can easily make the case that these appearances are more for pushing the Kardashian name and brand than actual love for the game. But it can’t be denied that when the K-clan, either alone or on a family trip, hit court side, they get more attention than the players.

16 Shay Mitchell Is Bullish

Born in Canada (not exactly a basketball hub), Shay Mitchell rose up with her gorgeous and alluring style for her role as Emily Fields on Pretty Little Liars. It’s gotten huge attention, especially with the storyline of Emily discovering she’s gay. Mitchell has adapted well to the L.A. lifestyle, showing off in various magazines and promotional items and good friends with the rest of the PLL cast, especially Ashley Benson. She thus can be seen at basketball games, usually the Lakers to enjoy a good time. Recently, Mitchell has moved her allegiances to the Chicago Bulls due to how she was dating player Jimmy Butler. They had some interactions with Butler openly calling Mitchell his “celebrity crush” and the two were soon an item. Thus, Mitchell could find time to support the Bulls and even in a sweatshirt, look amazingly hot. The relationship seems to be on hold for now but one hopes it continues to let Mitchell give the Bulls a bit more life.

15 Hale Gets Grizzly


A child star who’s blossomed into a hot young adult actress, Lucy Hale got her start on short-lived shows like The Bionic Woman and Privileged. She became a massive star with the hit Pretty Little Liars, showing off a dynamic style with a sexy side for the series. Hale is ready to return to the CW this fall in the drama Life Sentence and continues to get attention. A Memphis native, Hale still has a love for the Grizzlies and can be seen supporting them. That includes here, the Grizzlies taking on the Lakers as Hale attends with boyfriend Joel Crouse. She wears the perfect game outfit of torn jeans which look hot on her great legs and a tank top along with that bright smile. Seeing her there makes it clear it’s no lie that Hale has a good time watching her team play and looking hot and stylish doing so.

14 Kaley Sees Games In A Bang

The epitome of a gorgeous knockout blonde, Kaley Cuoco started off with roles in small TV shows and movies, even the Disney Channel. She got her big break as the teenage daughter on 8 Simple Rules and then a stint as a witch on Charmed. She then shot to fame with the long-running Big Bang Theory that’s made her the most paid sitcom actress on TV. With her gorgeous face, long blonde hair and great body (which she takes pride in saying is enhanced by surgery), Cuoco is always a great sight. That includes at NBA games as she happily cheers on the Lakers. She’s a true fan, with them during playoff runs and in tough times as well, clad in either pure Lakers gear or her own fun style. She attends either alone or with friends but either way, the sight of Kaley cheering her team on makes her one hot cheerleader with style and the theory she helps with her support is clear.


13 Bella Thorny For Memphis


It’s well known that the Disney Channel is home to ladies who grow up to be truly sexy gals. Bella Thorne is the latest. The redhead started off as the dim-witted but loveable CeeCee on the series Shake It Up and some movies for the network. In recent years, she’s gotten more attention for shows like the Freeform series Famous In Love. But Thorne is also known for her wild Instagram posts that show her in often very revealing clothing and flaunting her nice body. She also has a tendency to dye her hair constantly and go out in sheer tops. So for NBA games, Thorne can be a good highlight at court side usually, for the Lakers. That makes sense given how she’s been seen with Lakers star Jordan Clarkson. Thorne was also briefly connected to Memphis player Chandler Parsons and has been photographed more at Lakers games, usually with her hot style. No matter who she cheers for, Bella is one lady who knows to rock a court side outfit.

12 Selena Gets Spurry

The Texas native got her start on the 1990s kids show Barney & Friends to show some singing style. That helped Selena Gomez as she was signed up by Disney and the star of the sitcom Wizards of Waverly Place. Gomez has gone on to a variety of movies like Monte Carlo and majorly sexing up her image with Spring Breakers. Her music career is top notch, a major starlet who enjoys flaunting her sexy side but still sings of empowerment. When it comes to the NBA, Gomez makes it clear the San Antonio Spurs are her team. She regularly attends their games when she can, even wearing Spurs gear while in Los Angeles and doesn’t feel shame rooting for them. The fact the Spurs have won several titles in the last few years is something Gomez cheers for and loves to support them in playoff runs and how the Spurs still provide some magic for this Disney starlet grown up.

11 Adriana Angelic At Nets


The stunningly gorgeous model has been one of the best of the Victoria’s Secret Angels for a decade. Born in Brazil, Adriana Lima is gorgeous with her lush dark hair, pouty lips, shady eyes and flawless features. Even dressed down, she is sexy as hell and can never be ignored. From 2008 to 2014, Lima was married to Serbian ballplayer Marko Jaric with two daughters. Thus, she followed him from the Clippers to the Timberwolves and other teams. While divorced now, Lima remains a fan of games, seen attending the Lakers a lot and in outfits that look straight off the runway. No matter her allegiances, Lima is a stunning sight wherever she goes so even just enjoying a game makes her look amazingly hot. That included a fun bit in 2013 where she was one of several models shown kissing the championship trophy to make you wish you were that award.

10 Lea Michele Enjoys Glee-Ful Game

Lea Michele gets a harsh rap. The Broadway actress became an overnight star as Rachel Berry on the hit show Glee. Her wonderful voice and acting got her attention and she’s added to it by showing off a fantastic body on the red carpet. But Michele has gotten bad press for her diva behavior on her set and often slamming others. Still, the woman is a gorgeous star and thus commands attention wherever she goes. That includes Lakers games although many cite Michele as a case of someone who just wants to be seen rather than a real basketball fan. However, whether she’s a real fan or just there for the looks, the sight of Michele is great. She went a lot with boyfriend Matthew Paetz  and friend Joanna Garcia and looking alluring in dark outfits to show off her well-toned body. Michele keeps busy with shows like Scream Queens and her singing career and even if not a “real fan,” she’s a great side at games.

9 Miley Has Sisterly Love At Knicks


For a gal born and raised in Tennessee, Miley Cyrus sure enjoys New York. The former Hannah Montana star has evolved over the years, shocking many with her wilder sexy attitude. She’s done everything from outrageous red carpet outfits to explicit performances to posing nude for various magazines. Recently, Cyrus has shifted to a more laid-back style and winning attention for her new album. But she could be a good showcase at Knicks games, often accompanied by her sister, Brandi. In 2016, the duo was at a game at Madison Square Garden when the cameras caught Cyrus on the JumboTron. She then proceeded to stick out her tongue and hold up “v-sign” fingers. It got attention and Miley herself issued an apology for having the crowd see her like this. It showed her fun side and she truly supports the team through thick and thin. It’s fun seeing her down to earth with her family and yet as wild as any sports fan.

8 Taylor And Squad Mad About The Knicks

It’s remarkable to see the transformation of Taylor Swift. She was a clean-cut country singer when she started out, using her youth to get over with her songs on growing up and heartache. She soon morphed into a major pop superstar who enjoys showing off a very sexy side. With her amazing style and always looking gorgeous, the blonde can be seen enjoying NBA games with the best of them. Surprisingly, she favors the Knicks more than the Lakers, hanging out a lot in New York to check out their games. She actually performed for their halftime show when she was only 12 and thus feels a connection to the team. A famous bit was when the Knicks played the Bulls and Chicago player Doug McDermott claimed to have been off because he was distracted by Hale at court side.

Swift isn’t alone as she once shared a selfie hanging out with members of her “Squad”, supermodel Kate Upton and actress Amanda Seyfried. But the sight of Swift with that sexy smile makes any NBA game a great show.

7 Dobrev And Hough Go LA


Basketball isn’t exactly a huge deal in Canada. Sure, Toronto has the Raptors but for the most part, hockey is the nation’s main sport. So one could be forgiven in thinking Nina Dobrev wouldn’t be too much into basketball. The Toronto-born actress became famous for her role on The Vampire Diaries and movies like the recent sequel to xXx. Hot and seductive, the brunette did get into basketball during the time she was dating her Diaries co-star Ian Somerhalder. It seems he hooked her onto it as Dobrev could soon be seen attending other Lakers games. In one case, she was joined by one of her good friend, Julianne Hough. The singer/actress became a breakout on Dancing With the Stars and movies such as Rock of Ages. The two have a unique bond, the blonde and brunette and show off some nice style taking in the game as Dobrev has embraced the American game well.

6 Rihanna Goes Brooklyn

Some can accuse the hot songstress of being a bit of a fair-weather fan. For some time, Rihanna was seen supporting the Miami Heat, at their games and flaunting their gear a lot. However, when LeBron James moved to Cleveland, it became clear a lot of Heat “fans” were following him. JT Smith hinted Rihanna was one, posting a photo of her and claiming “she meant she was a “where he-at fan.” It now seems Rihanna has shifted allegiances to the Brooklyn Nets. She was famously caught at a game in 2014 sans bra which caused quite a stir on the social media circuit. She also got a hot pic posing with some cheerleaders. Rihanna now seems to dress a bit better for games, including a bra and quite a popular site. Brooklyn isn’t exactly known for major celebrities so fans are grateful Rihanna moved her allegiance to the Nets.

5 Jessica Alba Is Golden


Jessica Alba came to fame starring in the sci-fi TV show Dark Angel. She then moved to movies like Sin City and Fantastic Four, spending years on her hot and sexy image. However, Alba has gotten far more riches courtesy of her Honest Company, valued at over a billion dollars. A California native, Alba was once a mainstay at Golden State Warriors games. Indeed, she could be seen taking part in the “Believe” phase of the Warriors when they made a playoff run in 2007. In recent years, Alba seems to have shifted her allegiances more to the Clippers and seen at Lakers games. But one imagines she’s back on the Warriors’ bandwagon thanks to that team’s recent success as NBA champions. No matter her choice of teams, however, the sight of Alba at a game is great, as hot a mom as she was a sexy starlet and while she doesn’t wear the uniform, she makes a very hot cheerleader.

4 Emmy Rossum Shameless On Her Knicks Love

A popular bit at various websites is a montage of “the man expressions of Emmy Rossum at Knicks games.” The love for the New York team is a bit ironic given that Rossum stars in Shameless, a show set in Chicago. But Rossum was born and raised in New York and loved the Knicks from an early age. Sure, you can see her at the occasional Lakers game but Rossum prefers rooting for her home team. Indeed, she was met at an airport by reporters asking about her likes and she stated she was with the Knicks even through hard times. When Jay-Z talked about jumping his allegiance to the Nets, Rossum slammed him and other “fair-weather” fans by saying she was with the Knicks thick and thin. This infectious nature is shown by her love for the team constantly, going truly wild at games to their wins or losses and the joy she shows is amazing.

3 Olivia Gets Wilde For The Knicks


Usually, the Lakers are the ones who get major love from celebrities. But New York naturally has their own big fans for their teams, especially the Knicks. Among the biggest is Olivia Wilde. As a born New Yorker, Wilde naturally had a love for the Knicks and even with her moving to Los Angeles for fame, didn’t give it up. Wilde became famed for roles on House and Tron: Legacy as a very sexy lady with her steamy side. To the surprise of many, she ended up marrying comedian Jason Sudeikis and the two have been together ever since. A NYC native himself, Sudeikis naturally has gotten Wilde to come with him to Knicks games and the two rank among the best faces at court side. Wilde can always be seen cheering the team on, good and bad and tweeting how excited she is when the Knicks make a playoff run. Even in jeans and a Knicks jersey, Wilde looks hot and loves her team with a passion.

2 Eva Longoria Doesn’t Hold A Grudge

You can be forgiven in thinking Eva Longoria would want nothing to do with the San Antonio Spurs again. A native of the city, Longoria naturally grew up a fan of the popular team. She had more reason to cheer them on when she met star player Tony Parker in 2004, just as Longoria became a star with Desperate Housewives. They hit it off and Longoria was soon a fixture at Spurs games to cheer Parker on. That included when the Spurs won NBA titles in 2005 and 2007. Shortly after that latter victory, Parker and Longoria were wed with Longoria even getting tattoos of Parker’s numbers on her body. The two were a fixture on the court and off as Eva seemed ready to cheer on her man.

But in 2010, Longoria filed for divorce with the revelation Parker had been cheating on her with the wife of teammate Brent Barry. The relationship was over but Longoria made it clear she still supported the team. She could be seen at games (although no longer wearing a Parker jersey) and tweeted her support when they won another title in 2014. So even after her bitter breakup, Longoria can’t let go of her love for her Spurs.

1 Swank And Hargitay Match Up


Here’s a bit of an odd coupling you wouldn’t expect to be friends. Hilary Swank went from crap movies like The Next Karate Kid to a two-time Academy Award winner and hailed for her fantastic acting. Mariska Hargitay has spent 18 years playing Olivia Benson on the long-running Law & Order: SVU, which has earned her an Emmy and one of the highest-paid stars on TV. Yet here the two are at Knicks game in 2016 with their respective families. Not only are the two quite chummy but they are even wearing matching tops, which seems to have come as a surprise to them. They had fun posting “twinnies” with talk on how each considered the other a very good friend. It seems an odd pairing but the two do go back a long ways to when they were both trying to break into the business and maintain that bond even today. It goes to show how games can link some surprising folks together as besties.

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