20 Hot Cosplayers Who Look Nothing Like Their Characters

Cosplaying is an awesome hobby that's becoming more and more popular every day. As people cosplay year after year as the same iconic characters, people continually try to put their own spin on these time-honored favorites. And that's a great thing. It's always great to see people's unique interpretations of various characters. It's what makes Comic-Con continuously exciting, as there's always someone who has something completely new to show us. This is something to be applauded, but it's hard to deny that sometimes the costumes stray pretty far away from the original. Again, this isn't a bad thing, it's just a fact.

Sometimes you'll be staring at someone's outfit for what seems like hours until you finally get it and realize what they're cosplaying as. This is usually the moment when you realize how creative the outfit is, and really appreciate the ingenuity of that person. And it's always more interesting when cosplayers bring a sexual element into the mix. There's something really intriguing about seeing our favorite characters sexualized...

20 Jessica Nigri As Charizard

Here's Jessica Nigri cosplaying as Charizard. This is going to be the first of many of Nigri's cosplays as Pokemon. I really applaud her creativity and ingenuity in thinking out of the box with this Charizard. She really thinks outside of the box in anthropomorphizing Charizard into a human form. But does it really look like the Pokemon? No... Not really. But that's okay, because it's sexy as hell. I think Pokemon would be way more popular if Charizard had boobs as big as these...

19 Lola Bunny - Tune Squad

Everybody remembers that awesome movie Space Jam, and it's actually becoming somewhat of a trend to cosplay as the characters in that movie. If you were like me (and probably a bunch of other kids) you were strangely turned on by Lola Bunny in this movie. So it's pretty awesome that people are cosplaying as her these days. While this example is pretty hot, I'm skeptical of how accurately she wanted to portray the look of Lola Bunny. For one, where are the ears? She's pretty much just a girl wearing a basketball jersey... With gloves.

18 Mary Jane Watson

Did Mary Jane Watson ever really look this... sexual? I mean don't get me wrong... I'm not complaining. She obviously has gone through some serious effort with this costume and I'm not body shaming her. In fact, I'll applaud her body - it's incredibly hot. I bet if you scour the Spider-Man comic books, you will never once find Mary Jane Watson wearing short shorts with her thong pulled up like that... Not that I'm complaining or anything... I know people will probably accuse me of body shaming here but I'm just trying to point out the huge differences between her costume and how Mary Jane is actually depicted in the comics...

17 Jessica Nigri As Lugia

Here's another example of Jessica Nigri cosplaying as a Pokemon. Again, it's pretty impressive what she's done with her outfit, and she deserves credit for thinking outside of the box. Being able to imagine Lugia as a human is something that is really cool and unique. But I'm not quite sure how accurate this cosplay is comparing it to the actual Pokemon. It's always hard when you try to cosplay as an animal or non-human creature, so this shouldn't be classified as a failure.

16 Liz Katz As Princess Peach

Wow. Is that you, Peach? I guess this is what Mario gets to see when he finally rescues Princess Peach from Bowser or Donkey Kong. Who knows, she might actually be wearing this sexy lingerie underneath her dress. But that's the point - we don't know what she looks like underneath her dress because the game never depicts that. And because her dress is such an iconic and major part of her outfit, I'm not sure many people would actually recognize this as Peach. The crown is a nice touch though.

15 Joanie Brosas And Megan Golden As Darth Vader(s)

I think it's great that these girls are showing off their enthusiasm for Star Wars. They're out there, they're having fun, and that's what cosplay is all about. But I'm a little hesitant in saying that their cosplays are accurate depictions of Lord Vader. Okay, so they've got the control panel on the chest... And they've got the lightsaber holster on the side... But that's really it. I mean, what about the cloak? The helmet? Those cool boots? I think they were going more for a "Vader-esque" look than an accurate depiction of Darth Vader himself. And that's okay. I just don't think they look anything like the character they're cosplaying as, to be honest.

14 Batgirl? Is That You?

Damn. Is that you Batgirl? Strange, but I don't remember you looking like that in the comics... I seem to remember a lot more clothing. And a mask. But I guess everything else is accurate...sort of. I have to say, I actually prefer this costume to the one in the comics. I would much rather see Batgirl running around and fighting crime in stockings and tiny shorts than a full bodysuit. But is this an accurate representation of Batgirl? I don't think so. In fact, if it weren't for the blatant bat symbols on the chest and crotch, I wouldn't have any idea who this was.

13 Jessica Nigri As Pikachu

Here is yet another example of Jessica Nigri dressing up as a Pokemon. And I think everyone will immediately be able to tell who that Pokemon is. It is, of course, Pikachu. So maybe I'm wrong in including this cosplay in the list. After all, if people can immediately recognize her as Pikachu, she's doing a pretty good job and her cosplay must look pretty close to the real thing... Right? I'm not sure that's the case. I think it's more that Pikachu is the most recognizable Pokemon in existence, so we can all see the signs, as few as they may be. Because after all, she's pretty much just wearing yellow with some ear things and a tail. The real Pikachu looks much different.

12 The Iron Ladies

What's this? Some new kind of Iron Armor that Tony Stark has designed for his assistants? Well, it doesn't seem to have much armor.  A lot of the body is exposed, which could spell danger if they ever get into combat. I think this is probably a suit designed more towards reconnaissance than anything. All joking aside, I love what they did with the Iron Man idea... Is it very accurate? No, obviously not. But they're having fun, and that's what counts. There is some surprising attention to detail, like the weapons on the hands, but I don't think it's enough to really indicate that they're cosplaying as Iron Man.

11 Jessica Nigri As Leafeon

This is the last picture of Jessica Nigri cosplaying as a Pokemon. Maybe you're disappointed? Or maybe you've seen enough of this girl trying to be various Pokemon. Either way, I think this one is probably the most impressive of the whole lot. If you didn't guess, she's cosplaying as Leafeon. While it's undoubtedly a really well put-together cosplay, I still don't think it looks a whole lot like the actual Pokemon. I get it, that's the whole point, it's a unique spin on Leafeon - I'm not denying it's impressive. I just think it doesn't look that much like the real thing. Which is why I included it in this list.

10 Leeana Vamp As Chewbacca 

This opens a door to a whole new universe of possibilities. Imagine a galaxy far, far away where Chewbacca wasn't a Wookie, but a smoking hot cosplayer named Leeanna Vamp. Too bad that galaxy is too far away to be a reality. If you've never seen Leeanna Vamp, she's awesome and I really recommend checking out her other cosplays. Again, this is a really cool interpretation of Chewbacca, but it's not really that accurate. I know that accuracy wasn't really her goal, but it still earns her a place on this list. All she has are some furry bits and an ammo pack... She hardly went "full wookie," but it does the trick and it seems like everyone knows that she's cosplaying as.

9 Jessica Nigri As Freddy Kruger

This is probably the least scary Freddy Kruger I've ever seen. If this Freddy Kruger was invading my dreams, I would have trouble waking up. Not because I died in my dream, but because this would be one dream I would want to experience fully, if you know what I mean. This doesn't seem like it belongs in A Nightmare On Elm Street, it looks like it's more in line with A Wet Dream Of Elm Street. The pink lacing on that bra is the thing that really tips this from vaguely unsettling to totally unscary. It's hard to take someone with pink lacing on their bra seriously... Maybe that's the point - it's a lighthearted approach to a well-known horror movie character.

8 Frozen's Elsa - Rated R

This is one version of Frozen you definitely should not show your kids. This pretty much woke me up to the fact that more people were fantasizing about Elsa than I thought possible. I suppose this shouldn't be too much of a surprise. I mean, this is Disney we're talking about. They have a history of sexualizing their movies, either subliminally or otherwise. But let's get to the cosplay. Strangely, I recognized that this girl was cosplaying as Elsa right away. This makes no sense, because there aren't that many signs of Elsa on her. I mean, she's not wearing too many clothes. I guess the only signs are her hair and the background, which is suitably "Frozen."

7 A Very Sexy Robin

Hahaha, what is this woman doing? Robin doesn't look like that in the com- wait a second... No, she's totally right! I never really realized this before, but Robin wears one of the skimpiest outfits ever! How did I not see this before? I can't believe Batman makes this poor kid wear this outfit. This is verging on sexual abuse, especially given the fact that Robin is a minor. She, on the other hand, is not a minor. And she just made this outfit sexier than it ever looked before. So disregard this one. She totally nailed this outfit. And for those who think she made it way too revealing? Just look at what Robin is wearing.

6 Zangief's Genderswap

If you didn't immediately realize it, this creative woman is cosplaying as Zangief from Street Fighter. I actually really love it when people choose to cosplay as characters that are outside their own gender. But I'm not sure it's totally recognizable - just hear me out. For me, one of the most recognizable feature of Zangief is the fact that he's shirtless. Now obviously, a female cosplayer can't really do that without getting arrested at Comic-Con or similar events. She makes do with  a small top, but the illusion is a little destroyed as a result. But she gets full props for creating the illusion that she's more muscular than she actually is with her perfect body language.

5 Princess Leia/Harley Quinn

I can't quite figure this cosplay out. On the one hand, it seems pretty obvious that she's cosplaying as Princess Leia. All the hallmarks are there - the weird ceramic bra, the chain and collar, and the front flap thing. But take a closer look. Her face is definitely that of Harley Quinn, and the color scheme is totally something Harley would wear. So what's going on here? Could she not decide whether to cosplay as Harley Quinn or Princess Leia? I have my own theory. I think that she's cosplaying as Harley Quinn cosplaying as Leia. In other words, it's cosplay inside a cosplay! Genius.

4 Leeanna Vamp As Boba Fett

Did you think we were done with showing you cosplay from Leeanna Vamp? Think again. This is actually a super cool Boba Fett cosplay. If Boba Fett looked like this, I think there would have been a much bigger effort to bring her over to the good side. I mean, who in their right mind would kill a Boba Fett that looks like that? Clearly, her outfit is designed for desert warfare. She sacrifices armor plating for better ventilation, and this gives her an edge in stamina and agility. She also has tactical stockings, perfect for stashing spare ammo or grenades, or distracting Jedi while they're trying to pull mind tricks on you. All joking aside, her outfit is pretty sweet, it has a lot of cool details - like the helmet and ammo pack. But it's obviously a far cry from what you see in the movie.

3 The Mario Sisters

Mario and Luigi are some of the oldest video game characters in history, so it only makes sense that many people have cosplayed as them in the past. And there have been many variations of this throughout the years. It's always great to see people cosplaying as characters that are outside of their gender, and the Mario Brothers are no exception. These two girls take on the Mario Brothers and pull off the cosplay with style. I love what they did with this concept. However, I seem to remember Mario and Luigi wearing a lot more clothing. Those overalls seem awfully small...

2 The Better Version Of Sonic

Sonic is another massive fan favorite, and it comes as no surprise that many people have decided to cosplay as him in the past. This one particular girl takes on the speedy hedgehog and pulls off the challenge with style. I just don't remember Sonic being this... hot... I mean, just look at her. I can't find a single thing that is wrong or inaccurate about her costume - everything is spot on. I think what really makes this so different from the actual Sonic is the fact that she's just way too sexy. Sonic could never in a million years be this sexy. Just look at that stomach patch. Wow.

1 I'll Never Look Ar R2-D2 The Same Way

Okay, cosplaying as R2-D2 has got to be one of the most challenging things of all time. Pulling it off means devoting hours (if not years) of your life towards building an R2-D2, possibly getting a degree in robotics, and finally, becoming a dwarf. So it's not surprising that some people take some shortcuts when it comes to cosplaying as this lovable robot. But this seems a little too simple. Just buying a dress with an R2-D2 print on it? Is that really cosplaying? There's no denying that Sara Jean Underwood is hot, but as you can see from the picture, there's a big difference between her costume and the actual R2-D2.

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