20 Hot Celebrity Mothers Breastfeeding Their Babies

It’s the most natural thing on earth, and thankfully a brave and proud group of female celebrities is leading the way to stamp out any perverts who think otherwise. These mothers rightfully believe that it’s time a big line in the sand be drawn between the sexualization of a woman’s breasts and her right to breastfeed in public.

Look at it this way: the sexualization of a breast is an invention of society. For whatever reason, that’s the body part they started focusing on as taboo hundreds of years ago, and we’ve just kept carrying it through. It could have easily been an elbow or a kneecap. In some societies around the world, women can’t show a lot more.

There are laws now being passed in many states and municipalities that suggest females toplessness is the same as male toplessness. Theoretically, it’s absolutely true. It’s just the meaning that we’ve attached as a society. We applaud these women using their celebrity to show exactly what Mother Nature intended the breasts to be used for: to feed their young.

So, if you came here because you thought it was going to be something super stimulating, well, go ahead; be the judge. We think it’s beautifully natural. Here are 20 Celebrity Mothers Breastfeeding Their Babies.

20 Pink

While we refuse to spell the ‘i’ in her name with an exclamation point and hope that her babies don’t have any unnecessary punctuations in their names, we think Pink is a badass and would be a pretty cool mom to have. She seems to be the kind of person who knows how to blend teaching a kid how to be an independent, creative thinker with also being a fiercely protective mama bear, yet also not taking herself so seriously that she’s ridiculous. It doesn’t surprise us at all that she chose to breastfeed, but we also have a feeling she isn’t the Gisele Bundchen-type of woman who goes around shaming those who either choose not to breastfeed or who are physically unable to nurse their young. When you think about it, Pink has grown up in the public eye over the last 20 years into a strong woman and is the kind of person we could all hope our daughters would look up to as a role model and pattern their lives after... except a lot of that crazy stuff at the beginning.

19 Chrissy Teigen

When Chrissy Teigen isn’t pretending to play records on Lip Sync Battle, she’s actually a very real person on her Twitter account, and since she isn’t crazy famous, we’re going to assume she hasn’t hired somebody to write it for her. John Legend’s wife was pretty damn funny when she had nothing to do while breastfeeding, so she Tweeted. From tales of spray tanning around her breast pumps to falling asleep with the pumps on and waking up to breasts that look like they’d been vacuum packed, this woman not only knew how to completely take the sexuality out of breastfeeding -- which isn’t easy when you’re one of the hottest women this planet has produced in the last 100 years -- but she also knew how to make it one of the funniest topics when most people find it to be one of the most awkward. There’s got to be a publisher who's approached her about a book.

18 Alyssa Milano

Early in her career, Alyssa Milano became famous because of a television show called Who’s the Boss?. When that ended and she entered adulthood, she made the error of starring in a bunch of direct-to-video movies where she got naked, a career move she quickly regretted since it essentially killed her chances to be taken seriously as an actress in mainstream Hollywood films. This was the late 1990s, and the Internet was entering everybody’s home, and people were realizing that still photos and video clips from these films would get viewers on websites. Milano’s mom was appalled and thought she could sue everyone with a website that showed a picture of her naked daughter. Twenty years later, we all know the Internet won. Actresses can’t even keep private naked pictures of themselves on their phones anymore without the Internet finding out. And ironically, instead of protecting her daughter’s breasts from being seen on the Internet, those breasts are feeding her granddaughter on the Internet. You’ve got to wonder how Grandma Milano feels now.

17 Gisele Bundchen

Tom Brady has a ton of money and doesn’t want to upset anybody, so he keeps his mouth shut. When Donald Trump kept saying Brady was his friend, Brady wouldn’t respond, knowing that he would alienate some of his fanbase with any answer. His wife, also super-rich, doesn’t have that same ability to keep her mouth shut and to understand that offending people will also cost you in the long run. This famous photo of her getting ready for another one of her high-paying model shots while nursing her baby caught her a lot of flack because it went with a story where she also suggested a worldwide law that women be forced to breastfeed for six months. This wasn’t the first time Bundchen has said things that have pissed mothers off, including breastfeeding advocates who have basically had to say, “Yeah, we’re all for breastfeeding, but even she’s out there by our standards.” She gained 30 pounds during pregnancy but dropped it in only four weeks. Her advice to mothers was “Pregnancy isn’t permission to let yourself become a garbage disposal.”

16 Kourtney Kardashian

We make a lot of jokes about the Kardashians for doing nothing to be famous, and while they certainly went about it in their own unique way, it doesn’t really matter how they got there. The five sisters, if you count the Jenner girls, are crazy world famous and have schedules that would put most of us in the hospital. Even Kourtney, who is arguably the least famous of the quintet, is super busy. Why is she the least famous? She's busy because she has the most kids and appears to make being a mother a priority, so good on her for that. She could use formula, or she could just pump whenever convenient (and there are some awesome pumping photos out there that really should become popular Halloween costumes), but based on paparazzi photos like these, Kourtney is proving that no matter how famous she gets, she’s still making time for her babies. That’s a far more important message to send than what designer she’s wearing this season.

15 Tila Tequila

If your last name is "Tequila," is your breast milk going to be 80 proof? We know that’s not her real last name, but it’s still hard to picture the former (and likely future) attention whore that is Tila Tequila as a mother. She didn’t shed those ways quickly, getting into a Twitter war with the baby’s daddy after the infant had to go to the hospital when it rolled off a bed and banged its head on the floor. In the father’s defense, he did have a point -- why was that allowed to happen? A few months later, Tequila took another shot (Get it? Tequila shot?) when she dressed her baby up like a little version of Hitler. Yeah, that Hitler. This was only two months after posting what some described as pro-Nazi comments... and this was not her first time. Breastfeed, don’t breastfeed. Just don’t raise your kid to be a Nazi sympathizer.

14 Liv Tyler

When your mother is a former Playmate of the Month, and your father is the lead singer of Aerosmith, it’s kind of amazing that you grow up to be a fairly well adjusted actress, so give Liv Tyler some credit and hope for her baby’s sake that it’s not just a situation where the crazy gene skips a generation. Liv was raised believing that Todd Rundgren, who was also a semi-famous 1970s musician, was her real father. When she broke into Hollywood, it was as a sexy video chick in her dad’s band's videos, so we thought she was going to be as whacky as the rest of the family, but as she entered her 30s and started a family, Liv Tyler’s projects became less controversial, and she seemed to be less about over-the-top antics. Even her breastfeeding photos are tame by comparison to the selfies celebrities are taking these days.

13 Olivia Wilde

We kept hearing “She’s going to be a big movie star someday,” and while it hasn’t happened and we’re starting to guess will never happen for Olivia Wilde, she seems cool with it, so we guess we’ll be. She’s had a career with plenty of interesting TV and movie projects and is involved with plenty of charity work, not to mention that she now has a family. Did you know she was once married to a prince? That’s for a different list, but she could have theoretically been feeding royal breastmilk had she played her cards differently. Her willingness to breastfeed publicly doesn’t surprise us since Wilde has never shied away from roles that have involved nudity. In fact, while her first major TV show didn’t last very long, it was on a FOX Network show called Skin based on the p*rn industry and where she played the daughter of an industry executive.

12 Alicia Silverstone

Why did the former movie star cross the street with her older child attached to her breast? To get to the other side! It’s still a funnier joke than the one with the chicken. Silverstone, like fellow former child actor star Mayim Bialik, subscribes to the theory of letting the baby nurse until they decide they don’t need to nurse anymore. But unlike Bialik, whose theories come more from a place of nutrition, Silverstone is just a full-on whack job who has produced a parenting book where you can learn all about her theories. Aside from potentially breastfeeding until the child is 29, Silverstone believes that a child needn’t use diapers. If you raise the kid mostly outside, they can just do their business in the grass, like the family pet. A good portion of the book is dedicated to the woman who wants to get pregnant, and Silverstone shares such gems as tampons will prevent you from getting pregnant because they absorb all of the natural juices that... whatever.

11 Karolina Kurkova

For the beautiful Karolina Kurkova, she was born 15 years too late because she would have been a megastar had she come along in 1989 and not 2004. She was in line to becomes super famous, but can you tell us who the last real supermodel was? Despite being one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 2004, receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame a few years later, and being the youngest model ever to win Model of the Year at the VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards, it didn’t translate. Kurkova had bit roles in a few movies and played herself on a few shows, usually when a “supermodel judge” was needed, but that was about it. Minor health issues hit, and Kurkova started turning out kids. Like it or not, that’s usually the expiration date for sexy models who count English as their second language.

10 Jessie James Decker

Without 4,000 channels on television, an Internet constantly in need of new content, and every person in the last 30 years being raised to believe they deserve to be a star, none of us probably would have ever heard of Jessie James Decker. But hey, it is what it is. Decker, who now has two children with New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker, has had some success with her singing career, probably best described as 70% country and 30% pop, but it’s the kind of thing that nobody is ever going to remember. Her biggest chart successes came on the digital download charts with her holiday Christmas single each year from 2014-2016. She also launched a clothing line in 2015, which includes bathing suits for infants, and like every other quasi-celebrity, she, of course, spent time on YouTube with a channel explaining her style and makeup choices. Hopefully, these kids keep her busy for the next 10 years.

9 Billie Piper

While she’s probably best known to American audiences as Rose Tyler from Doctor Who, Billie Piper’s funny breastfeeding story comes from Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which aired in the US on Showtime. Piper got pregnant during the show’s 32-episode run, so body doubles were used for many of the sex scenes. She gave birth to her baby shortly before shooting for a new season on the obviously adult-themed series, so it was thought the body doubles could be kept to a minimum. While Piper kept the skin-baring scenes to a minimum, she was forced to wear some revealing lingerie and tight corsets since she had the title role of the call girl, Belle. She was still nursing when filming began and said that for several months, she would lactate during her scenes, causing everybody to bust out laughing. Apparently, that call girl did have quite a secret.

8 Mayim Bialik

There's a bit of controversy in breastfeeding circles about what age it's best to stop breastfeeding your child, with some believing that it’s perfectly OK to continue feeding your child until they're three or four years old. There's no debating the nutritional value of breastmilk, but some psychologists feel that a child who remembers being breastfed that late may have issues surrounding attachment/detachment or individuality later in life. Some have also said they think public breastfeeding of children this old, as Mayim Bialik is seen here doing to her three-and-a-half-year-old son on a subway, is not appropriate in public. We’ll leave that up to the individual, but The Big Bang Theory star was pretty angry when these photos appeared in the media, saying her son wasn’t ready to be weaned. A year later, she announced he did it on his own... not that we were really waiting to find out.

7 Sam Faiers

Sam Faiers is one of those actresses who were lucky enough to land a job on a show that lasted for a while and has parlayed one solid gig into a decent career of being herself. The British actress starred on The Only Way is Essex from 2010 to 2014, then started guest-starring on shows and appearing as herself in others, most notably the UK’s version of Celebrity Big Brother. She got a lot of attention there because she kept falling ill and was allowed to leave twice to seek medical help, usually a no-no on the show. It eventually was revealed that she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. A year after the show was done, she gave birth to her first son with her boyfriend and was a public advocate for breastfeeding. She now runs an online site called Celebrity Training with Sam Faiers.

6 Nicolette van Dam

If you’re wondering who Nicolette van Dam is, you’re not alone. Obviously, she’s been a model, but she was a minor celebrity in the Netherlands on their MTV- and Nickelodeon-like channels during her late teens and early 20s. Somewhere along the way, UNICEF, as it does with a lot of hot chicks around the world, named her a Goodwill Ambassador because it’s always easier to hear about hungry kids from thin women. She got herself into some hot water a couple years ago Tweeting what she must have thought was a funny mock-up photo of the Colombian national soccer team looking like they were snorting cocaine with the caption “Colombian wall.” She apologized, but Colombian officials took it really seriously and tried to get Netherlands officials to charge van Dam with some kind of crime. She again apologized and resigned her position at UNICEF. She had a kid, whom she likes to feed the old-fashioned way but hasn’t done much professionally since this dust-up.

5 Audrina Patridge

The reality is that Audrina Patridge could've gone on to find the cure for cancer, but once MTV’s cameras fixed their gaze on the statuesque brunette, as long as she could read off cue cards, her life was set. It’s been more than 10 years since the world was first introduced to Patridge as a second-tier character on The Hills. She’s gone on to have very small parts in a bunch of movies, usually playing a version of herself, and she’s hosted and guest-starred on shows as herself. She’s kept quiet over the last year, playing mommy to her daughter Kirra Max, with husband, professional BMX rider Corey Bohan. Hers is one of the most stylish breastfeeding selfies we’ve seen. She’s got her hair looking like she’s been at the beach all day, she has a rocker T-shirt on, and her head is turned because she’s not going to look at us. Everything screams that this was the best of the 2,000 pictures that were taken and was made to look like this was candid.

4 Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes will be appearing in her first big-budget movie this summer, playing the part of Amazonian Warrior when Wonder Woman hits the big screen. But she wants you to know that she’s more than just the pretty face who's been part of so many Victoria’s Secret and L’Oreal campaigns over the last 10 years. She’s going to make sure that her daughter knows that no matter how awesome her genes may be, her brain comes first. “She’ll have different aspirations in life than beauty and modeling. Though I love my job, I’m not changing the world,” she was once quoted as saying. While we appreciate a model finally understanding that standing there being hot isn’t rocket science, we also think if her daughter grows up to be hot and isn’t into rocket science, she should be allowed to follow mom into the family business and not be forced to change the world.

3 Gwen Stefani

“Remember that time we were driving through Switzerland, and I wanted to stop for something to eat, and you said we could keep going because we could make it to Germany before the sun would set. I said it was a mistake, and then we drove past Gwen Stefani who was just sitting there breastfeeding.” Somewhere, somebody tells that story every day because there was a time when Gwen Stefani was just sitting outside a restaurant feeding her baby, and we’ve got the photographic proof. We like photos like this because it humanizes people like Stefani who seems to take pleasure in going over-the-top with her style and persona sometimes. It shows that no matter what her real hair color is, or what she spends on her crazy clothes, or how many security guards she surrounds herself with, she’s just another person -- just another mommy.

2 Kandi Burruss

If you have a Wikipedia entry and it lists you as a “singer-songwriter, television personality, actress, record producer, and businesswoman,” we have to break the sad news to you that you’re a C-list celebrity. Nobody who is actually famous is all of those things because they’re really good and only have time for one or two of them. The second clue that you’re not actually all that famous is that your biggest claim to fame is that you were on a show that starts with the words “The Real Housewives of….” The third is when your business is an online sex channel and an associated company that sells sex toys. Real celebrities don’t have to do that. But hey, at the end of the day, at least her baby is getting all those nutrients. Hopefully, it will grow up to be just like mommy.

1 Sarah Wright Olsen

Odds are you’ve asked, “Where have I seen that person before?” when watching TV or a movie, and we bet that at least once, it’s been said about Sarah Wright Olsen. She has a healthy resume, having been in 30 TV shows and movies over the last dozen years, but we also bet if you showed her picture to 100 people on the street, less than three could tell you her name. It’s not that she gets lost in magnificent characters. She basically plays the same cute 20-something girl in every show she’s in, which is probably part of the vague forgetability problem. Her “big break” came in 2014 when it looked like she’d stop being a guest star and was finally cast as a series regular in Marry Me opposite Casey Wilson and Ken Marino, but that show only lasted a few episodes. Not long after that ended, she became pregnant with her second child and soon after delivering launched a parenting website with fellow actress Teresa Palmer.

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