20 Hot AF Celebrity Selfies

Since the dawn of photography, things have dramatically changed. A medium that had to have its subject sit still for several hours at a time, in the beginning, it is safe to say that back in the day, the practicality and cost of taking someone’s image made it prohibitive. These days, however, the exact opposite is true. With the proliferation of digital photography and almost all of us walking around with a cellphone in our pocket, it has never been less of a big deal to take our own photo. As a result of that, it doesn’t matter what we are doing in our lives if people think they look good it is time to snap a photo of ourselves.

Extremely popular today, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that a big part of the reason why that has become the case is that there are many selfies of beautiful women out there. After all, we all know that people who are hot are more likely to enjoy having their photos taken than anyone else. When you then realize that the vast majority of people who are famous are extremely attractive, it seems self-evident that there will be a lot of sexy selfies of famous folks out there. Coming to that conclusion, we were inspired to put together this list of twenty hot AF celebrity selfies.

In order for a photo to be up for consideration for inclusion on this list, the first rule is quite obvious. It needs to be a selfie as far as we can tell. In some cases, we could actually see the celebrity holding the camera in question, which made our job a whole lot easier. However, there are instances in which we had to go with our gut here. Next, the person taking the photo has to be a famous person, at least to a sizable group of people. It doesn’t matter what they are known for. They could be an actress, musician, athlete, or even internet personality. Finally, the only other thing to keep in mind is that it doesn’t matter if anyone else appears in the image.

20 Brooke Adams

Via thecoli.com

A pro wrestler who started her time in the business with WWE, they knew how hot Brooke Adams was which is why they had her come to the ring and take part in sexy dances alongside other stunning women. Moving on to work for the company Impact Wrestling, she proved there that she had the ability to actually be far better in a match than many realized. Still, as a former Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Swimsuit USA, and Miss Hooters, she has spent much of her adult life taking advantage of her incredible body. Looking at her here, we totally get why, as she wears a dress that covers almost every square inch of her body while still revealing how curvy her body is–especially her derriere–much to our pleasure.

19 Amber Heard

Via Twitter.com

An actress that exudes elegance from her every core despite how she looks, over her career, Amber Heard has shown time and again that she can get down with the best of them. Seen in movies like Alpha Dog, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Drive Angry, and Machete Kills, in which she plays characters that find themselves in extreme situations, she still seems right at home. When you factor her ability to embrace her sexy side with her blonde bombshell looks that seem like a throwback to the early days of Hollywood, she becomes one of the most attractive women alive to us. Seen here in a photo where we see almost none of her, the fact that it seems quite possible that she was actually in the nude while taking this shot, serves as perfect fantasy fodder.

18 Ariel Winter

Via Reddit.com

A young woman who is best known for playing Alex Dunphy on Modern Family, Ariel Winter’s image has changed dramatically in the past few years. Introduced to the world as a youngster that seemed to be in her happiest when reading a book, in real life, it is her body that has received the lion’s share of the attention. Now an adult, the world has watched her develop into someone who seems to cherish her curvaceous body, which is something we applaud as body shaming is simply awful. Of course, we’d be lying if we tried to pretend like we didn’t love seeing her busty body in revealing situations like this one, where she is lying down but still showing nice cleavage.

17 Bella Thorne

Via imgur.com

A former child star that worked extensively with Disney, it is safe to say that Bella Thorne is someone who has grown up a lot since then. Seen in movies like The DUFF, You Got Me, and Blended, as well as shows like Scream, Big Love, and Perfect High, her career very much seems on the rise these days. Still, she is now known by many for her sexy image, especially when it comes to social media where she has a tendency to wear clothes that are revealing, to say the least. Case, in point, we have this picture of her where she is wearing shorts that are so small that they provide a great vantage point of her legs and rear end.

16 Aly Michalka

A very talented woman, Aly Michalka is known for her abilities both as a singer (just like her sister, AJ) and an actress. Seen in movies like Easy A, The Roommate, and Grown Ups 2, as well as shows like Two and a Half Men, Anger Management, and izombie, she seems at home on screen no matter if they are big or little. Someone who always looks fantastic whenever we see her acting–including multiple times in which she has appeared in very little clothes–she seems like the perfect person to end up on a list like this. Seen here in a dress so tight that we are shocked she didn’t pass out or worse, she may not be showing much skin but this still manages to feel like she is almost entirely exposed.

15 Nicki Minaj

Via mirror.co.uk

A rapper that has never been shy about showing off her body from the very start of her career, Nicki Minaj is talented at what she does, but her image has played a large role in her fame. Best known for songs like “Anaconda,” “Super Bass,” “Starships,” “Bang Bang,” and “Side to Side,” when looking at the songs she performs, one thing is clear—she is a unique musician, to say the least. Possessing a real flare for her ability to find attention-grabbing outfits to wear, this image of her is one we can’t look away from, for different reasons. Gone are the vibrant colors and crazy designs, replaced by the simplicity of a bra at the right angle, and we still sit in awe.

14 Eva Marie

Via ranker.com

An employee of the WWE for several years now, Eva Marie has appeared in several matches but many fans would argue against calling her a professional wrestler. That said, in our opinion, the last time we saw her on TV, she seemed to have largely improved from a character standpoint at the very least. Absent from the scene for a while now, one thing fans of her can still rely on is a regular stream of alluring photos of her appearing on her social media accounts. Seeming to have perfected the art of taking images of herself, this picture of her at the gym wearing a sports bra and showing off her impressive and appealing physique is one example of that.

13 Hilary Duff

Via Pinterest.com

Another former child star that worked extensively with Disney, we’re starting to think that that is a good predictor of being the subject of taking sexy images of yourself later in life. Seen in movies like Cheaper by the Dozen, A Cinderella Story, Raise Your Voice, and War Inc, on top of Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff appeared in a lot of popular media during her career. Now known by a lot of people for being one of the hottest milfs out there, we’re guessing many people were excited when she briefly signed up for Tinder. Seen here in a selfie where she appears to be laying out in a bikini, the opportunity to see her chest up close while wearing such a small garment is something we find very enticing.

12 Sofia Vergara

These days, Sofia Vergara is known around the world as one of the stars of Modern Family, a show that has been widely embraced and has been a steady rating getter from the beginning. However, if you were unaware of her career prior to that, then you are really missing out on some attractive stuff. A former model that was popular enough among those aware of her to release an annual calendar featuring monthly images of her, we can imagine lots of garages adorned by drop-dead gorgeous photos of her. Of course, that shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise to anyone who sees her in sexy outfits on TV each week, especially as they salivate over her cleavage-baring dresses. However, this selfie of her is all the proof we need of the fact that her rear end deserves a whole lot more attention as it is a joy to behold.

11 Gabrielle Union

Via yolocelebs.com

A gorgeous woman who we can’t get enough of, our only complaint about Gabrielle Union’s career is we’d love to see more of her. Known for roles in movies like Bring It On, The Brothers, Think Like A Man, and its sequel, Bad Boys II, and Cradle 2 the Grave, anyone who has seen her work can attest that she has a magnetic presence on screen. While we see her as a talented actress who is capable of creating multifaceted characters that are interesting to watch unfold in front of us, we’d be lying if we pretended her looks don’t play a part in that. Seen here taking a photo of herself while she seems to not have a stitch of clothing on, we can’t actually see anything that we wouldn’t if she were wearing a dress; but the idea that she is in the buff is enough for us.

10 AJ Michalka

Via imgur.com

When we previously touched on the career of a singer and actress named Aly, we mentioned her sister and if you haven’t figured it out yet, here she is. Someone you may not be aware of yet if you aren’t a fan of The Goldbergs, AJ Michalka plays a lovable character on the fantastic sitcom that is set to return in the near future. Also seen in movies like Super 8, Secretariat, and The Lovely Bones, as well as shows like Silicon Valley and a special about her called Aly & AJ: Sister Act, all we can say is that if we get to see more of her, the better. Seen here in front of the bed we assumed she sleeps in regularly, that is tantalizing enough; but the fact that she has a sports bra on is what really does it for us.

9 Kelly Brook

Via fanshare.com

There are a lot of models out there who have earned their fame through appearing in a long list of ads or in magazines like Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue. Kelly Brook is not one of them. Instead, she rose to prominence due to being a former Page Three girl and if you aren’t aware of what that means, let us tell you that it involves appearing in a newspaper as close to nude as possible with some clothes on. Clearly someone who is comfortable with her body, we have to agree with that position as we’re quite happy to spend time looking at it, especially as it is here with oodles of cleavage on display.

8 Brie Larson

One of the most respected actresses of this or any generation, Brie Larson has shown how great she is at embodying a character time and time again. Seen in the show United States of Tara, as well as movies like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, 21 Jump Street, Short Term 12, and Room, to say that her inclusion in a project makes it better is a huge understatement. Also an exquisite woman who makes being a pro look good, her image has also helped her stand out. Seen here in a selfie in which it looks like she is wearing nothing more than the jacket we can see, the opportunity to see her cleavage drives us wild, even though these days this image is quite tame.

7 Nikki Bella

Via nydailynews.com

A WWE superstar that joined the company alongside her twin sister, for several years, the pair was used as arm candy of other wrestlers and celebrity guest stars before getting their own opportunity. Eventually allowed to operate independent of one another, both found success but it was Nikki Bella that was seen as the focus of the Women’s division for an extended period of time. Also seen in two “reality” shows produced by the WWE, Total Divas and Total Bellas, she has become one of the company’s best-known performers. A woman with a very curvaceous body that she is quite rightly proud of, we are all fortunate that that is the case as we otherwise would have missed out on a picture like this one that shows it off.

6 Jennifer Lopez

A multifaceted performer who has created a name for herself via acting, dancing, and singing, Jennifer Lopez is the very definition of a triple threat. Known for songs like “I’m Real,” “Ain’t It Funny,” “If You Had My Love,” and “Jenny From the Block,” that is a small fraction of the hit tracks she has released. Also a star of movies like Anaconda, U-Turn, Out of Sight, The Cell, and The Wedding Planner, she has received big roles for several decades now. Someone who possesses one of the most talked-about butts in the world, she is reported to have had it insured, and looking at this photo of her showing it off, we can understand why it is so important to her.

5 Olivia Munn

Via Pinterest.com

A former TV host that many people first discovered as the lovable and lovely host of G4’s Attack of the Show, Olivia Munn was able to stand out enough to receive many other opportunities. Now a famed actress, she was cast in one of the starring roles in The Newsroom, as well as movies like Iron Man 2, X-Men Apocalypse, Office Christmas Party, and several more. Seen here in a bikini while standing inside of a home, that is probably safe for her as we could easily see her being gawked at if she showed up on a beach like that.

4 Salma Hayek

Via people.com

An actress that many people first discovered when she played one of the main roles in Desperado, Salma Hayek has been a mainstay of the business ever since. Seen in movies like From Dusk til Dawn, 54, Dogma, and Frida, she has shown herself to have a charismatic energy to her virtually any time she shows up on our screens. Barely standing over five feet tall, this spark plug of a woman packs a lot of sexiness into her tiny body. Seen here in the most recent selfie on this list by a large margin, her framing of the shot reveals the fact that she wasn’t wearing a top when she took this picture which we all definitely love.

3 C.J. “Lana” Perry

Via wrestlinginc.com

A former Playboy model, dancer, and actress who seems to be adept at everything she tries, for several years now, the woman once known as C.J. Perry has gone by the name Lana on WWE TV. Mostly used as the manager of Rusev, a villainous wrestler she has married in real life, the pair earned the ire of the audience a lot. That is a really impressive feat as she is such a marvelous-looking woman who found fans cheering for her at various points for that reason alone. Recently given the opportunity to branch out on her own as a wrestler, judging by her successes in the past, we aren’t betting against her. Seen here wearing a top that allows the viewer to see her amazing cleavage–combining that with her near perfect face–makes this an image for the ages.

2 Kylie Jenner

Via thesun.co.uk

The youngest member of her generation in the Kardashian/Jenner family, Kylie has spent most of her life as someone whose life was largely put out there for public consumption. Only nineteen years old today, you’d be forgiven if you thought she was older than that since she has seemed omnipresent–along with the rest of her famous clan–for years now. Seemingly an adept business woman, she has used her high profile to create a number of brands and merchandising opportunities. Seen here, Kylie Jenner seems prepped to take part in a photo shoot. The fact that she had to snap this picture seems gratuitous enough, but looking at it, we couldn’t be any happier about that if we tried considering the view of her body she is providing the viewers of this photo.

1 Demi Lovato

Via imgur.com

Yet another former Disney child star that is featured on this list, it feels fitting to us that someone like her would take the top spot on this list. These days best known for her singing career, Demi Lovato has released hit songs like “Heart Attack,” “Give Your Heart A Break,” “Cool For The Summer,” and “Neon Lights.” A young woman who has shown the courage to reveal to the world that she has struggled with eating disorders, these days, Demi is a great role model for youngsters because of her overt body positivity. Of course, when your body looks that banging in a selfie you take while wearing a bodysuit, it becomes a lot easier to embrace who you are.

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