20 Hot Actresses You Forgot Appeared On FRIENDS

Friends might be the most successful sitcom of all time. Spanning over 200 episodes (236 to be exact), the series is jam-packed with moments that have left fans laughing years after the show ended. But as strong as the main cast was, the series was also helped along by some absolutely gorgeous guest stars.

Below we're covering the 20 sexiest women that appeared on Friends, but we're keeping the cap at 5 episodes. On the plus side, that also allows us to end the list with the gorgeous supermodel Elle Macpherson. There are also some candidates on our list (like Chloe) who look so different in 2016 that even if you just saw her on Friends, you wouldn't recognize her walking down the street. We also have some fun tidbits about the show, like why Reese Witherspoon was cast, which actress the creators wanted to do more episodes with and even which celebrity regretted their time on the show.

Half of the women on our list only graced us with their presence for one episode, but while you may have forgotten their role, you definitely won't forget the photos that we've tracked down!

20 Jill Goodacre - 1 Episode (S1, E7)

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Could you imagine if you were a trapped in an ATM Vestibule with Jill Goodacre?! Goodacre opens up our list not only because she's absolutely gorgeous and who doesn't love looking at her, but also because she is the earliest 'guest star' to appear in the series. You have to jump way back to Season 1, Episode 7 to find her appearance in The One With the Blackout. Airing in 1994, you could not have found a more appropriate beautiful actress/model for the role than Jill Goodacre.

Goodacre spent much of the 1980s and early 1990s as being one of the most prominent models for Victoria's Secret. Who would have known she looked good in lingerie? Perhaps not shockingly, Goodacre is considered to be influential in helping the brand grow.

19 Julia Roberts - 1 Episode (S2, E13)

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Julia Roberts' character "Susie Underpants" may have seduced Chandler Bing to try and get him back for a prank, but did you know that the two also started dating for real off-set? It was definitely a more casual relationship but when you consider how gorgeous Roberts is, you can imagine that it was still a memorable experience for Matthew Perry.

This episode, The One After The Super Bowl, is also notable for its high number of guest stars including Brooke Shields who will also make an appearance below.

Aptly named, the episode aired after Super Bowl XXX and went on to record 52.9 million viewers, a record for the show that stood until the series finale.

18 Brooke Shields - 1 Episode (S2, E13)

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Brooke Shields' character Erika Ford may have been obsessed with Joey's character Drake Ramoray, but when you consider how incredibly gorgeous she is, you can imagine there could be a lot more problems. As mentioned above, Shields like Roberts also appeared in The One After The Super Bowl.

Shields went on to find more television success with her own sitcom Suddenly Susan running for 93 episodes. When talking about both experiences, Shields said "It was absolutely the beginning of one of the best periods of my whole life. I’ve always wanted to do comedy. I’ve always loved it. I’ve always been the clown in class, the one that gets up and is not afraid to make a fool of myself. I’ve always been that person, but because I looked a certain way, it was never something people could get their minds around."

17 Isabella Rossellini - 1 Episode (S3, E5)

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Isabella Rossellini has found success both as an actress as well as a model, so perhaps it makes sense that Ross would want to put her on his list. The episode, The One With Frank Jr. from season 3, includes the gang discussing which 5 celebrities they would be allowed to sleep with, without their significant other getting mad. Rossellini was a strong candidate for Ross, but she ended up getting bumped off of his list for Winona Ryder because she was more local than Rossellini ("Yeah, ‘cause that’s why you won’t get Isabella Rossellini, geography," quipped Rachel). Perhaps fittingly, Rossellini also got bumped up in this list as Winona Ryder makes her appearance later in the series.

16 Rebecca Romijn - 1 Episode (S4, E6)

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Of all the women on this list, there is nobody on here that is more comfortable with showing some skin than Rebecca Romijn. It's not enough that she's done plenty of photo shoots wearing revealing clothes, but Romijn is plenty familiar with body painting too, having hosted several seasons of Skin Wars, a reality show based competition around body painting.

Despite her gorgeous looks (which the show does not fail to point out), Romijn plays the absolutely hilarious role of Cheryl in The One With the Dirty Girl which was in season 4. While her character was absolutely filthy in the show, you can imagine the real life Romijn is a lot cleaner!

15 Kristin Davis - 1 Episode (S7, E7)

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When it comes to big-time television stars that have gotten to come through the cast of FRIENDS, Kristin Davis is definitely one of the biggest. Davis is best known for appearing in the hit series Melrose Place, she then transitioned that success to appearing in Sex and the City (for which she also won an Emmy in 2004).

But nothing may be more impressive than the fact that she was able to win over the affections of Joey Tribbiani! Davis makes an appearance in Season 7, Episode 7 The One With Ross's Library Book. Sadly for viewers, and Joey, Davis ends the episode by leaving Joey and in doing so, making sure she only had 1 appearance in the hit series.

14 Susan Sarandon - 1 Episode (S7, E15)

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Susan Sarandon may be the oldest actress on this list, but her appearance on the show as well as in the above photos is proof that she is absolutely beautiful. Sarandon made a one-time appearance in The One With Joey's New Brain, in which she helped coach Joey on his acting before eventually sleeping with him. Sarandon was outstanding in her role and while she did not win, she was nominated for an Emmy award for Outstanding Guest Actress-Comedy Series for her role.

Sarandon is one of the most critically acclaimed actresses of all time, being nominated for a Best Actress award in Atlantic City, Thelma & Louise, Lorenzo's Oil and The Client and taking home the award for Dead Man Walking.

13 Gabrielle Union - 1 Episode (S7, E17)

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Gabrielle Union is clearly good looking, she was able to seduce both Ross AND Joey in her brief appearance in The One With the Cheap Wedding Dress which was in season 7. In the episode, the two both try and take her out on a date with a spending limit of $100, but you can imagine in real life you would be spending a lot more if you were only given one chance to impress the beautiful and talented Gabrielle Union.

In real life, it was NBA Superstar Dwyane Wade that was able to corral Union to join in an everlasting union with him. The two dated from 2009 to 2013 but split up after Wade said career demands became too much. Thankfully for his sake, the two reconciled and got married on August 30th, 2014.

12 Denise Richards - 1 Episode (S7, E19)

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Not only was Denise Richards gorgeous enough to help capture the attention of Chandler and Ross, but even Phoebe gets in on the action! Though when you consider how gorgeous Richards looked both in the episode and in the above photo, would you really blame them? (...Yes, you blame Ross, it's still your cousin!). Perhaps if the cast had been able to keep their leering to a minimum Richards would have appeared in more than one episode, but unfortunately, she just appears in season 7, episode 19, The One With Ross and Monica's Cousin.

Richards has recently finished working on the movie American Satan that tells the story of a young rock band that move to the Sunset Strip to try and attain their dreams of becoming musicians. In a super unusual casting decision, one of the main leads of the movie is Bill Goldberg (...yes, that Goldberg.)

11 Winona Ryder - 1 Episode (S7, E20)

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When it comes to women in the Friends universe that most men fancy, Jennifer Aniston probably comes out on top. Which is why it may not come as a huge shock that Winona Ryder's character also had a thing for her! Ryder makes a hilarious cameo as the character Melissa Warburton in Season 7, Episode 20 The One With Rachel's Big Kiss.

While Ryder has spent some time under the radar in Hollywood, her stock may never be higher after she absolutely nailed the role of Joyce Byers in Stranger Things. Ryder is also keeping herself plenty busy as she will also be reprising her role in Beetlejuice 2.

The above photoshoot was done back in May 2013 for Interview magazine.

10 Selma Blair - 1 Episode (S9, E10)

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You may recognize her with longer hair, but Selma Blair's character was all over the Bing in The One With Christmas In Tulsa which was in Season 9. Could you imagine how Friends would have been changed if Chandler had given into Selma Blaire's advances?

Monica may be pretty understanding, but something tells me a storyline about their divorce would not have done so well with the ratings.

Blair's character had to be good looking as she played the former Miss Oklahoma runner-up. But something tells me nobody was questioning the decision when they cast such a gorgeous woman as Blair in the role.

Blair has recently been outstanding in her role of Kris Jenner in The People V O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and has recently finished filming an action/horror movie with Nicolas Cage.

9 Angela Featherstone - 2 Episodes (S3, E15 and 16)

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Now you definitely are not going to recognize her in the above photos, but Angela Featherstone played the short-haired spunky brunette, Chloe. Yes, that Chloe. The one that is referred to as "The hot girl from the Xerox place with the belly button ring" and the same one who put a splinter in the love that was Ross and Rachel!

Despite her monumental impact on the series, Featherstone only appears in 2 episodes (3 if you count a flashback). She is mentioned in The One With The Jam and The One With The Princess Leia Fantasy, but we only see her in The One Where Ross and Rachel Take A Break (season 3, episode 15) and The One With The Morning After. 

8 Reese Witherspoon - 2 Episodes (S6, E13 and 14)

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In season 6 the cast of FRIENDS brought several great guest stars on, but none of them actually made an appearance in any future seasons. Alexandra Holden (Elizabeth) and Elle Macpherson are two other examples of this, both of whom make our list.

The first introduction to Rachel's sister came in the episodes The One With Rachel's Sister and The One Where Chandler Can't Cry. Witherspoon absolutely nails the role of the spoiled sister, as well as having some great moments with David Schwimmer. As you'll see next in the list, Witherspoon is also not the last Green sister to make the cut.

When talking about why they cast her, co-creator and executive producer David Crane said "We were obviously big fans of her, anybody who saw her in Election would just say, ‘Oh my God, yes, get her!'"

The role was originally not written for a prominent actress.

7 Christina Applegate - 2 Episodes (S9, E8 and S10, E5)

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Above you read about Rachel's spoiled sister Jill, but no list would be complete if we didn't also include her hilariously airheaded sister Amy. Applegate appeared in the episodes The One With Rachel's Other Sister and The One Where Rachel's Sister Babysits which are in season 9 and 10. For her portrayal in the former episode, she was awarded a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series.

The role was allegedly created after Witherspoon was unable to come back on the show with a scheduling conflict. We aren't too sure what magazine the above photoshoot is for, but anytime you can combine a beautiful woman with a gorgeous car, you're probably going to have quite a few fans.

6 Melissa George - 2 Episodes (S9, E12 and 13)

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When you get cast in the role of Hot Nanny, you better be a pretty good looking actress! Thankfully for the casting directors of Friends, Melissa George decided to walk into their casting room one day. George plays the role of Molly who gets hired to look over Emma, much to the enjoyment of Joey who constantly talks about how attractive she is.

George first appears in The One with Phoebe's Rats (Season 9, episode 12) and again in The One Where Monica Sings (season 9, episode 13) and is mentioned (but sadly not shown!) in The One Where Rachel's Sister Baby-Sits. At least her not appearing in the 3rd episode allowed the show to cast the beautiful Christina Applegate!

5 Dina Meyer - 3 Episodes (S3, E19, 20 and 22)

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Perhaps it's the red locks or the sassy attitude, but the above photo definitely makes it very evident why Joey Tribbiani would have had a thing for Dina Meyer's character of Kate. Kate Miller, a fellow actress meets Joey in The One With The Tiny T-Shirt (season 3, episode 19), The One Without The Dollhouse (episode 20) and The One With The Screamer (episode 22).

Prior to appearing in Friends, Meyer had a 12 episode stint on Beverly Hills, 90210. Meyer also had one of the lead roles in the television series Point Pleasant, but it was canceled after 13 episodes due to poor ratings. She also landed the very cool role of Barbara Gordon/Oracle in the television series Birds of Prey. While the show also failed (also only lasting 13 episodes), any time you get a chance to take on a Batman character, you have to be pretty stoked.

4 Christine Taylor - 3 Episodes (S3, E 24, 25 and S4, E1)

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When you consider how absolutely beautiful Christine Taylor's hair is, it makes it all the more tragic that Rachel's character was able to convince her to shave it all off! Taylor had a short fling with Ross in the classic Friends episodes The One With the Ultimate Fighting Champion (season 3, episode 24), The One At The Beach and The One With The Jellyfish that kicked off the 4th season. They better have cast a good looking woman, especially when you consider the season 3 cliffhanger was hanging on whether Ross entered Rachel or Bonnie's (Taylor) room. Obviously, he picked Rachel (for the 2nd time, previously dumping Julie for her as well), but it was still a fun moment of suspense!

In real life, it's funnyman Ben Stiller (who also guest stars on Friends) who has won her heart. The two have been married since 2000.

3 Anna Faris - 4 Episodes (S 10, E 10, 13, 16 and 17)

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When you consider how big of a show Friends was, it must have been a hell of a lot of pressure to be cast as a reoccurring guest star as late into the series as Faris was.

After all, you wouldn't be able to complete the final season without her, but by only appearing in 4 episodes Anna Faris earns her spot on this list. Playing the role of Erica, who ends up being the birth-mom for Chandler and Monica, Faris did not get the opportunity to show off her body. Something that photo shoots clearly love taking full advantage of!

Faris met and fell in love with Chris Pratt when the two worked on the movie Take Me Home Tonight in 2007. The two got married in 2009 and in 2012 Faris gave birth to their son Jack.

2 Alexandra Holden - 5 Episodes (S 6, E 18, 19, 21, 22 and 24)

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While the gang may have loved to give Ross a hard time for his relationship with Elizabeth, when you consider how absolutely gorgeous she is, would you really hate on him too much? Alexandra Holden appeared in 5 episodes, all of them occurring during Season 6.

As beautiful as Holden is, her biggest addition to the series may be the fact that her dad was the absolutely hilarious Bruce Willis. At the very least if she didn't pay attention to what Ross was teaching her, she could probably have a pretty solid fallback career as a model!

After appearing in Friends, Holden went on to spend 3 episodes on Ally McBeal. Sadly she has bounced around in a lot of shows, but she also got a 5 episode appearance in Friday Night Lights as well as in Franklin & Bash. 

1 Elle Macpherson - 5 Episodes (S6, E7-11)

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Elle Macpherson is not the only woman on this list that was able to woo the affections of Joey Tribbiani, but she is the only one on here who had the ability to woo him over the course of several episodes! Macpherson ended up appearing in 5 episodes, all in season 6.

Macpherson was asked to appear in more episodes but turned down the opportunity because she was living in London. While you think she may have regretted that, you may be surprised to hear that what she actually regrets was appearing in the show!

"If I'd known how important it was in the U.S., or how long it would be on TV, I may not have chosen to do it. It was a lot of pressure if you look at it in the way that it will be around for 20 or 30 years," she admitted when talking to Australia's TV Week.

If there's one positive, she also noted in the interview that Matt LeBlanc was a great kisser!

Sources: friends.wikia.com

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