20 Gorgeous Outfits Emily Ratajkowski Wore That Makes Her Our Favorite Fashion Model

In 2013, Robin Thicke rocked fans with the music video for his song “Blurred Lines.” It was wild, and broke taboos along the way, in how it involved the models. Most prominently was Emily Ratajkowski, a young model who instantly became famous thanks to that video. Since then, she has been on a roll, highly in demand with appearances in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, and numerous other covers. She’s known for her daring photos in which she flaunts her body, and also hit the big screen in Gone Girl. Emily is also a star on social media, her Instagram boasting over 16 million followers. She loves to show off in selfies, in which she'll occasionally wear very little clothing. She looks amazing every time, and has definitely made her mark as one of the most beautiful models.

It is amazing how well she can work any outfit. True, bikinis and other swimsuits are great on her, and her lingerie shoots are more than appealing. However, Emily has proved that she has a tight hold on fashion, looking fabulous at red carpet events and in casual wear. It’s remarkable how she carries herself, and it’s no wonder she’s so much in demand. She's one of the few people who simply cannot look terrible, no matter the outfit. Some outfits may be more striking than others, but Emily continues to look flawless. Here are 20 outfits that Emily pulled off, owning them in ways other models simply cannot do.

20 Met Gala


Officially called the Costume Institute Gala, everyone else calls it the Met Ball. In the first Monday of every May, the stars of Hollywood, be it music, acting or fashion converge in New York at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The event is designed to flaunt outfits which have to stick to a theme (even though no one ever listens to it). It has become notable for the bold fashion statements stars decide to make. The 2016 event was “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology” and designed to have a futuristic theme to it. Emily’s dress was terrific, white from when you stare at her from the front, but with a black trail to follow her. One shoulder is covered but the other is bare to enhance the effect. Adding to it is the makeup, almost a cyborg like appearance yet smouldering in its effect. Given how many famous women attend this event, it takes a lot to stand out, but Emily does so anyhow.

19 Fitting In

via startraksphoto.com

Usually, Emily shows off her form in gym gear. She’s famous for flaunting leotards, yoga pants and more, either at the gym itself or snapped going to and from it. Yet this pic shows how she doesn’t need to be in gym clothes to flaunt her shape off. She’s attending a 2016 party in Los Angeles for SVEDKA Vodka's Broken Resolutions party. The outfit is amazing, almost totally white, and highlights her curves wonderfully, thanks to the black straps around her midsection which tighten up the dress. Her hair is pulled back to show off her gorgeous features, fully aware of the effect that she has on those around her. If her resolution was to make sure she dominates a red carpet, Emily didn’t break that in any way.

18 Oscar Look


We all know the Academy Awards are one of the biggest fashion events of the year, despite the fact that it has nothing to do with fashion. There are as many articles about the outfits worn on the red carpet, as there is of the movies that brought home awards. What we also like looking at are the after-party photos. Sometimes, some big stars go there as well as the award show, or just to the party itself. Emily is a great example. Though the Academy Awards are not for her, she often shows up to the always popular Vanity Fair party. For this one, she shows up in an interesting outfit, the top half looking like your typical sleek gown. However, breaking it off into lace over the legs was a daring choice before going into a darker motif for the feet. Someone else might have failed but Emily wears the outfit with grace.

17 Lovely Lace

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most important events of the year in entertainment. Celebrities converge in the south of France to show off new films and hobnob with high society. Even if you’re not in movies, you show up just to get noticed, and this is no exception. Emily may not be an actress but she knows that when you do Cannes, you go all out in fashion. She succeeds wonderfully with this mostly lace dress that flaunts her off in a great way. The “window” at her chest is eye catching and the pattern is lovely, sheer but not overtly so, and thus makes her looks sexy and classy all at once. The large sash around her middle is another good highlight. Toss in the lace going up to her neck and the whole thing is just an amazing outfit. Just like at every other event, Emily definitely took over the Cannes.

16  Casual But Cool


This outfit shows how Emily doesn’t need to glam it up majorly to turn heads. The nice dress has a plaid and checkered style that fits her well, not overt but still lovely. It’s cut off by her knees to flaunt her legs but it still manages to look modest. The red sweater goes with it great, making it look like a very stylish outfit and a good ensemble. The black leather jacket gives it the edge that it needs to complete the ensemble. The fact that she manages to look this good for a simple evening out with her friends is beyond us. Most of us give into our laziness, but Emily is above that. For all the times she’s been photographed in revealing outfits (or none at all), this ensemble shows the lady can look great in any fashion or setting.

15 Cool By the Pool


You can easily do an entirely separate list of all the swimsuits Emily has worn. Her Instagram feed is packed with selfies at pools, oceans and ships, flaunting her body and often wearing just one half of the suit. But this pic proves she doesn’t need to strip down to look great by a pool. The top is lovely, a take on a sports bra but the secondary sash is a nice design motif that makes it more attention grabbing. Her midriff is on display to show her great workout routines. This leads to the white jeans which look amazing, and let's be honest, the picture as a whole is aesthetically pleasing thanks to her placing by the pool. Topping it off are the mirrored shades, and the way she's pulling them down to stare at you through the camera adds the touch of sexy smoulder that we all wish we had.

14 Black and White


The contrast of this outfit is what makes it look terrific. Emily usually makes New York her home base, thanks to its connections to modeling and entertainment, but tends to stand out in a crowd thanks to her distracting good looks. Here she wears an attention grabbing short skirt. Her tiny shirt is tucked into it, with a white jacket thrown casually over her shoulders to give the outfit a more relaxed and casual feeling to it. Rather than just wearing it right over with her arms in the sleeves, Emily has it draped like a cape and it looks phenomenal. The choker combined with a separate necklace is also great and the earrings are not too obtrusive. One can only imagine how many heads were turning on the street as she walked by as powerful as any runway strut.

13 Paris Nice


Emily spends almost as much time in Paris as she does in the U.S. It’s a necessity for the job. Attending posh parties and mingling with the top designers on the planet is practically a past time. The fashion shows (especially during Fashion Week) are a must for any model to get her name out there, enjoy the latest fashions and keep your connections up. This event was an outdoor party, a bit more casual than the more upscale stuff but still requires a nice fashion style. Emily chooses a lovely outfit, a lace undershirt with a slightly darker connecting top, showing a “window” of sorts for her chest. The long coat and matching pants are a great pattern and color, and the sleeves pushed up gives it the casual look. It takes a lot to show off well in Paris but Emily proves that just a quiet lunch can look great when she’s around.

12 Mirror Mirror


The outfit alone would be great but it's the pose that allows this photo to shine. The gold fabric shimmers brilliantly, nearly totally backless and the dip at the front nicely done. It makes her look like some kind of goddess, classic and fitting. Her hair is cut short here, but to no one's surprise, that suits her as well. The mirror allows the outfit to be appreciated from all sides, highlighting her body and the outfit all at once. Even the lighting adds to the effect, darker towards the mirror but bright towards her, making it almost mysterious as she gives the viewer her pouty look. Emily on her own is fantastic, but let's be honest, twice is even better.

11 Red Bow


The Met Gala is one of the biggest shows of the year for celebrities and fashion. They love to show off in a variety of stunning dresses, many very complex. Indeed, more than one star has confessed to how much massive work it takes to pull these outfits off. Thus, once the show is done, they choose to dress down in something a lot more comfortable. In this case, Emily moves from her ultra-tight dress to something a lot more comfortable. The red romper styled outfit looks great on her, not overt in concerns of her cleavage but enough to get major attention. Gold and red have always been a lovely colour scheme together, and it holds true even in this photo. It pulls the outfit together, while also allowing the shoes to pop.

10 Walk Like an Egyptian


The woman always has a great regal presence about her, despite how she tries to be “down to Earth” in her attitude. So it’s fun seeing her embrace that for a costume party. The Egyptian motif may seem off to a lady who comes from Irish and Polish descent and raised Catholic. But the costume is still great with that Cleopatra-styled wig and her subtle but effective makeup. Her outfit is made of multiple pieces. Underneath is the sheer slip, which covers her skin but still exposes her midriff. The black and gold motif wrapped around her gives it the Egyptian feel that flows down between her legs. The collar around her neck adds the authenticity that the costume requires. Unseen in the photo are the golden cuffs that she added, effectively bringing together the entire costume. She’s as far from the Middle East as you can get, but Emily does a lovely job looking like Queen of the Nile.

9 Regal Pose


Emily could turn something as simple as sitting on a chair to a whole fashion statement. How is it that she looks more akin to a queen sitting on her throne than actual royals do? The dress is fabulous and elegant, put together with a lace corset style top, shoulder free as usual, and a long black shirt. With one leg showing, and the black purse strategically placed, she knows exactly what she's doing to the viewer. Not that she needs to go out of her way to attract anyone, but the outfit does it nonetheless. The dress is sensational and matched by her tan skin, and dark shadowed eyes. This shows Emily doesn’t need to walk a runway to get attention.

8 Mind the View


Created by the Oscar-winning actress Goldie Hawn, the Hawn Foundation is dedicated to promoting interest in science and learning for children. The Mind Up product line pushes it more with educational-themed games and products to get kids interested. This event has plenty of supporters, and among them stands Emily, who has long taken part in such charities. Naturally, if Emily is showing up anywhere, she shows up as best dressed. The dress has a great design, and the colour goes well with her skin tone. The green heels add a touch of fun to the dress, as does her hair. Leaving it loose makes it fun and flirty, making her look both elegant and subtle all at once.

7  A Queenly Pose


If you want to stand out at the Cannes Film Festival, you need to go all out. You’re competing with some of the most famous and beautiful people on the planet for attention and thus require a great style to turn heads. In 2017, Emily sure pulled that off with this look. The white dress is stunning on the red carpet, the slit to show off that shapely leg, which is more than enough to catch people's attention. It's not as revealing as some of her other outfits but that fits the setting, the slip design sleek and flowing over her well. She also picks the right jewelry. It's a massive necklace, but it doesn't make the dress feel like it's trying too hard. She looks classy, put together, and very Vogue.

6 In Style


If you’re going to be attending an event for InStyle magazine, you want to make sure you have a great style. The magazine is popular for several events, including working with Warner Bros for this party. Emily makes a great entrance in this form-fitting black dress, it's nothing too extravagant but it works nonetheless. The thin straps don’t distract from her shoulders, and the dress itself fits her like a glove. Her hair is done in just the right style but better is the reddish eye shadow that makes her face stand out much better. True, anyone at this event would be doing their best to look great but leave it to Emily to bring the “Style” to the party.

5 Coachella


Every April, thousands converge on Indio, California, braving sunshine and heat for the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. The event is packed with numerous indie rock acts, and fans love showing off in some unique fashions statements amid tents and constant music. The 2017 event boasted over 250,000 guests and it’s become a highlight for celebrities as well. Emily is among them, enjoying the rock acts and mingling well with guests. She gets totally into the fashion of it with this great patterned top, leaving her shoulders bare. Her pants and boots are plain, but work well with the casual but beautiful outfit that she has put together. After all, for a music festival, one has to always think of comfort before style, but thankfully Emily seems to manage well in both areas.

4 Red Hot


Often, Emily goes for a black theme in her outfits. But she can brighten up quite well. A showcase is her appearance at the annual fundraiser for Elton John’s AIDS Foundation, the charity dedicated to research for the disease. Her red dress stands out nicely, and leaving one shoulder bare adds to the allure. The slit shows off her great long legs and the gold of her high heels is another highlight. Having two belts may seem off but mixing one small and the other large gives the dress an extra layer that highlights that thin waist of hers. The giant golden earrings are another good touch , making the entire outfit shine brilliantly. It’s one of her best looks, as breathtaking as anything else she does on the carpet. Often, it can be a risk using red on the red carpet, but once again, Emily proves that she could handle any fashion event.

3 Working Out


It takes a lot of work to look this good. Like many models, Emily has turned to the gym to maintain her form while also maintaining a diet. She actually enjoys pastries and unlike other models, she’s not a vegetarian, loving “the taste of meat” for her meals. Thus, she needs to maintain a huge workout routine, hitting the gym on a regular basis. There’s an entire squad of paparazzi who basically follow her around to get pics of her in workout gear. Leave it to Emily to turn those outfits into great ones as well. This top is the perfect top to work out in. The pants are nice and tight and just as stylish to show her off. There are slews of pics of Emily at the gym to show her body off and prove how hard she works to ensure she can fit into those dresses and always turn heads.

2 Street Style


Somehow, just walking down the street, Emily can look like a million bucks. She is often dressed up for her red carpet events or photoshoots. However, on the days where she dresses down, she still manages to look stunning. This photo, is a fine example of just that. She's supporting a black top with a choker to match, open but not too revealing. The look as a whole is comfortable and easy; her shirt being haphazardly tucked into her jeans gives it a relaxed look. The jeans are great on her, tight and fitting but it’s the knee-high black boots that really set it apart. The purse being draped to the side allows the outfit to give off a full effect, and the shades are a fun accessory to complete it. It’s an amazing ensemble, proving that Emily could look amazing both on the red carpet and on a trip to the grocery store.

1 Black Beret

via: instagram.com/emrata

Just a simple pic is all it takes for Emily to rock people. This one shows her genius at “less is more” when it comes to sexiness. The black top is sleek, not too sheer but quite inviting, and the way it opens up is incredibly attractive. The top matches her hair which somehow makes it better, everything simply blending in to each other. Topping it all off is the beret, once again the same shade as the rest of the outfit, adding a beautiful flow to the whole ensemble. The carnation on the lapel is barely noticeable, but yet not useless as it is just the right amount of accessory for this outfit. It takes a lot to make something so dark shine so well but Emily pulls it off. It goes to show that she doesn't need too much colour to make an outfit work in her favour.

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