20 Gorgeous Female YouTube Stars The World Needs To Be Following

One of the biggest and most important websites on the internet as a whole, there is little doubt that YouTube is a huge powerhouse in the media world today. A video-sharing website that has become a go-to place for media, it features content created by some of the biggest names in the entertainment world and unknown entities alike. With that kind of power, it has also proven itself to be able to take people that were complete nobodies and pluck them from obscurity and make them stars because of the content they’ve appeared in. Like most things on the internet, it has also become a great place to go to if you want to discover talented women of every kind, including those that are extremely appealing to the eye. Yet, there are some super hot women on there that people that don’t follow the website avidly are unaware of. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty gorgeous female YouTube stars you need to be following.

In order for someone to be up for consideration for possible inclusion on this list, she first and foremost needs to be a woman that has made a name for themselves as a YouTuber. For the purposes of this list, it is fine if she has gone on to do other things as well, as long as long as she is known to have come to prominence partially for her work on YouTube. As a result, you won’t find someone like The Bella Twins here as they become known as WWE wrestlers and have since made a channel that is picking up steam. The only other thing that potential entries on this list need to be is extremely good-looking people that fans of attractive ladies need to follow for that reason at least.

20 Heather “Jellybeannose” Vaughn

via Image Mag

Probably the least famous person included on this list, Heather Vaughn has managed to amass a relatively small but loyal fanbase due in large part to her likable-seeming personality. Someone who operates two separate channels that focus on different things, each of them appeals to a different group but there is a crossover from people that enjoy who she is. Operating as both JellybeanASMR and Jellybeannose on the site, unsurprisingly, the one channel focuses on ASMR content while the other predominantly features dance videos. Possessing more than two hundred and seventy thousand subscribers on both of those channels, her efforts have been impressive but she deserves even more watchers. A fit-looking young woman whose body has been defined by her hours of work on the dance floor, she also has a very pretty face and welcoming smile we like a lot.

19 Rachel Fenton

Via Instagram.com

Someone who isn’t best known for her own channel but has risen to prominence because of taking part in content put out by a major entity, Rachel Fenton has worked with The Fine Bros for years. First appearing on their channel as a part of their Teens React series, she was only fifteen at the time, but she has since matured into a young woman and graduated to another level. As a result, she has now found herself as a part of their College Kids React series on top of videos from another lesser-known channel named SQUASH that she runs with a pair of friends. A beautiful brunette that has eyes that really pop out of the screen, she is a beautiful young lady who comes off about as well as anyone can in her appearances.

18 Jenna Marbles

Via entrepreneur.com

One of the most notable people that have made their name on YouTube to date, Jenna Marbles belongs among the likes of the people behind the channels PewDiePie, iDubbbzTV, or h3h3Productions. Notable for her comedic voice, willingness to look like a fool, and interesting ideas, at the time of this writing, she is closing in on eighteen million subscribers. In fact, she has the second most followed channel among women and has had enough of an impact to be the first social media star to have a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in New York. More than happy to dress in outrageous fashion to get a laugh or two, that shouldn’t stop people from noting that she can clean up quite well when she wants to.

17 Arika Sato

Via arikasato.com

Born in California to a pair of parents from Japan, Arika Sato grew up in a bilingual home and went on to study communications and Japanese Studies at the University of California, San Diego. First coming to a lot of people’s attention when she competed in the “reality” show Paris Hilton's My New BFF in 2010, she also showed up briefly in series like Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and Tosh.0. Of course, all of that is immaterial here, and it wasn’t until she started her YouTube channel as a vlogger, as well as a beauty and fitness expert, that she grew her following. An alluring woman with a body that won’t quit and a smoldering look we can’t get enough of, seeing her perfect her look in videos is a real treat.

16 Yaya Han

Via yayacosplay.deviantart.com

One of a slew of women that have made a name for themselves online through their expertise in cosplay, Yaya Han has blown people away with how adept she is at looking like characters. Often posting glamour videos made up of footage of her in her incredible garb, she also regularly uploads content about the making of her outfits which is really cool. Known for dressing up as characters like Kitana from Mortal Kombat, Psylocke from the X-Men, Gamora from The Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more, she seems to impress no matter who she is. Possessing a body that is perfect for filling out clothes that aren’t forgiving in the least, she not only has a figure for the ages but her face is exquisite as well.

15 Justine “iJustine” Ezarik

Via worldstopmost.com

One of the most powerful figures on YouTube since she took the website by storm in the mid-2000's, iJustine, as Justine Ezarik goes by, never seems to be slowing down. Earning more than seven hundred and seventy-five million views on her many videos across the platform at the time of this writing, people have watched literally billions of minutes of her on the website. A so-called lifecaster, she has a history of streaming her everyday life and is cool enough that people love tuning in. Also able to cross over into a certain level of mainstream success, she appeared in shows like The Vampire Diaries and Criminal Minds, on top of competing in a season of The New Celebrity Apprentice. A beautiful blonde that also seems to be very approachable and rad, her down-to-earth energy (aside from her looks) makes her one of the must-watch YouTube personalities.

14 Syd Wilder

Via sharpmagazine.com

A hard-working young woman whose life story has been covered by entities like Sharp Magazine and others, Syd Wilder has found employment as an actor, comedian, writer, and producer. Turning some heads when she played an extremely attractive angel in the movie This Is the End, she took advantage of that small amount of momentum and kept things going. Finding herself working with the channel Funny or Die numerous times, she also created a smaller portal for videos she creates on YouTube under her own name. Someone who is so hot that it almost seems as though it must be supernatural in origin, we totally get why she was cast as an angelic being as she would be a great sight for any recently-deceased person.

13 Nicole Arbour

Via Twitter.com

Probably the most controversial figure to appear as a part of this list, for a time, Nicole Arbour came off pretty well but things have turned around dramatically in recent years. A YouTuber with over four hundred thousand subscribers at the time of this writing, if you check out her comment sections, she does have a group of highly devoted fans that always show up. However, between being accused of domestic abuse of the popular YouTuber Matthew Santoro and uploading a video called Dear Fat People people were outraged by, her image is now tarnished. Still, aside from all of the anger she has felt the brunt of, that hasn’t made her physical attributes change, and she is a bewitching woman from a superficial level.

12 Jaclyn Glenn

Via Twitter.com

An outspoken person whose content is dominated by her views on a variety of subjects, you can find a wide array of ideas covered on Jaclyn Glenn’s channel. Happy to be honest about what she thinks about larger ideas like politics and religion, she may also touch on the YouTube drama of the day or reveal some inner turmoil that she has been going through. Tapped to pose for a Playboy Magazine pictorial during a period in which they were no longer focused on nude photos, the fact that they chose her out of millions of social media stars says a lot. Possessing one of the most remarkable faces of anyone on this list, we also enjoy it when we get to see hints of what she is working with from the neck down.

11 Lilly Singh

Via aminoapps.com

One of the most popular Canadians that have become a big deal due to videos they upload to YouTube, Lilly Singh can also compete on the international level. The person behind a channel that has thirteen million subscribers currently, that is a really impressive number but pales in comparison to her overall views which exceed two billion. If that wasn’t enough to speak about how important she has become in recent years, in 2017, Forbes Magazine put her in the top spot on their list of Top Influencers in the entertainment category. Blessed with skin that looks silky smooth and enticing, we also love it when she shows off some cleavage and that she has a face that lights up completely when she smiles.

10 Jess Greenberg

via:El Confidencial

One of the most straightforward YouTubers on the website in general and especially on this list, Jess Greenberg’s content isn’t highlighted by production values of any kind. In fact, we would actually go much further than that by saying that her videos mostly look pretty abysmal when it comes to the quality of the image. Despite that and the fact that she hasn’t uploaded in a very long time at this point, she still has more than a 1.3 million subscribers to this day. A singer that puts out clips of her playing her guitar and performing a song while wearing a tank top, there is little doubt that her ample cleavage is what stands out most. A gorgeous brunette with a chest that is an eyeful, to say the least, she doesn’t have to put in a lot of effort to blow the world away as her beauty is so self-evident.

9 Karissa Pukas

Via ecoglamazine.blogspot.ca

One of those people that seem to be leading an incredible life from the outside, Karissa Pukas isn’t one of the most famous YouTubers but you’d never know it based on her content. Uploading videos of herself living it up, traveling the world, eating out, and revealing the things she does to perfect her look, she exudes confidence in herself as well. Also the co-owner of a website called SocialEyes Lashes that sells handmade false lashes that are vegan-friendly, it really does seem as though she has her life figured out better than most people her age. Someone we could easily see surfacing in the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue since she looks marvelous in swimwear, we’re actually shocked her life didn’t go down that road.

8 Niykee Heaton


Another singer to make this list, unlike someone like Jess Greenberg, her talents were electrifying enough to allow her to find success away from the website that introduced her to the world. Fantastic at creating viral videos early in her career, Niykee Heaton stood out by recording acoustic guitar covers of popular hip-hop songs. Going on to get a recording contract, she released an EP named “Bad Intentions” in 2014, and based on its strengths, she was able to headline concerts around the world in the so-called Bedroom Tour. A performer that seems to really embrace the seductive side of who she is when she is on stage or in music videos, she is hot enough that it seems like she could get anyone who sets her eyes on.

7 Jessica Nigri

via Pinterest

Perhaps the most famous cosplayer in the world today, Jessica Nigri has become such a symbol for that community that you often see her in popup ads from websites that have nothing to do with it. The operator of a YouTube channel with nearly 1.2 million subscribers at the time of this writing, she uploads content on a semi-regular basis to the delight of many. So important that there are articles detailing her best cosplays on numerous websites, she has dressed up as Mario, Rikku from Final Fantasy, Harley Quinn, and even Freddy Krueger. Able to make pretty much any character look extremely appealing, she seems as though she jumped right out of a Photoshop professional’s dreams since she looks impossibly good.

6 Lia Marie Johnson

Via beautyelife.com

Without a doubt the most notable person to come out of the React video series that The Fine Bros run, Lia Marie Johnson is the second person from that channel to appear here. Starting her time working with them in 2010, she began her tenure as a part of Kids React and has since graduated to Teens React and then again, to YouTubers React. Now known as a singer, songwriter, actor, and internet personality, she has her own channel and has acted in major productions on top of appearing on stage at the 2014 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards. A buxom blonde that has a body impressive enough that she could likely make it as a model, she is extremely photogenic, and you can tell she knows it based on the sultry faces she is prone to.

5 Meg Turney

Via gotceleb.com

A YouTube host that seems like she would have found an equal amount of success in traditional media in years past, Meg Turney first became a star serving as the main personality behind online shows. Most notably associated with SourceFed which she helped turn into a real powerhouse that was bought by Discovery Communications, she developed a huge following there and has retained it since. Now operating a channel under her own name that has several hundred thousand subscribers, she is now known for cosplaying at Comic-Cons and uploading in-demand vlogs as well. A fiery redhead whose body is every bit as remarkable as the incredible outfits she sometimes wears, she doesn’t need to be dressed up as an attractive character to make people swoon.

4 Bethany Mota

Via maneaddicts.com

The person behind the YouTube channel Macbarbie07 since 2009, Bethany Mota has gone on to change its name to the one she was born with which was a great career move for her. A vlogger that rose to prominence due to the popularity of her many unboxing videos, fans loved seeing her fashion and style choices which led her to create tutorials about her outfits, hair, and makeup. Able to create her own fashion line at Aéropostale because of her massive following, she was also tapped to compete in the nineteenth season of Dancing with the Stars which is amazing. An icon for many because of her looks, we understand why anyone would want to look as dazzling as she always seems to even if that seems like too big of a pipe dream.

3 Alia “SSSniperWolf” Shelesh

Via Twitter.com

One of many people that have risen to a major spot in the YouTube community due to playing video games in streams for strangers around the world, Alia Shelesh rechristened herself SSSniperWolf. A ridiculous name that seems like something someone would come up with as a teenager since it “sounds cool,” she doesn’t seem to catch too much crap about it. We’re just going to say it. We can only imagine how much flack a rotund dude would receive if he named himself that but looking like she does, Alia appears to be largely immune. Possessing an hourglass figure that seems like it came right out of many people’s fantasies, both her chest and booty are hard to look away from, and we can’t think of many good reasons to do that.

2 Missy Lynn

Via bhcosmetics.com

Born in a small city in Louisiana, we’re not sure if her peers thought that fame was a possibility for anyone from there but Missy Lynn seems to have been born to be a star. Interested in makeup from an early age since she says she played with her grandmother’s lipsticks and eyeshadow as a three-year-old, over her life since then, she seems to have perfected her look. Now a beauty vlogger with more than one hundred sixty thousand subscribers, she has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry and had her advice published online by the Los Angeles Times. Absolutely stunning in every way we can see, she really has an eye for fashion and makeup that accentuates her natural gifts which are substantial.

1 Aja Dang

Via listal.com

First entering the public sphere when she sent in her pictures to Maxim Magazine in 2011, even then, she was ravishing enough to be chosen as one of their Top 10 Hometown Hotties that year. Taking advantage of that by creating a YouTube channel for herself the following year, she started things off by answering questions about relationships posed by her viewers. Now subscribed to by more than two hundred thousand people, on it, she talks about what she doesn’t like about her body and encourages others to recognize but move past their imperfections. Born in Hawaii and seeming like someone who has spent much of their life in the sun, she has a body built for swimwear as it looks grand no matter how much it is covered or not.

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