20 Genius Inventions Of Billionaire Tony Stark In The MCU We Wish Were Real

Tony Stark is a character from the Marvel Universe who is a self-professed genius, playboy, and former head of Stark Industries. While he may have given himself the title of a genius, there is no denying that he truly is one if you look at some of his insanely cool inventions.

For much of his life, Tony led a playboy life thanks to his wealth which he garnered as a result of his technical knowledge. His stress-free life however was shaken to the core when he was kidnapped by the Ten Rings, an evil group out to destroy world peace. The incident led Tony to create an Iron Man suit and all the gadgets that come with it, and ultimately become an Iron Man.

Tony Stark has said – “I do have a responsibility to keep my inventions from evil hands – but I have a greater responsibility to oppose that evil any way I can. So, Tony Stark may have done his bit out there, but only Iron Man can do what has to be done... So... I guess Iron Man will be around for a while.”

20 Holotable


The holotable is a unique device that comes in the shape of a table. Its purpose is to create holographic models of various items and events that can then be carefully studied and analyzed. Generally, the holotable is used for studying items or events that could not be studied in any other way perhaps because the item is unknown, no longer exists or can’t be safely manipulated.

As you can probably imagine, the holotable would come in very handy when doing research and forensics study, and that is exactly what it is used for in the Marvel Universe. In fact, in the MCU, the holotable was used by the Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division, better known as S.H.I.E.L.D.

19 The Arc Reactor

Another amazing invention that Tony Stark has come up with is the arc reactor. So, what exactly is the arc reactor? You know the glowing circle that you can see in the center of the Iron Man’s chest? That is the arc reactor.

In Iron Man, not only did the arc reactor save Tony’s life, but it also changed the course of his life when it was placed inside his chest to serve as his new mechanical heart.

While the arc reactor’s main purpose is to sustain Tony’s life, it also gives Tony amazing new abilities. For example, thanks to the arc reactor Tony has gained the ability to multitask in an inhuman kind of way. The arc reactor also enhanced his genius intelligence and allowed him to learn things much quicker than any normal human being ever could.

18 Iron Man Suit


The coolest invention that Tony Stark has ever come up with has to be his Iron Man suit. Ever wondered what the Iron Man suit is made from? According to the American Chemical Society’s “Reactions” video series, the suit is probably made from nickel-titanium alloy which is called nitinol.

Apparently, nitinol is so light it never weighs Iron Man down as he’s flying around. Plus, it can actually be re-formed if it is ever damaged. It is also believed that the suit contains carbon fiber and graphite which prevents Tony Stark from getting his feet burned.

17 Iron Man Gauntlet


The Iron Man Gauntlet is unique technology that can be activated from a wrist watch. The gauntlet has many impressive features such as a flash beam, ultrasonic pulse and bulletproof construction. As Tony Stark has said –

"While I'm happy to make the world a better place with my technology and all, there are times when you gotta save the best gadgets for yourself."

The flash beam feature allows Iron Man to blast blinding light at his enemies so as to disorient them. The ultrasonic pulse feature allows Iron Man to blast a terrifying ultrasonic pulse that disrupts the eardrums. Finally, the bulletproof construction feature protects Iron Man from bullets at a point-blank range.

16 Repulsor Blasts

The genius Tony Stark has integrated repulsors into his Iron Man armor which can emit insanely powerful blasts of concussive energy. These blasts of concussive energy are better known as repulsor blasts.

Repulsors can be found in the palms of the Iron Man armor suit and are great offensive tools to use during fights. The blasts that the repulsor emits are so strong that in some instances they can even vaporize Iron Man’s enemies.

While repulsor blasts are primarily used in battle situations, they can also be used as a flight control device for repulsors. Along with Iron Man’s thrusters boots, they are great at stabilizing flight.

15 Iron Man Mark XLII Telepresence Headset


The Telepresence Headset was invented by Tony Stark alongside the Mark XLII suit. Thus, both the Iron Man Mark XLII suit and the telepresence headset were to be used together.

The telepresence headset gave Tony the ability to send his thoughts straight to the suit, making it possible for Tony to operate the suit from a distance.

The telepresence headset did not look like much for such an amazing invention – it came in the shape of a narrow band that wrapped around Tony’s head. The headband had a few probes attached to it on either side so that it could pick up Tony’s brainwaves. The headset also made it possible for Tony to see what the suit was seeing at any given time!

14 Spider Tracer

The Spider-Tracer is, as the name suggests, a tracking device that was invented by Tony Stark. The unique tracking device resembles spiders not only in appearance but also in other features. For example, the spider tracer has the ability to crawl to its target and then remain hidden.

Once the spider tracer is safely hidden on the body of its victim, the tracking device then sends a signal which is tracked by Spider-Man’s Web Shooters (a mechanical device that helps Spider-Man extend his synthetic webbing).

As such, the spider tracer is an extremely helpful invention in that it helps Spider-Man locate and then fight criminals.

13 Medical Scanner


The medical scanner sounds like an impressive invention and may even conjure up images of a huge machine that scans your body and tells you whether you’re healthy or not.

In reality, the Stark medical scanner is much simpler – it is a small device that pricks a user’s finger with a needle and in the process, draws blood. This blood is then examined for toxins.

Tony Stark has used the device a couple of times himself. When compared to other crazy inventions the medical scanner may not seem that impressive, but it would be pretty handy to have at home!

12 Stark Sonic Canon

via marvelcinematicuniverse.wikia.com

The Stark Sonic Cannon is a unique weapon that was designed by Tony Stark. As a weapon it is incredibly powerful even if it is not deadly. The Stark Sonic cannon has the ability to release intense, compressed sound waves that can stop almost any attacker due to their overload of hearing.

The Stark Sonic Cannon can control crowds, and while it is not lethal, it can stop even such strong assailants as The Hulk.

We must admit that we like the sound of this weapon – it is not deadly yet it can absolutely stop enemies and make them extremely uncomfortable.

11 Baby Monitor Protocol

The baby monitor protocol sounds like an invention that was created to help new parents watch over their baby. However, object names can be deceptive and this is one such case where you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Or in this case, the product by its name.

You see, the baby monitor protocol is actually something much cooler – it is a unique security feature that is placed inside Spider-Man’s suit, or more specifically, inside his eye lenses.

As such, the baby monitor protocol allows Tony Stark to see and record everything that Spider-Man sees through his eye lenses.

10 Veronica


Veronica was a shuttle that was designed by Tony Stark and Dr. Bruce Banner, a genius scientist who sometimes transformed into Hulk. The main reason the two science geniuses built Veronica was to ensure that Hulk was contained at least temporarily whenever he got out of control.

In the instances where Hulk got out of control, Veronica was designed to deploy the Hulkbuster Armor, also known as Mark XLIV, to stop Hulk.

The time when he went out of control, Tony made Veronica trap the Hulk in a metal containment shell. This stopped Hulk for a while but eventually Tony had to use the Hulkbuster armour.

9 B.A.R.F.


The Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing, also known as B.A.R.F. was a unique product created by Tony Stark with the intention of overcoming traumatic experiences from the past –

"Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing, or B.A.R.F. – God, I gotta work on that acronym. An extremely costly method of hijacking the hippocampus... to clear traumatic memories."

The B.A.R.F. is basically an implant located on a pair of glasses that has the ability to connect to the user’s hippocampus, a part of the brain that is believed to be the center of all emotion and memory.

The B.A.R.F. allows a user to alter the traumatic memory and then re-experience it.

8 Stark HUD 2020


The Stark HUD 2020 is a product that was created for the consumption of the general public. A reverse engineered version of the Heads-Up Display (a display that shows data to a user without having him or her turn away from their current viewpoint) technology that is used in Iron Man suit, it came in the shape of eyeglasses.

Some of Stark HUD 2020 capabilities included high-speed data, geo-location services as well as tourist information, constant weather and traffic updates, social networking apps, mood-monitoring jukebox and even a matchmaker targeting!

7 Iron Legion


The Iron Legion was invented by Tony Stark for protection purposes. So what was the Iron Legion? The Iron Legion was a number of Iron Man armors and droids whose task it was to protect the civilian population when the Avengers were gone fighting.

The Iron Legion drones had a number of amazing capabilities including repulsor flight capability and repulsor beams.

Wouldn’t it be cool to have armors and droids fighting for our safety in the real world too? Although we must admit it would also be quite terrifying – what if the Iron Legion turned against humanity?

6 Spider Drone


The Spider Drone is a curious device invented by Tony Stark. The device is also known as Droney. So, what exactly is Droney? Well, it is an autonomous drone that is to be attached to the spider logo on the Spider Man’s torso.

The Spider Drone may not seem like much when it is located on Spider Man’s torso. However, once it detaches itself from Spider Man’s torso it becomes pretty impressive.

Some of Spider Drone’s capabilities include its ability to detach itself from the Spider Man’s suit and fly off. It also has the ability to collect information and send it back to Spider Man.

5 Ultron


Tony Stark created an artificial intelligence peacekeeping program called Ultron and while we may not necessarily wish that it was real (at least not its final version – we would be absolutely down to possessing a machine that guarded the Earth from various threats however) we still felt like we had to include it on this list purely because it further showcases Tony's absolute genius. Unfortunately, this machine tried to commit genocide.

“You want to protect the world, but you don't want it to change. How is humanity saved if it is not allowed to evolve? Look at these, these puppets. There is only one path to peace... The Avengers' extinction."

Stark created Ultron so that it would guard the Earth from domestic and extraterrestrial threats. However, Ultron, who possessed a number of host bodies as well as fragments of Tony's personality, soon decided that the greatest threat to peace on Earth was actually humanity itself.

4 Hellicarier


The Hellicarier is an extremely advanced aerial machine created by Tony Stark. Even still, the hellicariers that were invented as a result of Project Insight were far more advanced than the original.

The really cool capabilities of hellicariers include the fact that it can make itself invisible to naked human eye thanks to its retro reflective panels. Hellicariers also have radar cloaking abilities which means that they are hard to detect.

Wouldn't you just love to own such an amazing vehicle? Although it may be too advanced for us just yet, who knows what the future holds?

3 Dum-E And U


Dum-E and U are robots that Tony Stark created in order to have assistance in his workshop.

Fun fact: do you know where their names came from? Dum-E’s and U’s unique names are a play on the words “Dummy” and “You”!

Wouldn’t it be so handy to have two robots help you with your life? The two robots have different purposes. Dum-E is employed to help Tony with his new inventions whereas U usually concerns itself with the registration of Tony’s inventions by using a camera. Both Dum-E and U have helped Tony create some of his most impressive armor.

2 Badassium


Tony Stark’s new element, Badassium, was actually first researched by his father Howard Stark who thought it was the best way to achieve limitless, renewable, and clean energy. However, Howard was unable to finish the element but his son, Tony Stark later discovered it and used it to keep his arc reactor in his chest running after he couldn’t get his hands on an element known as Palladium.

Funnily enough, the new element was never actually named Badassium because even though Stark tried to get it patented he ran into legal difficulties. That's a real pity, isn't it?

1 Spider-Man Costume

Tony Stark upgraded Peter Parker’s Spider-Man’s suit for use during the Clash of the Avengers. Tony later allowed Parker to keep the impressive suit. Spider-Man’s old costume consisted of a hoodie with a spider symbol on it as well as blue pants and a blue t-shirt. Parker also wore a red mask with black goggles to ensure that his senses were focused.

After Tony’s upgrade, the costume was equipped with amazing features such as its own A.I system called Karen, which informed Parker of any change in tactical situations.

In addition, the new suit was much more durable, it came with upgraded web shooters as well as upgraded eye lenses (which made it easy for Parker to analyze his surroundings and gave him X-Ray vision) and web wings.

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