20 Former Nineties Sitcom Child Stars Who Look Fantastic Today

A decade in which the television landscape was dramatically changing, the 1990’s saw the big networks that had previously held the medium in their hands challenged for the first time. With the advent of new powerhouses in the industry like Fox or the WB, the amount of programming needed to fill out television schedules continued to expand regularly. As a result, there were more TV stars created that decade than any in the previous decade, and that holds true for the children needed to fill out the casts of many popular shows. On top of that, it seemed like people sat around and watched shows more and more which only served to make many of us feel like we were growing up along with these newfound celebrities. However, now that we’re all adults, lots of the kids we saw in our living rooms have grown to become hot people and a lot of us don’t even know it. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty former nineties sitcom child stars who look fantastic today.

In order for someone to be up for consideration to be included on this list, he/she first and foremost has to be someone that starred in a sitcom that at one point aired during the 1990’s. It does not matter if the show in question aired partially in another decade as long as there were episodes that aired for the first time in the necessary time period. Next, he/she needs to have been a part of that series while still a child star, which we define as seeming like he/she was underage. Finally, he/she needs to look fantastic today which means that how attractive he/she was when he/she appeared in the series that landed him/her here makes no difference.


20 Mila Kunis – That ‘70s Show

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Probably the most famous person on this list today, we’ve opted to have Mila Kunis in the twentieth spot on this list because we know our readers are probably well-aware of how hot she is. A celebrity today, she has starred in major movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Black Swan, Friends with Benefits, Ted, and the Bad Moms movies to name only a sampling. However, a lot of people may forget about it but she first made her name as one of the stars of the popular nineties sitcom That ‘70s Show. Appearing alongside a group of actors that were adults when they began on the show, she lied in order to get her role as she didn’t want producers to know she was only fifteen at the time. Thirty-four today, she regularly sees herself included on lists of the most attractive women in Hollywood for good reason as she looks amazing in pretty much anything she wears.

19 Melissa Joan Hart - Clarissa Explains It All

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An actor that owes her notoriety almost entirely to her time as a TV star, Melissa Joan Hart made her name mostly due to a show called Sabrina the Teenage Witch. However, she belongs on this list due to her time playing another titular character from a nineties sitcom called Clarissa Explains It All which aired for the early part of this decade. Also memorable for her part in movies like Can't Hardly Wait and Drive Me Crazy, she recently made her television return when she played another titular role in a sitcom called Melissa & Joey. Turning fifteen years old the same year she began playing Clarissa on television, she is now forty-one years old and looks as lovely and confident in herself as almost anyone out there.

18 Bianca Lawson - Saved By The Bell: The New Class

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The former star of a sitcom that is often forgotten today, Bianca Lawson was one of the key actors in Saved by the Bell: The New Class during its first two seasons. A series that underwent a number of major cast changes unlike the show it was spun off from, that allowed this actor to go on to appear in a long list of other projects. For instance, she also got a regular role in Sister, Sister shortly after leaving Bayside and could be seen in other programs like The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Pretty Little Liars among others. Fourteen years old when the first episodes of this show began to air, she is thirty-eight today, and her looks are pretty much flawless on the face of things.

17 Kelly Packard – California Dreams

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From the star of one show that wanted to follow in the footsteps of Saved by the Bell to another, California Dreams was a sitcom that wasn’t a direct spin-off from that show but was made to be similar. Focused on a group of kids that play in a band that shares the name of the show, the cast of the series rotated but there was one person that remained a constant, Kelly Packard. Cast as a beautiful blonde that loved to spend time at the beach, that would be a theme in her career and she would also go on star in another show called Baywatch. Turning seventeen the year that this show made its debut, Kelly is forty-two years old today and looks like a former beauty queen that has managed to hold onto her looks while also maturing gracefully.

16 Ashley Monique Clark - The Hughleys

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The Hughleys was a show that was named after and based around its lead star, D. L. Hughley, it didn’t last too long but it still managed to amass a following that really enjoyed it at the time. Of course, like all shows, it couldn’t get by on the merits of a single person and its star was accompanied by a group of people that played his family on the show including Ashley Monique Clark. Since then never able to land a role as imperative to a series, she has continued to act, however, and things may turn around for her in the future as she is set to have a recurring part in the 2018 show Fly. Someone who turned ten years old the same year this series debuted, Ashley is now twenty-eight and looks totally vibrant and beautiful.

15 Reagan Gomez-Preston - The Parent 'Hood

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A series that starred someone that should be brought up as one of the funniest figures from the nineties, Robert Townsend, The Parent 'Hood aired for five seasons in the mid and late nineties. Cast as one of his daughters on the show, Reagan Gomez-Preston appeared in every episode of the show which shows how important she was to the success it garnered. Going on to land a part in the Seth MacFarlane series The Cleveland Show, these days, that is her main claim to fame since she voiced the character Roberta Tubbs during its run. Someone who turned fifteen the same year her sitcom debuted, she is thirty-seven years old today and looks like she would be the most attractive person in nearly any room.

14 Sarah Chalke – Roseanne

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A sitcom that changed the makeup of television when it became a gigantic hit, Roseanne stood out as it not only focused on a working mother but also focused on a family that felt quite realistic and funny. Making stars out of most of its cast at the time, partway through its run, one of them left the show and was replaced by Sarah Chalke in a move that was controversial at the time but would be embraced. Since then going on to further fame as a major part of other shows like Scrubs, How I Met Your Mother, as well as one of the most popular shows on TV today, Rick and Morty, she has totally made her mark. Turning seventeen the same year that her debut on Roseanne first aired, Sarah is forty-one years old today and is one of the most beautiful women in the acting scene that still seems highly relatable.


13 Jurnee Smollett-Bell – On Our Own

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A show that was unlike any other one we can think of, the nineties sitcom On Our Own had a man named Ralph Louis Harris in its main role but was made possible by six real-life siblings. One of those kids was Jurnee Smollett-Bell who was cast as the character Jordee Jerrico at the time. Since then able to receive a lot of success, she won a Critic’s Choice Award for her work in the 1997 independent drama film Eve's Bayou. Additionally going on to star in other films like The Great Debaters, Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor, and Hands of Stone, she seems poised to go on to bigger and better things still. Only seven years old when the show that landed her on this list made its television debut, she is thirty-one today, and whenever we see her on a red carpet, she is likely to look so good that it drives us wild.

12 Natalia Cigliuti - Saved By The Bell: The New Class

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The second former cast member of the sitcom Saved by the Bell: The New Class to appear on this list, Natalia Cigliuti was also a major part of that show’s first two seasons but stuck around for the third too. Subsequently able to land some other main roles in other shows, series like Odd Man Out and Raising the Bar wouldn’t have been the same without her. She would also then lend her voice to G.I. Joe: Renegades. However, aside from her time on the sitcom that landed her a spot on this list, she is best remembered for her time on the legendary soap opera All My Children. Fifteen years old at the time the first season of this show aired, Natalia’s age is now thirty-nine, and there is no doubt that the years have been kind to her beautiful face and body.

11 Essence Atkins – Smart Guy

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An actress that made her television debut in one of the most popular sitcoms of its era, The Cosby Show, it makes sense that Essence Atkins would then go on to star in a series of her own, Smart Guy. Since then continuing to find a lot more success on television, she would go on to star in other series like Half & Half, Are We There Yet?, and Mr. Box Office among others. Also able to put together a burgeoning film career, she has been a part of movies like How High, Deliver Us from Eva, A Haunted House, and its sequel to name only a sampling. Turning seventeen the year that Smart Guy debuted, Essence is now forty-five and she not only looks like she should be far younger than that but also constantly seems very put-together.

10 Kaitlin Cullum – Grace Under Fire

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A show that was a huge hit in its time, Grace Under Fire was a sensation for a brief time and then completely fell apart because of the actions of the person at its core. Starring famed comedian Brett Butler, she spun out so completely at the time, and that led to the sitcom coming to an end among bad headlines despite remaining quite popular. Far from the only person to make the show that is forgotten for the most part today possible, Kaitlin Cullum was cast as her daughter and brought a great deal of much-needed heart to the sitcom. Old enough to turn seven the year this show made its debut, she is thirty-one years old today, and we have to say that we never expected her to become such a beautiful blonde.

9 Tiffani Thiessen – Saved By The Bell

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Previously on this list, we’ve looked at stars of one of the spin-offs from the popular teen show Saved by the Bell and another show that was inspired by its success. As a result of that fact, it only seems fitting that at least one of the cast members of the series that started it all makes her way onto this list. Cast as the dream girl for a whole generation of youngsters that grew up when she first became a star, Tiffani Thiessen has remained relevant ever since in large part due to the following she built at the time. Fifteen years old at the time she debuted in her most famous role, she is forty-one years old now. And if you ask us, she looks more exquisite today than she ever had in the past.

8 Tatyana Ali – The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

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A show that made such a major mark during its initial run that almost everyone in a certain age range can sing along with its whole theme song, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air was a great show. Fantastic at making its audience laugh uproariously and then occasionally tackling serious topics with a great level of skill, it deserves to be considered one of the best comedies in TV history if you ask us. Starring Will Smith in the main role, right from the start, the connection his character had with his cousin Ashley, as played by Tatyana Ali, was one of the most charming aspects of the show. Born in 1979, she turned eleven the year this show premiered, is thirty-eight today, and still has the ability to look amazing whenever the world is lucky enough to see photos of her at an event.

7 Josie Davis – Charles In Charge

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A sitcom that seems like it will always be remembered for the man that played its titular role, Charles in Charge lasted for five seasons and ended its run in the nineties. Starring a true television veteran at the time, Scott Baio, these days, he is more known for his choice in speaking engagements. But at this time, people knew him for playing a lovable babysitter. However, in order for this series to work, he had to have people to take care of and one of his charges was played by Josie Davis in the final four seasons of the show. Someone who turned fourteen the same year her character’s episodes began to air on national television, Josie is forty-four years old today and seems to become more pretty every all the time.

6 Danielle Fishel – Boy Meets World

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One of the most beloved sitcoms of the nineties, there was a generation of kids that grew up watching the adventures of the characters at the center of Boy Meets World. Remembered fondly enough that it was given a successor series called Girl Meets World almost fifteen years after it came to an end, one of the actors brought back was Danielle Fishel who played Topanga. Starting out her time playing the role as a hippie style of character, at first, she seemed like she was supposed to be a recurring character, but before too long, she became one of the show’s main focus. A child star in the truest fashion, she turned twelve the year she made her debut on this show, and now that she is thirty-six, the world has been fortunate enough to see her grow into an exquisite woman.

5 Jodie Sweetin – Full House

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The actor chosen to play the middle child in the Tanner family which the popular sitcom Full House focused on, Jodie Sweetin was loved by millions of people from a very early age in her life. Afterwards largely disappearing from the public eye for many years, things only changed in that regard once reports of her struggles with addiction began to garner headlines. Lately having a career resurgence after finding sobriety, she competed in a season of Dancing with the Stars and now stars in Fuller House, a Netflix sequel series to the show that made her a star. Only turning five years old the same year Full House made its television debut, Jodie is now thirty-five years old, and the change in lifestyle has done her good as she now looks vibrant and vivacious.

4 Madeline Zima – The Nanny

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A show that is largely forgotten today, when it first began airing, The Nanny was an immensely popular series which lasted for an impressive six seasons. Telling the story of an outspoken woman who becomes the caretaker for a trio of kids and becomes entangled in the life of their father, the show had several stars but people remember it for Fran Drescher. As a result of that fact, there may be a lot of people that forget that one of the kids that made the show’s concept possible was played by an actor named Madeline Zima who continues to act to this day. Someone who turned eight the same year her show made its debut, she is thirty-eight today, and anyone that has followed her career since then could tell you that she has developed an impressive body.

3 Keshia Knight Pulliam – The Cosby Show

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A show that a lot of people associate with the eighties today since it was such a ratings juggernaut at that time, The Cosby Show continued until 1992 which qualifies one of its young stars for this list. Cast as the youngest child of the family at the core of the series when it made its debut, for several years, Keshia Knight Pulliam played one of the most adorable kids in the history of television. Like a lot of actors who started out as kids before her, things were not always rosy when it came to landing parts but she did pop up again with a main role in Tyler Perry's House of Payne. Born in 1979, she would turn five the same year The Cosby Show made its network debut, but she is thirty-eight today and has quietly become a truly alluring woman.

2 Christine Lakin – Step By Step

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A series that followed in the footsteps that previous shows like The Brady Bunch laid down, Step by Step told the story of two separate families that come together when their respective parents tie the knot. Cast as a tomboy early on in the show, Christine Lakin’s character was written to play off a much more girly new stepsister. However, as she grew up and her character changed a whole new side of her as a person was shown, and many fans of hers were all too happy to see it. Someone who turned twelve the same year that Step by Step premiered, she is now thirty-eight years old and has fully embraced her child star past as well as how attractive she has become.

1 Tia Mowry – Sister, Sister

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A unique entity in the history of television, Tia Mowry and her sister, Tamera, were tapped to play the lead characters in the popular sitcom Sister, Sister because they were identical twins. Cast as characters that were separated from one another at birth, they come across one another while in their teen years when their adoptive parents and them become a new kind of television family. Since then going on to appear in a slew of other shows and films, Tia has become a “reality” TV star in the last several years and continues to be one to this day. Fifteen years old when she first started the filming process on the show that made her a star, she is thirty-nine today and is one of the most attractive women around if you ask us.


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