20 Former Nineties Movie Child Stars Who Look Fantastic Today

A decade that is filled to the gills with amazing movie experiences, for many adults today, there is no era of films that means more to them than the nineties. With that being the case, it should come as no surprise to anyone that there is a slew of former child actors that were front and center in that world at that time that are well-remembered to this day. Despite that, however, that doesn’t mean that the masses that enjoyed their work when they were kids have followed where their lives have gone in the years since. In some cases, that is a real shame for those that enjoy beautiful people as they’ve since matured into being very attractive. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty former nineties movie child stars who look fantastic today.

In order for particular celebs to up for consideration to be included on this list, they first and foremost have to be people that starred in a movie that at one point aired during the 1990’s. It does not matter if the film in question was put into production during another decade as it was released to the public at large during the years that this list is focused on. Next, they need to have been a part of that movie while they were a child star, which we define as seeming like they were underage. On top of that, they need to have been a memorable part of the film which doesn’t necessarily mean that they are one of its stars. Finally, they need to look fantastic today which means how attractive they were when they appeared in the series that landed them here makes no difference.

20 Olivia Hack - The Brady Bunch Movies

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A pair of flicks that are forgotten for the most part today, when word broke that they were making The Brady Bunch Movie, a lot of eyebrows likely furrowed around the world. A very popular show in its time, by the ‘90s when it received a film reboot and a sequel, it was terribly dated so many didn’t know what to make of the planned movie. Far more entertaining than they had any right to be, the two self-aware and funny films were pretty great in large part because they were cast to perfection, including Olivia Hack playing Cindy Brady. A youngster that was always obsessed with her older sister getting the lion’s share of the attention, the thing about Cindy was that she saw herself as plain-looking. When it comes to the person that played her in these films, however, that is far from the fact as she is about as pretty as one can be.

19 Ashley Johnson – Lionheart

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A multi-talented performer who has been around the acting scene for a very long time now, Ashley Johnson gained a lot of attention early on for playing the main character in a TV sequel to Annie. On top of that, she was also added to the cast of the sitcom Growing Pains over its final seasons, which is a big deal as it meant that she entered the homes of millions of people. Continuing to act to this day, she did appear as a memorable waitress in the MCU when she had a small part in The Avengers and is a regular part of the show Blindspot. No longer the fiery redhead she was as a youngster, these days, she sports blond hair but otherwise is quite the natural beauty.

18 Amber Scott – Hook

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A movie that meant the world to an entire generation of kids, Hook was released in 1991 and added a whole new layer to the classic story of Peter Pan and the world he called his home. Starting out the film as a grownup that had lost contact with the person he was when he believed he would be a kid forever, Robin Williams embodied the classic character to perfection. Cast as one of his children that finds herself thrust into the story of Neverland, Amber Scott did a marvelous job since she earned the affections of the movie’s many fans. Never appearing in another movie of that stature, much to our surprise, we’re shocked that she wasn’t a bigger deal as a kid. But now that she is simply stunning, she has everything it takes to be a star.

17 Ashley Peldon – Drop Dead Fred

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From one former star of a film from the nineties (that a lot of kids loved) to another, this time around, we are looking at someone who was integral to the success of Drop Dead Fred. A movie that was far from a phenomenon when it came to box office receipts, the movie managed to gain a loyal following once it was released on VHS for good reason. Able to put the viewer in the mental space of a kid and their imaginary friend, the film focuses on an adult that suddenly finds herself interacting with her long-gone invisible pal. Seen in flashback as well, it was Ashley Peldon that was tapped to play the main character as a kid, and she did a great job as she seemed like a kid that would have a made up buddy that was nuts like Fred. Maturing into a woman that would stand out in almost any crowd because of how attractive she is, her career has taken an interesting turn as she now focuses on voice acting despite that.

16 Danielle Harris - Marked For Death

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Far from the most famous person on this list, Danielle Harris is not a household name. But for fans of the horror genre, she is one of the most important modern actors. Most associated with the Halloween franchise, she played the main character in two of that series’ films and she would then go on to appear in Rob Zombie’s remake of the original. However, despite the fact that she is seen as a scream queen that doesn’t mean that she hasn’t made an impact on films outside that world, including the 1990 action film Marked for Death. Cast as the daughter of Steven Seagal in that film, she was a really important part of it working. Shockingly forty years old today, she looks as vibrant and alluring as ever.

15 Alisan Porter – Curly Sue

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A movie that was barely able to make more than its budget back at the box office and likely lost money initially due to the costs of promotion, Curly Sue is a film that could have faded away. Instead, seen as a touchstone of the nineties movie scene by many, that fact is largely due to the work of its young star, Alisan Porter, and her chemistry on screen with Jim Belushi. Cast as the titular character, it turns out that acting was not this performer’s only skill as she would go on to audition for The Voice where she was a part of Christina Aguilera’s team. Ultimately named the winner of that show’s tenth season, she killed it because of how impressive her vocal skills are, but we have to admit that we’re sure her now great looks were advantageous.

14 Shawna Waldron – Little Giants

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A movie that makes us pine for the movie scene of this decade, Little Giants is only one of the fantastic sports movies aimed at young ones that came out in the nineties. A football movie that starred Rick Moranis and Ed O'Neill as a pair of brothers that both coach a team and are obsessed with competing with one another, the film was also highlighted by its young cast. Chiefly among them was Shawna Waldron who played Becky "Icebox" O'Shea, a member of Rick’s team who also was his daughter in the movie. Since then seen in The American President where she played the daughter of the commander-in-chief, aside from those two projects, she hasn’t done much of note in the acting world. That hasn’t stopped her from turning a lot of heads in recent years, however, as some longtime fans have taken note of how hot she has become.

13 Brittany Ashton Holmes - The Little Rascals

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A franchise that began all the way back in 1922, the group of kids that would come to be known as The Little Rascals started out as part of a series of comedy short films under the name Our Gang. Introducing a group of characters that were beloved in their time, to say that these shorts were a hit at the start would be a huge understatement. Rebooted with a 1994 film, it brought in a whole new group of child actors to play characters that previous generations had adored all of those decades prior. The sole female performer that was a part of the main cast, Brittany Ashton Holmes brought Darla to life and was fantastic at giving her trademark attitude. Twenty-eight years old today, the woman that is still best known for that part has become a beautiful woman.

12 Natalie Portman - Léon: The Professional

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Without a doubt one of the most respected actors of her generation, right from the start, it was abundantly clear that Natalie Portman was born to be an actor. Playing a little girl whose life is turned upside down and then trains under an assassin in Léon: The Professional, she was only a kid at the time but came off mature far beyond her years. Since then seen in many hit films and critically-acclaimed ones too, she is best known for the Thor and Star Wars franchises, as well as other movies including Black Swan and Garden State. Standing at only five foot and three inches tall, she has a tiny body but she packs an amazing amount of attractiveness into her fantastic and fit figure.

11 Katie Sagona – Donnie Brasco

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An actor that many people may not have taken note of at the time she first made her impact, despite that, Katie Sagona has been in many movies and shows that are well-known. A part of this list because she played the daughter of Johnny Depp in Donnie Brasco, her character only appeared in a few moments but was a major part of the emotional core of the story. Also seen in other films like You’ve Got Mail and Grumpier Old Men, she has also been a part of shows including As the World Turns, All My Children, Guiding Light, and more. Now a lovely-looking woman, she has grown up to be a woman that virtually anyone that is attracted to women would love to have on their shoulder.

10 Lindsey Haun - Village Of The Damned

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One of the most respected horror movie directors of all time, when a remake of Village of the Damned was put into production, it was under the watchful eye of the legendary John Carpenter. Focused on a group of kids that all act as one and look similar, their malice became a danger to those around them. Led by a girl named Mara, it was Lindsey Haun that was chosen to play the part in her film debut. Since then appearing in a few movies, she is now best known for her recurring part in the show True Blood, which she was a part of for several years. A series that was known for the involvement of many hot cast members, it makes sense that they would work with Lindsey as she is now an exquisite person.

9 Kyla Pratt - Dr. Dolittle

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These days, a lot is made of the slew of sequels and remakes that go into production but this movie is an example of the fact that the nineties saw a number of old stories turned into new entertainment too. Based on a series of books that had previously been adapted in a long list of ways, in 1998, Eddie Murphy was just the latest actor to take up the role of a man with the ability to speak to animals. Cast as the daughter of Eddie, Kyla Pratt would appear in that movie and its two sequels which made her one of the biggest aspects of the Dr. Dolittle film franchise. At one time a child actor that was tapped to play a very sweet person, Kyla is now in her early thirties, and the years have been very kind to her.

8 Liesel Matthews - A Little Princess

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Someone who didn’t really need to work a day in her life, Liesel Matthews was born with a silver spoon in her mouth since she is an heiress to the Hyatt Hotel fortune. Despite that, she would find herself playing the lead role in a major movie during her acting debut, and The Little Princess is a movie that wouldn’t be the same without her. Also cast as the daughter of the president in the Harrison Ford film, Air Force One, after that, it seemed like she began to focus elsewhere in life. Now seen as a leader in the “impact investing” world, through her founding of the Blue Haven Initiative, she puts her money to work in an attempt to make society better as well as making a profit for her. Someone who seems to have figured out the position she wants in life, Liesel also carries herself with a great deal of confidence which makes her already pretty self quite a bit hotter.

7 Christina Ricci – The Addams Family

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At first becoming a star when she was cast as Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family, when we first saw that film as kids, we thought Christina Ricci really was that gothic. Since then becoming a famous person in her own right, she would reveal that she is a talented actor that is very capable of playing a wide array of characters. Best known for other films like Monster, Sleepy Hollow, Black Snake Moan, and too many others to list here, these days, she seems to be largely working on indie films but we always love seeing her work. As of late a blonde that looks like the polar opposite of the type of person she first appeared to be when she found the spotlight, it turns out that a lighter look on her is a wonderful thing.

6 Alexandra Kyle – Eye For An Eye

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One of the more fascinating films from the nineties that isn’t spoken about much these days, Eye for an Eye focused on a woman that suffers one of the ultimate pains in this world—the loss of a child. The mother of a teen whose life is taken in horrific fashion, the character played by the amazing actor Sally Field would spend the rest of the film largely focused on revenge. Cast as the other daughter of that interesting character, Alexandra Kyle’s character was sometimes neglected and threatened. But more than anything else, she gave the audience a kid to root for. An alluring-looking woman today, she has grown up to be the physical embodiment of the hot blonde trope that has existed for years now.

5 Eliza Dushku – True Lies

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If you were among the people that thought you discovered a hot new star when you came across her in the Buffy the Vampire Slayer universe or Bring It On, then you may be surprised to see Eliza Dushku here. Having previously worked with two of the biggest personalities the film world has ever seen, she was cast as the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the James Cameron movie True Lies. A youngster at that time, her character was in for a shock once she was wrapped up in the crazy life of her father that secretly had a second life as an international counter-terrorism operative. Someone who turned fourteen the year that film came out, Eliza is now thirty-six years old, and though she seems like a very cool person, her looks are dazzling.

4 Mercedes McNab – Addams Family Values

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A film that is one of the best examples that old shows can be great fodder for a great modern movie, Addams Family Values was the second film based on the classic series. Largely focused on the titular family and a woman that is trying to marry her way into it for deadly reasons, there wasn’t much room for actors outside that core group. However, the two Addams children were sent to a camp where their odd behavior had an impact on those around her, including the snooty Amanda Buckman played by Mercedes McNab. A buxom woman today, her body has curves for days and we can’t get enough of the view, and we’re guessing that many people like us that grew up with her would feel the same.

3 Leelee Sobieski – Deep Impact


At one time a person that seemed like she was poised to be a huge deal, Leelee Sobieski may not have been a gigantic star but early on, she worked with the cream of the crop. First seen by many people in the disaster film Deep Impact, the love story her character had was one of the most compelling aspects of the movie despite being in her teens at the time. Seen in Eyes Wide Shut the following year, it is hard to get higher than being in a Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman movie directed by Stanley Kubrick. Not only a talented person with an ability to commit to her characters, she also is a unique but obvious hottie with a body to die for.

2 Jamie Renee Smith - Dante's Peak

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Not yet ten years old when she shot the two films that she is best known for today, Jamie Renee Smith has gone down in history as a part of a pair of pulse-pounding movies. Cast as the second largest character in Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering, the only character in it that was more important than hers was embodied by the future star Naomi Watts. However, her greatest claim to fame came when she was cast as the daughter of Linda Hamilton’s character in the volcano action movie Dante’s Peak. Thirty years old today, Jamie still appears in a few projects here or there but has never risen to the top of the industry. That may not be surprising since the competition for roles is so fierce but she looks so incredible that we’re surprised that more casting agents don’t have their eyes on her.

1 Lacey Chabert – Lost In Space

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A major part of the critically-acclaimed drama series Party of Five when she was just a kid, Lacey Chabert first became a big deal as a part of television but the film world would come calling soon after that. Cast in one of the worst examples of a movie based on a hit show from decades earlier, she is a part of this list because of her part in Lost in Space but we’re guessing she’d rather we forget that bad film. Fortunately, she was one of the main characters in arguably the best teen movie of all time, Mean Girls and that alone is enough of an achievement for any actor to go down in history. That said, we will also never forget the fact that she has become one of the hottest women in the acting world, in no small part because of how busty she is.

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