20 Former 2000s Sitcom Child Stars Who Look Fantastic Today

The decade that took place immediately prior to the one we continue to live through today, for a lot of people, when thinking about the 2000’s, it doesn’t seem like it was very long ago. Understandable as our perception of time isn’t necessarily a static thing, however, when looking at things without emotion, the actual amount of time since that time period is clear. For instance, the dawning of that decade took place seventeen years ago. As such, many of the former child stars that were prevalent on television at that time have since grown into full-fledged adults. Furthermore, there are lots of people some of us grew up with at that time that are now quite desirable to people of age. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty former 2000’s sitcom child stars who look fantastic today.

In order for someone to up for consideration to be included on this list, he/she first and foremost has to be someone who starred in a sitcom that at one point aired during the 2000’s. It does not matter if the show in question aired partially in another decade as long as there were episodes that aired for the first time in the necessary time period. Next, he/she needs to have been a part of that series while still a child star, which we define as seeming like he/she was underage. Finally, he/she needs to look fantastic today which means how attractive he/she was when he/she appeared in the series that landed him/her here makes no difference.


20 Madylin Sweeten – Everybody Loves Raymond

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A show that ran for nine seasons and was a consistent performer when it comes to the ratings, Everybody Loves Raymond was a show that many people held dear to their heart and won’t forget soon. Starring the comedian Ray Romano in the titular role, the series also featured the talents of Hollywood legend Peter Boyle and the comedy genius of Doris Roberts on top of Patricia Heaton’s clear skills. That said, the immediate family of the main character played an important part in the show, including Madylin Sweeten who played his daughter, Ally Barone. Turning five the same year this show debuted, she is now twenty-six years old and her curvaceous body is one that we could be inspired to smile at any time we are able to see it.

19 Miley Cyrus – Hannah Montana

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The first person on this list that is still famous to this day, Miley Cyrus is best known for her music of late. But in the past, she has done her fair share of acting. A series that took advantage of her ability to do both of those things, Hannah Montana featured her acting as she played the main role but her character also called on her to sing regularly. Principally gaining attention in the last several years for her over-the-top antics and eccentric method of dress, her image was pretty controversial and was a pretty big turn-off for many. However, this woman that was fourteen when her time on this show began, now seems to be more comfortable with herself which has given her a natural beauty while she still has a unique style.

18 Emily Osment – Hannah Montana

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From one star of Hannah Montana to another, this time around, we are looking at Emily Osment, the actor that was tasked with playing the best friend of that show’s main character. The younger sister of Haley Joel Osment, she clearly had in-roads into the entertainment industry and took full advantage of them as she continues to get coveted roles to this day. Previously seen in the Spy Kids films, she also gained roles in shows like Family Guy, Cleaners, Rainbow Brite, as well as Young & Hungry, all since the show that landed her on this list came to an end. Also fourteen by the end of the year Hannah Montana started out, just like her co-star, she is twenty-five years old today and has become a beautiful blonde.

17 Madison Pettis – Cory In The House

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Another person on this list that found her way here because of her involvement in a Disney Channel property, based on her early years acting, it is clear that the house of mouse liked Madison Pettis. One of the main characters in the show Cory in the House during its two seasons on the air, in it she was cast as the mischievous daughter of the President of the United States. She also played the daughter of another celebrity when she was cast in the Disney movie The Game Plan where she played a little girl who meets her NFL quarterback dad for the first time. Born in 1998, she turned nine in the year that Cory in the House began but she is nineteen years old today and has become so gorgeous that she looks like she could be a model if she so chose.

16 Taylor Atelian – According To Jim

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A show that managed to continue for an impressive eight seasons, for much of that time, According to Jim was seen as a punchline by many people that did not care for its brand of comedy stylings. Starring Jim Belushi who was cast in the titular role, the series also heavily depended on the skills of respected actors like Courtney Thorne-Smith and Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Featuring a family at its core like so many sitcoms have before and since, producers needed to find kids to fill out the roles, and in doing so, they came across Taylor Atelian who would play Ruby. Starting on the show the same year she would turn six, that was back in 2001, and she has become a pretty twenty-two-year-old since.

15 Erin Sanders - Zoey 101

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A Nickelodeon show that was best known for starring Jamie Lynn Spears, the real-life sister of singing superstar Britney, like all series, Zoey 101 couldn’t be held up by a single performer. Also featuring Erin Sanders in a major role, she was integral to the fact that it remained on television for three seasons which is a good amount of time for a show aimed at kids like it was. Since then showing up in other series like Big Time Rush and Pair of Kings among many others, she doesn’t get that many high-profile gigs any longer but still has at least one project on the way. Someone who turned fourteen the same year that the show that introduced her to the viewing public debuted, she is twenty-six now and is a real stunner whose beauty mark we really like.

14 Keke Palmer - True Jackson, VP

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A multi-talented performer that has found success as an actor but is also known as a singer-songwriter, Keke Palmer seems like there is little in the entertainment world she couldn’t do well. Memorable for a supporting role in Barbershop 2: Back in Business, she would then appear in a slew of other movies and shows before landing the lead role in the Nickelodeon sitcom True Jackson, VP. Since then going on to star in the series Scream Queens as well as movies including the Ice Age franchise and Joyful Noise, that is all on top of releasing an album as well. A pro from an early age, Keke turned fifteen the same year that True Jackson, VP debuted but is twenty-four now and knows how to look great.


13 Hilary Duff – Lizzie McGuire

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One of the best-known actors of her generation not that long ago, these days, Hilary Duff isn’t talked about nearly as often which is a real shame since she has aged so well. First coming to prominence as the star of the show Lizzie McGuire in which she played the titular character, she would also play the same person in its film spin-off which started a trend for her. Going on to be a pretty big movie star at the time, she led movies like A Cinderella Story and Raise Your Voice while also becoming a pop princess in the same time span. Someone who turned fourteen the same year she started playing the role that first made her a star, she is thirty years old today and has managed to become a total MILF with an impressive booty.

12 Imani Hakim – Everybody Hates Chris

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A show that was purported to be based on the real experiences of famous comedian Chris Rock, this hilarious show and its talented cast didn’t get nearly enough attention at the time or in the years since. Only lasting four seasons, Everybody Hates Chris still managed to create some of the most entertaining television from that era in our opinion and was able to stay consistent throughout its run. Focusing on the parents and siblings of Chris as well, Imani Hakim was tapped to play his sister, Tonya, and the show wouldn’t have been as good without her excellent efforts. Turning twelve the same year the show that gave her the first big break of her career began airing, she is twenty-four today, and we’re astonished by how exquisite she has become.

11 Selena Gomez - Wizards Of Waverly Place

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A person that seems like she has spent almost her entire life with a spotlight on her, Selena Gomez started her career as a regular on the show Barney & Friends. Going on to further television stardom, she would then land the lead role in the popular Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place which would earn her an even larger fanbase. Subsequently making a career for herself as a singer while also dodging headlines about her personal life, on top of all that, she continues to appear in movies with great regularity. A performer that turned fifteen the same year that Wizards of Waverly Place began, she is twenty-five years old today and has fully embraced her feminine wiles in the best ways possible.

10 Emma Roberts – Unfabulous

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An actor that started out her career by taking on a role that needed heavyweight skills despite her young age, her work as the child of a drug smuggler in the movie Blow impressed pretty much everyone. Able to become the lead character in a Nickelodeon sitcom in the few years that followed that film’s release, she played the main character in Unfabulous for all three of its seasons. Going on to become a much bigger star, she has become a horror mainstay due to her part in shows like Scream Queens and American Horror Story as well as the movie Scream 4. Playing a thirteen-year-old on the show that landed her on this list, she was that age at the time and has since become a twenty-six-year-old with a winning smile and dazzling face.

9 Christy Carlson Romano – Even Stevens

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Seriously, what is it with The Disney Channel and its ability to cast young people that would become extremely attractive once they make it to adulthood? A popular series from the early 2000’s that is known as the first big gig Shia LaBeouf landed, Even Stevens used the future star’s skills but the rest of its cast shouldn’t be overlooked. For instance, Christy Carlson Romano played one of the show’s main characters, and she would go on to do even bigger things. Making a career for herself as a voice actor, her biggest credit to date has to be that she played the titular character in the popular animated show Kim Possible. A beautiful brunette with soulful eyes, a face for the ages, and a body that doesn’t quit, she is wonderful at what she does but it seems wrong that she plays so many roles where we can’t see her.

8 Jennifer Freeman – My Wife And Kids

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A sitcom that brought together two actors that had built a huge following for themselves in the nineties, it was wonderful that My Wife and Kids cast the hilarious Damon Wayans and Tisha Campbell-Martin. Airing for five seasons in the early to mid-2000’s, the show would be popular with fans but also managed to be in the running for many awards, including cases where its young cast were nominated. Case, in point, Jennifer Freeman’s work as Claire from the show was good enough that she was considered for a Teen Choice Award at one point. Fifteen years of age when her first episode of this show aired, she is thirty-two today, and she has become so attractive that she could aptly be called fantasy fodder.

7 Alexa Vega – Ladies Man

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A sitcom that aired for a short time in the late nineties and early two thousands, Ladies Man did not make an impact on almost anyone and is forgotten by pretty much everyone. That said, it did feature the skills of the young actor Alexa Vega in it, and as such, it qualifies her for inclusion on this list. Better known for playing one of the lead characters in the Spy Kids movies which began coming out soon after that show came to an end, that remains her most notable work to this day. However, she has worked very consistently over the years including showing up in movies like Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For which has allowed viewers to see how she has grown. Turning eleven the same year Ladies Man made its television debut, she is an absolutely gorgeous twenty-nine-year-old today.

6 Renee Olstead – Still Standing

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A show that seemed designed to follow in the footsteps of previous series like The King of Queens, Still Standing wasn’t able to replicate its success but it gave us a great entry for this list. Focused on a working-class family, Renee Olstead was cast as the eldest daughter of the clan and had a spoiled attitude despite her everyday background. Subsequently moving on to play one of the lead characters in the much more dramatic series The Secret Life of the American Teenager, she has found her greatest success on television. An actor that turned thirteen the same year that Still Standing first appeared on television, she is twenty-eight today and has become a buxom blonde that can seduce with nothing more than a look.

5 Ariel Winter – Modern Family

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A show that was made possible because it found an ensemble cast that were all able to bring the character they play to life well, Modern Family has become a ratings behemoth. Featuring a few recognizable actors when it began, the sitcom also had the effect of turning several unknowns into celebrities, including the much talked-about Ariel Winter. Since then taking on a slew of other roles, her greatest success outside the show that made her a known entity has been as a voice actor in a seemingly endless array of projects. Born in 1998, she turned eleven the year Modern Family became a hit, and since then, she has matured into a nineteen-year-old that carries herself like she is completely confident and looks good doing it.

4 Kathryn Newton – Gary Unmarried

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A show that is proof positive that sitcoms can come and go with the greatest of ease, Gary Unmarried aired thirty-seven episodes over two seasons but has little to no legacy today. One thing it did do well, however, is introduce most of the world to the actor Kathryn Newton who appeared in all but one of the episodes of this show that aired. Most notably, in the years since playing a recurring part in the show Big Little Lies, where she played the eldest daughter of a character played by Reese Witherspoon, we hope she goes on to bigger things. Appearing in the first episode of this show the same year she turned eleven, now that she is twenty years old, she already looks like a throwback to the gorgeous Hollywood starlets of old.

3 Parker McKenna Posey – My Wife And Kids

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The second actor from the show My Wife and Kids to make it to this list, if there is one thing this should make clear, it is that the show deserves to be discussed a whole lot more than it is these days. Cast as Kady, the youngest child of the family that this show was focused on and named after, even on the series, she was commonly talked about as “the cute one.” Nominated for a Young Artist Award at the time this show was on the air, it is therefore a shame that she hasn’t done much of note in the acting world since it ended even though she continues to act. That said, she has a presence on social media which provided us with an image like this one that shows that she should be called the hot one now.

2 Aly Michalka - Phil Of The Future

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A Disney Channel series that wasn’t the launching ground of any gigantic star, at least as of yet, Phil of the Future is best remembered for the laughs it provided and for featuring Aly Michalka. An actor that has yet to headline anything all that big or become anything close to a household name, she has been in a number of memorable projects, and her face is recognizable to many nonetheless. For instance, she took on a short-term recurring role in Two and a Half Men and was an important part of movies including Easy A and Grown Ups 2. Someone who turned fifteen the year that Phil of the Future started to earn a fanbase, she is twenty-eight years old now and has to be one of the most desirable women in the entertainment world.

1 Demi Lovato – Sonny With A Chance

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The second former star of Barney & Friends to be featured on this list, Demi Lovato also went on to become a big star in a variety of ways. Moving on to appear in several Disney Channel projects, she first starred in their TV movie Camp Rock but would move on to star in their popular sitcom Sonny with a Chance for two seasons. Since then largely becoming known for her singing career, she has released six different albums which include hit songs like “Heart Attack,” “Give Your Heart A Break,” and “This Is Me” among others. Squeaking into qualifying for this list, she turned seventeen the same year this show debuted but is now a ravishing twenty-five-year-old who we always love seeing images of.


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