20 Final Fantasy Cosplays That'll Make Your Fantasies Come True

Every Final Fantasy gamer does fantasize (or has fantasized) about at least one character, at some point in their lives.

What better game to check out cosplays from than Final Fantasy. The clue is in the title of the game. Every Final Fantasy gamer does fantasize (or has fantasized) about at least one character, at some point in their lives. Those who deny this fact are simply ashamed for no reason. Sure, they're animated characters, so maybe that's what makes it a little weird for them to admit. But hey, this article is about the polygonal representation of these characters, directly from the game. Oh no.

This article is about twenty of the hottest Final Fantasy cosplays out there. Now, of course, due to some restraints with regards to censorship, the ones that could potentially be in an adult magazine (i.e. the ones with the least amount of clothing) are reserved for the readers' personal search time...likely late at night, when nobody is peeking over their shoulder. But, devoid of that privacy, here still are twenty of the hottest Final Fantasy cosplays.

Not all of the cosplayers are here mentioned by name (as not all of them had their names attached to the photo sources), but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy. So let's dig right in!

20 A Munificent Miqo'te

Maybe you think this cosplayer is gearing up for a punch...but that would be incorrect. She's actually cleaning herself. The Miqo'te are a feline species from Final Fantasy XIV. While this player could be looking to portray a specific character from the game itself, it would be hard to pin down just who that might be, given that the game is an MMO (massively multiplayer online). Maybe this is one of her own characters brought to life. And what an exciting character it is. Now yes, this is a bit like the Viera, or the Moogles. A whole other sort of species, turned into a very attractive cosplay. But seriously, who could say no to a pretty kitty like this, with skimpy leather top and short, pleated skirt? This girl is a living fantasy, for sure. The schoolgirl motif, with one hell of a pussycat. Something to note about the Miqo'te species. There are both diurnal and nocturnal subspecies, and they are represented by different outfits, and slight alterations of appearance. One could already assume, given the time of day in the photo, which of the two this cosplayer opted to be. The colour palette she chose for her outfit also works in those details, which makes the kitty of the night all the more exciting.

19 Sexy Cindy

Cindy is one of the newest additions to the Final Fantasy franchise (though one might be inclined to say that her presence is more than just one addition). A masterful mechanic found in Final Fantasy XV, Cindy services the party's car...though surely many wished that she specifically services them. This southern belle is found in the outlying deserts of Lucis, and is one handy girl. It's amazing to wonder how anyone could leave her shop at all after seeing her. Not only is she absolutely stunning (especially thanks to the cosplayer above), but she's also a very knowledgeable and incredibly nice mechanic. Who doesn't want a tomboy who dresses like this!? A detail to push any overexcited readers over the edge...everyone knows that she's not afraid to get a little dirty. The detail of the cosplay above showing this with a few grease marks here and there; accentuating her collar bone, as well as the cut of her cheeks.

18 Vanille(s)

Now really, what is better than one Vanille? Absolutely it's two Vanilles. Why wouldn't it be? If fantasies are not being made after simple glance of this photo...then Hell has frozen over, or the world has stopped rotating on its axis. A peppy and fun character from Final Fantasy XIII, Vanille has always got some degree of sunny disposition. Bright, chipper, and just fun to be around. Sure, maybe in the video game world this is found to be overbearing or silly...but in the real think of having two of that kind of person around, to make everything sunshine and rainbows...This writer would let that happen. And it certainly helps that both of these girls are cutely petite, just like the polygonal character in the game. Nothing wrong with accuracy at all. And addition to those come hither looks: with one being inviting, and the other being introverted...they're even brushing shoulders. Just figured that might make some basement dweller really excited at 3am.

17 Frisky Fran

Realistically, no one needs to know a single thing about this character to enjoy this bountifully busty cosplay. However, that's not the kind of writer here working on this article, and so...Fran! Fran is a special species known as the Viera. Technically Final Fantasy refers to them as a race, but...she has rabbit ears and claws. Given that that's just not part of the human race, one will henceforth say that she is of the Viera species. Regardless of the species that she is a part of, Fran is one hell of a warrior, and skilled with a variety of weapons, as well as her sharply-clawed hands. Others of her kind don't take kindly to her having left her home though. But that just makes things easier for those readers who find this pretty little critter something worthy of a fantasy. The armour in the above photo isn't even an exaggeration in terms of being revealing. That is just how it looks, in game. And how could one not consider a fantasy of Fran, given that the armour opens up in just the right places? It doesn't hurt that the cosplayer underneath that armour is some kind of fantastic as Fran as well.

16 Top-Heavy Tifa Lockhart

It is absolutely no shock to any Final Fantasy gamer that Tifa Lockhart is a rather busty beauty. In every rendition one can find of her, she has got some significant mountain range across her chest. One wonders just how she can fight so well (no wonder why she uses a lot of kicks). Now that's not to say there aren't those tighter-chested cosplayers who venture into Tifa territory (and pull it off quite well), but for the purposes of this piece, it seemed more fitting to use a Tifa with a...tighter fit. And surely the above cosplayer is that tight fit! The leather skirt is a nice addition to what is usually a pair of booty shorts, and the cut of the sports bra is just enough to contain, while also saying "Hey, you know where to look!" And where should one be looking? Her eyes of course! Some people just get the wrong idea. What's wonderful about this cosplayer's look of witty determination, is that it seems she knows all to well where first one will look. And her gaze seems to almost revel in that fact, whilst chastising the onlooker at the same time.

15 The Merry Moogle

If ever there was a reason to envy Cait Sith for riding a moogle...the scantily-clad moogle above would be it. Now to be fair, the mog that Cait Sith rides in Final Fantasy VII is quite over sized, and much more like a stuffed toy than anything else. While some might consider the above moogle to be something of a toy (or would at least wish that much), she is a human being in a costume. So don't get too wild with ideas before asking here what she thinks. Without a doubt, many would love to ride this moogle, but surely their adventures would go no further than the white seat in the background of the photo. This is a perfect example of the true creativity of cosplayers. Moogles (or mogs – depending on the game, era, and character) are certainly not by any means sexy. Sure, they're cute, but only in a stuffed animal sort of way. But this player takes this unsuspecting creature, and not only makes it far more cute (in a very different way), but also makes it incredibly sexy.

14 Ravishing Rinoa

"Look into my eyes... You're-going-to-like-me... You're-going-to-like-me... Did it work?" Yes. Yes, this writer dare says it worked. The above line was from Rinoa Heartilly, delivered to Squall Leonhart in Final Fantasy VIII. Realistically though, this must have been a line that was being spoken to the player more than the in-game character. And truly, Rinoa won hearts when this game came out. Now just imagine the above cosplayer saying the same thing to readers here. One imagines this will have worked for her as well. Especially if she happened to speak such a line with the assuring smile she has, and that perfect pose. Now, this is a sexually enhanced version of Rinoa, to be sure. For starters, the above photo is a real person, so that always helps. But in addition to that, this cosplayer has made exempt certain areas of clothing. Over this, surely no reader is upset. The extra deep cut for cleavage, the wonderfully shaped, and exposed midriff, and those taught, and limber legs...this girl does Rinoa right (as surely many would like to).

13 Yummy Yuna

Who can say this specific cosplayer is at all going wrong with those booty shorts and revealing top? One is inclined to think that no one would say there is anything wrong with that (save for the moralistically right wing sort – but they wouldn't find themselves on this page to begin with). Again, there are some stunning blue eyes among the cosplay community. And while most of these are thanks to some pretty fantastic contact lenses, there are those who really do just have beautiful eyes. What is so great about the composition of this photo (whether intentional or not) is the matching of the cable cover in the background, with the colour scheme of the Yuna outfit in the foreground. It's a nice added touch of depth, and fits right in place...much like the contents of this cosplayer's top.

12 Yearning Yuffie Kisaragi

Now to be fair, the title of this specific entry is a bit misleading. Yuffie Kisaragi is not necessarily yearning for a specific person (sorry if any readers got too excited there). No, rather Yuffie is yearning for materia: the magical orbs that are strewn all about the world of Final Fantasy VII. Yuffie is a thief, first and foremost, and a ninja second. Anyone who has played the game knows that the ninja part is second simply because, as a combatant, she does not offer much to the party. But in terms of cosplay, she certainly makes due with her offering, and for that, surely there are many thanks. This shot, however distant, is perhaps one of the best quality shots of this list. Clearly taken by a photographer who really cares about the clarity of the subject. The subject being the hot cosplayer above. The khaki short shorts, and the very cropped, green top show enough to get people going, but not so much as to render the cosplay inaccurate. And that look into the distance cries for attention from many...

11 Rikku Never Looked So Good

Oh please, there was no way a cosplay article was going to happen without an appearance by Jessica Nigri, let alone a Final Fantasy cosplay. And surely every video game and cosplay fan is very appreciative of that fact: man or woman. Above is what is more than likely the most attractive version of Rikku that anyone could find online. Sure, there may be some more risqué, or closer shots of Nigri's version, but almost for a certainty, she's got the award for hottest cosplay of Rikku. An excitingly upbeat, little thief of a character, Rikku fits a cosplayer like Nigri to the nth degree. Nigri, no matter how serious a cosplay she does, always has an essence of fun in her shots (it is costume play, after all). And it terms of Rikku being a thief...well Jessica Nigri has certainly stolen many a heart, belonging to the lonely (or quite taken) gamer. Not to mention the glances she manages to steal from all manner of people, at any hour of the day; wherever she may be. Glance stealing in this is not her chancing to glance at someone, but instead her taking so many glances from so many gawkers.

10 The Dainty Dark Cloud

Alright, so some may wonder just what the hell is going on here. In Final Fantasy III, the final boss is the "Cloud of Darkness". Now, just why this cloud decides to appear in the form of a very attractive, damn near naked woman with naught but a cape, and two creepy tentacle-looking creatures a total stumper. All the same though, one must not turn away such a gift for such things like cosplay. For above, we see a very attractive, damn near naked woman with naught but a cape, and two creepy tentacle-looking creatures attached. And in spite of those two ugly things on either side of her, she is still very appealing. And maybe some people might be into a little extra play from the creatures. Surely that's not for everyone though. There is no denying the beauty and stature of the cosplayer above though. And the complete poise, and confidence which she exudes is wonderful. Not too many players take on the Final Fantasy villains, and one must say that this is a great play of some great history from the franchise. To bring that sort of thing to life is an amazing, and attractive thing indeed.

9 Serah Farron

Oh, Lightning's little sister, Serah. Introduced in Final Fantasy XIII, Serah really didn't do much but sit around. She couldn't help it of course, because she was essentially trapped in stasis. And that's just as well, since there was already enough personality being thrown around with the other main and supporting character. But come Final Fantasy XIII-2, Serah had risen from a paltry, secondary player, so the pretty protagonist (she had a bit more spring in her step than her sister Lightning anyway). Now any casual player of either Final Fantasy XIII, or XIII-2, will know immediately that the above outfit is not the usual schoolgirl affair that is Serah's typical outfit. The above outfit is in fact the only free DLC (Downloadable Content) that was made available for FF XIII-2. It is called the "Style and Steel" outfit. What a wonderful skin to have available in game. And speaking of wonderful skin, the above cosplayer shows just enough of hers in order to give the rest to fantasy.

8 Rikku & Yuna

How could anyone possibly top a hot cosplay of Rikku? Why by adding Yuna into the mix as well, of course. The composition of this piece is top notch. The light spill, matching the colours of the cosplayers' outfits is a great bit of detail that really sells the fantasy that these two players have created with their characters. It might be a bit scary and suspect that one can see a very deep outline of Rikku's ribs, but beyond that, things seem quite on the level in terms of the health of these two lovely ladies. The cut of their tops and bottoms are wonderfully choice in what is revealed, and their laissez faire way of lying about does a lot to sell a great degree of attraction between them and the well as between themselves. Which surely is the point of this photo. Two hot cosplayers lying together in such a way...with such a look shared between them...this sort of photo is made solely for sex appeal, and so it is no wonder that it of course made the list.

7 Terra Branford

There are likely two different kinds of people who are attracted to the character of Terra Branford, from Final Fantasy VI. Never mind the cosplayer just for the moment. Just the character alone, surely attracts two kinds of people. The character of Terra starts out confused and amnesic, and then eventually finds her strength, opinions, and love of children. The former, introductory version of Terra is for the creepy and callous sorts of people who really should have no place near someone they're attracted to, specifically because of the qualities that get them going. The latter is for those who actually want a realistic significant other; someone is strong, opinionated, and (should one wish to have a family) child oriented. This cosplayer looks as though she is either downtrodden, or perhaps just resting due to exhaustion. Either way, she knows just how to accentuate her chest, without drawing too much glaring attention to it, thanks to the drape of her hair. Who wouldn't love to take a tumble in the grass with Terra? Something earthy about the idea, and even her name.

6 Lavish Lightning

Before anything! They may even be her actual eyes! Everything else about this cosplay is merely a bonus, but surely the focal point and the most attractive point of this player is her electrifying eyes. Anyway, the character this player is posing as is Lightning (hence the electrifying comment about her eyes). Lightning features in a number of games, but debuts in Final Fantasy XIII as the sister of Serah Farron. Lightning is a pretty hardened character, but that doesn't mean she doesn't care. She just has a hard time sharing her feelings...and really doesn't show much other than anger, annoyance, and sarcasm – at least throughout her debut game. Now with regards to the above player (aside from her stunning eyes), she has got Lightning down to a tee. The hard look, the swept hair, the sexy armour (with just a few, purposely chosen points of open interest), and even the boots and gloves. This is perhaps the most accurate, and well done cosplay of the entire list. And that's not to say the hottest, or the most dynamic, but in terms of capturing a character's essence...this is it.

5 Pretty Princess Lunafreya

Along with Cindy, Princess Lunafreya is also a very recent addition to the Final Fantasy franchise. Appearing first in the FF film Kingsglaive, Lunafreya is a pretty key component in the Final Fantasy XV realm. Played by Lena Headey (of Game of Thrones fame), Lunafreya is perhaps an almost classic case of the damsel in distress...or at least she is by appearance at any rate. The above cosplayer does a great job of capturing the daintily vulnerable manner of Princess Lunafreya Nox Fleuret. Not something Lena Headey could quite capture (though her voice acting was wonderful for the film). Underneath the demure, domesticated look of this pretty princess, there is a special power though...the power to converse with the gods! Lunafreya is known to be the youngest oracle in the history of the realm. That being said, she is still a might have wished her powers bloomed before she was taken away.

4 Celes Chere

Celes Chere is perhaps one of this writer's favourite Final Fantasy characters. The above photo does not depict the Celes that most people, somewhat unfamiliar with the story and characters of Final Fantasy VI, might know. Traditionally, one might be used to seeing Celes wearing a green leotard (not too unlike Cammy of Street Fighter fame), with a white cloak over top. Celes is, after all, a general, and the cloak therefore makes not of this fact. The above outfit, however, is from an interesting interlude in the game where Celes must go undercover in order to gain access to a certain airship. Found to bear a striking resemblance to a famous opera singer, Celes dons the very outfit the singer herself would wear during the opera in question, in order that Celes be "kidnapped" and put aboard the ship. Granted, the above outfit is not quite the actual costume from the game. Being a cosplay, there is so often a desire to sex up one's outfit, and this player does so with great ease. Exposing midriff, and vapidly gazing into the camera, this player could very readily become a main focus of fantasy.

3 Vivacious Vanille

Sure, there has already been a Vanille on the fact, there was a two-for-one showing of Vanile. As thrilling a fantasy as that photo surely created for many a reader, there must be some greater appreciation of the character by showing her individually. If nothing else, that at least means that readers get a closer view of a pretty damn attractive woman. In this specific instance, there is a more contemplative Vanille. Sure, she is typically peppy and energetic throughout her time in the game, but there are moments of great emotion that certainly are not all sunshine and roses. And in addition to that, Vanille does have a lot to contemplate, and it is nice to see a cosplayer take a more serious, and focused approach with her. It also doesn't hurt that her outfit is spot on, and any show of skin has got to be a plus for those basement-dwelling game-heads out there, who need an exciting fix in the wee small hours of the morn.

2 Quistis The Quizzically Cute

Perhaps the most underrated character of Final Fantasy VIII, Quistis Trepe is essentially the hot librarian of the Final Fantasy Van Halen universe. "You know, the boys often choke on this test when I come with them. I guess my charm makes them nervous..." Now that's just a little taste of this wonderful woman's attitude, and what better to couple with fantasies of a hot librarian than attitude and the ability to fight? Though it must be said, she's not always so full of 'tude. She's actually pretty quiet and mostly removed from others (it's the librarian thing again). That being said, in spite of her distance from others, the place at which she teaches has a fan club of students devoted to her in admiration. If she's that exciting in the game, then imagine in person...well one doesn't have to imagine thanks to the wonderful woman above. While one does sort of wish she were wearing glasses to complete the look, this cosplayer gets the feeling just right, and it's a great feeling indeed. Who wouldn't want to get a bit of a beating from this teacher? She makes one think of a certain song...

1 Aeris Gainsborough

One needn't bare all in order to make a "Hottest Of" list. Not by any means. Especially for cosplaying such an iconic character as Aeris Gainsborough. From Final Fantasy VII fame (just like Tifa), Aeris is sort of the devilishly demure competition for Cloud Strife's affections. Cloud being the protagonist of that particular Final Fantasy instalment, Tifa and Aeris are essentially vying for the affections of the gamer, by proxy. And so an epic battle still wages on to this day – ten years after the release of FFVII. And why is that? While Tifa has the heaving bosom, and the sporty style, Aeris is the softer, sweeter girl who has a bit of a darker, and kinkier side to her. She can get rough when it counts, but she emits a sort of calm that would ease anyone's woes. And who wouldn't mind the above cosplayer easing their woes? The costume is a wonderfully accurate play on the game character, missing only one of two things that would help sell it just that much more. Either a basket of flowers, or a staff in her hand, would complete the look. And no, perverts, not that kind of staff.


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