20 Fashionable Pics Of A-Rod And J-Lo Which Prove They Are #CoupleGoals

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are two of the richest, most successful Latinos on the planet. While A-Rod may have gotten in trouble a few times over the course of his career for things he did off the baseball diamond, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s one of the most successful baseball players ever. Even more than his 696 career homers, Alex Rodriguez is most remembered for signing two of the largest contracts in sports history. With money like that, it’s no wonder he can afford to dress well! And who could be a better match for that kind of dough than J-Lo, the world famous actress and songstress who made our hearts tingle with hits like “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” and “If You Had My Love” back in the early 2000s?

These two icons may have passed the peak of their fame, with A-Rod’s retirement from baseball and J-Lo’s departure from American Idol, but they still make two beautiful and classy celebrities into their 40s. They know the paparazzi are watching, and they know how to dress the part as two millionaires who seem deeply in love. These photos will show J-Lo and A-Rod have a style which should be the envy of any mere mortal couple.

20 Being New Yorkers


In this photo, we see A-Rod and J-Lo pulling the power couple look. With complementary shades and a purposeful walk, they look like the pair of New York celebrities and business-minded people that they are. Their expressions are serious and focused as they stride confidently - they seem united as one front. And that front is an intimidating one, indeed,

when you consider that you’re staring at a combined net worth of over $600 million.

A-Rod’s flared pink shirt under a suit jacket is a sign of a man comfortable in his masculinity, while J-Lo opts for a uniform turquoise number that brings out her figure sharply. It’s actually a nifty play on gender roles – pink for him, blue for her – and brings home the point that these two are in it together. #CoupleGoals.

19 Looking Perfect (In Vanity Fair)


This smouldering couple photo is a shot for the December 2017 issue of Vanity Fair. In the story accompanying the shoot, the couple talk about how a literal fire alarm went off on their first date, and judging from this picture, we can see why! J-Lo commands the foreground, looking as stunning as ever with some kind of gorgeous (and no doubt expensive!) necklace, the only object covering her upper body. Her robe is pulled down around her shoulders in a way that’s suggestive, but not too revealing, and only reminds the viewer that J-Lo is still one of the sexiest women on the planet. Behind her looms Alex, half-dressed in a collared shirt and looking every inch the confident, super-wealthy athlete that he is. These two can still bring it, even at their ages!

18 Staying Warm


Here we have what appears to be a Christmas photo judging from the star in the background. J-Lo and A-Rod look bundled up here, but still as gorgeous and fashionable as ever. J-Lo’s got an all-white outfit that looks banging (and includes a turtleneck for warmth), while A-Rod goes with a warm black sweater under a spotted jacket that’s almost too loud, but somehow fits perfectly with the look.

On a lesser man or someone who didn’t know how to wear it properly, that jacket would look tacky,

but with these two it’s just a reminder that you’re looking at two extremely fashionable celebrities. Their outfits compliment each other perfectly, and Alex seems to be holding Jen’s hand as she shivers, which is the epitome of #CoupleGoals.

17 Looking Classy


In this shot Alex is wearing a form-fitted suit with matching jet-black sunglasses and tie. He looks like a man’s man, someone who could walk into a Wall Street office and trade stocks for eight hours. But the real gem of this picture is J-Lo’s outfit, an eye-catching all-red thing which makes her look like a songbird next to staid Alex. (Boy, J-Lo sure loves to wear outfits that are all the same colour, doesn’t she?) As usual, the two lovebirds rock their shades – square and serious for Alex, tinted and cool for Jennifer. This outfit doesn’t really match in an obvious way, but they definitely make you feel like you’re looking at two people who both just walked out of a fashion shoot – and for J-Lo and A-Rod, maybe life really is just one long fashion shoot.

16 Lovebirds In Paris


Next we have a shot of these two celebs on vacation in Paris. Even when dressing it down, it’s impossible not to notice the fact that these two are multimillionaires. Alex’s t-shirt and shorts aren’t anything special, but J-Lo’s beach outfit manages to combine casual and stylish in a subtle way.

A-Rod’s still rocking a classy watch that probably costs a mere plebe’s annual salary, and their matching white sneakers look hot off the presses.

The best thing about this photo is the moment of pure love it captures, with J-Lo leaning in and staring up at her casual-cool man with what looks to be total adulation. The best thing about this power couple is that they don’t have to be dressed up to look stylish. Even in casual attire they’re all about the #CoupleGoals.

15 Dressing In Style For The Met Gala


This is a pure fashionista shot. In this photo Jennifer is wearing a long flowing gown (again, monochromatic – what is it with her?) topped off with a fancy clutch and some incredibly stunning diamond jewellery. Alex stands next to her looking as black-tie as ever at this event, which was reportedly the Met Gala at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art in May of 2017 –

just a few weeks after the power couple started dating.

This image cements these two stunners as the style icons every couple aspires to be like. If you’re a man, you darn well know that you want a woman who can rock an outfit like that standing next to you the next time you show up at a lavish wedding. And if you’re a woman, you better hope your date can pull off the tuxedo look with half the style of Alex Rodriguez.

14 Decked Out For The Club


Here we have a shot of J-Lo and A-Rod looking as stylish as ever. It looks like they’re getting dressed up to go to a club in Miami, but everything about their outfits lets you know that they know exactly how to present themselves. Jen’s wearing a tiny see-through thing that shows off every one of her curves but just barely manages to cover up the important bits. It’s risqué, but it’s also refined and sexy – and really

an outfit that only one woman in the entire world could pull off.

A-Rod’s getup is a little less unique, but a radiant blue suit with a popped collar is still eye-catching and classy. He knows how to toe the line between stylish and stuffy with a casually upscale look. These two celebs look ready to party in major style.

13 Caught Off-Guard


This photo might not catch the best moment between Jennifer and Alex – his face looks scrunched up in thought as this picture is being taken. But even in a candid moment, it’s impossible to deny the style of these two superstars. Jen’s wearing high heels and a white pantsuit, and – for once – a striped shirt. Alex has got a casual jeans-and-a-cardigan look going, but it’s no thrift-shop outfit. You can tell that everything’s carefully been selected to match, right down to the untied brown skate shoes that, of course, look brand new – you can’t be a baller with scuffed sneakers. As always, it seems, the couple is rocking their sunglasses in this photo – probably to protect them from giving too much away to the paparazzi (like the guy who snapped this photo, for example).

12 Shopping In Style


Talk about shopping in style! This appears to be a shot of A-Rod taking J-Lo on a shopping trip to the mall, but given what she’s wearing, I can’t imagine what she might actually need to buy! She already has expensive knee-high boots, a gorgeous black-and-white dress, and hair that looks like it’s been styled earlier that day. Jen looks a bit grumpy here, but A-Rod seems determined to do her one better - flashing a big smile and rocking a perfectly pressed, expensive blue suit (with the usual trademark popped-collar dress shirt) and black dress shoes that shine right through the photograph. Mere mortals can’t look that good no matter how much money they spend, and mere mortals don’t have the kind of cash on hand that these two lovebirds can spare. Yet again, this photo is evidence of #CoupleGoals.

11 A Mama Cat And Her Cub


Now this photo is something different. For once we can see Jen’s eyes through glasses that look like sunglasses but might actually just be regular transitions lenses – they’re that see-through.

She’s wearing a leopard print dress and high heels and appears to be moving with the authority of a big cat, indeed.

Behind her, A-Rod strolls casually, like a protective father or husband. It's like he's keeping an eye on her. A-Rod’s outfit is the usual here – a perfectly fitted business suit that reveals him to be a classy gentleman. With Jen striding so confidently, in this image it becomes clear who is the leader and who is the follower in this relationship – and, for anyone who has followed J-Lo’s career, it should be no surprise that she can take command like the mama bear (or cat?) that she is.

10 Making Casual Look Good


This is how you make casual look cool. There’s nothing obviously noticeable about these outfits if you were to hear them described – both are basically wearing dark jeans with grey undershirts under light jackets. But the muted colors blend into each other beautifully as their outfits compliment each other. A-Rod’s got dark blue jeans, but Jen decided to go even further with the solid black, even opting for the slight tear in the knee for an urban look. It manages to convey that she’s not trying too hard for the torn-jeans look, just showcasing that she is a New York girl. They both have muted shirts, and their dark jackets finish the outfits perfectly – just adding that touch of class to what could have otherwise seemed too plain and everyday. Top it off with A-Rod’s classic unlaced white sneakers, and you’ve got a power couple who make walking down the street in jeans look cool again.

9 Looking Middle-Aged

via:Lainey Gossip

Now this is a totally different look. Forget the upscale, dignified couple from a few slides back – here the star-studded couple looks like an ordinary middle-aged couple heading out for dinner.

With his beige sweater and checkered pants, Alex seems to have cornered his own personal “suburban dad” look, while Jennifer is rocking a colourful skirt and “For love” shirt that probably reminds you of your best friend’s hippie Mom in high school.

Still, between matching coloured t-shirts and the statement of love literally scrawled across Jennifer’s chest, what could be sweeter than two of the most famous people in the world settling into their roles as an ordinary couple? There’s something almost soothing about seeing them look normal – after all, they haven’t really had a chance to be since they were both teenagers.

8 Leaving The Hotel (Or Restaurant)


Here we’ve got another one of Alex Rodriguez in a suit with a popped-collar dress shirt underneath. That suit looks amazing, though – a shade of grey which is just glossy enough to be showy but still look classy. That’s the kind of suit someone wears if they want to get noticed. Jen’s outfit by contrast is a bit plainer, but still looks good. She’s got what looks to be a wool-knit sweater over a blouse and an army-color skirt (or, perhaps, pants).

Somehow, even something ordinary like that stands out when it’s on Jennifer Lopez, and she doesn’t look at all out of place next to Alex in his glossy suit.

It looks like they’re just in the process of heading out of the hotel they’re staying at, maybe for a nice candlelit dinner, when a photographer stealth-snaps this shot.

7 Appearing Together For Charity


This is something a little different. This is A-Rod and Jen with microphones in hand at Somos Live! A concert for Disaster Relief, a benefit concert put on by Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony. While he’s got a mic in his hand, hopefully Alex didn’t have any plans on actually singing – that’s Jennifer’s territory, after all. The outfits are as striking as you’d expect for these two during a public appearance – A-Rod’s got his usual business-casual getup, while J-Lo stuns in a shiny blue dress that’s creative, daring, and pulls the viewer in.

While this was for a great cause, we can’t help but wonder – if these two super-celebs were really so concerned about raising money for their project, they could probably donate as much as a thousand regular Americans combined without raising much more than a finger.

6 Looking Like Pop Royalty


This is pure high style. There’s no casual popped collar here – no casual club attire. Here, Alex is dressed for business, with a black bow tie and a suit that James Bond would kill for. Beside him, Jennifer is colourful, yet sophisticated.

This is a matched outfit that your most fashionable couple friends might wear to your wedding – if you were really lucky (And rich).

These two look smooth, confident, and most of all – together. They’re not exactly royalty, but in this moment they look like the king and queen of pop culture – mostly loved, sometimes hated, but always in the spotlight – as they approach the event they are clearly preparing to enter. Most of all their unity can be seen in their expressions, which are serious and focused on the goal of getting where they need to go. They’re in this together.

5 Looking The Same


Hey, matching outfits! We haven’t had a single matching outfit on this list so far. This is where things get a little cringey (but in a good way, if that’s even possible). Basically anyone who’s ever known a couple that chooses to buy the exact same outfit to prove their togetherness wants to roll their eyes and get as far away from them as possible. But with J-Lo and A-Rod it’s different.

These aren’t two retired yokes who wear the same shade of Hawaiian shirt around their gated community – A-Rod and J-Lo look good.

The matching beige suits are super-stylish and look like they’re straight out of an ad campaign - they're truly the ultimate in #CoupleGoals. Now, if only every couple that decided to dress alike could be so rich, famous and cool…

4 Striking A Workout Pose (In Vanity Fair)


Another shot from Vanity Fair’s photoshoot, in this image the couple looks banging. A-Rod’s got a single-color grey outfit that looks form-fitting and sexy, and J-Lo flips the gender roles a bit by being the one holding a dumbbell. Of course, she doesn’t entirely flip the gender roles, given that she’s wearing a workout suit flared open at the chest to reveal a hint of cleavage. The green-striped suit looks serious and stunning at the same time. The look is obviously a bit stylized (I don’t know if you’d actually want to work out in these outfits, given that staining them with sweat would ruin the look) but it just works. It seems that whatever clothes you put these two in, they just look gorgeous.

3 Leaning In


In this strange photo nothing shines through more than these two stars’ obvious love for each other. They’re leaning their heads against each other with the loving tenderness of a couple of high school kids who just finally decided they were going out and are cuddling up in the lunchroom. But even in these moments of loving innocence, these two manage to come across as impossibly stylin’.

Here, J-Lo’s wearing a silken green top which just vibrates with radiant greens.

We can’t really say what A-Rod’s wearing. It doesn’t look especially interesting, but it doesn’t have to be – all eyes are on Jennifer here. And really, who needs perfect style when you have love? Sometimes the best thing you can do is just be there to support your partner – literally.

2 Looking Almost... Normal?


This looks like everyday Alex and Jen. They're just walking down the street holding hands romantically. Alex looks casual, but dignified in a dress shirt and khakis, and Jennifer quietly imitates the look in a tank top and flared pants. For once, we can see Jennifer’s eyes, but A-Rod, as usual, is masked with a pair of shades. As casual as it all seems, note the leopard print on the side of the purse –

Jen wants everyone to know that no matter how ordinary she may seem, there’s a lioness inside.

The best thing about this photo is the way that they hold hands even when not actually looking at each other or standing particularly close – it’s like they crave that contact point. How many couples walk down the street holding hands like this after the first few months? It really seems like Jen and Alex may have finally found their true loves…

1 Partying With Marc Anthony


This is a stylish shot of the couple in action – and with Jen’s ex Marc Anthony, no less! Between A-Rod’s reported romance with Madonna and J-Lo’s Bennifer days, these two are no stranger to famous exes. And in this shot, they seem to embrace their past, as they hit the dance floor in the Dominican with Marc and his friends! There’s nothing more stylin’ than a boyfriend who doesn’t get jealous when you want to party with your ex! Jen and Alex seem to be wearing matching white pants here, but more importantly, they’re just hanging out and having a good time. Alex isn’t one of those clingy boyfriends who always needs to be beside his girl – here he poses in the background while Jennifer and her all-white (there she goes with the monochrome again!) outfit dominate the foreground of the pic. Maybe he’s just taking it easy – or maybe A-Rod just can’t dance?

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