20 Outfits Mayim Bialik Wore On Big Bang Theory (She’d Never Wear In Real Life)

One of the most watched sitcoms on television today, whenever a new episode of The Big Bang Theory airs, there are millions of people that tune in. If that wasn’t enough, since it has been around for so long, there are more than enough episodes for it to be in syndication, so it seems like reruns of it are on day and night. Between all of that, we feel as though we have gotten to know the characters in the series well enough to anticipate how they’d handle a situation or what they’d opt to dress themselves in. On the other hand, you have a character like Amy Farrah Fowler that seems like a big departure from the person that brings her to life. Considering how different the actor and character are made us think about how notable that is on a superficial level. Realizing this inspired us to put together this list of twenty outfits that Mayim Bialik wore on The Big Bang Theory that she’d never wear in real life.

In order for an outfit to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to be one that Mayim Bialik wore as the character Amy Farrah Fowler at one time in the past. For the purposes of this list, that means that images taken of her to advertise the show are applicable as long as it seems like she is in character. Next, it needs to be one that we believe she would never wear in real life, at least not in a serious way. We do want to make it clear that we don’t know Mayim personally, so we can’t know for sure how she would feel about these clothing choices. However, based on what we’ve seen her wear in her personal life, we feel it is reasonable to think that she wouldn’t choose to put on these outfits.

20 So Many Layers

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Taken from an episode of The Big Bang Theory that aired somewhat early in Mayim Bialik’s tenure as a star of the show, audiences were still beginning to understand who her character was at the time. The seventeenth episode from the fifth season of the show, The Rothman Disintegration featured a subplot in which Amy Farrah Fowler gets Penny an incredible gift. Standing in front of the item, considering how off-putting that painting was and the pained look on Penny’s face in it, we’d understand if nobody took note of the outfit that we see in front of us. Sporting what appears to be a T-shirt as well as two long-sleeved button-ups, we can’t imagine that would be very comfortable to sport and Mayim would do so in her personal life.

19 Red Stripe

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An outfit that Amy had on in the opening moments of an episode of the show that aired during its eighth season, the scene mostly focused on Sheldon’s view of the world. An episode entitled The Leftover Thermalization, in it, her man is outraged when a project he and Leonard worked on is covered in a magazine but he is only mentioned as a member of his pal’s team. Spending many of her scenes in the episode trying to calm down her fella, Amy could have been better served by wearing clothes that look more soothing considering how much everything affects Sheldon. After all, the red stripe that runs vertically down the center of her top is pretty eye-catching for Amy. That said, at the same time, it doesn’t seem to be the style Mayim embraces herself.

18 Tiara And Stripes

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A screengrab from the twelfth episode of the fifth season titled The Shiny Trinket Maneuver, in it, Sheldon and Amy’s fledgling relationship is heavily focused on. Different at that time as it was the first example of Sheldon working hard to win back the favor of Amy, he made the mistake of dismissing a scientific accomplishment of hers. Taking the advice Penny offers him on the situation, Sheldon decides to buy Amy a piece of jewelry and, after considering a number of options, lands on purchasing a tiara for her. At first dismissive of him buying his way out of trouble, when Amy sees what she has received, she rejoices and calls herself a princess. Wearing a plain striped shirt when she puts her present on, we’re guessing nobody would choose to wear something so bland with something so shiny.

17 Plaid Vest Combo

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One of the shots that is most associated with the character Amy Farrah Fowler today, this image of Mayim Bialik playing the character she is so well-known for today is seen an awful lot. Often used in publicity materials or websites that cover the show, for instance, there is a page for the character on Twitter, and whoever created it opted to feature this photo on its profile. For us, that makes a lot of sense as it is pretty emblematic of the character based on the huge and extremely sweet smile on her face, as well as the blasé way in which she is dressed. Wearing a skirt and a plaid-shirt-and-vest combination that seems designed to look as unassuming as possible, considering Mayim is a confident woman, we doubt she’d be so timid.

16 Plaid Stripes Combo

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A shot of Amy from the first episode of The Big Bang Theory’s fifth season, the episode’s title didn’t quibble in the slightest as it was outrageously named The Skank Reflex Analysis. Focused on the fact that Penny had recently had an intimate exchange with Raj, she spent much of the episode worried that this betrayal of Leonard may ruin all of her friendships. While her friend Amy was there for her, she still encouraged her to watch her alcohol consumption much more closely and at times seemed a little bit smug as she does here. Amusing as she was wearing an outfit most people wouldn’t be caught dead in, seeing her wearing plaid yet again (but this time with a T-shirt and striped cardigan) was interesting.

15 Deep Purple

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Taken from one of the most seminal episodes in the history of The Big Bang Theory, Amy was seen wearing this combination during an extremely memorable moment in her history. Seen in the first episode of the eleventh season, the episode was named The Proposal Proposal because it centered on Amy’s response to Sheldon proposing to her suddenly. Opting to accept and become engaged to the man fans had watched her swoon over for many seasons, it was something that put a smile on millions of people’s face around the world. As such, that was what most people paid deep attention to but we couldn’t help but take note of what she had on while sitting with her new fiancée. Sporting a deep purple dress with a patterned shirt underneath, the fabrics and colors of the two pieces of clothing should not be seen together.

14 Dancing Duds

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A screengrab from the earlier days of Amy’s relationship with Sheldon, this shot emanated from the twenty-first episode of the show’s fourth season. Still very early in their budding romance and from a time in which they were just starting to test one another’s boundaries, they weren’t even meant to spend time together originally. However, when Leonard’s new girlfriend, Priya, uses her lawyer skills to thwart Sheldon’s control of their roommate agreement, he opts to barge in on a girl’s night Amy has planned. Leading to a watershed moment for them, in Amy’s drunken state, she pushes Sheldon to prove that he can dance well as he had proclaimed during the night. The first time these two share a dance floor, she is having a ball. But in real life, Mayim knows how to dress up for a night on the town and this ensemble was poorly put together.

13 Frumpy Outfit

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An episode that featured a dramatic reversal in the typical dynamic that Amy and Sheldon’s relationship is defined by in many ways, The Brain Bowl Incubation feels like it took place in a bizarre world. Starting out with Amy experimenting on her own skin cells and some of her man’s, when Sheldon sees the neural network she synthesized between them, he becomes very excited. Concluding that they need to have a baby because he believes it will be a marvel, she doesn’t feel like rushing into that life change would be a good move. As a result, Sheldon spends part of the episode attempting to seduce his girlfriend while she turns down his advances because of his intentions. Arriving home to find rose petals strewn around, typically, Amy would be joyous. But here, she is annoyed. If you ask us, even if he didn’t want to have a kid, she should be a tad uncomfortable as she isn’t exactly dressed for a romantic interlude.

12 Bridesmaid’s Dress

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An image taken from an episode that was a complete emotional roller coaster for the character Amy, The Isolation Permutation saw her feel spurned and beloved in equal measure. Not invited along when Penny and Bernadette go bridesmaid dress shopping, she understandably feels rejected by her best friends excluding her. Thankfully for her emotional state, they see the errors of their ways and Bernadette even opts to make Amy her maid of honor before the episode concludes. Ultimately, the episode concludes with the three of them bridesmaid’s dress shopping and we see Amy in this purple number. A dress that we actually think is one of the better ones Amy has ever worn on the show, we still can’t envision Mayim sporting it in real life as this style screams wedding.

11 Dolly Dress

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Another image of Amy from an episode of The Big Bang Theory that contained something new in the relationship of Sheldon and Amy, we saw their first fight since moving in with one another. Taken from the sixteenth episode of the show’s tenth season, when Amy found out that everyone at the university Sheldon works at knows about their lack of physical intimacy. The type of thing she expected him to keep private or at least among a select group, the fact that so many people know their personal business caused a real rift to come between them briefly. However, it was interesting to see them have an extremely serious conversation about their relationship while Amy was wearing a dress that was styled as though it would fit a child’s dolly.

10 Street View

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A great example of the pettiness that Sheldon is known for among fans and the characters in the show, this shot shows Amy present as he acts like a real child despite his age. Taken from the episode The Parking Spot Escalation which aired in the sixth season, in it, Sheldon is outraged when Howard is given his parking spot even though he never uses it. Similar to when a kid wants a toy they ignore because another child goes to play with it, seeing Amy getting in on his ridiculousness was an amusing window into the dynamic of their relationship. The fact that she is wearing an outfit that contains so many pieces that all are different colors makes it more striking to the eye.

9 Prom Style Dress

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One of the more heartwarming episodes of The Big Bang Theory to ever air in our estimation, this screengrab emanated from season eight’s The Prom Equivalency. Revealing that Amy and Bernadette never had prom experiences to look back on with delight, they and Penny decide to throw themselves a party in that vein to rewrite their histories together. Attended by the group, at first blush, it seemed like something that Sheldon would be against with but he embraced the concept and eventually tells Amy that he loves her for the first time. Wearing a dress that we admit is quite pretty, this is a bit of a cheat since we know Amy is above the prom-attending age at this point in her life so her need for that gown is extremely unlikely. That said, seeing her in it puts a smile on our face every time.

8 School Girl Outfit

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From a very sweet moment in the history of Sheldon and Amy’s relationship to one of the more awkward ones, this image resulted from a poorly conceived apology attempt on her behalf. Revealed to have gone to dinner with Bernadette and lied to the rest of the gang about it, Sheldon was extremely upset that she would tell him something that was not the truth. Spending the rest of the episode rethinking whether to continue his romance with the only woman he has ever cared about in that fashion, he ends up coming to the conclusion that he will stick it out. Attempting to show him how sorry she is after the fact, Amy shows up at his door wearing a robe only to reveal that she is wearing a school girl’s outfit underneath, which does nothing for him. Not at all something we picture Mayim embracing in her personal life, we may be dead wrong but we think this is a safe entry on this list for sure.

7 Plain Jane Robe

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The second shot of Amy and Sheldon from an episode based on their engagement, we first saw this moment play out in season ten’s final moment, and it was picked up again the following episode. A moment in someone’s life they will never forget, when you envision receiving or giving a proposal, visions of looking your best are likely what comes to mind. Unfortunately for the character of Amy Farrah Fowler, her man Sheldon Cooper doesn’t do anything the typical way so she found herself in a massive moment for her while wearing quite the robe. A large piece of clothing that makes us think of the type of things women wore when showing off their body was strictly forbidden, it makes it impossible to make out her curves. Someone that seems to be proud of who she is, this isn’t the type of thing we envision her putting on by choice.

6 Disney Princess

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One of the most distinctive things we have ever seen Amy wear on The Big Bang Theory, this image originates from the season six episode The Contractual Obligation Implementation. Deciding to travel to Disneyland together, the three female characters at the center of the show make their way there and are made up to look like three of the best-known Disney Princesses. The person chosen to cosplay as Snow White, it seems like a fitting role for Amy as the character was a beautiful woman that had a work ethic and was known for her loyalty to her friends. Still, as much as that reminds us of Mayim, when we think of it, we can’t imagine her spending her nights in full makeup and costume as a character that was chiefly promoted to kids.

5 Old School Sleepwear

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Another instance of an episode in which something the relationship of Amy and Sheldon changes, this time around, this image came from the ninth season episode The Opening Night Excitation. Showing just how important his girlfriend has become to him, Sheldon does something truly selfless (for him) when he skips seeing the new Star Wars movie before it comes out to spend time with Amy. Opting to do so as the event took place on her birthday, by the end of the episode, the two of them end up consummating their relationship for the first time. On the other end of the spectrum, seeing Amy in this sleepwear from earlier in the episode where she looked about as far from seductive as possible was the polar opposite of what happened to her later.

4 Star Trek Cosplay

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The second image of Amy cosplaying on this list, this time around, we see her made to look like a character from one of the most beloved sci-fi franchises of all time. Taken from the second last episode of The Big Bang Theory’s fifth season, The Launch Acceleration, this moment showed that Amy was happy to play into the things that Sheldon is passionate about. Pretending to be a medical officer from Star Trek that is taking care of Sheldon’s needs, in a revealing moment, he tells Leonard that he is in hell but then quietly pushes Amy to continue in their fantasy. One of the most revealing things she has ever worn on the show because it shows her curves, we don’t think Mayim would have a problem with that but we don’t see her having a reason to dress like this.

3 Yellow Top With Extras

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A bit of a different image as this time around we have included an image of Amy from The Big Bang Theory as well as a model wearing the same top she had on, we feel that that offers something special. An example of the way some of her clothing choices could be worn if they weren’t altered in order to look as frumpy as possible, we could see Mayim wearing that piece of clothing alone. However, when they then put it over a shirt with ruffles at the neck and hands, it completely changes the look and (we have to say) not in a good way. Ultimately becoming an outfit that we don’t foresee anyone seeking out, that includes the woman that has already sported it on TV as the combination is far stodgier than Mayim seems to be.

2 Hogwarts Gear

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The final instance of Amy dressed up as a pop culture figure to make this list, this time around, she is playing into a franchise that was made popular in the last couple of decades. One of the biggest series around today, the Potter universe of films and book has enough fans that we could easily believe a moment like the one seen here has taken place in the past. Wearing a Hogwarts robe that has been opened at the front to show off what seems to be her slip, it is a tease that seems like one of the few that might actually appeal to Sheldon Cooper. That said, even though we feel that it is doing wonders for her look, we doubt that she would wear an ensemble like this in order to seduce someone in her real life.

1 Salted Pretzel

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It just seems fitting that we end of this list with an episode that introduced something new to The Big Bang Theory as so many outfits we’ve looked at have originated from seminal moments. This time around, we're looking at a screengrab from the season five episode The Beta Test Initiation where the YouTube series Sheldon Cooper Presents: Fun with Flags debuted. Showing Amy and Sheldon filming two separate episodes of the series, the second one focused on the flag of Bavaria which inspired them to point out items associated with the state. Playing on German stereotypes, as a result, Sheldon wore lederhosen while Amy wore an all-black outfit with a large fake pretzel attached to it. In this case, we really don’t feel like we have to point out why we doubt Mayim Bialik would wear this as it seems self-evident.

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