20 Fashion Statements That Only Rihanna Could Pull Off

Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was born on February 20th, 1988 in Barbados. She comes from a broken home where she and her siblings struggled deeply and another little known fact about her is that she was a cadet in a sub-military program before her career began. Once discovered, Rihanna’s career took off quickly, as everyone loved her charming personality and her angelic voice. She has since managed to rack up a net worth of 230 million dollars at the age of 29, the kind of money that most of us will never see in our entire lifetime. Some of her most popular songs are "Only Girl in the World," "Umbrella," and more recently "Love on the Brain."

Aside from her insane vocals and amazing songs, Rihanna rocks looks that most of us can only dream of. It seems that she can pull off some of the craziest fashion trends out there that most of us would never even dare to go out into public with. She has a jaw-dropping gorgeous body and her skin tone is perfect to pull off almost any color and pattern out there. Here is a list of 20 fashion statements that no one but Rihanna could pull off. Some of these photos are of the popular singer-songwriter on the red carpet and some of them are of candid photos that were taken by the paparazzi. We even threw in a selfie taken by Rihanna while in a car with some friends, so enjoy and try not to get too jealous of this beautiful star.

20 Denim

via: tmz.com

Not many can pull off wearing an outfit entirely out of denim, but Rihanna seems to pull it off flawlessly. We are sure that her perfect figure contributes to this fact and we don't think that anyone could have worn it better. Actually, we know that for a fact. Rihanna pulls off a variety of trends that can be unflattering on some, but they always seem to look fantastic on her. The ripped jeans and the semi-unbuttoned denim blouse seem to be just the right mix of casual yet red carpet-worthy. While many of you may think that denim tops went out of style a long time ago, this outfit gives us hope that they might just be making a comeback in the near future.

19 Puffer Coat

via: celebonline.com

They say go you should big or go home and that seems to definitely be the case here, where Rihanna is seen wearing what is probably one of the biggest puffer coats that we have ever seen. If you have ever worn one these coats, the normal sized ones anyway, then you would know that whenever you put it on you feel like a giant marshmallow. Let's be honest; most of us look like giant marshmallows when we wear them too, if it were not for their intense warmth during the cold winter months. For many, these coats are unflattering and ugly. Yet somehow, Rihanna manages to make this oversized piece of outerwear look absolutely stunning. This off-the-shoulder and unzipped look is one that is sure to turn heads (in a good way). There is one question however that comes to mind when looking at this outfit, and that is why is she wearing a large coat, but no pants? Doesn't that totally defeat the purpose?

18 Fur Coat

via: twitter.com

We will admit that upon first glance, this outfit appears to be a little odd. Are those pants, or is that a skirt? We should also mention that it is starting to look like Rihanna is really into huge coats. We guess she has to stay warm somehow. Although we don't really see what good it would do her since about 80 percent of her body is still left uncovered. Despite that, she still looks glamorous. This is one of those outfits that reminds us how fit Rihanna actually is. Sure, she is partially covered up with a coat, but she is showing off just enough to let people know that she has a rocking body and that it does not matter what she puts on because she will make anything look good. She has this natural beauty that allows her to look classy and attractive no matter what she does.

17 Wang

via: Rihannanow.com

This outfit is a much more casual outfit that you might see someone wearing at the gym or when they are out for a run. It is the kind of outfit that we see a lot of women try to pull off only to fail miserably. Yet here Rihanna is making it look like that outfit was made specifically for her; that is how well it fits her. It is clear what brand the outfit is from, as it is written on the items at least six times – Alexander Wang. This is definitely an expensive and high fashion brand, and she rocks it. This outfit hugs her body in all the right places, and it isn't too tight like most people’s workout clothing. This is the type of outfit that makes other women look at her and say, “Wow, that is the body that I aspire to have.”

16 Flower

Okay, at first glance this outfit might have you totally confused and wonder what the heck it is that she is wearing. We'll be honest; we thought the exact same thing when we saw first saw it. But the more that you look at it, the more you realize just how pretty it actually is. It's like whoever designed this dress took the natural beauty of Rihanna and made her look like a flower. We will admit that the string around her legs is a little off, and she could probably do without that, but other than that, this is definitely a fashion statement that you know you could never make look good. This is very floral and while it looks a little unpractical to wear, it is still a dress that has anyone who sees it in total awe. We really do not know anyone else that could pull this one off.

15 Trench Coat

via: theguardian.com

This looks like a cross between a trench coat and a formal dress, and we absolutely love it. Let's also talk about her hair for a moment. Not a lot of girls look good with their hair slicked back like that, but it looks amazing on Rihanna. This is an all-around elegant look, and they could not have possibly chosen anything better for her to wear that night. If we had to guess, we would say that she has another outfit on under there, as celebrities often need to wear more than one outfit at once for fast costume changes during award shows like this one. Typically, when you have to find something nice that you can wear on top of something else, you are left with a big bulky appearance, but this is not one of those occasions. In fact, it is probably one of the prettiest and most unique dresses that we have ever seen.

14 Comfort

via: forbes.com

In this candid photo captured by the paparazzi, Rihanna is seen wearing a much more casual outfit than normal and our guess is that she either just got off of a really long plane ride or she was headed back home. Who knew that dressing comfortably could look so hot? We all know just how comfortable hoodies like this one can be, and we have all worn one at one point or another, but very few of us actually have the guts to wear something like that as a dress. She definitely pulled it off though, making her look so comfortable that she could probably go home and jump right into bed. And she also looks cute and approachable.

13 Little Black Dress

This is the type of dress that you would see a lot of “normal” girls wearing out on Halloween claiming to be a sexy cop or something of that effect, but Rihanna doesn't need to use Halloween as an excuse to look this good. Everything about the way she looks in this photo is amazing, from the boots to the dress, to her gorgeous hair; there is not a single negative thing that we could say about this outfit. She really does have the perfect body to pull off things like this, and we are sure that has a lot of other women feeling a little jealous that they don't look as good as her. We absolutely love the boots that she is wearing as well. In fact, many probably would love a pair like this, but might worry that they could never look as good as they do on Rihanna.

12 Breaking Amish

via: fentybeauty.com

This picture was taken of Rihanna while she was performing her hit song "Love on the Brain" at an award show. This is an outfit that we haven't really seen anyone wear in quite some time, but it looks sensational on her. The outfit is elevated by her beautiful long red nails, the hoop earrings, and classy ponytail. She looks stunning as always, and she gave an amazing performance. Then again, with confidence as high as hers, we are sure that it is easy to nail every performance as if it is no big deal at all. Rihanna has come a long way in her career. She started out as your basic pop star who wore cute outfits and graduated to this stunning performer who wears outfits that turn heads everywhere. The tight black top that she has on over the white shirt accentuates her curves and the long, flowing sleeves of the white shirt make her arms look long and thin.

11 Baby Pink

via: mtv.com

Rihanna looks a little younger in this picture, which is probably because of the youthful vibe of this performance. The color light pink can be hard to pull off for a lot of people. Not only does it get dirty easily, but it also shows off every flaw and roll on your body. For most of us, it is definitely unflattering, but for Rihanna, it looks like that color was made for her body. Also, it really pops thanks to her skin tone. This color has been huge in the past year or so, and Rihanna rocking it probably had something to do with it. We also tend to see those high ponytails on a lot of celebrities these days (like Ariana Grande), but they usually look childish. However, it looks kind of mature and classy on Rihanna, which is something that we didn't think was even possible for that type of hairdo.

10 Baggy Pants

via: vogue.com

Baggy pants were a thing in the '90s, yet Rihanna was wearing them in the 2000s and looked absolutely fabulous. The way that they are buttoned up to the top on the one side, showing off her thigh-high boots and perfect legs, is a cool look that is sure to have everyone wanting to go grab themselves a pair right away. Coupled with the long-sleeved crop top, it makes for an outfit that looks great on her, and no one else could have worn it better. When it comes to color, this is one star that really seems to stick to black and white for most of her outfits, but why should she wear anything else when she wears those two colors so well? We all wish that we could pull off an outfit like that, but we are no Rihanna, and there can only be one.

9 All Black

via: pinterest.com

Upon first glance, you might think that she looks totally crazy in this photo. That hairstyle is out of this world, and the amount of black that she is wearing is a little overbearing and on anyone else, this would most certainly look horrifying, but once again, Rihanna is here to show us that she can pull off literally anything and still look good. We did say that she seems to favor black and white when it comes to getting dressed. While we will admit that this probably was not her best hairstyle choice, it still seems to work for her, although we probably would have done without the green lipstick. It might not be her best look on this list, but you can still tell just how beautiful she is. Not many people can pull off wearing all black without looking like a bit of a freak, yet she manages it with style.

8 Redhead

via: twitter.com

Here we can see Rihanna adding a little splash of color to her wardrobe as she rocks a bright red blazer, red lipstick, and striking red hair. A few years ago, red hair seemed to be a pretty big trend among girls everywhere and it would appear that Rihanna is the one who started that trend. Her red hair is our focus for this picture, and we absolutely love it. It does wonders for her by bringing out the color in her eyes and it makes her look a little more inviting than her natural brown hair did. Rihanna kept her hair this color for a couple of years and it was a style that had a lot of girls going into their local hairdresser with pictures of Rihanna in hand asking if they could get that exact look. This is definitely a color that works for her in every way possible, and we don't think that we could have picked a better hair color for her. Very few people could pull off a vibrant red like this.

7 A Princess

via: tmz.com

This picture looks like something straight out of Beauty and the Beast. Step aside Emma Watson, because Rihanna looks like a natural Belle. This dress is stunning and brings back memories of Disney movies that we all watched while growing up. It is a dress that most little girls dream of wearing and it could not have been worn better by anyone else. This is probably the most beautiful dress that we have ever seen hit the red carpet and it is definitely a head turner that got Rihanna a lot of positive attention. It is also one of the most elegant and classy things that we have seen this singer wear. It is probably the most stunning dress on this list. With all of that fur, it must be comfortable and warm. It is truly the perfect dress, and it couldn't be worn better by anyone else.

6 Diamond-Studded

via: complex.ocm

The focus of this picture is the diamond-studded cap that Rihanna is wearing. To be honest, it looks sort of like a fancy and very expensive shower cap, but she somehow still looks gorgeous. This is probably one of the most classy and fancy ways to cover up the fact that you are having a bad hair day. Nothing says "I'm rich" like a diamond bandanna and most people who wear this would probably just look ridiculous or like they are trying too hard. This was taken at an award show and Rihanna was actually holding an award in her hands while having her picture taken on the red carpet. Her eyes look piercingly beautiful. She is sporting the smokey eye look, which is always in style. It's something that many women try to do on their own, but they just end up looking like raccoons, whereas Rihanna’s look is flawless.

5 Short Hair

via: pinterest.com

Short hair is something that not a lot of girls are cut out for and most won't even dare to try it. When the trend of girls cutting off all of their hair first came about, most people were left wondering who was a girl and who was a boy, but with Rihanna there is no question about it. She chose to keep her hair longer on top and shaved on the sides, which actually gives her a much wider array of options when it comes to styling. The way that she has it styled here almost looks like a mohawk. Her icy white eye shadow is also risky, but looks absolutely stunning and unique on the beautiful Rihanna. The entire look would look like a major fashion faux-pas on anyone else, but on Rihanna, it looks daring and cool.

4 Medusa

via: captial.com

This picture is clearly a fun and fashionable play on Medusa, and Rihanna makes one great-looking Medusa. While many people would probably admit to being a little scared of snakes, no one can deny that Rihanna makes them look great. This picture is just jaw-dropping and beautiful. The contacts are eerie but stunning, and give her the look of a snake, and her long nails are elegant and alluring with this look. For a musical artist, she sure can model and pull off even the weirdest and creepiest looks. This might be the perfect example of how beautiful Rihanna is, as she manages to make this strange scenario gorgeous. Only Rihanna could pull off the Medusa look.

3 Pink Hair

via: pinterest.com

Most people who try to pull off pink hair wind up looking like they have a bag of cotton candy on their head, but not Rihanna. In fact, pink hair looks so cute on Rihanna that many people actually prefer this to her normal hair. She looks cute, and she stands out at the same time. This is the definition of hair goals. Rihanna might have started this new wild hair color trend.

Not only is she sporting a pink head of hair here, but she also has a pixie cut. Pixie cuts became a trend that girls from all over were rushing to their hairdressers to get shortly after they saw Rihanna with hers back in 2010.

2 Mismatched

via: wikipedia.com

This is a photo that was taken while Rihanna was shooting the music video for her hit song "Only Girl In The World." There are so many things about this outfit that most women can't pull off, but once again, Rihanna shocks us with how she makes anything look good. Let's be honest; if you were to see some random person on the street wearing this outfit, you would probably think that they were crazy and that they looked ridiculous, but on Rihanna, it looks like the outfit was made just for her. The clothing may not match in any way possible here, but who needs to match when they have a body and perfect skin tone like that? Most people wish they could pull off things as well as Rihanna can. She still has her red hair in this photo and although it appears to be slightly darker here than in the last picture featuring red hair, it still makes her eyes pop.

1 Selfies

via: twitter.com

There aren't many selfies of Rihanna out there, so this one is definitely a rare gem. Since this is just a headshot, you might be wondering what fashion statement she could be pulling off. We are going to focus on those big nerdy glasses of hers. Big, thick, black-rimmed glasses used to be made fun of and were only supposed to be for “nerds,” but in recent years, girls everywhere started wearing them as a fashion statement. Most of the girls that followed this trend just wound up looking weird, especially since the glasses usually took up about three-quarters of their entire face, but on Rihanna, it is a look that suits her perfectly. Like many other fashion trends, Rihanna pulls this off so effortlessly, and we love it. Most of the photos that you see out there of Rihanna are all professionally taken, so seeing this one is refreshing.

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