20 Fashion Looks Only A Short Hayden Panettiere Can Make Look Good

A former child star that has been doing her thing in the acting world for nearly two decades at this point, Hayden Panettiere has made her mark in the past. First appearing in movies like Remember the Titans and Joe Somebody as a youngster, she would become a star once she became a part of the ensemble cast at the core of the show Heroes. An industry that is choked full of a surprising amount of people that are shorter than you and me, standing alongside them, it may not be clear what this actor’s recorded height actually is. Standing at only five foot two inches tall, she packs a lot of good looks into her smaller frame. In fact, if you ask us, the fact that she is so small has a lot to do with how attractive she is since many of her looks wouldn’t work on someone taller than she is. Realizing all of this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty fashion looks only a short Hayden Panettiere can make look good.

In order for an outfit that Hayden Panettiere wore to be up for possible inclusion on this list, it first and foremost needs to have been photographed while she was wearing it. For our purposes, it makes no difference how many individual items of clothing she has on as the only thing that we care about is how her overall ensemble comes together. Next, we only looked at moments in her life where we feel that someone taller than she is would have a great deal of difficulty pulling off what she has on. With all that in mind, let’s get to the list.

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20 CMA Awards Little Dress

Via moejackson.com

A shot of Hayden at the 46th annual Country Music Awards that were held in Nashville, Tennessee, she would have found herself among some of the biggest stars in the recording business. Walking down the red carpet while sporting a little dress made of more than one material, this garment looks totally stunning on her, if you ask us. Partially fantastic because of the massive smile on her face and the positive energy she seemingly can’t help but exude in most situations, those aren’t the only reasons this look works so well. Also made possible in large part because of her relatively small figure, on anyone else, this dress would barely cover up any of them, and seeing her wear something so tight is wonderful.

19 Golden Globes Black And White Dress

via HawtCelebs

Without a doubt one of the most anticipated events in the Hollywood calendar each year, the Golden Globe Awards celebrates some of the best work in film and television. A shot that shows off the dress that Hayden Panettiere wore to the 71st such event which took place in 2014, she managed to be a vision of beauty seemingly with the greatest of ease. Wearing a black-and-white gown that was cut down on one side in order to show off part of her leg, it is really working for her. A short person whose legs aren’t lengthy as a result, on some people, that small cut might show off little more than her ankle. But in this case, it provides a tantalizing view.

18 Partially-Lace Dress

Via mirror.co.uk

A shot of Hayden at a red carpet event, you will see many of those on this list as she made a name for herself as an actor many years ago, and that is why she has been at many celebrity gatherings. That said, this image is a little bit different as it was from a night in which she was given an award not for a performance she gave but for how she has decided to treat the world. Taken as she attended the 2013 Environmental Media Awards, she was there to be named the Futures Award Honoree because she has worked to keep our planet green. Opting to earn the attention of everyone in attendance with how good she looked as well, she wore a dress that was partially lace. Looking absolutely gorgeous in this outfit, on anyone that is not her size, there would be some scandalous parts of them on display.

17 Elaborate Dress

Via Imgur.com

The first shot on this list that was taken as a part of a photoshoot, in this case, it is likely that a team of wardrobe experts put a lot of work into finding the perfect garment to adorn Hayden’s body. Proof positive that whoever was involved in that decision knows what they are talking about, this dress absolutely does her body good. Featuring several strategic cuts and some accents that we’re not even sure how to describe, it all comes together to create a combination of a person and dress that seems meant to be. Seemingly designed specifically for her body as it draws attention to her most salacious areas without being overly revealing either, there is no question that it wouldn’t work on taller people.

16 Green Bikini

Via drago99.com

There are some people on this planet that are totally fashion-obsessed and with only a quick glance can identify what kind of clothes a person’s outfit is made up of with great accuracy. On the other hand, there are others that have not put that much thought into that area and would struggle to explain the difference between a polo and a T-Shirt. However, even almost all of the people that belong in the latter category would be able to identify what a bikini is as they totally stand out and also show off a lot of a woman’s body. Due to the fact that they are so unforgiving, this green bikini that looks so marvelous on Hayden would only fit someone with a body type like hers.

15 Correspondents’ Dinner Side-Cut Dress

Via justjared.com

A political event that takes place every year, the Correspondents’ Dinner is its own thing as it tries to bring a degree of levity to a world that often takes itself extremely seriously. Despite all of the attempts at making fun of the political process, however, things in the Washington scene almost always come off as stodgier than they should be. When Hayden arrived on the 2013 White House Correspondents' Dinner red carpet wearing this bright yellow dress, she did help that night come off as a lot more glamorous, fun, and relaxed. Cut on the side and held together with a cool-looking see-through material, it looked fantastic on her while also coming across as event appropriate, which is no small feat.

14 Emmys Silver Dress

Via pinterest.ca

The only dress that Hayden wore during the period of time that she was pregnant with her only child to date, in her case, the traditional train of thought held true as she was positively growing. Attending the 2014 Emmy Awards when this image was taken, she was not in the running for any of the trophies that night but that didn’t mean she wasn’t a winner despite that. Totally dressed to the nines and looking as good as anyone who attended, she was a great example of how elegant Hollywood can seem to be. Very pregnant when she wore this, her choice of gown was perfect as it showed that fact and her cleavage off at the same time, which reflects just how much confidence she deservedly has in herself.

13 Nashville Promotion Dress

Via popsugar.com

An extremely simple picture of Hayden that was used by a number of publications to promote an upcoming season of the show Nashville that she starred in, this image was designed well. Playing into the style of that show due to the details on the wall behind her, we’d never watched an episode of the series. But knowing her and looking at this, we’re pretty interested now. Sporting a multi-colored outfit that is cut pretty high above the knee yet covers up the entirety of her arms, there is a real dichotomy there that we find fascinates the eye. Also incorporating frills around her wrists, her whole looks come off as a study in contrasts as it seems professional and fancy while also showing off some skin. Someone we see as multi-faceted in both personality and look, this fits her to a t.

12 CMT Pink Dress

Via Pinterest.com

Attending the 2012 CMT Music Awards when this image was taken, she was there due to starring in the series Nashville at the time that she appeared there. A Country Music Awards show that is voted on by fans, the fact that it is held in Nashville, Tennessee every year made her showing up there something that made a whole lot of sense. Wearing a dress that can be described as incredibly vibrant, between its eye-catching color, the way there are cuts in the fabric that show off her skin, and the way it skims the ground, this dress stands out. However, if her gown was worn by someone that it fit but was taller than her, then a major part of its effect would sadly be absent.

11 Women’s Health Shiny Dress

via HawtCelebs

Over the last several years, the publishing world has had to react as sales of traditional magazines have hit the skids due to the popularity of online content. Despite that, these days, there are still loads of publications for sale in your local convenience store or by the tills in your grocery store. In light of this fact, it seems like people don’t see being chosen to appear on a magazine’s cover as nearly a big of a deal as it once was. That is a real shame as we think it is still a major accomplishment in the career of anyone in the entertainment industry. For instance, Hayden should have been overcome with pride that she appeared on the front page of Women’s Health magazine which is a body-positive publication. That is why it is so cool that they showed off a different kind of body as she wore this shiny dress that is tight to her small figure.

10 United People Charity Night Barely-Covered Back

Via Facebook.com

An example of the positives that famous people can bring the world when they want to, when this shot of Hayden was taken in 2010, she was at the United People Charity Night. Rubbing elbows with other stars like Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, and more at this wonderful event, seeing them all come together for the benefit of others is awesome. All of that said, we’re pleased with the intent of the night. But when Hayden looks this spectacular, it becomes hard to focus on anything else when looking at a still photograph. Wearing a dress that is largely see-through from behind and is cut high on her leg, if someone taller than her wore it, they’d be showing off more than just the top of her legs.

9 Street Tank Top

Via Pinterest.com

Walking down a city street holding a drink that looks as though it was purchased at Starbucks, in some ways, this image of Hayden looks as though it could be taken of many of us. However, despite the fact that it looks as though she is out for a relaxed day and did not anticipate being the focus of a paparazzi picture, she looks like someone that most of us couldn’t take our eyes off of. Wearing a white tank top, jeans, and a tied-off belt of sorts, they come together better than most of the things we spend hours deciding on before going out. An outfit that we’ve already pointed out is mundane in a lot of ways, most of us could wear something similar to this, but we couldn’t pull it off nearly as well as she did.

8 Golden Globes Old-School Dress

Via MTV.com

A photo that was taken at an event Hayden attended years ago, in our opinion, she absolutely deserved to be on lists of the best-dressed people of that year for this outfit alone. Taken at the 2014 Golden Globe Awards where she yet again was not in the running, that seems to have made no difference in the amount of confidence she had in herself that night. Wearing a dress that reminds us of the dresses that we envision people wearing at the height of Rome’s power, it totally screams elegance to us and we love it. Standing with her hand on her waist and with a clutch in the other one, everything about this shot is working for us and the way that it makes her seem much larger in stature than she actually is.

7 CMT Striking Top

Via flashback.org

Another instance of Hayden looking great at the CMT Music Awards, this time around, we are looking at a shot of her from the 2013 version of the show. Wearing an outfit that allowed her to stand out as it had legs and pockets which led to this shot of her with her hands tucked away, it made her come off as relaxed in a way that few famous people do. Also highlighted by an immaculate top section that includes various patterns, flowers, and a huge amount of detail, we also really dig the way it is cut around her shoulders. Short enough that it allowed the designers of this garment to focus on the details, if there was more canvas space, that would have resulted in all of the flourishes increasing in size which is less appealing here.

6 Flashy Dress

Via raidercountry.net

The kind of dress that not just anyone could look good in, it takes an oversize personality to pull off a piece of clothing that is as flashy as the one we’re looking at here. Another instance of a photo that was released in order to promote her show Nashville, in this case, they seemed to have tracked down the most outrageous outfit for her to have on. Featuring a shiny exterior and the same see-through material around her neck and chest another gown of hers was highlighted by, the way each section of this dress looks different made us examine it in detail. Therefore inspiring us to appreciate her body in much greater detail as a result, we really can’t imagine anything about her we’d change, which is why she makes this dress not the other way around.

5 Auction Partially-Mesh Dress

Via moejackson.com

The final example of a time in which Hayden wore a dress with a see-through part to it to make this list, this is yet another example that proves just how great dresses that feature that look on her. Attending another event designed for the rich and famous to hand over large amounts of money to a charity, this time around, she was at Jony and Marc's Red Auction. Meant to raise as much cash as possible for AIDS-related research, various things were up for grabs that night and nobody knew how much each of them would go for at the beginning of the night. On the other hand, we’re sure Hayden knew she looked outstanding before making her way there as this black dress contained her short but somewhat curvy body well.

4 Glamour Swimwear

Via reddup.co

The second and last outfit on this list that was designed for someone to have it on while they go for a swim, this swimsuit is a lot more striking and complicated. Featuring holes that wrap around her body just below her chest and are held together by a series of rings that link the two halves of it together, that aspect draws in anyone that comes across this image. Also accented by jewelry that doesn’t stand out at first but does a great job of working with her overall image, everything she has on works in concert with one another to a great degree. On top of that, it all accentuates the lovely aspects of her body in the best ways possible, which is why this photo of her looked wonderful in Glamour Magazine.

3 Shopping Yellow Dress

via Pinterest

An interesting photoshoot that seems to have been envisioned to focus greatly on footwear, here we see Hayden wearing distinctive open-toed and heeled shoes, and she is also in front of lines of boots. That said, this shot of her makes us focus on something entirely different as she looks like a bright ray of sunshine here. In fact, despite the fact that she was inside when this was taken, her bright yellow dress makes us think of spending time with a loved one on a beautiful day while outside. Perfectly fitted to the color of her hair as well, here it is easy to tell how short Hayden actually is, considering how low her torso is in relation to the shelves in front of her. Taking note of that just made us enjoy her in this outfit even more as she makes the dress seem larger than life.

2 Critic’s Choice Taupe Dress

Via Twitter.com

The first public appearance that Hayden made after an absence due to seeking treatment for a medical issue, it is safe to say that she made quite the impact upon her return. Seen here at the 2016 Critic’s Choice Awards where she was up in the Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series category for her work in Nashville, she went home without making her way to the stage. Still, she had every right to see this as a victorious night in her professional and personal life as she cut quite the visage on the blue carpet in this case. Wearing a dress that was cut in such a way to show off quite a bit of her chest, on top of that, it was long and flowing enough to reach the ground due to her height which we really appreciate.

1 Met Gala Big Dress

Via yahoo.com

About to ascend the stairs to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2014 when this shot was taken, Hayden went there to attend their annual gala but received attention for a number of reasons. Wearing a large gown that makes her look absolutely exquisite in our view, her choice of dress was widely appreciated by those paying attention around the world. On top of that, it contributed to a moment in which she left her feet while walking on the steps behind her in this image, which is always going to garner a lot of attention. One of the best things we’ve ever seen Hayden wear, in our opinion, we love its design from both a color and cut perspective. Perfect on her in part due to the fact that she is short in physical stature, the fact that it is so large on her while not taking up that much room because of how small she is makes for a great combination.

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