20 Fashion Faux Pas Committed By Ryan Gosling (That Make Us Question His Style)

Ryan Gosling is one of the few celebrities who can take a terrible outfit and make it somehow work, but that doesn't justify some of the choices he has made over the years. We could compile a list of his top 100 best outfits and that would be a fairly easy task since he has become one of the top fashion icons in recent history. Most of the roles he portrays in his films also tend to have a great fashion sense that usually inspires men to copy his style.

In Crazy, Stupid, Love, we saw him at his best with some fly suits as he gave Steve Carell fashion advice throughout the film. And more recently, he had everyone talking about the great outfits worn for La La Land. But even the best dressed celebrities will miss from time to time and it is understandable as the likes of Gosling like to experiment with different styles. While we have come to know him in one particular lane, there is no shame in expanding outside of the usual.

It worked in many cases as he turned up plenty of heads, but there have also been times where he left us shaking our heads. Gosling is usually consistent with his outfits as we have come to expect the best from one of Hollywood's top stars, but that doesn't mean that he always had it right. Today, we discuss the 20 weirdest outfits worn by Ryan Gosling that made us question his fashion taste.

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20 Questionable Choices By Gosling

The pieces aren't bad on their own, but they clearly don't mesh well together. Smaller adjustments could have made a major difference but this outfit is prime exampling of overthinking to the point where you end up just making a mess. The black jacket is by far the best part about the entire outfit with the shoes coming in second. As for the jeans, they look a bit too regular but not weird by any means.

It comes down to the checked shirt and hat that look somewhat cheap, especially the former as you can tell by the way it looks. Personally, I am not a huge fan of checked shirts since they are too generic and overplayed at this point, but they manage to remain a common look among men. It might be the fact that everyone admires Gosling's hair, but rarely do hats look good on him.

19 A Sleeveless Hoodie To Ruin The Outfit

This outfit would have made a great casual look but the sleeveless hoodie is out of place here and completely unnecessary. There are times when people underestimate how much of a difference one item could make, but you can't overlook any details. The smallest item could ruin an outfit, taking it from an outstanding look to a terrible one. In recent years, layering has become very popular with the trend rising at a fast rate.

But not everyone has the fashion taste to pull it off and often times it ends up being a disaster. A simple fix for this outfit would be removing the hoodie as the rest of the outfit looks good. Gosling seems to never disappoint with his suit or classier looks, but he does have the tendency to do a bit much with his casual style, possibly a result of him not giving it too much thought.

18 Gosling Casual Look Gone Wrong

As previously mentioned, it only takes one item to turn a nice outfit into questionable. Gosling has all the right pieces in here from the sweater to jeans and even the shoes, but once again it's the t-shirt that is way out of place. It may have looked decent without the sweater, but the two simply don't combine as well as Gosling thought when he wore them.

The t-shirt design is one that should have never materialized as it may look good on the drawing board, but not once it is worn by someone. And while I love a necklace as much as the next person, I am not a fan of longer ones and believe they look much better once it's lined up at the chest. But for whatever reason, Gosling has worn that necklace very often and it appears in many of the photos listed here.

17 Vintage 2000s Style

As mean as it may be, younger Ryan Gosling lacked the charm and style that he grew up to have. He looked a bit generic and didn't have the look of a star, which was probably a factor as to why it took him some time to become one of Hollywood's top draws. But in the photo above, we can clearly see a vintage 2000s look that just confuses us today as to why was this ever a trend?

There are some listed photos where we could point out to at least one item that looked stylish, but this outfit is just disappointing in so many ways. It's common to look back on past outfits and question our younger selves, and there is no doubt that Gosling does the same upon looking at photos like these. And to top it off, that is a camera hanging from his jeans so there isn't much else to say.

16 What Are Those?

Not exactly the worst outfit in the world but it is certainly not up to the standards of Ryan Gosling. When you're a fashion icon, people expect to see you looking at your best at all times. That may be unfair since Gosling may not be in the mood to dress to impress every single day but it is the reality we live in. The paparazzi follow him around very often and when he does manage to find some space, he is surely going to be recognized by someone.

The t-shirt is pretty awful in all honesty and one that you couldn't pay me to wear. The boots and jeans combine for a weird mix, one that is surely not something anyone would want to copy. It looks like the photo was taken at an airport so it is quite likely that he was just dressed to be comfortable, so we will give him a pass.

15 Gosling Trying Too Hard

The reaction of the man behind Ryan Gosling is exactly similar to the look I had upon seeing this outfit for the first time. The bomber jacket is really nice and you can never go wrong with burgundy. But almost everything else about this outfit makes it somewhat weird, giving the vibe that he just randomly threw items together without trying to match.

The t-shirt is not a good look either, and ruins the entire outfit if you ask me. While the hat itself doesn't look too bad, it simply doesn't mix well with the rest of his attire and the contrasting colors do not mesh well in this case. The hood only makes matters even worse as it doesn't really add anything, especially considering the difference in colors. If he were to drop the hat and switch the t-shirt for a blank one, the outfit is immediately much better.

14 A Ruffle Shirt...But Why?

Ryan Gosling has the tendency to steal the spotlight at events, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out why. More often than not, he is dressed very sharp and people use him as an inspiration for future outfits. When it comes to his suits, he is at the top of the game as not many can claim to have a better taste than Gosling. But during the last Academy Awards, Gosling failed to live up to the usual expectations thanks in large to the ruffle shirt that stood out like a sore thumb.

It had people talking for all the wrong reasons as he was voted as one of the worst dressed celebrities at the show. Everything else about the outfit was fine but the shirt was definitely a weird choice that just ruined it all. But if there is one celebrity who can make it look less terrible than it actually is, that would be Ryan Gosling.

13 Rocking A High Schooler Look

An underwhelming outfit from Ryan Gosling to say the least, resembling something that a high schooler would wear. Gosling can pull off most colors with ease, but light blue seems to be an exception here. As for the t-shirt, we surely hope that he was simply wearing it to promote an event since it relates to "Motorcycle Week." It is also entirely possible that he had been paid to promote a brand, but either way it's simply not a good look.

If Gosling fails to make it work then it must be pretty bad. The jeans are slightly too baggy for him and don't look like a great fit. A coined necklace looks out of place with this outfit and may not have been a great addition. Even for a casual look, Gosling is capable of so much better which is why this outfit finds its way on this list.

12 Gosling Goes Grandpa Style

A strong candidate for the worst Ryan Gosling look that we have ever seen. There is not a single person who can make the sweater-over-shirt outfit look appealing, as proven above. It always looks weird especially the way it was worn by Gosling with the rolled sleeve cuffs. The bottom portion of the outfit looks good and would have worked well with almost any other top.

That look in particular has had a bad reputation over the years due to its association with older men who were known for rocking it for many years. It's easy to forget that Gosling has had some terrible outfits since we are used to seeing him look great at all times. But this outfit goes to show that even the biggest fashion icons are prone to make mistakes, and it's no wonder that we never saw Gosling in a similar look again.

11 Gosling's Regrettable Life Decision

It is evident that this photo was taken in the mid 2000s due to the baggy pants, as well as the bulkier looking Ryan Gosling who had put on some pounds during those years. But even if we were to disregard the awful pants, it's impossible to overlook that dreadful t-shirt. Over the years, I have seen many similar looking designs that made me wonder who would ever spend money on such clothes, but I guess it's much more common than we all thought if someone like Gosling had worn it.

If that wasn't bad enough, Gosling wore this outfit to a premier event where he was pictured thousands of times and seen by hundreds of people. We may have given him a pass if he had just worn it while travelling, but it is inexcusable to wear this outfit to such events and Gosling has clearly learned from his mistakes.

10 Dress To Impress? Not Quite

Some of the listed outfits may have had a bad element that ruined an entire outfit, but the same cannot be said here. Everything from top to bottom is plain terrible and any decent stylist would not have allowed Ryan Gosling to leave the house with these clothes. His fashion sense has come a long way since then as his blunders also decreased in recent years. When Gosling was still relatively new in the industry, he wasn't considered a fashion icon yet but he did find a suitable style that worked for him once he got older.

Once again, Gosling is seen here with the shirt-over-sweatshirt style except that he took it one step further with a navy blazer that looks completely out of place. The combination of brown and navy fell flat as one would expect, and it's probably an outfit that Gosling would love to erase from the internet.

9 Gosling's Fashion Sense Hits Rock Bottom

If someone didn't know Ryan Gosling and the photo above was the first time they saw him, they would surely think that he has a terrible fashion sense. The mid 2000s were truly a different time and many of the trends have aged terribly with most of them becoming laughable today. Instead of being an inspiration, the photo above would be a perfect example of how one should never dress.

You have the t-shirt with the cheap font under the blazer, and the baggy pants that needed some major tailor work. And while accessories can add plenty to an outfit, this belt manages to make an already bad outfit become even worse. Thankfully, times have been kind to Ryan Gosling who has significantly improved his style. We wouldn't be surprised to learn that he burned that belt by now, which would be an understandable decision.

8 Gosling Struggles To Be Fashionable

It's hard to make sense of what is going on with this outfit. A wide v-neck t-shirt under a black leather jacket is violating all fashion rules, it makes us reconsider everything that we once knew about Ryan Gosling. This look is a bit too hipster and it's clear that Gosling was trying hard when he put this outfit together. Sometimes it's best to keep it simple since that is guaranteed to look good.

While strange looks can be pulled off, it wasn't the case for Gosling in this photo. Black leather jackets can be difficult to work around; there is a formula that we all know is guaranteed to work and Gosling made the mistake of trying to mess with it. The outfit may have improved with any other t-shirt under, but still not a good enough combination for someone like Ryan Gosling.

7 Homeless Gosling

They say that the third time's a charm, but not for the black leather jacket, Gosling really needs to take fashion advice if he ever decides to wear it again. In fact, it would have been perfect with the rest of the outfit if it hadn't been for the jacket on top, but once again Gosling's layering blew up in his face. With all due respect, I have seen that jacket worn by homeless people so one has to wonder what Gosling was thinking here.

One of the consistent blunders that has shown up in many of his outfits is his inability to properly coordinate colors, and this grey hat is so out of place with the rest of his clothes that it left us shaking our heads. The only reasonable explanation for this outfit is that Gosling went thrift shopping and bought all these items at once.

6 Hipster Look Gone Wrong

The black leather jacket resurfaces for a second time on this list and Ryan Gosling is still incapable of putting a decent outfit together with this item. This may appeal to hipsters who love to look different by standing out - and often for all the wrong reasons - but it's a whole different story when Gosling is involved. There is way too much happening here and none of it is good, he practically threw random items together and left the house without bothering to check the mirror.

To his credit, his shoe game as well as the pants are usually on point but it's the top that tends to be messy. With three layers on, Gosling may have thought that he was pioneering a new trendy look, but it clearly backfired on him. We are just glad that his fashion sense has done a 180 since then.

5 Gosling's Shirt Steals The Spotlight 

This photo was taken at the premiere of The Nice Guys - one of the better films starring Ryan Gosling in which he displayed a new side of his that we hadn't previously seen. And while we recommend that you watch it because you are guaranteed to be entertained, it also features some great outfits worn by Gosling throughout the entire movie. Unfortunately, he didn't carry the same looks to the premiere and this one falls just short of meeting our expectations.

The blazer, pants and shoes are all fine and good enough to be worn by Gosling, but it's the t-shirt underneath that brings it all down. The outfit has serious potential and that one adjustment could have instantly turned it into a great one, but here's a case of Gosling reminding everyone that even he might get it wrong from time to time despite being Hollywood's favorite darling.

4 Gosling Throwing Random Items Together

Ryan Gosling knows how to rock a jean jacket better than most people, and it is the clear stand out in this photo. But it's the combination with the sweater that brings it down a notch as the two items look awkwardly put together. The sweater may have looked just fine on its own, but it is too distracting under the jacket and wasn't the right choice here.

We have also grown suspect of Gosling's taste in necklaces, and this one just baffles us especially with this particular outfit. It may be symbolic to him which would explain why he has been spotted wearing it over the years, but we surely hope that he doesn't because he simply thinks that it's fashionable. The good news for Gosling is when you're as good looking as he is, people tend to overlook your questionable fashion choices.

3 Color Coordination Is Not On Point

Two things about this outfit that earned it a place on this list: the old man sweater and color coordination. It feels like Ryan Gosling leans towards grandpa fashion when it comes to his sweater, and the one above doesn't suit him. His jackets are on point more often than not, so it is tough to critique him in that area. But the brown tops simply don't go with the blue pants and it looks quite ridiculous.

Gosling has the ability to make any awful looking thing look more appealing, which is why you probably don't see anything wrong with this outfit upon first glance. But once you look at all the details, then it is apparent that Gosling didn't get it right on this occasion. When you are a celebrity who always has to look his sharpest, you are bound to have some outfits that may not turn out as great as initially anticipated.

2 The Meme Look

Years ago, this photo of Ryan Gosling became a meme with plenty of fans adding their own creative captions. The blazer is your typical Gosling look and one can't help but admire it, but it's the tank top under it that spoils the outfit. Rarely do these combine well together, and this was no exception as it looks silly in so many ways. Blazers are not meant to be worn with tank tops and that look is almost always guaranteed to fall flat.

The addition of the hipster glasses has us thinking that Gosling was inspired by some hipster outfits straight out of Tumblr when he posed for this photo. There is a general belief among people that celebrities can usually pull off anything that you give them, but this entire list, including this photo, proves otherwise. Gosling has dropped this look from his rotation and the world is a much better place for it.

1 Gosling's Inexplicable Tank Top

I may not be a huge fan of rocking tank tops with jeans but it can be somewhat fashionable if the right pieces are put together. Unfortunately for Gosling, his tank top looks way too cheap to be worn by him. It might make for a decent work out top, but not something that anyone should wear in public.

Sadly, that has become a common sight with many opting for comfort rather than style. And that is more than fine, as not everyone has an interest in fashion. But for a celebrity like Gosling, he surely could have found many better tops to go along with the jeans. Gosling probably took a day off with this outfit - perhaps he was headed to the gym or simply taking a walk in very warm weather - but we just always expect more from Ryan Gosling when it comes to his outfits.

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