20 Fashion Choices That Prove Why Olivia Munn Is A Geek Goddess

In the last few years, the idea of the “female geek” has shifted. It used to be that a gal would be seen as a nerd with glasses, terrible clothing altogether, and basically not that cool. But thankfully, it’s come out that many a hot lady has a very geek side to herself, thanks to how Hollywood has been pushing it. One of the first to really get attention for this was Olivia Munn. She had been rising up a bit as a model turned actress with minor roles in various TV shows and movies. In 2006, she joined G4 TV to be the host of Attack of the Show, a series focusing on tech and geek culture. Soon, she was a hit with her quirky humor, fun outfits and willingness to jump into everything from hot costumes to nutty skits and dares (like taking multiple shots of hot sauce). It made her a favorite in the geek culture that pushed her up more in fame.

Since leaving the show, Munn has gotten more attention as an actress from The Newsroom to playing Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse. She still wins fans over with her writing and her amazing outfits, looking incredibly glamorous from the red carpet to various award shows. Munn is the kind of girl who can stun you in a bikini while still joking around and having you laughing alongside her. She comes off down to Earth, smart and amazingly hot in most anything.

Over the years, she’s gone from just a Comic Con mainstay to a starlet in her own right, but retains a great charisma and standing with geeks. From great dresses to famed costumes, here are 20 outfits Munn has worn that led to her standing as a geek goddess (and why she gives nerds hope of finding a gal looking like her who shares their interests).

20 Spike It Down


Munn got attention in 2012 for her role in The Newsroom. The HBO series was pushed as a drama about a news department handling real-life stories and tackling issues. However, it didn’t become as big a hit as expected as creator Aaron Sorkin seemed to use it as a soapbox on various issues that annoyed him. Also, some felt Munn wasn’t believable as her character is supposed to be a financial expert with two PhDs, and even Munn admits she’s not that brilliant. The fact the character is socially inept and bumbling didn’t come off well either.

The show only lasted three short seasons and you can’t blame Munn for it failing as it had a lot of problems. It was just hard to buy her as an economist thanks to outfits like this. For the Spike TV “Guys Choice” Awards, Munn shows off in a fantastic black number, sheer but not overtly so. The arm patterns are unique and her long ponytail allows freedom to show it off. Munn keeps busy, and a dress like this shows she’s the choice for many a guy in any role.

19 Saturn Stunner


Munn has been criticized by some for being a “fake geek.” Some say she just goes through the motions and she admits video games aren’t really her thing. But Munn has learned a lot through her show and did get excited going into tech segments and showing her knowledge in broadcasting. Thus, she still maintains the geek vibe that’s served her well in her career. That includes an invite to the Saturn Awards, the ceremony honoring sci-fi/fantasy in books, movies and television.

She was a stunner on the carpet in this great black number, a bit open at the front with a dip to the cleavage but looking great. The design is good with the sheer lace by her legs with a slit to show off her lovely leg. It’s a great look, not too overt but still amazing. So while she may get some slams on her cred, no one can deny that when it comes to looking hot, Munn is genuine in every way.

18 Nerd Herd


While it was never a massive ratings hit, NBC’s Chuck still lasted five seasons thanks to its fun storyline. The plot was the title character, a nerd working at a tech store, has a secret database of information downloaded into his mind. He thus works as a CIA operative on secret missions alongside a hot female aide. The humor of the show was Chuck balancing saving the world alongside his work at the Buy More. In season 4, the CIA buys up the Buy More to operate it as a front. But, in a great piece of humor, Chuck's buddy Morgan points out the place is run way too efficiently to be believable so they hire back the staff of bumbling idiots. A running bit was one CIA operative code-named Greta that would be played by different actors.

Munn was the first, doing a hot take on the uniform of a white shirt, black shorts and a long tie. She put up with being ogled, even though in reality she could probably win in a fight against any of them. It was a short bit but fun as Munn sure fit the show’s love letter to geeks.

17 Wild Style


When it was announced Munn would be appearing on the cover of Playboy magazine in 2007, interest was naturally quite high. She was shown on the cover in a hot red bikini but to the disappointment of fans, she ended up doing just a clothed pictorial, with interview. Fans would have to wait for Magic Mike for Munn to show the goods but she has been quite daring in her fashion choices.

That includes this outfit for the 2017 MTV Video Music Awards. The dress pattern is unique with a “beaded” style for the main body, arms and skirt. The chest area is almost totally open with straps, but Munn keeps covered with the unique floral pattern and huge angel on fruit. It’s a weird logo, almost like something you’d see on the side of a motorcycle but it comes off great. The hand-embroidered outfit is just lovely to look at and proves how genius Munn is at using a dress like this to her advantage.

16 Billboard Black


While she’s been famous for her acting and writing, Munn got some additional fame in 2014 for her dating life. She was soon attached to Aaron Rodgers, the Super Bowl MVP quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Munn was a mainstay at Green Bay games, as well as hitting red carpet events hand in hand. It seemed an odd pairing, but they seemed to get along well. Of course, Munn had to put up with complaints from Packers fans who went so far as to claim she was a “jinx”, preventing Green Bay from doing better. The two broke up just before Rodgers was injured in 2017 but that presence got her more attention.

That includes this bit at the Billboard Music Awards, where she appeared in a fantastic black dress with sheer openings at the legs and a fun floral pattern. It looks beautiful on her, and she definitely looks good with or without an athlete on her arm.

15 Red Hot


Munn isn’t a stranger to controversy. In 2010, she moved from Attack of the Show to become a correspondent for The Daily Show. That seemed a good fit at first but Munn was soon criticized by people on her overtly raunchy humor and not fitting in. One segment had her talking about “tiger parenting” by interviewing her own mother on her unique style of raising Munn. But various feminist sites took it to TDS, saying that Munn was hired only for her looks, and she didn’t belong on a serious news show (which had creator Jon Stewart pointing out that Daily Show wasn’t supposed to be a serious news show). It may have weighed on both the producers and Munn as she only lasted a year before moving on.

It’s too bad as she had a good style and this pic showcases how great she could look in a fun setting. The red dress is just glorious on her with the black sash, hair flowing back and billowing with the red trim. It shows how Munn gets attention no matter what, which has served her well in her career.

14 Solid Style


Munn’s first acting break was in Beyond the Break, a teen drama for The N Network, now known as TeenNick. It had her among a pack of teen surfers living together in a house as they prepare for competitions, thus giving Munn her first chances to show off in bikinis. But she also showed the great charisma that would serve her for her later acting career.

This dress comes from more recent photoshoots and showcases how Munn is letting go of the old “geek stuff” for a better style. A former model, she looks amazing in this Chinese-styled dress, form-fitting with a cut off at the knees to show off her legs. The trimming is a good design but the way she has her hair flowing, one eye covered, makes it look even more exotic. Not that Munn has to do much in order to showcase how beautiful she is, but we appreciate photoshoots like this nonetheless.

13 What's Up Doc


A key reason for Munn’s popularity is that while amazingly hot, she’s also rather down to Earth. Raised by her Vietnamese mother, she moved around a lot as a kid to get a view of the world and is quite intelligent. She also has a great sense of humor, cracking jokes well and has been praised for her improv skills. For this Complex magazine shoot, she shows off wonderfully well in a bunny costume although not making it too over the top.

The white leotard is simple; ending in shorts leading to white pantyhose that flaunt her stupendous legs. The white bunny ears are just goofy enough to work out and the carrot is mixed with a smirk that knows how this is affecting men watching (and honestly, probably wishing that this was what the Easter Bunny actually looks like).

12 Street Fighter


Ask video game fans of the sexiest fighting ladies around and one name often comes up: Chun-Li. Debuting in the iconic smash Street Fighter II, this warrior is an Interpol agent trying to take down a gang by entering a fighting tournament. She’s appeared in just about every version of the game ever since as a fan favorite. She was even played on the big screen by Ming-Na (let’s just forget about Kristen Kurek’s version).

For a shoot in Complex, Munn decided to don that famous outfit of hers and looked great. Mostly blue with a white sash around her waist and yellow trimmings, it’s right out of the video game. Munn even adds the huge studded bracelets around her wrists and her mock “fighting glare” looks great. She even gets the buns and white tassels perfect to bring the character to wonderful life, and more than a few video game fans wouldn’t mind seeing her pull off the moves.

11 Pie Time


In 2009, Attack of the Show decided to do something nutty and asked their audience to sign a petition to create a “National Pie Week.” They promised if they reached 10,000 signatures, Olivia would jump into a huge pie. To their shock, the petition soon garnered over 60,000 signatures. Thus, to live up to her promise, not only did Olivia dive in a pie but she donned a sexy French maid outfit to do it.

It was latex and hot with a black top going up to her shoulders and showing off her belly. The black skirt was great along with the heels and a classic cap on her head to top it off. Munn let the audience howl while looking it over, before leaping into a gigantic pie on set to dirty herself up. Showing he was a good sport, co-host Kevin Pereira also donned a maid outfit to jump into the pie with her. It’s one of the most popular AOTS segments ever showing the mix of comedy and sexiness only Munn can pull off.

10 Getting Catty


At first, you might wonder what character Munn is channeling with this outfit. As it turns out, that’s really the point. For an AOTS skit, Munn played herself doing an audition and coming out in an ultra-tight black catsuit. It’s a stunning look, almost like a commando outfit with a dip at her cleavage, her black hair perfectly matching it with the tight waist and long gloves. It could be her as anything from Catwoman to Black Widow to the Baroness from G.I. Joe.

As it happened, the skit was Munn "auditioning" for the latest James Bond movie with the cheesy name of Strawberry Fields. She started off with a totally nutty British accent and then got totally over the top, firing off several more name ideas, most of which were immediately bleeped out. She was eventually dragged out by security while still "suggesting" names. It showcased the mix of sexiness and comedy that's made Munn a hit so well.

9 Happy Harley

Originally created for the 1990s Batman animated series, Harley Quinn has become more popular than even creator Paul Dini could have imagined. A shrink at Arkham Asylum, Harleen Quinzel fell in love with the Joker, going nuts herself to become his partner. She was such a hit that she was soon in the comics and ever since has been a huge deal. She even got to the big screen via Margot Robbie in the Suicide Squad movie. Before all that, Munn decided to wear the classic Harley costume at Comic Con for one of that AOTS shows there.

It’s amazingly skin tight, with a red and black pattern, white cuffs and the black mask that does nothing to hide Munn’s gorgeous face. Most know Harley by her far more wild and revealing outfits, but Munn shows the original form-fitting costume can still be a crowd pleaser.

8 Frosting


Emma Frost aka the White Queen, started off as a pure villainess, an evil telepath fighting the X-Men. As time went on, she gained the ability to turn her skin diamond hard and later joined the team. However, she still has her issues with her ego and wanting to control others. But she’s also possessing one of the hottest costumes in all of comics.

That ultra-tight corset with knee high boots, a lush cape and collar, all in pure white, it never ceases to amaze when put on the right body. And Munn certainly has the right body. Thus at Comic Con, she dons the costume and does a great job with it. Yes, her hair is jet black whereas Emma’s is so blonde, it’s practically white. But that shouldn’t take away from how great she looks even at a distance. Munn really was working through iconic cosplays at this show and this was a regal look for her.

7 Sailor Scout


Since its debut in Japan, Sailor Moon has been one of the most popular animes ever made. The tale of a pack of young teens who are given powers to defend the world, the cartoon is famous for the outfits. Basically, the Scouts are in schoolgirl uniforms with a few touches for their battles against demons. There have been concerns raised given that the girls are meant to be under 18 and thus it can come off a bit creepy. But they’re also mainstays on the cosplay circuit and thus it makes sense Munn would wear it for an ATOS episode.

In her case, she actually downplays the sexiness, the simple white shirt with huge red bow at the chest, blue skirt and long white gloves. She does lose points for not wearing one of the tiaras but the pigtails look good on her. It shows how well Munn can rock a uniform of any sort and that includes a famous animated one.

6 Psylocke

via freshwallpapers.net

Even by the standards of the X-Men, Elizabeth Braddock’s origins are wild. She was a purple-haired British telepath but then her mind was put into the body of a knockout Asian ninja. She’s known for her hot style in the comics and thus casting Munn in the part in X-Men Apocalypse seemed a good fit. The role itself was chastised by fans for being underwritten and Munn not given enough to do. But there is no denying that she looked fantastic thanks to how the costume is a perfect replica for the one in the comics.

The purple bodysuit with straps is excellent, fitting every curve of her great body and flaunting it well. The long gloves and knee-high boots are good and form-fitting and the multiple straps actually are better than the comic, which is practically a swimsuit at times. The purple highlights in her hair top it all off. The character is set to return in this fall’s Dark Phoenix and hopefully Munn will have more to do.

5 Fit To Be Tied

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The original outfit would have been great. Showing up for a post-awards party, Munn is clad in a gorgeous white dress that clings to her curves but not too showy. The open shoulders and loose back would have gotten her attention anyway and made her stand out. But the choice of an accessory is what really catches the eye.

The leather wrap is an intriguing pattern which highlights her chest but somehow also looks amazingly stylish with the way it’s wrapped around her arms and shoulders. The jewels amid the strappings also draw you in and add a great motif to it. Munn has a huge smile, knowing the effect this has and her shorter haircut of the time means there’s nothing blocking the outfit itself. It could have come off exploitative, but Munn makes it all work into a truly stylish outfit, proving she doesn’t need to always wear wild costumes in order to be a starlet.

4 She's A Wonder

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Munn dressed as Wonder Woman seems a natural pick. Ironically, she titled her book, an autobiography combined with essays, Suck It Wonder Woman: The Misadventures of a Hollywood Geek. In it, she even noted how easy it was to tie Wonder Woman into “feminism” that really wasn’t.

Yet Munn in the outfit is a great sight, her long black hair already good for the character. The shoulders are free and the iconic red and gold top not too showy. The blue and white shorts showcase her legs, and the lasso and tiara are important touches to the outfit. Munn actually joked wearing this for AOTS that it wasn’t the best Wonder Woman outfit out there: “I’ve seen better in garages.” But it can’t be denied she looked absolutely amazing in it. In her own right, she's definitely a wonder.

3 Busting Out

Via thefappening

Usually, Munn wears her hair long and lush, letting it flow past her shoulders to look better. In this case, showing up for the red carpet at the American Music Awards, she wears it in a semi-ponytail with bangs, an intriguing look for her. But it’s overwhelmed by her dress, a spectacular sexy outfit. The top is open enough to hint at her chest but not overt (she famously went topless for a scene in Magic Mike) and the short skirt flaunts those amazing legs of hers.

The black tie across her waist seems to be working to hold the dress in, an intriguing touch for the outfit but it works out. Munn actually doesn’t try to flaunt a lot of skin on red carpets, thinking it’s better to let the outfit and her body do the talking. But this pick showcases just how much we love this geek girl's fashion choices.

2 Season's Greetings

Via SOHC/4 Owners Club Forums

Munn sure knows how to celebrate the holidays in a fun way. This outfit has her giving a nice spin on the classic reindeer outfit and looking gorgeous. The red and white top is nice, not too revealing, helped by her long black hair flowing down to partly cover her chest. We see her great toned mid-riff on display and leading into red shorts with white lace that fits.

The long red and fur-lined coat is great with the huge cuffs and trimming that flows all the way down to the tall red boots. There’s a sheen of glitter to give it a snowflake-like touch to fit the mood (even if she’s wearing it in Los Angeles). Topping it off is the pair of reindeer antlers atop her head, a bizarre contrast to the rest of the outfit. It’s a great outfit that showcases how sexy Munn can be and this would be a great stocking stuffer.

1 The Leia Bikini

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It’s one of the most iconic outfits in all of movies. Carrie Fisher clearly had no idea what fuss she’d create when she was clad in this metallic bikini for Return of the Jedi, and actually complained about what a bad fit it was. But she looked sensational and since then, it’s been a cosplay standard. Movies and TV shows have had numerous stars donning it and thus it made sense for Munn to wear it when Attack of the Show hit Comic Con.

She clearly wasn’t prepared for the reaction as her stunning body clad in this amazing outfit. She was mobbed everywhere to the point she needed a security escort to get around. It’s not hard to see why, her body on display with those lush legs and the chains adding a nice motif to it all. Munn is hardly the first to be clad in this costume but few have made it look as stunning, and seeing her in this famed outfit was a geek’s dream come true.

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