20 Famous Women Whose Looks You Need To Pay More Attention To

The film, television, and music scenes are full of women that are wonderful at what they do and deserve all the respect in the world when it comes to the craft they’ve chosen to dedicate themselves to. Thankfully, in a lot of those cases, they are given the acclaim they deserve in that arena whether that means awards, ticket sales, or the adoration of a loyal fanbase. However, even when that is the case, there are times when some of their other attributes are not given their just due including their looks, which can be downplayed at times. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty famous women whose looks you need to pay more attention to.

In order for someone to be up for potential inclusion on this list, she first and foremost needs to be a woman who has attained a certain level of fame with a group of some size. She doesn’t need to be a household name as long as there is a group out there that are very much aware of this person. Additionally, it makes no difference what she’s done to gain that following which means you could find actors, athletes, musicians, or even someone like a YouTube star here. Aside from all of that, we looked for ladies who we feel don’t get enough credit for how beautiful they are. By no means does that mean that their other talents and who they are as a person don’t deserve a lot of love as well.


20 Lia Marie Johnson

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Someone who took a road to fame that was completely unheard of not too long ago, Lia Marie Johnson first found herself amassing a following because of her contributions to a YouTube channel. Involved with the Fine Brothers channel since 2010, she went from Kids React to Teens React and currently appears as a part of YouTuber’s React now that she is an adult. Also making major inroads into other entertainment mediums in recent years, she played the titular character in the Nickelodeon series Terry the Tomboy and plays the main character in the show T@gged. A beautiful blonde with a whole lot of curves, those that have followed her career know how attractive she is, but too many people are unaware of her at all which is why her looks need more attention.

19 Rashida Jones

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Made famous when she was added to the cast of The Office, Rashida Jones walked into the series with a hard task in front of her. Written to be in the middle of a couple the audience had wanted to see come together since the beginning of the show, she still needed to be loved by the viewers, and she was charming enough to pull that off. Also one of the stars of Parks and Recreation, the film world has been friendly too since she has starred in movies like Inside Out and has been tapped to co-write the upcoming sequel, Toy Story 4. Spending several years on television playing characters that were often dressed down and weren’t overly made up, that may have caused some to forget how beautiful this woman is and that is a shame.

18 JoJo Levesque

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A singer that beat the odds very early in her life, JoJo Levesque, who went only by her first name at the time, became a star when she was thirteen years old. Able to reach the top spot on the Billboard Pop Songs chart with her track “Leave (Get Out),” prior to that, she had made an impact when she competed on the show America’s Most Talented Kids. Otherwise known for songs like “Disaster,” “Too Little Too Late,” “When Love Hurts,” and “Why Didn’t You Call,” she has been able to craft some catchy and interesting tunes. No longer someone who gets anywhere near the attention she once did, that is probably why so few people realize that she has grown into a lovely woman with a body that won’t quit.

17 Jennifer Morrison

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An actor that has accomplished a lot in her career already, Jennifer Morrison’s time in the spotlight thankfully doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. First coming to the attention of millions of people when she landed one of the lead roles in the medical drama series House, her character, Dr. Allison Cameron, lent the show much of the heart it did have. Since given a recurring role in the show How I Met Your Mother and made the star of Once Upon a Time, she has also shown up in movies like Star Trek, Warrior, and Amityville: The Awakening. Often cast as characters that are defined by their strong morals and caring energy, we think that has caused some to look past just how incredible her body is and that she has a delightful face.

16 Julie Berry

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Made famous when she competed in the ninth season of Survivor, Julie Berry made it pretty far but her ranking that season wasn’t what drew a lot of attention. Seen in tight-fitting and revealing clothing throughout her time on the show, she drew the eye of many fans, as well as the host and producer of the show, Jeff Probst. Going on to date him for a number of years, many observers from afar were quite jealous of him. Also an accomplished woman, she is a marriage and family therapist but, in the past, was a producer for shows like The Bachelor and Dancing with the Stars on top of being a youth mentor at one time. Someone who seems like she easily could have gone into the modeling business if she had chosen to, finding a flaw in her seems like an impossible task.

15 Park Subin

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If this list was being published in an area that was more in tune with the K-pop music scene, there is no doubt that Park Subin would not be a good fit for inclusion on it. A member of the girl group Dal Shabet which is massively popular in those circles, they have been active in the music business since 2011 and won a Golden Disc Award the following year. Best known for songs like “B.B.B (Big Baby Baby),” “Someone Like You,” and “Be Ambitious” among many others, Park and her cohorts are also well-known for their music videos that drive fans wild. Someone of immense beauty when it comes to both her face and body, we love seeing the way her body rises and falls and think that many more people need to be aware of them.

14 Anna Kendrick

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One of the most charming actors in the world if you ask us, Anna Kendrick is hilarious on social media, and it seems like she is a really cool person to be with. Lovable in movies like the Pitch Perfect series, Into the Woods, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Table 19, when she appears in a film, we always anticipate that we are going to root for her. Also very talented at the actual craft of acting, she already has been nominated for a long list of awards, including being in the running at the Oscars and Golden Globes. Someone much of the world absolutely respects and sees as an all-around awesome person, it seems like we are sometimes too busy liking who she is to take note of how attractive we find her.


13 Brandy Norwood

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These days, there is an obsession with attaining fame which is what drives some people to try many avenues to do whatever they can to make a name for themselves, to no avail. Then you have someone like Brandy Norwood who was able to be a star in both the acting and music worlds, which points to just how accomplished she truly is. The star of shows like Moesha and The Game as well as the movie I Still Know What You Did Last Summer, she released songs like “The Boy is Mine” which was a co-production with Monica, and “I Wanna Be Down.” Able to look amazing in virtually anything, her career is no longer on fire like it once was, but we find it incredible that so many people seem to have forgotten how gorgeous she was.

12 Minka Kelly

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One of many actors that were able to turn a lot of heads when they made up the main cast of the acclaimed series Friday Night Lights, Minka Kelly has been able to remain a working actor ever since. Going on to find further success on television, she was a part of other shows including Parenthood, Almost Human, and a 2011 reboot of the classic TV series Charlie’s Angels. Also a part of the movie scene, some may have seen her in 500 Days of Summer, The Roommate, The Butler, or several lesser-known films. Yet to help anchor a blockbuster or play the main part in any hit series except her first one, that has caused Minka to have a relatively low profile, which is why this dazzling beauty belongs here.

11 Tiya Sircar

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An actor who has yet to truly make a name for herself in any meaningful way, Tiya Sircar is far from a household name, but we hope that she is able to make more of an impact in the coming years. A very talented woman who has been entertaining in a long list of films and television series over her career, she is just one hit role away from the credit she deserves. Currently a part of three shows, she has a recurring role in The Good Place and provides her voice to both Star Wars Rebels and Spirit Riding Free where she is at the heart of major characters in the series. A gorgeous woman with skin that looks like it would be incredibly soft to the touch, when she dresses up, the world needs to take notice as it provides an amazing view.

10 Sarah Shahi

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A former NFL cheerleader who also entered beauty pageants in her youth, early on in her life, Sarah Shahi was known in some circles for her looks above all else, but that has changed since. Now an accomplished actor who has been seen in a long list of films like Rush Hour 3 and Bullet to the Head, despite that, she has found the most success as a part of the TV world. Better known for recurring parts in shows like Alias, Reba, The L Word, Life, Fairly Legal, and Person of Interest, fans of those shows likely know how stunning she is. Unfortunately, we feel Sarah had to be featured on this list as outside the audiences for those series, she has largely flown under the radar which blows us away.

9 Diane Guerrero

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Able to make a career out of playing supporting roles that in another performer’s hands would barely make an impact, Diane Guerrero is likely to stand out no matter how small the part she takes on is. These days best known as a part of the ensemble series Orange is the New Black, she has made her character, Lina, into one of the most sympathetic people on the show in the past. Also seen in other series like Jane the Virgin and Superior Donuts, we highly anticipate the day when she gets upgraded to the lead role in a notable movie or television project. Notable for having a chest that just screams for you to pay attention to it, we also love her pitch-perfect facial features and the view whenever she comes on our screens.

8 AnnaSophia Robb

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We’ve all seen it happen in the past, an actor has been working away for years on end and then they get the one part that makes all the difference in the world by making them a star. Someone who seemed as though she had landed just such a gig, AnnaSophia Robb was cast in the lead role in the series The Carrie Diaries which was a spin-off from the hugely popular show Sex and the City. One of the most coveted parts in the world at the time, she must have been very disappointed that the highly-anticipated project was not the success that it was predicted to be. Still appearing in many other projects, she needs a part that introduces her to the world at large which would make the masses aware of her looks and especially her mind-boggling derriere.

7 Ashley Greene

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Able to land a role in one of the biggest film franchises of the last couple of decades, Ashley Greene appeared as Alice Cullen in the Twilight movies from 2008 until 2012. A huge boon to the career of any young actor on the rise, it was an even bigger deal since her character in the series was arguably the most important of any aside from the three central figures. However, taking on the role was not without its downsides as those films have been derided by much of the film-going world in part because the vampire movie genre has largely disappeared since. We still hope that she finds another major role very soon as she has shown that she has the ability to be lovable and charismatic on screen and on top of being a splendid-looking woman.

6 Gemma Arterton

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Seeming to come out of nowhere for many when she landed a part in the movie Quantum of Solace, that role added Gemma Arterton to the long history of so-called “Bond Girls.” Subsequently seeming as though the powers that be in Hollywood expected her to be the next big thing, she showed up in the films Clash of the Titans and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. Unfortunately, her non-Bond major movies weren’t big hits but that has allowed her to focus more on smaller story-focused flicks like Tamara Drewe or Runner Runner which isn’t a bad thing. However, her decreased notoriety has caused some to miss out on appreciating just how stunning she truly is. But hopefully, this list changes that for some of those poor folks.

5 Eva Marie

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Hired by the WWE prior to the first season of their “reality” show Total Divas, Eva Marie and one of her peers were brought in to show viewers what it was like to break into the industry for the first time. The focus of a lot of anger from many fans because of how horrible she was when it came to actually taking part in matches, fans seemed to relish booing her with all the energy they could muster. Recently released from her contract with them, she is now attempting to branch out into music and acting since she released her debut album earlier this year and is taking on film roles of late. A ravishing redhead with one of the tightest bodies we’ve seen, everyone should take note of how foxy she is, especially since she constantly posts hot photos of herself on social media.

4 Constance Marie

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Far and away the eldest person on this list, according to the website Wikipedia, Constance Marie is fifty-two years old at the time of this writing. But looking at her, we’d have never guessed that number. First getting a movie role in 1988’s Glass Spider where she was a “featured dancer,” she has also proven that she knows how to move her body which is something we always find very seductive. Best known for her part in shows like George Lopez and Switched at Birth, she also was an integral part of movies like Selena, See Spot Run, and Puss in Boots among others. Every bit as vibrant-looking as anyone else on this list in our view, she seems experienced enough to know exactly what she wants out of life and in the bedroom, which gets us going.

3 Kat Graham

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An actor who was tapped to play one of the main roles in TV’s The Vampire Diaries since 2009, in most worlds, Kat Graham should have been seen as the most attractive person in that series. Instead, Nina Dobrev, who is an alluring woman to be sure, has taken up the lion’s share of the attention, and while we loved finding out about her, that left no room for this beautiful woman to push through. Also seen in films like 17 Again, The Roommate, and All Eyez on Me, in the last of those movies, she played Jada Pinkett which shows she was hot enough to play another exquisite beauty. A slender woman whose booty we can’t get enough of and has lovely legs as well, we could keep listing her many great body parts. But looking at this picture, we think you get the point.

2 Kristen Bell

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Rising to prominence when she landed the titular role in the teen noir series Veronica Mars, that show Kristen Bell anchored was beloved enough to get a film continuation that was mostly funded by fans. Since then becoming a mainstay of the film industry, she has been a part of many well-received movies like Fanboys, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and Safety Not Guaranteed among many others. That is to say nothing of the animated franchise that has become her biggest claim to fame in recent years, Frozen, in which she voices the character Anna. A blonde beauty who seems like she doesn’t carry an extra pound on her body, she has one of the most gorgeous faces in Hollywood and her legs are superb.

1 Rachel MacAdams

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An actor that has contributed to several films that seem likely to do down in film history and stand the test of time, Rachel McAdams should be one of the best-remembered film stars from her generation. A fantastic part of movies like Mean Girls, The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, and Spotlight, she is also a part of two franchises, Sherlock Holmes and the Marvel Cinematic Universe. On top of all of those flicks, she also plays the female lead in About Time that needs to be seen by anyone that loves time travel or romantic dramas and is one of the most underseen movies in recent years. A magnificent-looking person in every way, if there is one attribute of hers that we are astonished isn’t drooled over a whole lot more, it is her rear end which is a sight that always puts a smile on our faces.


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