20 Famous People That Look Like They Would Smell Horrible

The ultimate inspiration to make sure you look your best at any given moment, being famous means that you can be making your way down the street and suddenly have your photo taken. With the possibility of that image being spread everywhere online, you could have people look at you in a whole new light because you didn’t bother to take a shower that day. As such, there aren’t many stars that, in the past, haven’t cared about their looks when they’ve gone out in the open, and there are even fewer celebrities that seem to ignore their hygiene while in public habitually. Realizing this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty famous people that look like they would smell horrible in person.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion on this list, they first and foremost need to be well-known entities to at least a sizable group of people. For the purposes of this list, it doesn’t matter what they did to earn their name so you could find people that owe their notoriety through things like music, acting, sports, or anything else that has a following. Next, there needs to be something about them that could make fans and regular people think that they are likely to smell bad if you are in their presence. Finally, we want to make it clear that we looked at images of them on their own time as anyone can get cleaned up while working on a form of entertainment.

20 Madonna

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One of the biggest pop music stars of all time, Madonna spent many years at the top of the business in large part due to her ability to reinvent herself in often fascinating ways. Best known for songs like “Vogue,” “Crazy For You,” “Take A Bow,” “Papa Don’t Preach,” and “Music” among many others, her voice has been a mainstay of pop culture since the eighties. Also someone who has become a brand in a lot of ways herself, she has also managed to become an actor in movies, including the likes of Desperately Seeking Susan, Dick Tracy, and Evita. In recent years taking a backseat for the first time since her rise to prominence, her latest makeover hasn’t made her seem edgy, but instead, she looks like you wouldn’t want to get a whiff of her.

19 Macaulay Culkin

The star of a film that generations of people watch as part of their yearly holiday ritual, looking at how Macaulay Culkin appeared in Home Alone, it is astonishing to see the way he looks a lot of the time now. At one time the most sought-after child star in the world, aside from his role as Kevin McCallister, he also appeared in several other beloved films like Uncle Buck, My Girl, and Richie Rich among others. These days mostly eschewing the attention that dominated his early years, he no longer acts very often at all and seems to be perfectly happy to be absent from the pop culture world. Despite that, he does pop up from time to time, and when he does it, seems as though he may be intentionally looking like he hasn’t showered in days to limit the number of people that notice him. Either way, the dude often looks pungent in a bad way.

18 Paris Hilton

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Someone who doesn’t have a specific skill that has made her famous, instead, Paris Hilton is a known entity for being the heiress to a fortune and having a private video of her leaked to the public. Able to hold on to that notoriety by starring in a “reality” TV show, releasing music, and acting in major movies, she also even managed to get a book deal. Clearly someone who goes along with any gig that she can get her hands on, you’d think then that she would make sure that she looks as glamorous as possible whenever she goes out and may have her image taken. Despite that, she often is photographed while partying and looking drenched in sweat, and even when she is done up, she often has a vibe to her that she just smoked half a pack and downed a couple of drinks.

17 Adrian Grenier

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A star of the once hugely popular show, Entourage, when the series began, it was smart and was in on the joke of the bro behavior of its main characters. But, that changed over its run. Ending up as a much-mocked show that still had a lot of fans, it made its stars seem like they were as outrageous as the characters they played. When it comes to Adrian Grenier, just like his TV character, Vincent Chase, he has been the focus of rumors. In fact (and we want to be delicate here), there are reports out there that his nether regions are quite foul-smelling which is a story that is hard to forget. This may be a bit of confirmation bias here but we have to say, the guy looks like all of him would fit that description.

16 Pamela Anderson

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Without a doubt one of the most lusted after women in the world when her career was in her prime, Pamela Anderson was the top celebrity hottie in the books of a lot of everyday Joes. Made famous when she starred in the show Baywatch and became a recurring cover model for Playboy, her figure was front and center a lot of the time, and few people would complain about that. A big-enough deal that she was able to make the leap to the film world, she landed the starring role in the movie Barb Wire which wasn’t a hit but still got her name out there more. No longer among the most talked about ladies around, she has taken a step back in terms of fame and also looks as though her hygiene regiment is too relaxed.

15 Kid Rock

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A rock star with a very distinctive image, Kid Rock became a big deal in the late nineties and since then has managed to hold on to a fan base that enjoys his music and public personality. Best known for songs like “Bawitdaba,” “Picture,” “Born Free,” “Only God Knows Why,” and “All Summer Long,” he has amassed an impressive resume of hit songs. Also well-spoken for his views, earlier this year, he was discussed for the first time in the political world when it looked like he may run for Senate, something he eventually confirmed he would not do. That is probably a good thing for the politicians that are already there as the guy always looks like he has just had a number of drinks and has been smoking enough that he would positively reek.

14 Snooki

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A very strong argument for the idea that the bar has never been lower for what qualifies for making someone famous, Nicole Lavelle née Polizzi is famous under the nickname  Snooki. Brought to prominence when she starred in the show Jersey Shore, in fact, it was a clip of her early on in the series that drew a lot of attention. Punched in the face by a man while in a bar in many of the commercials that advertised the show, it was a shocking TV moment that many people wanted to see play out. Once they tuned in, they found themselves charmed by her unique personality and drunken antics which made her the breakaway star of a group that all gained notoriety for a time. Since then drastically changing her look and life as she would marry and become a mom, the one thing that remains constant is that she still seems like she would be quite funky-smelling.

13 Colin Farrell

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An actor that just oozes charisma and is a very good looking dude, there is no doubt that Colin Farrell has a hard-to-ignore charm, especially since he seems like such a fun guy and has a cool accent. Best known for films like Minority Report, In Bruges, Crazy Heart, Saving Mr. Banks, as well as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, it is safe to say that he has been in several stellar films. On top of that, he is also a former model whose personal life has received headlines due to his previous hard-living ways and the fact that a private recording of him with a woman was leaked. However, he gave up that lifestyle several years ago at this point but still looks as though he’d smell the same way he did at the height of his partying ways, and that isn’t a good thing.

12 Helena Bonham Carter

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A person that often looks as though she jumped out of an Addam’s Family episode and joined reality, Helena Bonham Carter is a beautiful woman to be sure, but she certainly has a distinct look. An actor that was involved in a long-term relationship with director Tim Burton, she appeared in a slew of his films, including Big Fish, Alice in Wonderland, and Corpse Bride among others. Also a massive part of other films like the Harry Potter series, Fight Club, Les Misérables, and The King's Speech, a lot of the time, she is cast in roles where she plays dastardly characters dressed in black. Looking like the type of person that we wouldn’t be shocked if they had a cobweb in their hair, unless she is working on a film or photo shoot, it feels like she may be accompanied by an aroma of dust.

11 Vincent Gallo

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Probably the least known person on this list, in order to be aware of who Vincent Gallo is, you’d likely have to be a devoted cinephile or follow the art world but he still has a pretty notable fanbase. Credited as an “actor, director, model, musician, and painter,” it is his involvement in the movie industry that has garnered him the most attention in large part because of the crazy things he has shown on screen. The man behind the respected film Buffalo '66, which he controlled almost every facet of, he wrote its script, directed it, put together its score, and played the main character in it as well. A guy whose life seems to be defined by his art, looking at him, it always looks as though he doesn’t have time to bathe in any way or has no interest in doing so, considering how greasy he looks.

10 The Olsen Twins

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We’re just going to address the elephant in the room. A pair of twin sisters that grew up by and large in front of the world, based on the image The Olsen Twins created for themselves as youngsters and teenagers, they did not turn out as we expected at all. At one time dressing in clothes that you could see at a high-end boutique and made up to look like rays of sunshine, these sisters that have built a business empire seemed destined to remain in the spotlight. Instead, they now mostly eschew attention when they can, and when they do get their photo taken, they remind us of what it would look like if homeless people had the budget for fancy materials. That is not exactly the type of description people that smell good would likely be on the receiving end of.

9 Shia LaBeouf

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It may be hard to remember now, but at one time not too long ago, it seemed as though Shia LaBeouf was poised to be the most successful actor of his generation. Tapped to work with some of the most powerful directors in the business, he appeared in blockbuster productions helmed by the likes of Michael Bay, Oliver Stone, and Steven Spielberg. The star of the first three Transformers movies, he also appeared in an Indiana Jones film as the main character’s son and was a part of other movies like Constantine, Disturbia, Eagle Eye, and Fury. Now garnering more attention for his odd behavior than his acting skills, we’re guessing that in-between watching all of his films in a row and wearing a bag on his head, he hasn’t been showering a lot.

8 Juliette Lewis

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A person whose career we see in two lights at the same time, looking at the past of Juliette Lewis fills us with pride for her and an equal amount of irritation with her treatment. A woman that absolutely exudes passion in everything she does, she has given some stunning acting performances and has led a rock band called Juliette and the Licks on top of starting a solo singing career. However, despite how stellar she was in movies like Cape Fear, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Kalifornia, Natural Born Killers, and From Dusk till Dawn, she hasn’t received enough roles worthy of her skills. One thing that we are clearer on when it comes to her, however, is our feeling that she likely is rather stinky considering how little interest she seems to have in following the norms and her whole vibe.

7 Johnny Depp

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One of the biggest movie stars in the world not too long ago, Johnny Depp’s image has been tarnished pretty severely in recent years, and it is yet to be seen if his career survives his current situation. That said, he has a well-documented history of being considered one of the hottest figures in Hollywood and a person that many fans swooned about every time he popped up in a film or interview. Then, it seemed as though he decided that he wanted to look like he’d worn his clothes hundreds of times without washing them. In fact, at times, it seems as though he has created his own force field of sorts because he looks so foul that it could inspire his fans to stay away from him, lest his stink transfers to them.

6 Kesha

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A singer with a fascinating career from the outside looking in, Kesha first came to our attention when her song “Tik Tok” was released. And at the time, we were sure she’d be a one-hit wonder. However, she would go on to beat those odds and put out several other popular tracks, but since then, she all but disappeared because her contract held her career hostage for horrific reasons. Unwilling to work with Dr. Luke who she revealed abused her, it is mind-boggling and disgusting to think the negative effect sticking up for herself has had on her career. Another star with a well-defined image, we quickly thought of her for this list but we will say that there is every reason to think she looks smelly because it fits the party-goer look she chose to exude.

5 Charlie Sheen

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A man whose time in the public has gone through several phases, Charlie Sheen has been everything from an acting superstar, a skeevy weirdo, a joke, and mostly ignored. Best known for movies like the Major League and Hot Shots series, he also appeared in standalone films like Platoon, Wall Street, Young Guns, and Eight Men Out. On top of all that, he also made a killing as a TV star as he played the main character in the much reviled and yet somehow also hugely popular series Two and a Half Men. However, his time on that series came to an end when he spun out in a massive way, including insulting the show’s creator and his boss. Looking crazed at the time, he has since calmed down a great deal but it looks as though his intense smoking and lack of showering has yet to change in any major way.

4 Lindsay Lohan

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Another actor that had the world on a string not too long ago, Lindsay Lohan was one of the most successful young stars in the entertainment industry at her peak. A music star that put out a number of hit songs, she also was sought after enough to pop on television as a part of That '70s Show and King of the Hill. Of course, her greatest claim to fame at the time was as a movie star that led films like Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Mean Girls, and Herbie: Fully Loaded among several others. Then, the controversy train came calling, and she has yet to be able to get off in the years since then which has caused people to focus on her partying and irresponsible ways. A lifestyle that hasn’t done her body good, a lot of the times, she looks as though she has just finished out a bender, and we’ve yet to meet anyone in that situation that has smelled anything less than repulsive.

3 Courtney Love

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At one time poised to be one of the biggest names in entertainment, there was a very narrow window of time in which Courtney Love was near the top of the music and acting worlds. The lead singer of the band Hole that has released many notable songs, when they put out their album Celebrity Skin, it sold more copies than any of their other works. Around the same time, she also did a good job acting in movies like The People vs. Larry Flynt, 200 Cigarettes, and Man on the Moon while also looking very elegant at red carpet events. Sadly, things have not gone so well for her in the years since then, and her well-documented substance abuse issues have made her often look like she’d just rolled out from behind a dumpster.

2 Mickey Rourke

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If you are young enough that you are only aware of who Mickey Rourke based on his more recent work in movies like The Wrestler or Iron Man 2, then you might be in for a shock. At one time one of the best-looking fellows in Hollywood, when he first showed up in films like Diner, 9½ Weeks, or Angel Heart, he could easily be described as a hunk. Then, he decided to try out his luck in the boxing world, had some damage done to his face, and the subsequent surgeries he underwent made his visage unrecognizable. On top of that, he also embraced a style that could best be described as interesting, and while it looks as though he puts a lot of thought into his clothes, his hair looks disheveled most of the time. Overall looking pretty fit but also sweaty and odd, if we were pushed to describe how we think he might smell, the word that comes to mind is rancid.

1 Keith Richards

Without a doubt a legend of the music business, Keith Richards has been seen on stages in front of thousands of people literally for decades at this point. The guitarist for the massively popular rock band The Rolling Stones, of which he is a founding member, he and his cohort, Mick Jagger, are the two people most associated with that lasting act. A band that is best known for songs like “Start Me Up,” “Ruby Tuesday,” and “Honky Tonk Women” to name only a sampling, if we tried to list all of their hits, this entry would feel endless. Someone who has led a hard life, between his often omnipresent smoking habit, well-known history of substance abuse, and overall image, we can’t think of a celebrity that looks stinkier than him.

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