20 Facts About Will Smith's Luxurious $2.5 Million Trailer

Will Smith has an amazing career that is still going strong. He is now one of the highest-paid actors in the world. He appeared in over 40 films, of which, in over 22 of them he played the lead. He also produced more than 20 films. He is multi-talented. Before he got into television, starring in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, he was a rap and a hip-hop singer/performer.

As an actor, he is best known for his performances as the lead in the films of the Bad Boys franchise, Independence Day, Men in Black franchise, I Robot, Enemy of the State, Wild Wild West, The Legend of Bagger Vance, Ali, Hitch, The Pursuit of Happyness, I am Legend, Hancock, Seven Pounds, After Earth, Anchorman, Winter’s Tale, Focus, Concussion, Suicide Squad, Collateral Beauty, and Bright.

Some of the pinnacles of his career include the first Bad Boys film released in 1995 that grossed $141 million at the box office and Independence Day released in 1996 that made $817 million globally. The first Men in Black garnered $589 million in global box office revenues. He received Oscar nominations for his performances in Ali and also for his acting skills in The Pursuit of Happyness.

More than a decade later, proof that he was still viable at the box office came from when he appeared in Hancock that earned $624 million globally in 2008. In 2016, he played a starring role in the film Suicide Squad that earned $746 million worldwide. Smith has over twenty years of major box office success now, which has no end in sight.

For that success, he gets a trailer. His trailer is not a simple, A-star-level type of abode but one that is more like a mobile palace fit for a king.

20 Why Will Smith Has A $2.5 Million Trailer

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The Numbers notes that his average box office for the total of 22 films they counted was $113 million per film for the U.S domestic box office and about $270 million for each film worldwide. His success is very stable and very predictable. He obviously has an enormous worldwide following. His pay per film is an average of $20 million. Each year, he makes between $20 and $30 million.

When he has to go on location for movie shoots, he stays comfortably and in complete luxury, in his amazing trailer that cost $2.5 million. It is outfitted with the latest technology and all the amenities anyone could want.

When considered in the light of his success and the cash flow he has to work with, it seems very reasonable that he would have paid $2.5 million for a tricked-out, state-of-the-art trailer for his personal use while he is filming. There is certainly no need to skimp on luxury with his kind of success.

19 Push Button Expansion

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The luxury features of Will Smith’s trailer are outstanding. They include the ability to automatically expand.  After being secured down at its destination, with the touch of a button, the sides move out to make more space. Moreover, the upper floor rises up to create a second story media room that is a perfect place to have a party or have VIP guests for a movie screening. Once everything is extended there are 1,200 square feet of comfortable space.

It is named The Heat. When it travels, it rolls on down the highway, towed by a semi-truck cab that can pull the weight of over 20 tons while riding on 22 wheels.

18 Superstar Trailers For Other Celebs

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Besides the Smiths, many superstars, such as Jim Carrey, Ice Cube, Vin Diesel, Harrison Ford, Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt, Mickey Rourke, Adam Sandler, Shakira, Charlie Sheen, Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, Denzel Washington have luxury trailers made by Anderson Estates.

Both Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith have luxury trailers because they understand the importance of having a five-star home away from home. There are not necessarily five-star accommodations everywhere they go. A luxury trailer provides privacy and security protection that is not available in a hotel.

17 Lounge/Makeup Area

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The main lounge area is where Will Smith hangs out with his family and friends. It features custom cherry wood cabinetry and wood flooring, soft leather seating areas, and over $100,000 worth of granite countertops. There is a lighted makeup mirror for Smith to use, which has a television screen behind it for Will to enjoy watching while his makeup is being put on.

Everything is controllable by using a touchpad to set such things as the lighting levels, temperature, and background music. On a diagonal angle, across from the seating area, is a large flat screen next to the makeup mirror that can be used as a computer monitor or for viewing media, such as the dailies from the previous day’s filming efforts.

16 Big Enough For The Family

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Will Smith’s trailer is large enough to accommodate his whole family for dinner, which includes his wife Jada Pinkett Smith and his three children Jaden Smith, Trey Smith, and Willow Smith. All the lounge seating areas pull out to make beds.

Will Smith used the trailer while on location for the filming of Men in Black III that was released in 2012. Most recently, Smith used the trailer while filming the Netflix production of Bright that was released in 2017. Bright II is already in the works. The second story is even useful for business meetings. It is also terrific for throwing impromptu get-togethers.

15 The Kitchen Is Fully Furnished

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There is a full kitchen area with a large stainless steel refrigerator/freezer and a stainless steel microwave that is mounted in the wooden cabinetry. There is a nice view of the flat screen monitor that is angled well so that while standing in the kitchen area it is possible to watch it with an unobstructed view.

The smooth granite countertops offer plenty of space for food preparation. Everything is well-organized to make it easy to use. All the cabinets lock when the trailer is in transport to make sure none of the contents spill out while the trailer is moving on the road.

14 Retractable Makeup Mirror

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Another unique feature of the trailer’s makeup area is that the makeup mirror with the television behind it is retractable. With the push of a button on the remote touchpad screen, the mirror goes down into the cabinet to be cleverly put away.

Throughout the trailer, the design is intended to allow each space to have more than one function. When the makeup area is not needed, the mirror can be put away so that the window shade behind it can be opened providing a nice view of the outside. This makes the makeup area convert nicely into a comfortable lounge area.

13 The Wardrobe Area

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Moving toward the rear of the first floor from the lounge area, the next space is the wardrobe area. This is where Will Smith gets into costume for his filming or dresses to go out. There is plenty of closet space as well as shelves and drawers that hold all the necessary accessories.

Granite countertops provide places to put things out on display. Costume designers and wardrobe people from a film can organize this area so that makes it easy for Will to know what costume he should be putting on for that day’s shoot.

12 The Master Bedroom/Private Area

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To pass from the wardrobe area towards the rear of the trailer, one goes through Star Trek-like doors that open with a swishing sound to recede automatically into the walls. These doors can be controlled with a passcode that must be entered in order to gain access. The doors can also be left in the open position as well. When the master bed is folded away, with these doors open, this provides more lounge space.

A roomy feeling is achieved by using the spaces for more than one aspect. By folding up the master bed and then opening the doors to the private area, this makes the trailer space seem larger and less confined.

11 Will Smith’s Career Is In Focus

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Smith made the movie Focus, which was released in 2015. It is a romantic comedy that co-starred Margot Robbie. The production budget for this film was $50 million and it grossed $159 million at the box office. Smith plays a con man who takes on the character played by Robbie who is a novice that wants to learn the con game. The critics found the film lacking; however, the audience liked it.

Smith used his trailer while part of the film was being shot on location in New Orleans. He stayed in a hotel during the three weeks of shooting that was done in Buenos Aires, Argentina, probably missing his luxury trailer the whole time.

10 The Bathroom

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Part of the private area includes a full bathroom that extends across the width of the trailer towards the back. Again granite countertops are used throughout, with custom wooden cabinetry as well as marble and granite for the shower walls and floor.

All of the fixtures are solid brass. The toilet seat is heated and has a temperature adjustment for perfect sitting comfort. There is an automatic flushing feature. A dehumidifier makes sure all moisture is removed from the room during non-use of the bathroom area to keep mold and mildew from forming.

9 The High-Tech Steam Sauna Room

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Part of the $25,000 that was spent on the bathroom area includes a separate steam sauna room. With the touch of a button, the glass door to the sauna changes from clear glass to opaque. In this way, it is easy to see if the room is already occupied.

Inside the steam sauna, tired muscles are rejuvenated by the relaxing heat of the steam. This is especially enjoyable in areas where the outside temperature is very cold. Coming back inside the trailer after being outside filming in the cold is the perfect way to warm up and relax at the end of a shooting day.

8 Why Will Smith Is Always Looking Dapper

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We can see why Will Smith is always smiling. With these accommodations provided by his multimillion-dollar trailer that is parked on set, it is easy to see how he can stay fresh.

He can hang out with his family and friends, enjoy something to eat, or watch a movie. He can have his makeup put on while watching a favorite live sports game on the television that comes via a satellite dish on the trailer’s roof. He can put on his costume in the wardrobe area, where everything is neatly laid out for him ahead of time. He can check in with his support staff if they are working upstairs and screen the dailies. He can go do his work and then return back to the trailer for a relaxing steam sauna at the end of the day. Then, get dressed to go out on the town.

7 Interior Stairs In The Trailer

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Interior stairs lead up from the private bathroom area and then continue past the steam sauna room to go up to the second floor. This makes it easy to access the second floor for meetings without needing to go outside. There is a separate rear entrance leading directly to the second floor for those workers and others who come to the upper floor for meetings and get-togethers.

At both ends of the private area, there are security doors that lock and cannot be opened without a passcode by an authorized person. This assures the ultimate in privacy. At the same time, an intercom system is available to request something from the staff. The doors can be temporarily opened to allow service personnel to enter by simply using the remote touchpad screen control with the passcode.

6 Will Smith’s Career Is Looking Bright

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In the Netflix original thriller film called Bright, Will Smith plays a cop living in an alternative present-day reality. In this world, humans, elves, fairies, and orcs, all co-existed since the world began. Will Smith’s police officer partner in the film is an orc. They go on a routine night patrol together, which turns out to be much more challenging than they expected and may even alter the future of their world.

The film’s production budget was $90 million. It was directed by David Ayer. In spite of being universally panned by critics, Bright was watched by more Netflix subscribers than any other original Netflix content. Netflix already green-lighted a sequel, so Will Smith will once again probably be using his trailer on the set of Bright II.

5 Screening Room/Conference Area

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The second story is used as a conference room for business meetings, a work area for support staff, and a 30-person screening room. After the trailer is parked, with the touch of a button eight, stainless steel pistons lift the upper story roof using one ton of hydraulic pressure until the ceiling rises up 42 inches. This creates the fully functional second story.

Blackout shades can be automatically raised or lowered by using the remote touchpad control. This allows the option of having the windows shades open for a better outside view or closing them for privacy and for the necessary darkness needed when the room is used for movie screenings. There is a large 100-inch roll-down movie screen on one wall, a 50-inch plasma TV on the opposite end of the trailer, and two more 37-inch monitors that rise up from granite-topped cherry-wood cabinets. This allows multiple users, who wear wireless headphones, to view different things at the same time.

4 Will Smith’s House Just As Lavish As His Trailer

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When not on a film shoot in his luxury trailer, Smith spends time with his wife and kids in his home in Calabasas, California that is near star-studded Malibu. It is situated on 150 acres and has 25,000 square feet of living space.

During 2013, there were rumors of an impending divorce between Smith and his wife Jada. At that time, the house was supposedly being quietly offered for sale at the price of $42 million. The sale was never made and the divorce never materialized. Four years later, Will and Jada are still together and still living in that massive house on its expansive estate. They have been married since 1997 and it looks like their marriage will last.

3 The Good Life

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Smith’s Calabasas home has gigantic grand rooms for dining, entertainment, and parties. It has nine bedrooms, a meditation room, and a full music recording studio. There is a private lake, swimming pool, a full basketball court, a tennis court, and three pro-style golf holes.

The house was designed by architect, Stephen Samuelson, with a wonderful Mexican Villa style. It was featured in the September 2011 issue of Architectural Digest. It has lots of secret nooks and special pleasant areas that are connected by a curving style of circulation that creates a fluidity linking each space with the others. It is no wonder with this glorious lifestyle why Smith wants a luxury trailer when he is away from home.

2 'The Heat' Goes On

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The NY Post reported that during the filming of Men in Black III in New York it cost $9,000 per week for the trailer. At least, that is what the film company was paying for it. The NY Post story also said that when it was parked on the streets in New York the constant exhaust from the generators bothered the neighbors and businesses so much that they asked Mayor Bloomberg to intervene and get it moved. Bloomberg remarked when he saw the trailer that he did not know that they made them so big. The mayor’s office demanded that the film company move it off the street and to a parking lot.

This was probably due to jealousy because the trailer with it 1,200 square feet of space is larger than most New York apartments. When asked about the controversy regarding his trailer, Smith said he thought it was hilarious.

A video tour of the trailer can be seen on YouTube.

1 Will And Son Jaden Hang Out In The Trailer

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Will Smith and his son Jaden were in the film After Earth together. Jaden’s acting career seems to be going forward in spite of his reluctance to want it. Almost every other young person dreams of being in his place; however, Jaden has publicly stated that he really does not care about being an actor. It all came to easy to him and was forced on him by his A-list Hollywood parents. This lack of enthusiasm shows up on screen as was evidenced by his lackluster performance in After Earth that was less than spectacular.

Recent rumors say that there was a major fight between Will Smith and Jaden about his dreadlock hairstyle. His father is rumored to have forced him to cut it off. Perhaps, he invited Jaden to the trailer for a haircut and a makeover.

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