20 Facts About Oprah’s Homes That Amaze Us

Oprah started out as one of the youngest and only female African-American news reporters in the late seventies in Nashville. She later relocated to Chicago where she worked in media for years before landing her own talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, which stayed on the air for a remarkable 25 years. She has become a successful actress, media proprietor, producer, and philanthropist over the years.

Oprah Winfrey has a net worth of over $3 billion, making her one of the richest celebrities in the world. Her "main" home is a 23,000 square-foot mansion in Montecito, California but she recently purchased an adjacent property so that she could add a horse ranch to her home's list of amenities.

When Oprah is not in California, she spends her time on the island of Maui, Hawaii, where she grows her own fruits and vegetables on the acres and acres of lush farmland she owns. When she is craving some snow, she heads on out to her mansion in Colorado. The high-tech "treehouse" sits on a couple of acres in the wooded mountains overlooking the ski town of Telluride.

One thing is for sure: Oprah certainly knows what she is doing when it comes to picking out homes because all of hers are exquisite. There are features on her homes that you probably did not even know existed but when you are Oprah, you can afford to have the best of the best. Check out 20 crazy facts about Oprah’s homes that will amaze you.

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20 The Driveway Has Heaters And Sensors In Colorado

oprah house driveway
via: hookedonhouses.net

Colorado can get quite a bit of snow, which can make for a slippery driveway. What is better than having someone plow your driveway? Having a heated driveway that melts the snow off of it for you is the solution. Oprah's driveway warms from within whenever there is any snow or ice so she never has to worry about slipping and falling.

The long driveway at her Colorado mansion also has sensors that can detect when someone is pulling up to the house. The former talk show host is one of the most famous women in the world so it is only natural that she has some high-tech security to ensure her safety. No one will be arriving at Oprah's house unannounced, as far as she is concerned.

19 Her "Main" House Has 14 Bathrooms

oprah main house 14 bathrooms
via: betterdailyhabits.com

Oprah bought her "main" home in Montecito, California back in 2001 for a whopping $52 million. It is currently worth an estimated $90 million. The house boasts 6 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, 10 fireplaces, a gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, library, theater, and an exquisite garden full of over 600 rose bushes. The massive Neo-Georgian style mansion is 23,000 square feet and sits on 45 acres of land.

Winfrey nicknamed her home "The Promised Land" because "Dr. King said he would not get to the promised land" and she feels that it is a "fulfillment" of that promise. The home has undergone various interior and exterior renovations over the years. She also purchased an adjoining property with a horse ranch, pool, and a koi pond in 2016.

18 She Remodeled An Entire Home To Make It Look More "Inviting"

oprah main house remodeled
via: closerweekly.com

In 2013, Oprah decided that her home in Montecito was a bit too "grand" and not necessarily "true to [herself]" so she orchestrated some massive renovations. The entertainment mogul had said in an article in her magazine that she did not feel that her mansion felt like a real home because of how pristine and perfect it always appeared.

Winfrey admitted that she had "owned a stately home" where guests felt they had to walk on eggshells and be careful "not to get their fingerprints on anything." With the remodel, Oprah focused on making her home comfortable and stylish. In other words, she gave the place a make-under instead of a makeover. Now she "love, love, loves" her house and feels that it is "sweet and exquisite."

17 Her Colorado Home Is A Fully Automated House

oprah house automated system
via: hookedonhouses.net

Oprah's Colorado mansion is more of a vacation home for the former talk show host, so it is extremely helpful that the entire house is fully automated so that she can control its settings from anywhere in the world. There are cameras that watch the inside and outside of the house at all times, including one located at the Telluride airport. This is extremely helpful for the busy businesswoman to see what the weather conditions are like if she is considering flying in on her private jet.

In a location that can get snow for up to eight months out of the year, it certainly pays to be able to see whether or not planes are able to take off from the airport. Plus, having a fully automated house means that she does not have to have a full-time staff caring for her home while she is not there.

16 She Also Has A Horse Farm In Montecito

oprah montecito horse farm
via: cnn.com

In 2016, Oprah had the opportunity to buy a property that was adjacent to her "main" mansion in Montecito. The piece of land was previously known as Seamair Farm and included a 5,000 square-foot ranch-style house, a pool, some horse stables, a caretaker's cabin, an equestrian ring, and some fruit orchards. It was previously owned by John Charles Pritzlaff Jr., of the American chemical company, Olin Corporation.

Seeing as she has a 23,000 square-foot home just a minute's walk away, it is not likely that Oprah lives in the ranch house but rather uses the property for the horse stables. The 23-acre property cost around $28 million, which she paid after winning a bid in an auction. It also has breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains.

15 She Owns A Lot Of Property In Hawaii

oprah hawaii house
via: oprah.com

Oprah really took a liking to Hawaii after her personal trainer and property manager Bob Greene convinced her to buy some property on one of the islands beginning in 2003. She purchased a two-story home in Maui, which she completely renovated to suit her liking. She even had the wrap-around porch added on. The entrance has a private 4-mile road leading up to it that is concrete and asphalt 12-feet across, which apparently cost her a hefty penny.

Additionally, Winfrey purchased another 63 acres of land near Maui's Hamoa Beach several years after purchasing her home there. Oprah enjoys farming on the property and vacations in Hawaii frequently for a relaxing break. She has continued to purchase pieces of property in Hawaii as they become available for sale.

14 Nate Berkus Gave Oprah's Home Office And Closet A Makeover

oprah home office closet makeover
via: oprah.com/oprah.com

The famous interior designer, Nate Berkus, gave Oprah's home office and master bedroom closet an impressive makeover back in the day. Nate managed to transform her cluttered space into a luxurious, open living space perfect for conducting meetings and a closet that is so organized it could easily be confused with a department store.

Berkus took eight weeks to transform Oprah's space and she was extremely impressed with the results. Her office was decked out with sofas, a flat-screen TV, and a gold leaf coffee table with a limestone top. The walls were totally knocked down and the ceilings were made higher, which created more space and lighting. The new closet had floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to display her wardrobe, with shelving space for nearly 200 pairs of shoes.

13 She's Got An Entire Guest House Off Of Her "Main" Mansion

oprahs santa barbara guest house
via: oprah.com/oprah.com

As if her gigantic house in Montecito did not have enough space for her visitors, Oprah has an entire guest house where her friends and family can stay. The former talk show host is known for valuing privacy, so it makes sense that she provides her guests with their own space when they are visiting.

She actually allowed her friend and hairdresser of 20 years, Andre Walker and his partner David Simmons design the entire space. The whole house is covered with freshly cut flowers and shades of blue, green, purple, and brown are prominent throughout. Oprah’s guest home is refined and rustic, with simple charm and some unique, vintage touches. The living room boasts a grand, black marble fireplace with cozy couches that seem inviting.

12 There's An Irrigation System So Her Plants Don't Die In Colorado

oprah house irrigation system
via: hookedonhouses.net

Oprah does not spend the majority of her time at her vacation home in the ski resort town of Telluride, Colorado. It can be difficult to take care of a home that you are not always in. However, Oprah Winfrey does not have this problem. Of course, she had an entire irrigation system installed in her home so that her plants do not die while she is away.

The irrigation system is totally hidden but whenever she is not around to water her greenery, it has her covered. This way, Oprah can always have fresh plants in her home without having to hire someone to take care of them when she is not home. That is just one of the many benefits of being Oprah.

11 Her Favorite Spot Is Her Teahouse In Her Montecito Home

oprah home teahouse
via: oprah.com/oprah.com

Oprah's favorite place to be is on the sofa inside of her teahouse, which is located on her "main" mansion's property. She actually built the teahouse after purchasing the property. It has an arched doorway, a beautiful copper fountain out front, and a remarkable view of her rose bushes.

Two walkway paths lead out of the teahouse to the ocean. One thing that never occurs in the teahouse is business of any kind. Winfrey strictly uses the space to retreat and spend some time alone. Although, she will allow her dogs to accompany her. She may not get to visit the space for months at a time because she is so busy so when she does, it is a special occasion when she needs to "restore [herself]."

10 She Moved The Master Bedroom For A Better View In Hawaii

oprah master bedroom hawaii home
via: oprah.com/oprah.com

Oprah's Hawaiian home was not exactly up to her high standards when she first bought the place. In fact, what she initially thought would be a small renovation project turned into the whole home practically being redone.

One thing that Oprah was definite on changing was the fact that the master bedroom was situated away from the view of the beautiful ocean and island. She redid the entire second floor of the home and re-situated the bedrooms so that her master bedroom terrace had the best view in the house. Additionally, she had a wraparound porch built in and the living room and kitchen were redone to suit her liking. She has displayed memorable furniture and artwork that have sentimental value to keep the place feeling like home.

9 It Took 5 Years To Create A New Rose For Her Estate's Garden

oprah estate garden rose hybrid
via: businessinsider.com

Oprah has over 600 rose bushes in her garden on the property of her Montecito mansion. She previously said on The Nate Berkus Show that she particularly loves roses because they "bring fragrance from the Spirit World." It took her gardener over five years to create a new rose hybrid for her estate garden but now Oprah has her own unique strain of roses.

She also has a pathway which she calls "Hallelujah Lane" that has thousands of white hydrangeas along the walk, which pays homage to her grandmother. The view from her garden is absolutely stunning. Because she did not have a garden growing up as a young girl, Oprah really enjoys having one as an adult and refers to it as her "sanctuary."

8 She Has A Cart To Take Her From The House To The Ski Slopes

oprah house tram cart
via: hookedonhouses.net

When you are Oprah Winfrey, you do not just walk to the ski slopes like some kind of normal person. She has her own old-fashioned trolley tram that transports her from her house to the ski slopes. The weather in Colorado can be unforeseeable and it is not always easy to get around. She does not need to worry about the roads being too icy to drive because Oprah does not have to rely on cars to get her where she needs to go.

This tram cart track system cost her a whopping $240,000. It is not known how often or if she ever uses the tram cart to actually get to the ski slopes but she clearly has more than enough money to have one even if it is just for show.

7 She Has A 360-Degree View Of The San Sophia Mountain Range

oprah house San Sophia Mountain Range view
via: hookedonhouses.net

Oprah's Colorado vacation home has a one-of-a-kind 360-degree view of the San Sophia Mountain range. She has an obstruction-free view of all of the mountains and trees for as far as the eye can see. There is also a glassed-in observation tower on the highest floor so she can watch the weather and enjoy the view from inside if it is raining or snowing.

The San Sophia Mountains are a part of the Rocky Mountains. As you can probably imagine, the area is full of ski resorts. The small city of Telluride lies below in the valley. The town is a former Victorian mining town that now attracts tourists all year round for its skiing and golfing attractions. Fortunately for Oprah, her home is tucked away in the woods so she has some privacy away from all of the hustle and bustle.

6 She Has A $70,000 Tub Where The Water Never Gets Cold

oprah colorado house bathtub
via: hookedonhouses.net

Oprah is a billionaire and billionaires should not have to worry about minuscule things like keeping the bathtub water warm... so she doesn't. In her Colorado home, she has a tub that literally never lets the water get cold. This wash basin cost a cool $70,000 but if Oprah can sit endlessly in her bath water without getting cold, it was worth it. Also, the tub has stunning views of the mountains, which makes for an even more peaceful setting.

Her master bathroom also has an impressive Finnish spa with a sauna that gets hotter and stays on longer than most other at-home spas. If Oprah wants to relax in some water with guests, her home also has a hot tub that seats seven people surrounded by glass walls that can open, letting fresh air in, with the touch of a button.

5 She Recently Sold Her Chicago City Duplex

oprah chicago duplex water tower place
via: businessinsider.com

Oprah also has a home in the windy city. A good amount of her success prior to owning her own television network was from her talk show, which was based out of Chicago from 1986 to 2011, The Oprah Winfrey Show. When she is staying in Chicago, she has a luxurious 15,000 square-foot duplex at Water Tower Place on Michigan Avenue.

She purchased the place back in 1985 and bought an additional adjoining unit for an extra $1 million in 1992. The following year, she claimed another unit on the floor for herself for another $1.5 million. In 1994, she bought a final unit for $1 million, bringing her total to four units. In 2015, Oprah sold her Chicago home for around $4.5 million after originally listing it at around $7.75 million.

4 There's A Wine Mine Inside Her Colorado Mansion

oprah house wine mine
via: hookedonhouses.com

Inside of Oprah's Colorado home, Oprah has an entire wine mine. It is a 56-foot long wine cellar that has been designed to look like an old Colorado mine shaft and can store up to 1,600 bottles of wine! Talk about a spacious wine cellar. She also has an antique steel ore mine cart that runs around the underground area on a track but it is mostly just for show.

Down in the wine mine, there are piped in sound effects like water dripping and wood creaking, as well as "lantern-like lights" that are programmed to flicker to create an ambiance while people are down there. It certainly seems like a cool place to go down and have a glass of wine in and an expensive place to store your wine in.

3 She Has A Book Dealer For Her Library's Selection

oprah home library
via: oprah.com/oprah.com

Of course, Oprah loves to read. Who hasn't heard of "Oprah's Book Club?" It is only natural the entertainer has a personal library in her "main" home. She also has a personal book dealer who has selected most of the books on the shelves. All of the books are particularly and strategically placed on the shelves, making for a beautiful display.

Oprah previously admitted during an interview that she published on her website that she did not really want anyone touching the books in her library because everything had its perfect place and she did not want it getting messed up. The library is otherwise inviting, with a cozy couch, patterned chairs, flowers, and a fireplace to read by. The walls are painted a mint green color with artwork hanging throughout.

2 She Harvests Her Own Fruits And Vegetables

oprah harvests fresh fruits and vegetables on her farm
via: elle.com/instagram.com

Oprah enjoys growing her own fresh fruits and vegetables, which fortunately she is able to do thanks to the acres and acres of land she owns. The entertainment guru has farmland on her historic horse ranch in California, as well as her property in Hawaii.

In Montecito, she grows avocados in a large grove. Her farm in Hawaii covers much more land and is situated on the side of Haleakala, a dormant volcano. The lush conditions allow for her to grow plenty of her own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. A diverse crop including beets, turnips, radishes, and Swiss chard keeps the soil healthy. She also recycles table scraps and plant clippings to replenish the soil. On the farm, a coop of hens provides fresh eggs for the former talk show host whenever she is town.

1 There's A Tree-Top Deck And Bridge Sitting 35 Feet Above Ground In Colorado

oprah house tree top deck
via: hookedonhouses.net

As if Oprah did not have enough amazing viewpoints for her home’s countless windows and terraces in Colorado, the former talk show host also has a tree-top bridge leading out to a sitting deck. The bridge reportedly cost around $140,000 to build. Because it is the middle of the woods, a helicopter had to be used to put the walkway and deck into place. It sits 35-feet above ground and still sways a bit when walked on.

The deck has a cozy seating area with a gas fireplace full of black lava rocks. Oprah can take her guests out on an exciting walk through the woods above the trees and then they can all sit and enjoy a nice fire in the forest at the end.

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