20 Eye-Popping Red Carpet Photos Of Female Celebs With The Best Style

A tradition in the celebrity world that thankfully doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, red carpet events are where the rich and famous make their entrances to massive events. Also attended by legions of photographers for magazines and entertainment television, as well as paparazzi in general, cameras are present in full force and capturing every moment. As such, stars are under a lot of pressure to look their very best since the images that result from these events are likely to be spread far and wide on the internet, which can be a very valuable thing. As a result, many of these stars dress to the nines and look incredible, which means that there are loads of awesome pictures of famous women while at these events out there. Realizing this is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty eye-popping red carpet photos of female celebrities that will drive you wild.

In order for a photo to be considered for inclusion on this list, it has to feature someone who is known to a sizable group of people on a red carpet or just outside of one. It doesn’t matter what they owe their fame to, which means that you could find actors, musicians, athletes, or other popular personalities incorporated here. On top of that, the star in question needs to look absolutely stunning in the photo. For the purposes of this list, an actual red carpet doesn’t have to be present as long as it is set up for celebrities to walk down a line in front of fans and/or photographers in the public.

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20 Hayden Panettiere - Little Black Dress

Via Pinterest.com

A former child star that first came to the notice of some people as a youngster, early on, Hayden Panettiere found success working on movies like A Bug's Life, Remember the Titans, and Joe Somebody. Of course, her star-making moment came about when the show Heroes began airing to great initial acclaim and she played one of its breakout characters. Subsequently seen in other films like I Love You, Beth Cooper and Scream 4, she has also spent years at this point as one of the stars of the show Nashville that is entering its final season. Sporting a little black dress while on a red carpet in this photo, the sheer part of it that covers her chest gives us a marvelous view of her impressive cleavage.

19 Anna Kendrick - Body-Hugging Black Dress

via Us Weekly

An actor that comes across as one of the most genuinely likable people in the acting industry, Anna Kendrick has a really sweet energy to her that she is fantastic at bringing to her acting roles. Cast in a supporting role in the Twilight films that were huge financial successes but hated by many, she easily could have seen her career dwindle after they came to an end. Instead, she’d landed an Oscar nod for Up in the Air, and she is now known for other films like the Pitch Perfect series, Into the Woods, Trolls, and Table 19 to name only a sampling. A gorgeous redhead that knows how to dress up with the best of them, she turned heads when she went to the Grammy Awards in this dress that hugged to her body and fit it to perfection.

18 Kate Mara - SAG Awards Show-Stopping Dress


An actor that we think has all the potential in the world to be a superstar in the coming years, Kate Mara’s career has already taken off in a big way, considering how many roles she gets. Seen in several high-profile TV shows, she was a major part of the early seasons of hit series like 24, American Horror Story, and House of Cards to name only a sampling. As impressive as that is, she has done even better in the film world considering her resume includes movies like We Are Marshall, Iron Man 2, Shooter, The Martian, and the upcoming Chappaquiddick. Someone who often dresses in very a very buttoned-up fashion, seeing her wearing a dress that shows off so much cleavage at the SAG Awards blows us away in the best way.

17 Jennifer Connelly - Fitted Red Dress

Via zimbio.com

One of the best actors of her generation in our estimation, despite winning awards and acclaim, we think Jennifer Connelly is underrated because she is even better than the credit she already gets. First becoming a star because of beloved films like Labyrinth, The Rocketeer, and others, early in her career, she found some real success which was fantastic. Then, she entered the prime of her career where she got roles to sink her teeth into, including movies like Dark City, Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind, and House of Sand and Fog. Also blessed with some of the best genes of anyone out there, she is a splendid-looking woman with an exquisite face and a large chest this dress puts the spotlight on.

16 Jennifer Love Hewitt - Figure-Hugging, Body-Con Dress

Via thesuperficial.com

For many teens that grew up in the nineties, one of the best shows on television at the time was a primetime drama called Party of Five that was highlighted by a stellar cast. With Jennifer Love Hewitt added into that group relatively early on, she was such a hit on the show that she quickly became its breakout star and even received a short-lived spin-off series. Since then able to put together a film career, she starred in a long list of movies, including the likes of I Know What You Did Last Summer, Can't Hardly Wait, Heartbreakers, and The Tuxedo. Wearing a blue dress that is hugging her impressive figure that we love, it also shows off much of her lovely legs which are a part of her we don’t appreciate often enough.

15 Katy Perry - Blue Hair/Bling Dress Combo

Via aliexpress.com

One of the most successful pop stars in the world over the last decade, Katy Perry has sold enough albums and singles over the years that there are few people that could be called her peer. An award-winning performer whose mantle includes trophies from the Junos, Brits, and American Music Awards among others, she also earned four different Guinness World Records too. Best known for songs like "Firework," "Roar," "California Gurls," and "I Kissed a Girl" among others, her music often combined seductive themes and catchy beats. At the MTV Movie Awards when this shot of her was taken, if this were anyone else, the blue hair would have been the thing to stand out. But after a moment, we barely notice that. Instead, we appreciate her legs here and the way her dress makes it seem like it is see-through in parts.

14 Elisha Cuthbert - Simple Black Dress

Via Reddit.com

One of the most beautiful blondes in the world, at one time, Elisha Cuthbert was included on lists of the hottest people alive but that doesn’t happen as much these days, which is baffling. After all, it isn’t like her looks have gone downhill and she still fills out an outfit as well as anyone else that we can think of. The only explanation we can come up with is that her acting career is no longer on fire as it once was. We will say that we do miss the days of her in movies like Old School or The Girl Next Door and think she was simply marvelous in the series Happy Ending. Looking like a beauty queen in this shot, she looks so perfect here that it seems hard to believe this is a real photo and not fantasy.

13 Alexa Vega - Exquisite Red Gown

Via thesuperficial.com

Someone who landed a gig as a child that set her up for long-term success, Alexa Vega became a star because of playing one of the leads in the film Spy Kids. A great thing as it made her a part of a group of actors that Robert Rodriguez works with over and over again, she went to star in that series, as well as Machete Kills and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. On top of that, she has also landed an extensive list of other gigs in shows and movies which has led to her working pretty much constantly throughout much of her adult life. Attending the ALMA Awards when this photo was taken, wearing a red dress to one of these things is risky as they can blend in. But on her and with that cleavage, she didn’t have to worry about that.

12 Elizabeth Hurley - Bewitching Low-Cut Dress

Via popsugar.com

By far the oldest photo on this list, Elizabeth Hurley is still acting today and one of the most attractive women in Hollywood so you may be baffled why we chose an old image like this. Well, this also happens to be the only image here that not only took the world by storm but pretty much made a career as she was an unknown for many before this shot was taken. Accompanying her boyfriend at the time, Hugh Grant, to a red carpet event he was attending, she shifted the dynamic between them that night by stealing the attention away from him. Wearing a dress that was cut to show off much of her incredible flesh, she was so bewitching that people wanted to see more of her and began to follow her acting career too.

11 Kat Dennings - Elegant Sweetheart Dress


Someone who has mostly played roles that should have made her into a character actor, Kat Dennings has made a living playing the best friend of the female lead over and over again. For instance, she was a background figure in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which really says something since that is the biggest film franchise of all time. However, she is a striking-enough woman to become the star of a sitcom in 2 Broke Girls and led films including Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist and Charlie Bartlett. A person whose look undeniably is largely defined by the immense size of her chest, when she chose to show it off on a red carpet, it had to result in a truly amazing photo like the one you see here.

10 Alessandra Ambrosio - Dress With A Perfect Slit

Via instyle.com

An extremely accomplished and renowned model that has risen to heights few in her industry could have ever dreamed of attaining, Alessandra Ambrosio has led a life to admire. Employed as a Victoria’s Secret Angel for a simply mind-boggling seventeen years, considering that is one of the most sought-after gigs around, it speaks to how respected she really is. Also someone whose image has been used in ads for companies like Next, Armani Exchange, Christian Dior, and Ralph Lauren, in the past, she was the top-paid model in the entire world. Able to pull off all of these things because she is such an alluring woman to see, this photo of her in a dress that doesn’t cover much of her chest and legs is one of her best, if you ask us.

9 Demi Lovato - Strategic Dress

Via pholder.com

First making waves when she was the star in a Disney Channel TV movie called Camp Rock, it was the perfect way to introduce Demi Lovato to the world as you got to watch her perform music. Continuing to focus on acting for a few years, she has since transitioned and now spends her life in the music world more than anything else, which has worked out well for her. Best known for songs like “Heart Attack,” “Give Your Heart A Break,” “Neon Lights,” and “Skyscraper,” she has released a number of tracks people have developed an attachment to. Wearing a dress that covers up everything scandalous but has strategic little holes in it, we get the feeling from it that we are seeing something forbidden even though we aren’t.

8 Debby Ryan - Class At Marie-Claire Event 

Via poringa.net

An actor that got started extremely early in life, Debby Ryan first came to the attention of many kids when she appeared in a straight-to-DVD family film called Barney: Let's Go to the Firehouse. After working with the purple dinosaur, it seems like she had a flair for that kind of thing so she starred in a Disney Channel show called The Suite Life on Deck. Since then maturing into a young woman with interest in more mature stories, she has appeared in several films and shows and is set to star in a Netflix original series named Insatiable. Attending an event put on by Marie Claire here, she must have decided to show them how photogenic she is, especially when wearing something that shows off a Herculean amount of cleavage.

7 Salma Hayek - Fire-Red Dress

via Pinterest

An actor that rose to prominence in large part due to a single role, when the world saw how sultry the largely-unknown Salma Hayek was in the movie Desperado, a new star was born. Since then seen in several other films in a variety of genres, she also starred in movies like Fools Rush In, 54, Dogma, Across the Universe, and Puss in Boots among many others. Also an accomplished businesswoman that has amassed authority behind the scenes, she also served as the executive producer behind the show Ugly Betty and on several other sets. Someone that oozes sensuality from her every pore, when she wears regular clothes, it is hot. But when she has a comely dress like this red one on, we are truly delighted.

6 Vanessa Hudgens - Metallic Dress At The Emmys

Via nydailynews.com

A mainstay of the Disney Channel at one time, Vanessa Hudgens showed up as a guest in a long list of shows but made her largest impact at that time through the High School Musical movies. However, once her family-friendly tenure there came to an end, she seemed to choose some roles to show that she was a mature woman, including movies like Spring Breakers and Sucker Punch. Now looking to find more credibility by giving solid performances in small dramatic films, she impressed people with how well she performed in The Frozen Ground and Gimme Shelter for instance. Attending the Emmy Awards when she had this photo taken, her smile was simply radiant, and the way her dress accentuated her body makes us happy too.

5 Christina Ricci - Red T-Shirt Dress

via Ed B on Sports

A former child star that seemed to be born for the role of the Wednesday Addams in the film adaptations of the sitcom The Addams Family, Christina Ricci turned out to be so much more. Going on to cement her career in her teens and early twenties, she played parts in a wide variety of other films, including The Ice Storm, Buffalo '66, Sleepy Hollow, and Prozac Nation. However, if you ask us, the best film of her career has to be Monster, which we think she doesn’t get enough credit for since she was overshadowed by how amazing Charlize Theron was in it. Still working consistently today, she lights up a screen and that extends to the red carpet as evidenced by a photo like this one that shows off her impossibly-fine dimensions.

4 Jurnee Smollett-Bell - Silver Sweetheart Dress

Via gotceleb.com

Another former child star that made her name by appearing in a number of sitcoms in her younger years, Jurnee Smollett-Bell would go on to star in a short-lived series that stood out. Titled On Our Own, the show only ran a single season but it was remarkable since it featured this actor and five of her real-life siblings. Afterward toiling in obscurity for a period of time, she raised her profile with a stunning performance in the film Eve's Bayou and has since shown up in several other movies and TV shows. Seen here at a premiere for a series called Underground she starred in, it came to an end after two seasons, but this image of her looking stunning will stand the test of time to be sure.

3 Christina Aguilera - Curve-Hugging Dress

Via bustle.com

One of the biggest pop stars at one time, for an entire generation of people, Christina Aguilera is a living legend of the music industry since she put together an incredible career. At one time only rivaled by another superstar in Britney Spears, she is best known for songs like "Lady Marmalade," “Beautiful,” “What A Girl Wants,” and “Dirrty” among many others. Able to reinvent herself again after her music sales slowed in recent years, she also became a huge television star due to serving as a part of the competition show The Voice for several years. No longer the stick-thin woman she once was in her younger days, these days, she has curves for days and we love it, especially in a dress like this that show them off.

2 Jessica Biel - Elegant White Gown

Via Elle.com

One of the two famous acting Jessicas that at one time was considered by many to be the most attractive women in Hollywood, it is still hard to compare to her today. Starting out her time in the spotlight as the star of the family-drama 7th Heaven, it seems as though Jessica Biel saw bigger things on the horizon when she became that series' biggest name. Since then starring in many films like The Rules of Attraction, Blade: Trinity, and The Illusionist, she recently turned heads with the show The Sinner for which she earned a Golden Globe nomination. Seen from the side here, that allows us to take in the rise and fall of both her chest and booty, and since both of those are dazzling on her, this shot just barely missed out on this list’s top spot.

1 Gemma Arterton - Perfect Black Dress


Due to the film Quantum of Solace Gemma Arterton is among an elite group of women known as “Bond Girls,” and while that title may sound limiting, being a love interest in a 007 movie is a big deal. Cast in a number of potential blockbusters after that high-profile role, unfortunately, Clash of the Titans, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, and Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters underperformed. Since then choosing to spend her time working on low-budget films more than anything else, her resume now includes movies like Tamara Drewe, Runner Runner, and The Girl with All the Gifts. Adorned in a beautiful gown that is cut across her chest in dramatic fashion, considering how bountiful her chest is, that resulted in a photo for the ages.

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