20 Expensive Things Ari Gold Was Able To Purchase By Managing Vince Chase

For many fans of Entourage, Ari Gold, the energetic, insult-hurling super-agent was among their most favorite of things. Ari was hilarious from start to finish, a source of constant enjoyment for people of all types, those who laughed freely at his harsh one-liners and those who cringed a little on the surface but chuckled on the inside. In terms of acting, Jeremy Piven was also the most comfortable looking of the main cast by far. When the show was being cast, Piven was a name that was a must in the eyes of many in charge. He played the character so effectively that people often believed he was playing himself. He wasn’t. He insists that he's actually a nice person.

Ari Gold was inspired by real-life super-agent Ari Emanuel. Emmanuel founded Endeavour Talent Agency and was one of the initiators of its merge with the William Morris Agency. Today, Emmanuel is the co-CEO of William Morris Endeavor (WME) and worth about $35 million, which is almost certainly an understated number. In the show, Ari's finances are a bit of a mystery. We know that he's filthy rich, but we never get any exact numbers. In fact, there are only a few instances when we get any specific numbers about anything. Most of the time, we just get exaggerated claims and have to guess at the real numbers. But not all the time. Some of the purchases, we can attach a dollar figure to. Here are the 20 Most Expensive Things Ari Gold Was Able To Purchase By Managing Vincent Chase.

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20 The Bat Mitzvah ($500/Head)

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It is fairly obvious that Ari Gold loves to throw extravagant parties whenever he has the chance (whether they are for his family, or just to show off). We can see that these are clearly expensive, but we don't get exact figures on just how expensive. Of all the events, maybe the best information we got was when he threw his daughter's Bat Mitzvah. When the entourage all showed up, Ari bragged about everyone eating like kings. He even put a number on it, "$500 a head." It's tough to say how many guests were there exactly, but there was at least 100 people, which puts the event at around $50,000, and that's not counting all the extras...

19 The Painting (Worth $100,000)

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We're not exactly sure who Robert Niche is or if he is meant to be based off of a real person, but according to HBO's Entourage, he's a very famous painter. We first hear about him when Vince spots a painting of his in Ari's office. He makes a comment that it's Mandy Moore's (Vince's then girlfriend) favorite painter. It's then that we get the price tag in a rare (or not) braggadocios moment for Ari—$100,000. Even though Ari notes that he paid for the painting with Eva Longoria's commission, but we've decided to include it here because it was likely Vince's commission that allowed Ari to spend so freely.

18 Courtside Seats At The Lakers Game (About $10,000)

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One of the most iconic Ari Gold quotes also happened to let us into his bank account for a quick look at his spending. While sitting court-side at the Los Angeles Lakers game, Ari kept standing up, berating the refs and switching seats with his guests. When a fan from the poorer seats a few rows back yelled at him to sit down, Ari yelled back, "I paid two grand for these seats! I'll go out there and launch a three if I want!" Now, since we're all so good at math, we can tease out that five seats (Vince, his brother Johnny, and his friends) at $2,000 per seat is about $10,000. That's a hefty ticket to watch the Lakers and Golden State pre-Steph Curry.

17 2002 BMW 745i

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When we first meet Ari way back in season one of the show, he is driving a 2002 BMW 745i. Now, we can only assume that this is the car that makes Ari fall in love with BMWs, a brand he would return to at least three times in the years we know him. With a $75,000 price-tag, this is one of the cheapest cars that Ari drives too, so the value on it is phenomenal. The first season and the purchase of this car all falls on the heels of Vince's successful film, Head On. While we don't know what Ari got paid on this deal, Vince did make $2 million. So, if Ari made 10% commission, again, we're no math experts, but that's about $200,000.

16 Lexus LS600h L

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Aside from the ridiculously expensive Ferraris that we see Ari driving a few times, his most expensive car was found in season five. It was in this season that we see Vince is at a low point and the film he was so excited for, Medellin, flopped (badly), but Ari was still doing quite well. He was even offered the title of president of Alan's studio, a position he ultimately decides to turn down. Well, his agency, MGA, must have been doing well enough for him to afford the beautiful Lexus LS600h L, a car with an enormous price tag of more than $100,000 at the time (that's more than the previously mentioned 2002 BMW 745i).

15 The UFC

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It might sound silly that Ari Gold could buy the UFC, but it's really not as silly as it sounds. The inspiration behind the character, Ari Emmanuel, just secured a deal to purchase the UFC with a few other rich guys. This deal is a little reminiscent to the NFL deal that fell through on Entourage, except that this one actually worked out. Emmanuel was part of the group that paid a whopping $5.3 billion to get the entertainment company in 2016. Emmanuel was rather instrumental in getting the UFC a huge TV deal back in 2011, so he already had his fingers in the pie.

14 Ferrari F430 Spider

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Sure, Ari's wife may have bought him this car as a gift for their anniversary, but that doesn't tell the whole story. When Ari is in his Ferrari and he and Adam Davies confront each other at a stop light, Davies mocks Ari for marrying into money. This is when Ari says, "We only use her money for the small stuff." Now, this is clearly a joke, but it does make some sense if you think about it. There is no way that Mrs. Ari buys this gift for him unless Ari was raking in some serious coin as well. The price tag on this beauty of a vehicle, a Ferrari F430 Spider, has quite a range, but this one likely came in at around $200,000.

13 458 Italia

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We admit that this is cheating a little bit, but what can we say? When the Entourage movie came out, it was obvious that Ari's Ferrari had changed (more power, more money, right?). It was no longer the F430 Spider that we had seen race through the streets against Adam Davies in the series. It was now a 458 Italia. While the cars do look similar and it could be difficult to tell the difference, there are some noticeable differences, especially to a car enthusiast. For Ari, this was a bit of an upgrade too. The 458 Italia typically starts at around $230,000.

12 Cadillac Ciel Concept Convertible

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The gorgeous Cadillac Ciel Concept Convertible first made an appearance in a spot for the Entourage film. We saw this confusing dream-infused clip of Ari making his return from Italy back to show business. At first, he is intrigued by the car, confused as to what it is. Then, he follows in on his bike. And then, he learns that the driver is actually him and magically, the car is his. It's a pretty strange journey. In the film, this is the car that is gifted to Vince Chase after his movie is a hit. That's a great gift because the sticker price on this is around $100,000. Not as much as the Ferraris he owned, but a hefty price nonetheless.

11 The House

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A mansion or an estate is a better term for the house that Ari Gold and his family live in. Did Vince's film contract commissions pay for the house? No. But they probably helped to keep the lights on. Now, we were never given any numbers on the house's cost during the show, but this house is a real place, a real house that was once owned by Ozzie and Harriet Nelson from The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. Not long ago, that same house was put on the market and the list price was just under $5,000,000. The house has had a lot of work done to it since it was first built in the early 1900's. It was purchased by Chris Meloni from Law and Order and his wife.

10 Watches And Jet Ski

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Throughout the seasons of Entourage, Ari Gold's style is one that often steals the screen. Being the high-stakes player he is, Ari has to look good all the time. In order to convince actors that he can make them rich, he needs to look rich. The watch that he wears for much of the show is a chunky Ritmo Mvndo watch. When Ari is going to lunch with an old (less fortunate) friend, Lloyd convinces him to wear a less-expensive watch. Ari agrees and tells Lloyd to grab him a stainless Rolex from Gary's. The cheapest Rolex from Garys would probably come in at around $3,500. Interestingly, this is more expensive than the Ritmo Mvndo that Ari is wearing, which is typically around $1,200. It's also in this episode that Ari learns what he gave Vince as a present, a jet ski for the lake. Though the price of these range quite a bit, it's safe to say that Ari spent close to $10,000 on this item.

9 Watch #2 (Audemars Piguet)

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One of the more common watch brands on HBO's Entourage over the years was the Audemars Piguet. This watch name was worn by several of the characters, including Ari Gold. Late in the series' run, both Gold and Jeremy Piven were wearing the same watch. This is because the show's creator, Doug Ellin, gave Piven the watch as a gift. This watch was the gorgeous solid 18k rose gold Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph. As usual, the prices vary for this watch, but most places peg it around $50,000. Now that's quite a watch!

8 BMW Active-Hybrid 7 (F01)

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Ari's cars changed every season and sometimes they even changed a few times within the same season. Because of the money pit that cars are, as well as Ari Gold's infatuation with so many of them, it makes sense that several of the entries on this list are vehicles. In season seven, Ari's car was seemingly a BMW Active-Hybrid 7 (F01). While this wasn't Ari's only BMW throughout the series (as we've mentioned throughout this list), it was his most expensive version (if only because of the year). Coming in at around $85,000 (only?), Ari must have had a very good year to afford this amazing car.

7 2006 BMW 750i

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If you could name Ari's favorite car based on how often he returned to it, the BMW would clearly be it. He drove at least three different BMWs in the series, especially early on. In season three, it was the 2006 BMW 750i, a luxury car that came in at around $70,000 at the time. Season three was the time when Vince was engaged with the popular superhero film Aquaman, his first big-budget film. Ari had set up his new agency and everything was looking up at this point. The latter half of the season showcased some of the struggles Ari faced, but the car had already been paid for by that point. At least we assume that it did.

6 2003 Mercedes Benz s55 AMG

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Season two was the first time we saw Ari in a Mercedes Benz, but it wouldn't be the last time. That tells us that the $70,000 2003 Mercedes Benz s55 AMG that he drove early on must have left quite an impression on the big-time agent. Despite Ari's major issues with his job, issues that eventually lead to him being fired, he was still able to afford a beautiful luxury car like this. Interestingly, this s55, of all the cars that Ari drives in the show, is actually the most inexpensive, possibly a testament to his career struggles during this time in his life.

5 All Those Suits (About $100,000 On Suits Alone)

via New York Post

Maybe above everything else, Ari Gold's style is likely his best feature. The guy just exudes power. And, we know that every powerful man needs a solid power suit. For Gold, much of his wardrobe was created by Domenico Vacca. To look that good, however, the suits carry a high price. Most suits from Domenico Vacca start at around $2,600. The shirts alone are about $400 each. We can probably be cautious and say that Ari has about 40 suits over the course of the show (probably more), which means that he probably spent close to $100,000 on suits alone.

4 Tuition (Over $200,000 In 8 Years)

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One of the biggest personal issues that Ari faces throughout Entourage is the private school business with his son. While his daughter had long gone to the Briar Country Day School, his son was refused because of one of Ari's outbursts. After being rejected, Ari tried several other private schools in the area, but the word had gotten out and he had essentially been blacklisted. Eventually, Ari begs and pulls some strings and gets his son in. But during all this, we learned about the tuition costs at the school. At one point, Ari said, "Mr. Preston, I have spent over $200,000 in tuition over the past eight years, another $50 (million) or so in donations." That tells us that annual tuition is about $25,000.

3 Christina Aguilera

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When Ari throws his wife a surprise party, things don't exactly go as planned. His wife ends up not showing up to the party and leaving Ari, but that doesn't mean the agent is off the hook for the costs. At this party is none other than Christina Aguilera. She lets us know that Ari booked her for one hour. We don't quite know what Aguilera's cost per hour is, especially at this point in her career, but we can guesstimate. In 2005, Aguilera was paid £1.8million to sing at Andrey Melnichenko and Aleksandra Nikolic's wedding. Other figures put Aguilera's rate at $750,000 per hour. We know it's high because Ari jokingly offers to pay her with the deed to his house. Aguilera then asks for Ari's Laker seats for the playoffs. So, why don't we assume that the payment was a minimum of $100,000?

2 2010 Mercedes Benz S-Class (s550) w221

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In season six, Ari Gold, despite some difficulties at work, was having a great year. Vince had just finished filming for Gatsby and was moving onto the Enzo Ferrari film next. Vince, having a mammoth year in the industry, must have helped Ari quite a bit, so we weren’t too surprised to see Ari driving around in such a nice vehicle. This time it wasn't a BMW. This was the 2010 Mercedes Benz S-Class (s550) w221, in case you've forgotten. The luxury vehicle comes with a luxury ticket price, anywhere around $100,000.

1 The Real-Life Estate

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Even though it was the real-life Ari Gold, Ari Emmanuel, who bought this house, we're including it because it's just that insane. A couple of years ago, Emmanuel bought a near 6,000-sq.ft. estate in Mandeville Canyon in LA for more than $16.5 million. While that price is absolutely insane, it's actually considerably lower than the asking price, which was nearly $23 million. Before Emmanuel picked it up, the estate was being rented to comedian Chelsea Handler for around $35,000 per month. It's got everything a rich person would need—four bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, and a pool.

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