20 Embarrassing Celebrity Pictures That Broke The Internet

It is kind of hard for us, regular people, to talk about this subject, but we still have to try every now and then. We have to be honest and say that we don’t really know how it is to be a celebrity—how to have fans come up to you at every street corner, multitudes of people cheering while you are on a stage, and the boatloads of money that come with fame. But we also don’t know what it’s like to have paparazzi on your back 24/7.

The life of a celebrity is kind of a paradox. Let us elaborate. It certainly has its perks, but none of those perks come without a cost. And as we have found out over the years, some celebrities deal well with both the perks and the consequences. But at the same time, there are those who cannot deal with it and end up breaking down in the public eye.

One of the many ways in which we find out about these breakdowns is by photographs. Embarrassing and sometimes even hilarious photos taken by paparazzi that show celebrities at their worst—that is one of those consequences we talked about at the beginning. Seriously, how tough must it be not being able to have a slip-up in public without someone catching it and turning it into international headlines? Still, since social media became a big thing, there are also those celebrities who embarrassed themselves with pics and posted them for the world to see. Here, we will show you the best of both worlds, as we have separated 20 embarrassing celebrity pictures that broke the Internet.

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20 UnCaged

Via: pinterest.com

What better way to start a list like this than with a classic? Nicolas Cage is one of the most famous movie stars of our age. This guy has a net worth of more than $25 million. And while there are a lot of people who complain and hate Nicolas Cage and the movies he stars in, there are those who are fanatic for this guy. Yes, that is just something we must accept. There are people in this world whose favorite movie ever is National Treasure. That is just the sad truth, but the truth nonetheless.

Whether we hate him, or you hate him, or no one hates him, it doesn’t matter. Haters or not, Cage has made an exorbitant amount of money and has become one of the most recognizable celebrities of his generation. With that recognition, he has had to deal with fans. And sometimes, fans can be a pain, especially when they catch you by surprise for a selfie.

19 Young Brad

Via: express.co.uk

You know how, every year, when children’s day is near, people start posting pictures from when they were young? It is funny how they never choose the embarrassing pictures from their youth. But guess what? Celebrities don’t really have that choice anymore, especially when the awkward photos from their youth are from a time in which they were already (kind of) famous. That is the case with Mr. Brad Pitt.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is a young Brad Pitt posing for who knows what, making one of the most hilarious faces we have seen in a while. Honestly, we are not even sure how we have not run into this picture before. Why are people not sharing this more often? This is hilarious. Brad Pitt is the pinnacle of acting and star power, so is it too wrong of a belief to think that any embarrassing picture of this guy would make the rounds over and over again on the web?

18 Leo Miranda

Via: v.img.com.ua

Well, since we started to trek into this highway, let’s go all the way. First, we had a picture of a young Brad Pitt doing a pose that we would not imagine today’s Brad Pitt doing. So, how about Leo? We don’t know exactly what Leonardo DiCaprio was going for here, but we are leaning towards assuming that this was his best Carmen Miranda impression.

There are a lot of things that seem wrong with this picture. And yes, the first and worst aspect of this crime to the cult of Leo are those jeans. Aren’t we all glad that we have gone through and left behind the weird jeans era? But, fashion aside, what is up with all those fruits? And how the hell is no one making fun of Leo for this photoshoot anymore? Sure, the guy has already won his Oscar, but is that enough to offset this picture?

17 Young Tom

Via: express.co.uk

To finish off our triple threat of hilarious pictures of superstar actors when they were young, we bring you a young Tom Cruise. And while many people might think that Tom Cruise has a severe disadvantage when squared up against Leo and Brad because of his height, we think otherwise. We believe that Tom more than makes up for his lack of height with the ridiculous amount of action movies he has played in, as well as the amount of conspiracies that surround the myth that is Tom Cruise.

We are just assuming that this picture was taken before Cruise became a devout member of the Church of Scientology or starred in any of the Mission Impossible movies. Nevertheless, while his blonde counterparts had silly faces on in their young pictures, Cruise had the most regular picture out of the bunch. Still, it is kind of funny seeing how he looked like when he was young.

16 Makeup Game Strong

Via: akamaihd.net

We are used to seeing celebrities wearing makeup so often that we don’t even stop to think about how they would look without the pounds and pounds of powders and other substances they put on their faces every morning after getting out of bed. One celebrity whose makeup game is almost too strong is Katy Perry. You will seldom, if ever, run across a picture of Katy Perry not wearing makeup. And as it turns out, there is a good reason for that. We have to thank Russell Brand, her former husband, for this little gem he put on the Internet in 2010.

People who are used to seeing Katy Perry during her concerts know that she is a stunning woman who could put a bunch of other beautiful celebrities to shame in a beauty contest. However, it seems like that is only the case when she is wearing makeup. Because dear God, this doesn’t even look like Katy Perry...at all.

15 Hilary?

Well, that is just not the kind of behavior we expect from our Disney stars. Seriously, Ms. Hilary Duff, you are a children’s movie and television star. You should behave in a way that it is appropriate for children to try and emulate what you do. You should go to school, study, work hard, and do charity—all that kind of stuff. But then again, getting caught in a compromising position like this by paparazzi is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Disney stars. So, we say that while this could be a very embarrassing picture that someone took of Hilary Duff, it is not even close to being the most embarrassing thing we have heard of a former Disney star doing.

Disney star or not, this is a perfect example of how paparazzi are always lurking and waiting for the perfect picture to turn into headlines and sell to a tabloid.

14 Bieber Fever

Via: youtube.com

Who knew that Bieber fever was actually a thing? Or at least, that’s what we think happened when Justin Bieber threw up on stage twice in front of a multitude of fans five years ago. Bieber is no stranger to embarrassing photos, and most of them are his doing. So, we thought it would be only fair to put one here in which we believe he wasn’t at fault. But then again, we don’t know what caused the young pop star to start vomiting on stage.

Either way, you have to respect the guy. Even though he was vomiting and clearly not well, Bieber did power through the pain and finished the show. Now, as classic as every part of this show was, none of it was better than the question this kid asked the crowd after throwing up. Justin literally looked up at them and asked, “Will you love me even though I’m throwing up on stage?”

13 Gaga Fever

Via: youtube.com

Yeah, 2012 was a weird year for pop music fans. We are not saying that just because the songs that came out that year were a little bit different from the usual. We say that because of things that happened on stage. Most specifically, what happened a week after the Bieber throw up incident in Arizona. Seriously, it was just a week after the Bieber episode that Lady Gaga decided it was her turn to make some headlines and puke on stage.

Now, while the Bieber thing seemed to be an accident because he was sick, the Gaga incident was a little bit weirder. If you have the mental fortitude to endure watching it, check out the video and you might get the sense that it seems like she actually put a finger down her throat to throw up. So, we don’t know, maybe she was really sick or maybe that was just a publicity stunt. We never know it with Lady Gaga.

12 Madonna Ouch

Via: blick.ch

You cannot become a world-renowned superstar without a few falls along the way. Madonna has had her share, but one of the most recent ones was quite nasty and provided the world with one of the most embarrassing pictures taken of an artist at a music concert. Madonna was performing at the 2015 Brit Awards while wearing one exquisite cape. The cape was awesome, but there was a little problem with it. What most people assume is that the cape was supposed to come off easily when pulled, but it turns out that was not the case.

When the group of dancers pulled the cape to strip it off from Madonna, as it was apparently rehearsed, the cape didn’t come off. Instead, what the audience saw was a bunch of dudes pulling an old lady by her cape and nearly strangling her while throwing her to the ground. There is no way those guys still had their jobs by the time that show was done.

11 Classic Thicke

Via: epimg.net

Robin Thicke was on a roll in 2013. The guy was just coming off one of the most disturbing musical performances of all time as he and Miley Cyrus shared the stage at the VMA’s. And while a lot of people thought that most of what happened there was Miley’s fault and her idea, over the years it became a general understanding that the two of them were equal culprits in that historical performance at the award ceremony. You probably all know about Miley’s side as she went bananas and overs*xualized pretty much everything that she was involved in, which is her right. What might have possibly glossed over a few fans is that Robin was quite the character as well. And no picture proves that more than this one of him getting a handful of a fan’s behind while posing for a picture. Oh yeah, it is never too much to remind people that he was still married when this photo was taken.

10 HasselLOL

Via: fjcdn.com

It is no secret to anyone that David Hasselhoff had a severe problem with alcohol addiction. It is a somber subject to talk about because it is something that happens more often than it should where celebrities are concerned. And while most of the kids of today might not even know who David Hasselhoff is, he was a superstar in his time, especially if you go to Germany. Nevertheless, Hasselhoff had his trouble with the sauce, and his family was desperate in trying to get him to lay off drinking and seek help.

It came to the extreme point that his daughter decided that it was better to embarrass him in a worldwide scale than to merely try and talk him out of drinking. So, she took a video of a drunken Hasselhoff and posted it for the world to see. Thankfully, embarrassment seemed to do the trick, and Hasselhoff has apparently laid off the booze and controlled his addiction.

9 Call The Doctor

Award ceremonies these days need to have several kinds of doctors in attendance in order to safely keep everything in order. As one can rightfully assume, the medical kind of doctor is a given because you never know when someone is going to have a heart attack or any other sort of medical emergency. But when you have to deal with the kind of dresses and attires these Hollywood celebrities wear to the gala events they are invited to, doctors of a fashion kind are also necessary in order to keep things running smoothly. A perfect example of this happened at the 2012 Emmy Awards. Sofia Vergara is widely known for her curves and how she stunningly represents beautiful Latin women in movies and television. But in 2012, her curves got the best of her dress, as it ended up getting torn off at the back, and she needed some medical assistance, the fashion kind.

8 Malfunction Alert

Via: celebuzz.com

It is kind of hard to understand how celebrities supposedly get to wear the topnotch clothes and dresses that are designed by the world’s greatest fashion stars, and we still have wardrobe malfunctions happening left and right at every single award ceremony we care to watch. Apparently, while they are trying to make their designs stunning and want them to awe the crowd, the designers fail to account for how their clothes can actually leave celebrities hanging on the big stage.

Just take the example of Katherine Heigl. The Grey’s Anatomy star was about to give her thank you speech after collecting the 2010 Female Star of the Year ShoWest Motion Picture Award, when her dress suddenly decided it didn’t want to work anymore. The thing literally left her hanging, and she had to cover herself while finishing the speech of what should have been one of the greatest moments of her life.

7 The Fall

Via: radaronline.com

They say that the higher you rise, the harder you fall. Well, this is kind of a weird situation we have on our hands here then.

Jennifer Lawrence had just been called up to the stage to receive her Academy Award. So, technically, she was on her way to receiving one of the highest honors someone in her profession could receive, ergo she was rising to the top. But in one of the most hilarious Oscar moments of all time, her dress decided to get on the way, and she tripped and fell face first onto the stairs before getting her hands on the award. Call it divine intervention or whatever you would like to call it; we have a puzzle on our hands. Would the fall have been harder if she had already received the prize? Or was it more embarrassing because she was on her way there? Either way, we bet this was not how Lawrence wanted to be remembered for her big day.

6 Amanda Bynes

Via: urbansplatter.com

The selfie is an art, and there are celebrities who have taken it to a whole new level. Some people are just born to take this kind of photograph, and they look amazing every time they post a new selfie. We might actually agree that there are some celebrities who have become even more famous than they should be because they take amazing selfies. Unfortunately, there is also the other side of this issue. Yes, there are several celebrities who take terrible selfies. And even worse than just taking the terrible selfies, there are those celebrities who take these horrific photographs of themselves and still have the courage, or lack of brains, to post them on the Internet.

It is hard to fathom how these people don’t realize that these photos will become nothing more than fuel for their haters. Be honest with yourself, what do you think Amanda Bynes was trying to accomplish when she posted this selfie of herself on Twitter?

5 Brooklyn Decker

Via: noticiasaominuto.com

While there are celebrities like Amanda Bynes who take pictures thinking they are pleasing everyone with their amazing duck face, when they are actually terrifying every single person who comes across that picture on the Internet, there are also people who do stuff on purpose, like Brooklyn Decker.

Now, unless you don’t have Instagram or Snapchat, you have come across a picture of someone making a face like this. This is a classic. Of the many unattractive parts of the human body, the neck and chin have to be somewhere in the top 10. And boy did Brooklyn not show everyone that she has some of the least attractive neck and chin in Hollywood. Of course, that was what she was going for in this embarrassing photo. Fortunately for everyone, people who are as beautiful as Brooklyn Decker have to push it a little to make any part of them look ugly. This woman is just stunning, even with the triple chin selfie.

4 Grandpa Hanks

Via: viraldiario.com

Another celebrity to join our embarrassing selfie Hall of Fame is the multimillionaire superstar Tom Hanks. If there is one thing that doesn’t seem like money can buy for older people, it is a way to understand how the Internet works. That is especially true in the case of older celebrities who are trying to brave their way into the fold of social media. Tom Hanks made a valiant effort at seeming more humane to his fans by posting a selfie to his account. And while the kitchen behind Tom seems like something very normal and American, the rest of the picture just seems wrong.

Instead of whatever he was trying to portray when he decided to take and post this selfie, Hanks is looking more like a guy who has just found out about Snapchat and is trying to score some nudes with younger women. He is not on James Franco’s level yet, but this shot revealed a new side of Mr. Hanks.

3 When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Via: lolbook.com

As the title said, when you gotta go, you gotta go. Sometimes, however, you are on top of the stage performing for thousands of people when you desperately have to go to the bathroom. While some celebrities like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga just had to throw up, which clearly was not enough to creep out their fans, some poor celebrities had some even more embarrassing and unfortunate incidents on a stage.

It happened in 2005, when the Black Eyed Peas were riding the wave of the fame they attained in the early 2000’s. Fergie was performing with the rest of the group when she felt the urge to pee and just couldn’t hold it. The bottom line was that she wet herself during the concert, and it showed in her pants. Years after that happened, she gave some interviews and talked about how that was the most unattractive moment of her life, which we won’t deny is the truth. Hell, wetting yourself on stage must literally be a celebrity’s worst nightmare.

2 Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Via: starschanges.com

We are sure that everyone here went to health class, and everyone knows that they should use a c*ndom whenever they want to get freaky with someone they are attracted to. So, we can’t really blame Zac Efron for being prepared to be safe. But still, it is impossible not to make fun of someone after something as embarrassing as what happened to him on the red carpet at The Lorax premiere occurs.

Our favorite High School Musical star was just minding his own business in 2012. He was beloved by his fans and was gathering more and more by the day. The guy just wanted to enjoy the premiere of his new Dr. Seuss movie at Universal Studios. Who are we to judge him on what he was going to do after that?

Now, while we are not in the place to judge him, we can certainly point out that Mr. Efron really thought he was gonna get lucky that night. Otherwise, why would that c*ndom slip out of his back pocket?

1 It Happens

Via: gawker.com

Bodily functions are something no human being can escape. We saw it with Fergie, we saw it with Justin Bieber, and we saw it with Lady Gaga. It doesn’t matter where you are. If the need arises, there is nothing you can do to contain your body. Now, while we cannot consciously control them, there are gadgets we invented with technology to help us contain those functions. In the case of Bieber and Gaga, there was really nothing they could do. But in the case of Fergie, even though you will never see anyone her age doing it, an adult diaper would have done the trick.

Here, however, we have an embarrassing moment that happened to Christina Aguilera while she was singing during the funeral of Etta James in 2012. According to her spokesperson, that liquid was just her fake tan. But the Internet thinks that was something else, something that women all around the world use a very simple item to contain.

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