20 Embarrassing Celebrity Crushes We All Had

A rite of passage that pretty much all of us go through at one point or another, developing feelings for someone famous makes all the sense in the world. After all, once you begin to follow the career of a celebrity, they begin to be a regular presence in your life from afar. Additionally, unlike that classmate or kid on the street you like, there is no risk of being turned down by them as you will never really have that chance to be. As such, it can seem like you risk absolutely nothing by developing a crush on someone well-known but that isn’t always the case as being forthright about your interest in some celebrities is far from cool. Realizing that is what inspired us to put together this list of twenty embarrassing celebrity crushes we all had.

In order for someone to be up for possible inclusion on this list, he/she first needs to be someone that a lot of people could have had a crush at one point in their life. For the purposes of this list, it doesn’t matter what that celeb did to become a big-enough star that the masses were aware of, which means that you could find people of any stripe included here. Additionally, it doesn’t matter how old he/she was at the time of his/her rise to fame as long as it seems likely that there were some that would develop an infatuation for that celeb. Finally, there needs to be something about that celeb that makes admitting that you had a crush on them something to potentially be embarrassed by, at the time or after the fact.

20 Miley Cyrus

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Another veteran of the Disney Channel star-making machine, at one time, Miley Cyrus was world famous as the star of the series Hannah Montana where she played a version of herself. At the time seen as the down-home all-American girl, she had long brown hair and a look that made audiences see her as someone worthy of adoration. Then, once her time in that series came to an end and she became an adult, she underwent a massive change in image as she changed her entire look and attire, as well as undergoing a change of demeanor. In fact, we think that a significant number of her previous fans were likely to be put off entirely by her antics, including things like sticking out her tongue constantly and her outrageous stage behavior.

19 Macaulay Culkin

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Introduced to much of the world at large when Home Alone, a movie he starred in, became a massive hit, for a while, people anticipated each new film Macaulay Culkin starred in. Pretty obviously the biggest child star in the world at the time, during that era, he was a part of several films including Uncle Buck, My Girl, The Good Son, The Pagemaster and Richie Rich, among others. Among those that were most interested in his career were people in his age range, many of whom would develop feelings for him from afar. No longer looking that much like he once did, over the last several years, he has had a disheveled look and long hair which would likely make many former fans wonder how they were attracted to him.

18 Gwyneth Paltrow

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Without a doubt a talented actor, Gwyneth Paltrow took home an Academy Award for her work in the movie Shakespeare in Love which would turn her into a much bigger deal than ever before. Since then able to appear in a long list of movies, she is a memorable part of films like The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Royal Tenenbaums, Contagion, as well as the Iron Man franchise of films. Someone who is quite gorgeous on the face of things, her looks are also aided by her vast wealth affording her the ability to buy clothing that further accentuate that fact. However, in the last several years, she has done and said a long list of things that have risen the ire of many people around the world, some of whom we have to assume were interested in her previously.

17 Shia LaBeouf

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An actor that started out as one of the stars of the Disney Channel show Even Stevens, Shia LaBeouf would go on to find international stardom as a massive movie star. At one time seeming like he was poised to be one of the most famous actors around, major filmmakers like Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg cast him in major projects. Best known for movies like the Transformers series, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Eagle Eye, and Disturbia among others, these roles led to many fans getting the hots for him. These days, however, we suspect they would rather the world not know about that based off of his behavior that can be called erratic at best and the fact that he often looks like he hasn’t showered in days.

16 Lark Voorhies

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Someone that much of the world will always associate with a single role, that of Lisa Turtle from Saved by the Bell, Lark Voorhies had a lot to do with the huge success of that popular series. Cast as a fashion-obsessed and beautiful teenager, she was perfect for the role that would make her a star as she brought a great deal of personality to it, and we always rooted for her. As a regular part of other shows like The Bold and the Beautiful as well as In the House over the years, her work impacted a lot of people’s lives. Someone who underwent a shocking cosmetic transformation these last few years, many followers are likely to not recognize her, and if they, do they’d wonder how they could have crushed on her.

15 Axl Rose

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The lead singer and frontman of the rock band Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose spent years at the forefront of the music scene. Somebody who exhibited diva behavior through much of his career, he could have enjoyed the ride and appreciated the everyday fans that made it all possible. But instead, he threw hissy fits at every turn. Despite all of that, there were a lot of people who saw past it and focused on his charisma and looks at the time. Then, the band that made him a star broke up, with a lot of their followers putting the blame on him. However, he started up a new version that consisted of him and a bunch of other random musicians. Playing on tour yet again, at the time, his ego came into play as his behavior caused riots. By then, he had put on a large amount of weight which made him look quite bloated. That is not exactly the type of person we’d want to admit being infatuated with.

14 Charlie Sheen

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An actor that was at the top of his game and that business for many years, Charlie Sheen’s professional career has gone through several stages but he was able to find consistent success. A part of a number of seminal films, he is remembered by many for his acting in movies like Platoon and Wall Street, as well as the Major League and Hot Shots series of films. On top of that, he also has been a television star who was the main character in Spin City and Anger Management in the past, as well as playing the main character in Two and a Half Men for eight years. A very good-looking man during his prime, at first, that would be easy to focus on for those attracted to men. But since then, so much controversy has arisen that most can only see that when looking at him. For instance, he was revealed to be a consistent customer of “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss. That was gross. But for years after he continued to womanize, he was also having a very public meltdown.

13 Katie Price

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A celebrity that has received the vast majority of her attention in Europe, Katie Price may not be known to some of our readers in other areas of the world, but trust us, she has been a tabloid staple. A glamour model and television personality known for her body that can very aptly be described as curvaceous, for fans of that kind of figure her turn to bodybuilding may have changed their feelings about her. If that weren’t enough to make some people look back at their previous crush on her with embarrassment, her seeming desperation for attention could easily be another turn-off. A veteran of “reality” shows as well as someone who has released books, music, and much more, it seems like she’ll try out any career if it puts her in the public eye.

12 Mel Gibson

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An actor that seemed to become a star overnight because of his early acting as the character Mad Max, Mel Gibson quickly rose to the very top of the industry and spent many years there. Best known for movies he acted in like Lethal Weapon, Payback, and Signs, he also directed award-winning films like Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, and Hacksaw Ridge. A mainstay of pop culture for years, he wasn’t only known for his career as his incredible looks got a lot of attention as did his reputation as a beloved prankster. If you lusted after him at that time, it is understandable. But things sure have changed. Now talked about just as much for his racist tirade that came after he was pulled over for DUI, if that weren’t enough, he was also recorded saying similar and misogynistic things to his girlfriend years later.

11 Paris Hilton

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Proof positive that these days, you don’t have to possess any skill aside from looks and an ability to garner controversy to become a star, Paris Hilton’s rise to fame is one of the unlikeliest we can think of. A descendant of a hotel magnate whose vast wealth her family inherited, she partied with the stars. But, it wasn’t until a private and intimate videotape of hers was released that she became one herself. In the following years, she was able to star in a “reality” show, release hit music, and star in a major movie which helped her become the topic of great discussion and desire for many. Since then no longer taken nearly as seriously, with each attempt to regain her fame, she is seen as more of a joke and a whole lot less worthy of being someone’s crush.

10 Chris Brown

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It may be hard to remember now but there was a time not too long ago when Chris Brown seemed like one of the most talented and kindhearted performers in the music industry. Known for hit songs like “Kiss Kiss,” “Forever,” “With You,” and “No Air” among many others, he also landed a number of acting roles where he played charming and sweet characters. Also gaining a lot of attention in that same time frame for his relationship with Rihanna, his whole image turned around when it came to light that he beat her pretty severely one night. Since then saying he is very remorseful for those actions, he has also acted like a total jerk again and again–including instances involving threats of violence–so we find that hard to believe. As such, any infatuation with him is hard to fathom.

9 Chanel West Coast

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Someone who first rose to prominence as a part of the crew of people that circulated around Rob Dyrdek in the series of shows that focused on his life, Chanel West Coast seemed like a sweetheart. Shown rapping several times on those shows, viewers could be understood if she was much better at it, then they first assumed based on the silliness she was a part of at the time. Possessing unexpected skills, a personality that seemed kindhearted and welcoming, and physical beauty, it would be easy for anyone to look forward to her appearances. Since then, however, she has jumped headlong into her rapping career that she constantly boasts about despite not having any actual hits, and she consistently exhibits diva behavior. Developing a large and unearned ego, as well as acting like a jerk, is a quick way to make people sick of you.

8 Edward Furlong

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Cast as one of the main characters in the highly-anticipated movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Edward Furlong played John Connor, a character who was always at the center of that series’ story. Starting out his acting career alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton in a James Cameron film, that platform introduced a youngster to millions of fellow kids that fell for him in a way. Also memorable for other movies like Pet Sematary Two, Brainscan, American History X, and Detroit Rock City among others, up until the early 2000’s, it seemed like he might have staying power. Then, the roles he received went steadily downhill, and accounts of his substance abuse became more well-known. Now much heavier than he ever has been in the past, it is safe to say that he isn’t driving people wild any longer.

7 Amanda Bynes

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Perhaps one of the saddest stories that Hollywood has seen in recent years, Amanda Bynes started her career as a child star, and she seemed well-adjusted. A TV star that was the focus of three series, she was a large part of the reason why the shows All That, The Amanda Show, and What I Like About You worked. Also able to make the leap to the movie world, she played a pivotal part in big films like What a Girl Wants, She’s the Man, Hairspray, and Easy A, on top of others. A very pretty young woman that seemed like the perfect girl for people attracted to women in her age range at the time, unfortunately, all of that success and her beauty fell apart since then. The focus of criminal charges based on erratic and illegal behavior, she has also accused her parents of atrocious things she went on to recant and given herself what can only be called a make-under.

6 Robin Thicke

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Robin Thicke is a singer that is known around the world for his song “Blurred Lines” which was as catchy as any we can think, and the guy looked really handsome in its music video. As such, it is easy to assume that there were many people that were taken with him at the time. But, it didn’t take long for the bloom to fall off that rose. Hopefully, that started for them after reflecting on the lyrics of the song that made him a star and the awful message it sent to listeners. But then, he also became a figure of controversy. Photographed with a fan, the mirror behind them revealed that he was groping her rear end at the time the image was snapped which angered his then-wife Paula Patton and caused them to separate. Openly desperate to win her back, he released a collection of songs dedicated to her that one reviewer labeled “one of the creepiest albums ever made,” which made him look even grosser.

5 Tara Reid

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Part of a group of young actors that made up the cast of the surprise hit film American Pie, Tara Reid and her co-stars were thrust into the world’s view. At one time seeming like she was poised to become the most successful of the group, she landed one of the lead roles in the film Josie and the Pussycats which was a part that there was a lot of competition for. Also a part of other memorable movies like Urban Legend, Van Wilder, as well as several American Pie sequels, aside from the laughed-at movie Sharknado and its sequels, nobody cares about her work. Her dwindling career isn’t the reason why crushing on her in the past is embarrassing today, however her image is now wrapped up in her partying ways and her looks have changed in a way that is not good.

4 Danny Masterson

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One of many actors who have experienced what it is like to be plucked from obscurity to the talk of the town because of starring in a hugely successful sitcom, That '70s Show made Danny Masterson a star. Cast as Steven Hyde, a character that distrusted authority but was loyal to those he cared about, he brought a great deal of personality to the part which helped him become a standout to many. Also possessing a unique charisma and distinctive looks that appeal to many, those folks were likely happy to see him get another starring role in the Netflix series The Ranch. However, since then, it came to light that he is one of several famous men who have had several women come out to make accusations against them as at least four separate women accuse him of misconduct.

3 Lindsay Lohan

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Someone who has accomplished a lot in her life, Lindsay Lohan found a lot of success as a singer but it is her acting career that made her a star. Able to make her film debut as a child when she played two distinct characters who were the leads in the movie The Parent Trap, that hinted at what was to come. Subsequently consistently working for years, once she became a teenager, her work in films like Freaky Friday and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen was a big deal for her career. However, the fact that she starred in Mean Girls, which is arguably the best teen movie of all time, is the thing she has done that has made the most lasting impact on the world. Since then, this once heavily lusted-after person has had her career hit the skids, seen a lot of legal trouble, and heavily altered her looks in a way that is a turn-off to many former followers.

2 R. Kelly

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One of the most talented singers, songwriters, and record producers around the R & B scene over the last several decades, R. Kelly has released a long list of songs that meant the world to people. Able to create tunes to fall in love to throughout his career, because of that and his handsome appearance, it is easy to understand why some people are captivated by him. Best known for songs like “Ignition (Remix)” as well as “Bump n' Grind,” on top of that, controversy has followed him for several years. Put on trial for things he allegedly did on tape with an underage girl, he was acquitted of all charges but it was hard to forget. And now, there are a number of people saying that he runs what essentially is a cult. Worse yet, those are only two of the awful things he has been accused of over the years, so any attraction to him has to be embarrassing at this point.

1 Tila Tequila

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A celebrity that was never quite on the up and up, even at the height of Tila Tequila’s notoriety, there were likely few people (who were also well-known) that would also want to be associated with her. Made famous at the height of one of the first social media behemoth’s domination, she earned her fame based off of what she uploaded on her MySpace profile. Able to parlay that into a television gig, she starred in the dating show called A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. But after two seasons, it disappeared, and for the most part, she did so too. Since then attempting a number of things to regain her fame, she appeared in adult movies and then was tapped to join Celebrity Big Brother in the UK. Kicked out of the house because of her repulsive statements, since then, she has posted photos of herself doing the Nazi salute and images including the swastika. Need we say more?

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